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Organic Coffee - Benefits For Your Health and The Planet

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Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the UK and deciding on what coffee to consume in 2022 is really important. Why? Because if you care about what you put into your body, then organic coffee really matters.

If you care about being sustainable, then drinking quality speciality coffee is a great way to ensure you're looking after your health and the planet.

As a sustainably conscious coffee company, we feel it's our job to help share our knowledge on why choosing quality organic coffee is so important.

We pride ourselves on sourcing coffee from the top 5% of coffee farmers worldwide, because we believe your health matters most.

Now let's dive in and find out what the problems are with commercial grade coffee. We'll also discuss and share the benefits of choosing a quality coffee by comparison.

Organic beans

1. The Problem With Commercial Grade Coffee

First, we'll identify the issues with commercial grade coffee (there are lots). Pesticides, or in other words, 'crop spraying', remain one of the largest issues with commercial grade coffee.

So how do you recognise when a coffee is commercial grade? A higher price is usually one of the best leading indicators in whether you're drinking quality, organic coffee beans. In order to purchase speciality grade coffee, coffee roasters like ourselves must pay a higher price to guarantee the quality in your cup.

Coffees that are classified as 'organic' or 'speciality' follow a strict planting and processing procedure. This is great, because it means pesticides are not used during the harvesting process.

Unfortunately, the commercial grade coffee industry is exactly what it says on the tin. It's focussed on making money first. This creates a multitude of problems... Unfortunately, coffee plants are receptive to natural causes like insect damage.

As a way to fastrack this issue, commercial entities promote the spraying of pesticides on coffee crops to ensure there isn't a drop in production output. Ready to hear about one of the biggest problems?

These practices have significant impact to human health. Not to mention animals and wildlife too. There are many reliable studies from government sources which demonstrate how pesticides are recognised carcinogens too.

Disrupting hormones and damaging DNA cells which can result in the promotion of cancer.

What Healthy, Organic Coffee Options are there?

By consuming coffees which are not tested for mould, mycotoxins and pesticides, there is a high probability that you are putting yourself at risk.

From a health perspective, this is down to poor testing and quality standards during the harvesting and processing methods.

Since chemicals are not used in the planting and cultivation of organic coffee, the soil is also safe from contamination preventing harm to other crops. Shop Organic Now.

At Balance, we think you deserve better than that, so we absolutely suggest ditching commercial grade coffee.

Why not upgrade to a coffee subscription that helps give you a clean energy boost? Start investing in yourself. It's time to drink coffee that is good for you, for the coffee farmers and good tor the environment.

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2. Does Organic Coffee Provide More Health Benefits?

There are many benefits to drinking coffee in general. From mood enhancing properties, to energy boosting effects. However, organic coffee contains more antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins compared to commercial grade coffee. Why? Higher quality coffee grows in rich, fertile soil that is 'naturally' produced.

Climate is also a contributing factor, along with the processing method. If caffeine isn't for you. You can also look after your health by drinking organic decaf coffee. Natural decaf coffee is 96-99.9% free from chemicals with no caffeine, perfect if you're looking to avoid stress and relax.

3. Does Choosing Organic Help Farmers?

If you consume chemical-free coffee, you are indirectly helping farmers across the world. We explain two ways's that choosing to buy quality makes a significant different for coffee farmers worldwide.

Reduce Farmers Exposure to Chemicals

As an individual that consumes quality, naturally grown coffee, you are protecting coffee farmers from exposure to harmful chemicals like pesticides. These chemicals are harmful to the soil, the human skin, and health in general.

A study shows coffee farmers In Brazil, spray coffee plants with pesticides which are acutely toxic and cause disease, Many farmers are without sufficient protective equipment so pesticide poisoning is widespread.

If you decide to consume organic products, not only are you protecting yourself, you are directly helping the farmers at origin. We imagine a great future around organic coffee production only, ensuring everyone benefits.


Helping to Motivate Coffee Farmers

If you decide to drink commercial grade coffee, you're unintentionally giving farmers more motivation to keep producing a lower level product.

To illustrate the reverse effect. If we increase supply of quality speciality and organic coffee, farmers are incentivised to work harder to produce high grade coffee. As a bi-product, they'll also earn a higher wage.

This has a huge knock on effect to the industry, and it something we're working hard to contribute to. For a coffee farmer to get receive official 'organic certification', the government need to accredit farmers. There are a number of complex challenges around this because, small holder farms who adhere to the highest standards often don't have the volume to justify this certification.

At Balance, we work carefully to support these farms by paying a higher price for our coffee (25%+), so they can achieve that certification to build a sustainable business for the future. We recommend buying all types of organic products wherever you can! Why not grab some organic speciality grade coffee.

4. Organic Coffee Provides More Energy

Organic or chemical-free coffee is a well known energy booster. It contains caffeine which improves the stimulation between the brain and the body. If you're looking to boost your energy levels, quality organic coffee should be top your energy drink list. Ditch energy boost drinks which contain a lot of sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Excess consumption of sugar can lead to weight gain, weaken the immune system, and cause a whole lot of health problems that can be detrimental to your well-being and performance. If you struggle with coffee because of sensitivity, you can give organic low acid coffee a try.

Tom Bosworth is a Double Olympian & avid Drinker of Balance Coffee. We asked our customer Tom Bosworth why he chooses to drink Balance. "It helps me prepare for my daily exercise and I absolutely love the Level Up Blend most".

5. Why do Organic Coffee Beans Taste Better?

There are many reason why organic coffee beans taste better than commercial grade coffee. Simply put, the nutrient rich soil, typical growing regions and climates and processing methods all have a contributing factor to the unique flavour notes and characteristics of quality, speciality grade coffee.

Commercial coffee is planted and cultivated with chemicals and pesticides. This can often negatively change the flavour profile of the coffee, and impact the flavours in your morning coffee. If you are trying to figure out which coffee tastes better, it's absolutely quality coffee.

Where to buy Organic Coffee Online?

You can buy organic coffee beans in the UK from lots of coffee roasters online. Generally, all coffee companies who promote speciality grade and organic coffee are great resources. I If you're looking to sample our speciality coffee bags, head over to our shop speciality coffee beans now.

Stability Coffee BeansBuy Organic Decaf Coffee

Not a fan of caffeine? Simply looking to cut down? Our delicious organic decaf coffee has awesome reviews so why not grab a bag.

You can choose beans or ground and get it delivered right away. Shop Now. Now, you've read all of the reasons to drink organic, healthy coffee that's good for you and good for the planet.

We've come to the end of this article, so we'd love to know whether you're ready to switch to quality organic coffee? Let us know in the comments section.