How To Make Iced Filter Coffee | Japanese Style ☕

How to make iced filter coffee, does this sound like a question you might ask?

It sounds fancy, but what is Japanese iced filter coffee, and why is it so damn good?

Before we dive right in and show you how to make iced coffee, Japanese style - you'll need to understand what makes it different from other iced methods.

Unlike cold brew, which is all about removing acidity, the Japanese iced filter brew method is all about showcasing the more flavourful, bright and complex cup of coffee - making it 10x better.

Iced Filter Coffee

The method is simple: brew hot coffee (Hario V60 Recipe Style) directly over ice to get all the benefits from extracting coffee using hot water whilst getting the upsides of brewing immediately over ice. Ready for the science?

When brewed coffee enters the atmosphere, the oxidation process begins which causes bitterness and stale qualities to appear in the drink (ever wondered why your coffee went rancid when you left it out on the side for too long?).

Brewing hot coffee direct over ice retains even more coffee sweetness and is a wonderful new experience which you absolutely have to try.

Everything you ever wanted from a fresh, cool, refreshing summer drink which happens to contain coffee. It's fun, pretty quick to make and we're going to show you how.


What you'll need

Coffee Recipe: For 2 Cups:

  • 30g of coffee to 500g of water & ice (combined weight)
  • Freshly ground coffee - slightly finer grind setting required for this method (Aeropress grind) Check out some info on coffee grind sizes.)
  • Coffee Maker (The perfect choice is a Hario V60 / Drip Coffee but you can also re-create this with a French Press, Aeropress, Moka Pot and any filter coffee maker).
  • Ice Cubes
  • Water (filtered for best results)
  • Coffee Decanter / Large Vessel (2 cups worth)
  • Pouring Kettle (not essential)


How to make Iced Filter Coffee: The Method

Note: This recipe is for x2 cups.

  • Before we start, If you want to master the brew method you're using. Check out some of our brew guides: Cafetiere guide, Aeropress guide, Moka Pot guide, Chemex Guide. For the purpose of this post, we're opting for the Hario V60 method.
  • Fill your decanter or vessel with the ice cubes (40% of the water volume - depending on how many cups you're brewing).
  • Add your coffee into your Hario V60
  • Rinse your filter paper with hot water over the sink, and then add your ground coffee.
  • Place the Hario V60 on top of your vessel and begin brewing like usual.
  • This time, we're going to stop pouring water when we reach 300g/ml on the scales (that's 60% of 500g).
  • The coffee is going to be more concentrated because we've added less water - this is what we're looking for.
  • We're going to essentially get the remaining water from the ice which is going to bring our coffee to water ratio back into line once it begins to melt - Genius right!

Now you know how to make iced coffee, Japanese style - sit back on a hot day and taste incredibly enhanced coffee flavours. We recommend grabbing a bag of our single origin coffee to really taste the beauty of the nuanced flavours inside the cup.


Iced Filter Coffee FAQs

First we're going to answer some common faq's before we get started.

Can I still make this recipe If I only have a French Press, Aeropress, Moka Pot or other coffee maker?

Absolutely. You just need to understand the core principles which is, we use less water to increase concentration because we're also adding ice.

What If I only want to make 1 cup, or 3 cups. How do I work it out?

1 Cup = 15g of coffee to 250g water 2 Cups = 30g of coffee to 500g of water 3 Cups = 45g of coffee to 750g of water 4 Cups = 60g of coffee to 1L of water. *Grams is the same unit as ML.

What If I can't be bothered to weight it out?

If you're a fast operator and can't be bothered to weight it then eyeballing the measures should do the trick.

However, you'll always taste the difference when measuring it out correctly. Ever added too much sugar or too much salt to a recipe before.....?

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