Top 21 Best Coffee Recipes Online 2024 (Quick List)

Top 21 Best Coffee Recipes Online 2024 (Quick List)

Ever wanted to find the best coffee recipes online, all in one place? You're in luck, why?

because we've put together a list of 20 of our favourite coffee recipes right here.

From classic Italian drinks to innovative coffee cocktails, this is definitely the place for anyone looking to change up their coffee routine.

Just click on the title for the full method for these coffee drink recipes.

1. Espresso Martini Coffee Recipes

An espresso martini is the perfect after-dinner drink - and our recipe takes it to the next level. This is absolutely one of our favourite coffee drinks to make at home. 

What you need is the best coffee beans UK can give, coffee equipment, coffee brewing equipment and speciality coffee.


A classic Italian dessert, this tiramisu recipe is decadent and absolutely delicious. Once you've used our recipe, you'll never go back to your old one again.

3. Dublin Iced Coffee Recipes

There's a reason why this is on our list of best coffee recipes online! The Dublin iced coffee is full of the rich and velvety flavours of Guinness, as well as the classic flavours of whiskey and coffee. Even Guinness themselves loves it!

4. Banana Milk Coffee Recipes

Ready to find some more different coffee drinks? You may not have considered trying a banana milk coffee before, but trust us when we say that it is worth it! The banana naturally sweetens and complements the chocolate-y notes of our coffee and creates a frothy, delicious drink that is perfect on a hot summer’s day.

5.The Perfect Iced Coffee

We love starting a hot summer’s day with drinks with coffee - and especially iced coffee! With our iced coffee recipe, you can enjoy the perfect cooling (yet caffeinated!) beverage.

6. Bulletproof Coffee

This is one of our favourite coffee drinks to make at home, because it allows you to drink coffee without getting the jitters! If that sounds like something that interests you, then you'll definitely want to click on this recipe. Yulia, founder of Karve club in London shares her bulletproof coffee routine here.

7. Dalgona Coffee (Tik Tok's whipped coffee)

This is a type of cold coffee known for a distinctive frothy texture and intense flavour. While many of these recipes use instant coffee, we decided to make a version of this whipped coffee using our popular coffee to add a rounded flavour. coffee recipes

8. Affogato

The Italians know what's up when it comes to coffees and desserts - and this recipe combines them both! We've also given some super suggestions for ways to add a delicious twist to your Affogato. Check it out, because this really is a special coffee recipe.

9. Coffee Jelly

Have you ever seen coffee jelly before? This is a staple dessert in Japan which combines a jelly made with coffee and gelatine and sweetened milk. It’s sweet and refreshing, and it’s a perfect treat on hot days. Click to try the recipe for yourself!

10. Coffee and Walnut Cake

Coffee is so much more than hot coffee drinks. For example, we've taken the classic coffee and walnut cake and infused it with new life by replacing instant coffee with our speciality-grade coffees! coffee recipes list

11. Ice Cream Coffee Recipes

A list of the best coffee recipes wouldn't be complete without a coffee ice cream. Thick and delicious, we've given you two different methods for making it - one using an ice cream machine, and one without. Either way, you're sure to make a yummy caffeinated treat! Check out our Ultimate Coffee Ice Cream Recipe!

12. Mocha Milkshake

There is nothing more delicious than combining chocolate and coffee. And when you put them into milkshake form? You are onto a real winner!

13. Espresso Cashew Butter

Ever wanted to spread coffee onto your toast? With our espresso cashew butter, you can do just that! It is a luxurious vegan spread that can be slathered on toast, pastries, or simply eaten out of the jar. (We won't judge you!)

14. Cafe Amore Cocktail

Cognac and amaretto accompany whipped cream in this superb coffee cocktail. You almost wouldn't believe how simple and delicious it is!

15. Espresso Romano

This recipe is a classic Italian espresso – but with a twist. You may not have tried lemons as coffee ingredients, but after trying an espresso romano you might be a convert!

16. Thai Iced Coffee Recipes

Coffee, sweetened condensed milk and heavy cream? Yes please! Our Thai iced coffee is a sweet and strongly caffeinated treat that's perfect on a hot day. coffee recipes list

17. Mocha Overnight Oats

Mocha for breakfast is never a bad idea! If you're a lover of overnight oats (and who isn't?) then you've got to try our unique and healthy recipe.

18. Starbucks Cold Foam

Have you ever tried the cold foam from Starbucks? This sweet, whipped foam is incredible when topped on cold brew. Even better, you can infuse the cold foam with different flavours! Our Starbucks coffee recipes really are worth a read.

19. Coffee BBQ Rub

There’s nothing that says summer quite like a barbecue in the sun. We’ve been experimenting with different barbecue rubs, and we think that we’ve found the perfect combination of sweet and smoky spices – with the addition of coffee, of course! Click the link above to find our coffee BBQ rub recipe!

20. Japanese Iced Coffee Recipes

Finally, we have our Japanese iced coffee recipe. This takes cold brew and makes it a whole new experience! Brewing hot coffee over ice makes it sweeter and more delicious - trust us. Here's a quick video all about using a V60 for this method: That's our list of the best coffee recipes online! How many of these coffee ideas will you be trying? Make sure to keep up to date with our social media for any new recipes that we come up with! P.S. Our pals at Coffee Code wrote an awesome coffee article about our brand. Enjoy this article? Sign up to our Barista School newsletter below for monthly recipes, tips and hacks that’ll improve your coffee game!