Iced Coffee Recipe List: 11 Best Summer Coffee Drink Ideas 2023

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So you have searched on Google for how to make iced coffee recipe UK, stumbled on this result, and clicked on it so now what? If you’re anything like us, the sweltering heat of summer calls for a change in your coffee drinking habits.

We're here to help you to find your favourite new iced coffee recipe this summer, to accompany those days when working from home is a struggle.

We're starting with our founder James' absolute favourite - the Japanese iced filter coffee. We urge you to get experimental and remember to tag your best creations on Instagram @balancecoffee, and we'll be sure to re-post.

Now, come let's dive right into the meat and juice of the best summer coffee drinks recipes that you are sure to get addicted to.

1. Japanese Filter Iced Coffee Recipe

Ice + Filter Coffee

how-to-make-iced-coffee-japanese-land It sounds fancy, but what is Japanese iced filter coffee, and why is it so good? Think cold brew but 5x better (in our humble opinion).

Unlike cold brew, which is all about removing acidity, the Japanese iced filter brew method is all about showcasing summery, bright, and add complex notes in your cup. 

The method is simple: brew hot filter coffee (ideally Hario V60 Recipe Style) directly over ice to get all the benefits from extracting coffee using hot water whilst getting the upsides of brewing immediately over ice.

Ready for the science? When brewed coffee enters the atmosphere, the oxidation process begins, this causes bitterness and stale qualities to appear in the drink.

So brewing hot coffee directly over ice retains more sweetness and is a wonderful new experience that you absolutely have to try.

iced-coffee-recipe-japanese Want the recipe? Check out out our guide on how to make iced coffee, Japanese style.

2. Iced latte | Iced Coffee At Home

Ice + Coffee + Milk


The iced latte is arguably one of the most popular iced coffee drinks on the summer menu ☀️. All the milky goodness of a flat white or latte but chilled quickly over ice for creamy but cooling coffee.

Tell you what this is my personal favourite iced coffee for summer. First, pour your ice cubes into your glass, add your favourite milk, and then add in your coffee shot.

To make a proper iced latte, you'll need to use espresso made by a home coffee machine to get the concentrated kick.

Missing the machine? Check out our home coffee machine range if you're looking to step up your coffee making at home.

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3. Iced Americano | Best Iced Coffee

Ice + Cold Water + Espresso

An iced americano is a classic way to make an iced coffee. Simply add ice to your glass, use cold water to fill up 80% of your cup but leave enough space to add your single or double shot of coffee.

The benefit of brewing an iced americano is the speed, making it a perfect iced coffee recipe UK can give you when you're in a rush.

4. Cold Brew Iced Coffee Recipe | Cold Brew Coffee

Ice + Cold Brew Concentrate


So what is cold brew and how does it differ from the usual iced coffee drinks? Cold brew coffee recipe is made by steeping coarsely ground coffee in room-temperature water between 6-12 hours.

This creates a coffee concentrate you mix with cold water or milk. Cold brew generally suits those who prefer a smoother, stronger flavour compared to those who enjoy more fruity coffees with a higher acidity.

Those who are sensitive to acid believe it is easier-drinking than regular coffee.

5. Traditional Thai Style Iced Coffee Recipe

Ice + Milk + Espresso shot

Thai iced coffee recipe Thai iced coffee recipe

If you like coffee and cream, then this traditional Thai iced coffee recipe is probably for you.

The recipe uses condensed milk which is very sweet so we recommend using a medium to dark roasted coffee in order to balance out the added sweetness which will create a balanced cup (excuse the pun).

Sounds like it's for you? explore the full authentic Thai Iced coffee recipe.

6. Our Famous Dublin Iced Coffee Recipe

Ice + Coffee + Booze dublin-iced-coffee-recipe

If you love coffee and alcohol then you'll absolutely love our Dublin iced coffee recipe. We even got an Instagram re-post from the official @guinness who have a whopping 260K followers.

Guinness loved our coffee and booze infused recipe creation and we think you'll love it too.

7. Coffee & Ice Cream Recipe

Ice Cream + Coffee

Well isn't this the most exciting coffee inspired recipe you've come across? What could be better on a hot day than ice cream that gives you that gentle caffeine kick. (decaf also available).

There are two ways to make this recipe at home, once with a machine and one without. Check out our ultimate coffee ice cream recipe today.

8. Banana Milk Iced Coffee Recipe

Ice + Coffee + Milk + Banana

Banana Milk Coffee Recipe

There are so many great ways to make iced coffee, and we’re fans of them all! But this Balance Coffee recipe for banana milk coffee is unlike anything we’ve ever tried before. The banana naturally sweetens and complements the chocolate-y notes of our coffee and creates a creamy, delicious drink that is perfect on a hot summer’s day.

9. Starbucks Cold Foam Iced Coffee

Ice + Coffee + Booze starbucks-cold-foam

If you’ve been on the Internet recently, you may have seen a new coffee phenomenon – the Starbucks cold foam.

Foam is usually created using heat from a steamer, but this recipe is different. You can get playful with this recipe and add syrups or ingredients to find that perfect coffee.

10. Espresso Tonic Iced Coffee Recipe

Ice + Coffee + Tonic


The espresso tonic recipe is our final iced coffee recipe (for now) and is surprisingly very delicious.

First up, we recommend choosing one of our delicious speciality coffees from our shop and pairing with a high quality tonic like Fevertree.

As each tonic is unique in flavour, it will pair with different coffees uniquely, so you can get really experimental with this one.

Here's the method: What You'll Need: 150ml of tonic 150ml Ice One slice of lime (garnish - don’t squeeze either) One double espresso shot (18g in to 36g out) or use alternative options such as cold brew, filter, Aeropress, Moka pot however, the more concentrated the better.



1. Fill up a glass with ice. We chose a wine glass because it looks fancy.
2. Pour in your favourite tonic water
3. Freshly brew your espresso or filter coffee
4. Slice a lime or lemon wedge and add to glass.
5. Enjoy!

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So there you have it our top 10 best summer coffee drink ideas for 2022, I hope it helps you find what you need for some good summer coffee drinks in 2022.
It's over to you now!

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