Founder Story

Hey, I'm James.

Thanks for visting Balance Coffee.

I'm really excited to take you on our healthy coffee journey.

Read my story below to find out how my team and I are seriously comitted to quality sourcing, roasting, and tasting to provide you with coffee that's both good for your health and kind on the planet.

James' Story

Balance Coffee was launched during the pandemic in April 2020 by founder and coffee fanatic James Bellis.

Prior to that, James had decided to leave the coffee industry to start a business in the restaurant sector, which sadly never opened as a result of the UK Covid closures. 

Covid-19 had other plans for James’ start-up journey.

After a momentary blip in his plans and a few bottles of wine later, James realised the UK home coffee market needed his help.

This sparked an idea to launch a coffee business on a mission to bring a healthier range of coffee products to a growing health conscious market. 

Like so many others, James noticed he was changing his own personal food and drink habits.

With the health and fitness industry at a peak, James felt that coffee was behind the curve.

He decided UK coffee consumers needed his help, to understand just how much unhealthy coffee was currently being consumed across the world.

After all, the ingredients we put into our bodies have a huge impact on how we feel.

So what makes Balance Coffee so special?

Commitment to Healthy Coffee

Sourcing for Health

We pride ourselves on sourcing naturally clean, speciality grade coffee, free from nasties like Mould, Mycotoxins and Pesticides.

Over 85% of the world’s coffee is considered “commercial grade coffee”, grown for mass production, sprayed with pesticides, and stored in a way that encourages mould growth. 

At Balance, we source from the top 5% of coffee farms worldwide and are comitted to paying 25% more for the best in quality coffee available.

Expert Nutrition Advice

Expert Nutritionist

James consulted Clemmie Rose, a qualified nutritionist who works for Harrods to help understand how he could bring the healthiest possible coffee to the UK market.

Clemmie's insights were invaluable and informed both the sourcing and roasting of the coffee.

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Health Matters

Roasted for Health

We carefully roast our coffees to the perfect roast style and temperatures to ensure we bring you the healthiest coffee available.

Our Impact

Sustainability Initiatives

We're comitted to being a sustainable coffee business.

When Balance was founded, we implemented a few simple initatives that help us to operate responsibly.

We're focused on taking measureable action to support people and our planet.