The Science

At Balance, we're comitted to a science-backed approach to ensure we bring you the healthiest range of coffees possible.

With so many coffees widely available today, you need to be confident that the raw ingredients you're putting in your body are the best for your health.

Our story all started, when our Founder James realised there was a disproportionate amount of low grade coffee being consumed globally - mostly being disguised in beautiful packaging with not so pleasant health implications.

Having spent over 10+years working in the coffee industry, he wanted to change the coffee industry for the better. The below areas form the basis for all of the products we supply.

1. Science-Backed Research
2. Highest Quality Sourcing
3. Testing (Taste and Health)

4. Roasting (Optimisation)

Below is a short summary, unless you want to dive deep into our research study. Or you can read our mushroom coffee research study.


We care about your health.

All of our decisions come from detailed research, from up to date resources within the industry.

coffee farm


James frequently visits coffee farms at origin, to check health and quality standards.

Whilst at the same time, cultivating relationships directly with farmers to create a sustainable supply of coffee for the future.

Optimised for Health


At this stage of the process, understanding the chemical journey that occurs during roasting is vital to extracting maximum goodness from the beans.

We focus on a medium-light roast profile to retain a higher level of antioxidant intake.

Perfect when paired with milk based drinks, whilst also tasting amazing as espresso.

We roast light, medium and medium-dark depending on your preference.