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So, where can I buy wholesale coffee beans in the UK? Ever asked this question?

Today's post will explore where to buy wholesale coffee beans online.

You will see the criteria I used to pick the brands so you can trust that each recommendation was properly vetted.

I have also quickly compiled the three brands that took the top spot in the section below to avoid wasting your time.

In addition, if you are a coffee enthusiast, read my article on the best coffee beans in the UK. I guarantee it’s a must-read.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into where to buy bulk coffee beans, shall we?

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Online Shops Where You Can Buy Wholesale Coffee (Quick Pick)

Have you ever tried some of the best coffee drinks in the world? If not, then you should.

For the past ten (10) years, I have sipped on a delicious cup every morning to jumpstart my day.

Where to buy wholesle coffee beans online

And because of that, I always buy fresh roasted coffee beans in the UK to ensure I’m consuming a healthy, clean product at its best.

Freshness is a huge factor for someone like you looking for where to buy wholesale coffee to sell to your amazing customers.

Why? It would determine whether your customers will continue buying from you or not. 

I have taken the initiative to recommend the brands in the table below because they passed my vetting criteria. And I have personally taste-tested beans from these brands.

In addition, I have spent 10+ years in the coffee industry, so I have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to back these criteria.

Furthermore, I continuously looked at the data that coffee lovers base their choices on when buying coffee (more on the criteria below).

So, if you want to give your customers fresh-tasting coffee beans to keep them coming back, try these three wholesale coffee suppliers below.

Product Benefits where to buy
Great For Health Balance Coffee
  • Speciality Grade
  • 100% Arabica Beans
  • Blends & Single Origins
  • Contains 1000+ Antioxidants
  • Improves Brain Function
  • Rated 4.9 stars
Inquire Now!
Great For First-timers Assembly Coffee
  • Arabica Beans
  • Rated 4.6 stars
  • Speciality Grade
Inquire Now!
Coffee Nerds Volcano Coffee Works
  • Speciality Grade Coffee
  • 100% Arabica Beans
  • Rated 4.8 stars
Inquire Now!
In my humble opinion, they are some of the best coffee roasters in the UK with quality wholesale services. 

And if city-specific roasters are your preference, read these:

Let me answer this question before diving into the criteria I used to vet each brand below.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Coffee Beans In Bulk

Yes, buying coffee beans in bulk as a wholesaler is cheaper to save time and money. In addition, you get to reduce the cost of packaging, contributing to environmental friendliness.

As you can see, buying a lot of coffee beans all at once, which we call "in bulk," is usually cheaper.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Coffee Beans In Bulk

Ultimately, you have economies of scale when buying in larger quantities, making wholesale discounts available.

Now, let’s dive into the criteria I used to pick each brand that made the list of where to buy coffee beans.

Criteria For Picking Each Wholesale Coffee Distributor

For business owners like you and me, data tends to reveal the behavioural patterns of consumers or customers.

Analysing such data can easily reveal what you need to focus on, improve, or eliminate.

Criteria For Picking Each Wholesale Coffee Distributor

I always do this because I follow different digital marketing experts like Neil Patel.

He always repeats that small, medium and large businesses need to obsess over customers.

So I did, by relating his advice to my coffee business. What I discovered from analysing the data, I applied to vetting wholesale coffee brands online for this blog post.

Here are the criteria I used to judge and pick the brands I suggested for this post where to buy wholesale coffee beans in the UK.

P.S: It took me a months to complete the vetting process before I could write this blog post.

My Criteria for choosing the right wholesale partner: 

  • Credibility
  • Bean freshness
  • flavour and variety of coffee beans
  • Wholesale coffee bean price
  • Customer reviews
  • Delivery options


I examined factors like how long these wholesale coffee vendors have been in business. It is crucial because credibility is built with time.

I ensured every wholesale coffee supplier that made the list had been in business for at least three years.

Bean Freshness

I also examined the freshness of their supplied beans by ordering them to try it out. I ordered decaf coffee, Espresso Coffee, and Filter Coffee.

And I used different brewing methods to taste them. For Espresso, I used the Sage coffee machines. In addition, you can read my best sage coffee machines post if you wish to buy one for your business. 

If you’re looking for a more robust commercial coffee machine for your cafe, or office then you should check our whole range of coffee equipment. 

Bean Flavour and Variety

Next, I looked into the flavour and variety beans offered by bulk coffee bean suppliers.

It is because, in my own business, the data revealed that my customers love notes of chocolate, nuts, and fruity flavours. So you know what I did? I crafted different products that meet those specific flavour profiles.

Balance Wholesale Coffee Beans

For example, I crafted Stability Blend, Rotate Espresso, Level Up Blend, Espresso Taster Pack, and Lion’s Mane Mushroom to cater to their taste buds.

As for the variety of beans, I realised my customers loved single-origin coffee, so I gave them a single-origin taster pack whereby the coffees change seasonally

From a survey I conducted, I also noticed they were pro-speciality coffees and 100% Arabica coffee beans, so I made sure every bean I sold was Arabica beans and of speciality grade.

P.S: Speciality grade is the highest grade of coffee in the world. 

So, as you know, Arabica and Robusta are the most popular coffee bean types. I covered the details in my blog post robusta vs. arabica coffee beans.

Having all this information first-hand made me realise that coffee aficionados loved flavours and varieties of coffee beans.

As such, I added it to the vetting process for where to buy wholesale coffee beans in bulk.

But wait, there is more!

What about the price of wholesale coffee beans? I didn’t miss it (it’s next).

Coffee Bean Price

When looking for where to buy bulk coffee cheap, sellers tend to sort brands by which offer the best price.

So, I picked brands that offer the best price while still providing quality beans and services to coffee retailers.

Quality and price also largely depend upon several other criteria on this list.

Customer Reviews

As for the reviews, nothing beats verified reviews from customers and sellers alike, so I opt for only brands with 4.5 to 5-star reviews.

Furthermore, it provided the right avenue to screen out brands with poor reviews. Because the rule of thumb is if customers love your product, then they trust you.

Delivery Options

Fast delivery also made sense to include as criteria for where to buy wholesale coffee beans online.

Because business owners love getting their product fast and delivered reliably to their business address each week'

I have touched on why I picked each of these criteria. Let's jump to the details of wholesale coffee brands that are the best places to buy coffee beans in the UK using the criteria above.

10 Brands Where To Buy Wholesale Coffee Beans FAST

First, if you have made it this far, congratulations because it shows you pay serious attention to what your customers put into their bodies.

And I greatly respect that because I also care about health and well-being as an idea for a long life.

Each brand below offers fast delivery, fair price points and great quality beans.

So you can be sure they will serve your purpose when looking for where to buy wholesale coffee beans near me.

Balance Wholesale Coffee

The first place you should look for wholesale bulk organic coffee beans is Balance Coffee.

But first, let me be upfront: I own Balance Coffee and have been running it for the past three years with the addition of 10+ years of coffee industry experience.

Wholesale Coffee Buy

I have trained thousands of Baristas and worked with some of the biggest coffee machine companies in the world, like Sanremo.

Because I care about health and wellbeing, I found Balance Coffee to ensure Healthy Coffee is available in the UK.

But what was my goal? 

Frankly, I hated that most coffee beans in circulation (85%) were commodity-grade beans.

Simply put, they were not tested for mould, pesticides and mycotoxins, which harm health.

I was desperate to change that!

And with your help as a partner, I believe we can do more good by supplying only the best grade of coffee.

I even had to pay 25% more than the average to make sure I was getting the best coffee beans in the world to supply.

Our speciality grade beans are free from mould, mycotoxins and pesticides. Every cup boasts more than 1000+ antioxidants known for helping protect the body against diseases.

In addition, our roasting process helps retain high levels of Vitamin B3, which is important for keeping the nervous system working properly

But don’t just take my word for it. Here is what our customers have been saying about our beans:

David K Left A Mind-Blowing Review

I Didn't realise how much better this coffee was until I used a batch from my previous supplier whilst waiting for the balance order to arrive. Order of magnitude, better tastes, cleaner and more "coffee". Have now subscribed!

Here is a screenshot of David’s review.

David K Left A Mind-Blowing Review

There is more, so stay with me.

Daphne T Detailed Review Gave Me Chills

I've been searching for a good at-home coffee brand that tastes great and does great. I've tried Grind and Kiss the Hippo, which I enjoyed but weren't special.

Then I found Balance, which ticked all the boxes: delicious flavour, sustainable focus, high quality and clean.

Daphne T Detailed Review Gave Me Chills

In the last few years, I've realised the dangers of mould and pesticides on coffee, but few brands communicate and test this. Just because it is organic doesn't mean it is mould-free.

I would be left feeling headache and anxious when drinking coffee, but also missing coffee when switching to alternatives or trying to stop with coffee altogether.

Having used Balance now for the last month (Rotate as the darker of the roasts is my favourite), I've noticed those side effects lessen, and I can enjoy my coffee.

The prices aren't as cheap as some brands, but you get what you pay for, and it's very reasonably priced for speciality coffee.

I barely go out for a coffee anymore because I feel like I have cafe-quality coffee at home now, so probably spending less now.

What about Melissa’s review? Well, check out for yourself

Melissa L Review

I’ve enjoyed this decaf after switching from caffeinated while being pregnant. It is a delicious coffee, and the aroma from it, too, fills the house. Knowing it’s a healthier choice of coffee, too, and so well sources adds to the purchase decision-making.

Here is a screenshot of her review:

Melissa L Review

As you can see, wholesale Balance Coffee beans can give your customers the same happiness.

You see, you have nothing to lose, so click here to make an inquiry, and I will jump on the call with you.

Assembly Wholesale Coffee

Wholesale Assembly Coffee Beans is next on this list of thoroughly vetted coffee wholesale suppliers.

But who are they?

Assembly Coffee has spent over nine years meeting the needs of customers and retailers alike. James Dickson and Tim Williams founded the company in 2014.

Assembly Wholesale Coffee

Since its founding, it has supplied hundreds of thousands of coffee beans to retailers across the UK.

Assembly Coffee is popular for its mission statement of sustainability, transparency and the dream of giving customers a great experience.

And by no means have they forgotten this mission statement, which is ingrained in the heart and core of every service they provide.

During my vetting process, I asked Assembly Coffee for a sample, they gave it to me judiciously.

I liked Assembly House Espresso because of the velvety, red berry, and toffee taste. In addition, it ticked the box of fast delivery, good price point and beans freshness.

I also like the fact that Assembly keeps close contact with coffee producers. By fostering good relationships, they get ethically sourced coffee and great prices.

The result? Well, it’s a treasure trove of happy customers all year round, as evident in the below reviews. 

Tom Langford Review

They make lovely and consistently great espresso coffee! Recently, I had a few issues with my order getting lost in the mail, but Pat got back to me, and the issue was quickly resolved.

Tom Langford Review

And here is Clare Y’s review.

Clare Y Review

Outstanding coffee. I drink a lot of coffee and have tried a lot of different companies and have found Assembly consistently produces high-quality and delicious beans. Bravo Assembly - keep up the great work.

Clare Y Review

Now click here to contact Assembly Coffee to partner with them to get your wholesale coffee beans delivered quickly.


Wholesale Volcano Coffee Works

Volcano wholesale coffee is great for you if you want to satisfy your customer base with great espresso coffee.

Volcano Coffee Works has been in business for the past 12 years and has become the go-to for coffee retailers.

Wholesale Volcano Coffee Works

Kurt Stewart and Olga Sabristova founded the company in 2010, putting it over 13 years in existence. 

When considering ethical sourcing and sustainability practices, think about Volcano Coffee Works.

These guys source coffee directly from farmers and support development projects for coffee-producing regions to keep the global coffee supply chain alive.

During my 2nd month of researching and vetting each brand to add to this blog post, I contacted Volcano Coffee.

I requested their Full Steam Espresso because my brother Rhys won’t stop raving about them.

So I thought, why not check them out too, and I did. Gladly, they offered me a free 500G bag of Full Steam Espresso.

It is characterised by a full-bodied flavour with notes of caramel and dark chocolate after making a latte on my Espresso Machine.

Speaking of coffee machines, you can get one if you are a fan of espresso machines here.

In addition, if you are looking for where to buy wholesale coffee beans pods, Volcano offers such services, too.

Finally, customers had good things to say about the coffee, as over 84% of the review on trust pilot was overwhelmingly positive.

Here is one such review:

I was looking for some nice coffee for my Aeropress. Looked on a website, and Volcano seemed very reasonably priced. I bought three, only tried one so far, but the quality is very noticeable from the coffee I bought at the supermarket. Recommend it.

Here is one such review

Another Reviewer Said:

We found out about volcano coffee during lockdown and were pleasantly surprised. We love Mount Blend - the taste is great, and the volcano team is always happy to help. All together very happy with the product.

The 3rd Reviewer Said:

Fantastic coffee beans.

Easy to order and great delivery service with up-to-date notifications and prompt delivery. Thank you

It’s majorly positive reviews, so click here to try out their wholesale coffee quickly and easily.

Who is next? It’s origin, of course.

Origin Wholesale Coffee

Wholesale Origin Coffee easily burst through my credibility criteria with its longevity.

The company has been in operation for the past 19 years, which is jaw-dropping. It is why they took the 4th spot in the list of where to buy wholesale coffee beans UK.

Origin Wholesale Coffee

It’s just hard to not include Origin Coffee as one of the top coffee bean wholesalers, given how impressive they have been.

Tom Sobey founded the brand in 2004 when speciality coffee wasn’t popular. 

I spent some £9.20 to order and taste test their popular Resolute Espresso blend. This time, I used Sage Barista Express pro coffee machine to brew a cup of espresso.

It was so lovely that I decided to have another cup, and I remember my woman dragging the mug with me.

Note: The £9.20 I paid is as an end consumer. The price will be way lower for you as a retailer.

As for the reviews, Origin has over 1000 verified customer reviews combined, which proves they offer great coffee.

Here is what some of their happy customers say so you have a clue.

Shoaib H Review

This was good quality coffee. It has a smooth taste and tastes like an espresso and a latte.

Shoaib H Review

Faye L Review

I tried Resolute for the first time in Cornwall a few years back, and I've not found any coffee that comes close since! The flavours are incredible, and the strength is perfect. I love that you can order 'ground for Aeropress'!

Faye L Review

Reno K Review

Hard to imagine a coffee could have this much depth of flavour while delivering it without overpowering the drink itself. The tasting notes are spot on.

Reno K Review

Now click here to get in touch with Origin Coffee’s wholesale department.

Extract Wholesale Coffee

Wholesale Extract Coffee is another option if you are looking for where to buy bulk coffee for retailing.

I added Extract Coffee as another option for where to purchase bulk coffee because, like Origin, they smashed my credibility criteria.

Extract Wholesale Coffee

The company has been operational for over 16 years. It’s among the few speciality wholesale coffee companies established in the 2000s.

Dave Faulkner and Callum Parson founded the business in 2007, focusing on sourcing high-quality beans.

I recently wrote about the best coffee roasters in Bristol City, and Extract made the list. 

To include their wholesale coffee in this list, I was given a free Rocket Espresso to taste-test.

This espresso blend was crafted to deliver a rich, balanced flavour profile with dark chocolate, caramel notes, and a subtle nuttiness.

I enjoyed it because I didn’t have to pay for it, and two, it lived up to the hype it’s been getting online.

Speaking of hype, here is what customers who have used Extract are saying:

Linda Harlow Review

We were on holiday in 2022 visiting family, and we would walk past this little coffee shop every day until I decided to pop in and see what the fuss was as I'd heard about their "out of this world" Nutella doughnut and Belgium mocha. Need I say no more? I am extremely impressed by this pair and would definitely recommend the Nutella doughnut to all chocolate lovers. The staff is also really friendly, thank you, Bean Extract.

Linda Harlow Review

Mayda Positive Review

My first try at Bean Extract Coffee was in 2018 at Camden Market. It's the best black coffee I've ever tasted; so thrilled to find out that, at last, I can order their coffee bean online, and it takes only seven days to be delivered to Australia Melbourne. Thanks, Bean Extract. Keep up the good coffee, and I'll definitely purchase more.

Mayda Positive Review

Annie Fun Review:

We live just off Chatsworth Road and love walking over every Sunday to get our coffee from Bean Extract! Love the flavour of the roast, and the team are always super welcoming and fun.

Annie Fun Review

Click here to inquire about Extract wholesale coffee now.

Rounton Wholesale Coffee

Rounton Coffee has been in operation for a decade, and that much experience and longevity can only mean one thing: “They Mean Business.”

The company was established in 2013 by David Beattie, and is currently the brand's director.

Rounton Wholesale Coffee

I loved their Daybreak Blend so much that this one time, I offered to help promote the product in exchange for a commission.

But a simpler way to explain it is Affiliate Marketing. You take a brand or person's product and help promote it for a commission.

The Daybreak Blend was so good when I made it as espresso. I tasted a rich dark chocolate with a treacle undertone.

Rounton Coffee is also fresh, making it ideal for you in search of fresh bulk coffee purchase options to satisfy your customer's demand.

As for the reviews the brand has received over time, summarise what I discovered about the brand.

Rounton Coffee takes pride in running the business with sustainability, responsibility and a focus on quality and quantity.

But don’t just take my word for it; I believe what the customers say should help you reach a firmer conclusion.

Tina On Spec Review

On spec, I popped into Rounton Coffee Roaster in East Rounton today to buy several boxes of their festive coffee and other coffees as Christmas gifts for my family & friends. I had never been before but often drove past and got the amazing smell of roasting coffee beans. The guys couldn't have been more helpful and friendly, taking time to discuss my requirements/order and give me advice and suggestions on their coffee selections, not only this, but freshly grinding, packaging & boxing up my order there and then! What an amazing team! thank you so much for your time today; I will be back.

Where To Buy Wholesale Coffee Beans UK

DS Review

Excellent coffee from a small North Yorkshire producer. These people deserve so much kudos for doing a brilliant job. They are very responsive and have a very good selection at a fair price.

DS Review

J Cobley Review

Incredible coffee from a fabulous independent business. THE SERVICE HAS BEEN EXCEPTIONAL whenever I’ve had to contact Rountons for help or advice. If you like good-tasting coffee, I would definitely recommend it.

J Cobley Review

Click here to enquire about wholesale Rounton Coffee now.

Union Hand-Roasted Wholesale Coffee

So far so go, Union Hand-Roasted Coffee has lived up to the expectations of its customers by producing services true to its mission.

And that’s the commitment to ethically sourced coffee beans, roasting, and brewing high-quality drinks.

Union Hand-Roasted Wholesale Coffee

Among the ten companies that made my list of where to buy wholesale coffee beans UK, I Union Hand-Roasted is one of the oldest.

It has been operational for 22 years and has provided amazing qualities of coffee beans for the past two decades.

I was very intrigued by the precision and smoothness of my ordering process when I decided to put their coffee to the test.

I have always wanted to try some of the best low-caffeine coffee in the UK, and I got one through Union Hand-Roasted.

If you have the time, you should also check out my article on the best decaf coffee bean brands. It makes for an interesting read.

It didn’t disappoint, and the decaf blend was full-bodied even after the decaffeination process it went through.

I also noticed a dark note of caramel after sipping every last drop in a cup of coffee or Joe, if you may.

Never forget Jeremy Torz and Steven Macatonia founded Union Hand-Roasted coffee company in 2001.

As for positive customer reviews online, I could not find any because their customer service has done a poor job.

However, I did find 3 to 4 customers who gave positive reviews when I visited their office.

It simply tells me they are not very tech-savvy and are still stuck in the world of the 2000s when tech was less efficient. 

Click here to enquire about wholesale Union Hand-Roasted Coffee.

Has Bean Wholesale Coffee

On this list of where to buy wholesale coffee beans, Hasbean Coffee takes 1st place as the oldest coffee company.

It’s been in service for 23 years and has been constantly working to develop its services across the UK.

list of where to buy wholesale coffee beans

I am big on innovation, and the Hasbean coffee journey has been a joy, especially because of its ability to navigate the world of tech by incorporating it into the business.

Stephen Leighton founded the company in 1999. And has been one of the top names that acted as a pioneer of speciality coffee.

I am a big fan of single-origin coffee beans. This is why I wrote the best single-origin coffee beans article to share my expertise.

And for Hasbean, I decided to try their single-origin BOLIVIA Edition 23.033, which was good.

I brewed espresso with it because that’s one of two ways I like my coffee. But I have tried other methods as well.

The coffee has milk chocolate, malt, and orange flavour, which caressed my tongue well.

I also found that it was reasonably priced for an end user because these types of coffee are generally more expensive.

It was also roasted fresh, passing another of my vetting criteria. But let’s see how it fared in the customer rating department, shall we?

Rob Review

I've worked for a speciality coffee company which made good coffee. I've tried many coffees. Okay, I'm a complete coffee snob (add stronger words if you like). But this is the best I've tried in some way.

Rob Review

Harley Greyhound Review

I have been using Hasbean for twelve years. I've tried other roasters and always found Hasbean's coffee the best: consistent top-quality roasting across a carefully selected range of specially sourced beans at very competitive prices. The service I've received over the years has been second to none and often well exceeded expectations - nothing seems too much trouble for this great customer-focused team - it is always such a personal service. There are many businesses which could learn a whole lot from Hasbean. Keep up the great work.

Harley Greyhound Review

Penny Chambers Review:

I had Hasbean coffee way back and loved it. Since then, I have been very disappointed with other coffees. (Shop ceased selling it). Contacted Hasbean, and Katie was brilliantly helpful in suggesting coffees I might like. Ordered 15.12 order arrived 17.12. Despatch and delivery 1st class. So impressed by customer service. Cannot wait to sample coffee. Many thanks.

Penny Chambers Review

You can click here to inquire about Hasbean wholesale coffee now.

Workshop Wholesale Coffee

I have always wanted to try Workshop Finca Tamana Coffee because it is one of the company’s popular blends.

But before diving into that, let me tell you a brief history of this company and its mission statement.

Buy Wholesale Coffee Beans

James Dickson and Tim Williams founded the company in 2011 London, United Kingdom. According to Workshop, they are committed to ethical sourcing and sustainability practices, much like everyone else on this list.

So, what sets them apart if everyone has identical or similar mission statements and commitments?

If your answer is price, freshness, flavours etc. You are right because, as a retailer, these are the factors you should be looking at.

So Workshop passed my credibility screening because they have been in business for 12+ years.

And now let’s taste test its Finca Tamana for freshness, flavour, and bean varieties, shall we?

The order was smooth and was timely delivered, and upon opening the bag, I noticed its freshness. 

Workshop roasts the coffee to order, which I think is brilliant because freshness is key when it has to do with coffee and shelf-life

Since it was more suitable for espresso, I opened the bag and brewed as instructed. I would describe it as having a bright acidity with notes of red apple, cherry, and floral undertones.

I poured it into my cup and enjoyed it. Frankly, I was prepared for the worst. But I was hugely disappointed by how good the coffee tasted.

Speaking of how good it tasted, customers' general reviews of the brand were also positive.

Check out Mrs C's review.

Mrs C Review

Very impressed with this company and will use them again. We ordered an Atmos Vacuum Canister, but unfortunately, there was a faulty batch, and the lid didn't seal properly. On contacting the company, they got back to me immediately and sent a replacement lid out the same day. Superb customer service and good prices from what we've seen so far.

Mrs C Review

Jon Review

These guys are a quality outfit focussed on quality coffee and equipment. If they have selected it, you can rely on it. They also provide a very slick website and ordering process and lightning-fast delivery. To add to the experience, my grinder came with a bonus bag of coffee - from these guys- a very generous gesture.

Jon Review

Ben Bathurst Review

Workshop coffee never fails to impress me with the quality of its beans and different variations of coffee that I have never heard of. The information postcard they provide gives me an education about the story of these beans and helps me feel like I understand a little bit more about such a complex world with different growing, processing and grading variables.

Ben Bathurst Review

Finally, click here to inquire about wholesale Workshop coffee options.

Clifton Wholesale Coffee

Another brand that’s a must-check for buying coffee in large quantities is Clifton Coffee.

James Fisher established the brand in 2013. Fisher is a former chef and Barista whose vision was to provide high-quality beans for UK citizens.

Buy Wholesale Coffee Beans UK

Two years after its founding, the business grew into a household name in the United Kingdom for its attention to customer care.

Fisher’s vision, which merged sustainability and ethical sourcing with good customer care, also skyrocketed the popularity of Clifton Coffee.

Today, Clifton Coffee works closely with coffee producers worldwide to ensure coffee products are made available to businesses and households needing it.

I had to taste-test the company’s flagship product, “Red Brick Blend,” to decide what the flavour tasted like.

Since their coffee changes every time, it’s difficult to say what other editions taste like. But the one I had tasted had a milk chocolate and nut note.

Plus, it was very fresh, making my coffee cup even tastier after making an espresso.

If, as a retailer, you love varieties, I can confirm that Clifton has different good coffee varieties.

Customers cannot contain their happiness after a sip of Clifton’s speciality wholesale coffee beans with a solid 4.8-star review.

For example, here are a few customer reviews and feedback:

April Preach Review

Great coffee and great service! I've always ordered gifts from Clifton Coffee Roasters, and all my friends love them. This year, Clifton Coffee Roasters had to deal with the Royal Mail strikes affecting their deliveries. I have to say that their customer service reps have all taken it in their stride and have managed to maintain a positive outlook. The first company I've called regarding delivery delays, I felt positive after the call.

April Preach Review

James Burton Review:

Absolutely top-class customer service. I had a small issue with an order that was resolved very kindly and seamlessly by the staff at CCR very late on a Friday afternoon. Can't recommend highly enough; the coffee is incredible, too. Will not be going anywhere else. Thanks again.

James Burton Review

Tom Richards Review:

The coffee is excellent. I've been using the subscription service for the last year, and the coffee is varied, fresh, and valuable. It comes well packaged. The subscription would be even better if it were more flexible, i.e. five bags a month or two bags every two weeks. Highly recommended!

Tom Richards Review

Click here to make an inquiry about wholesale Clifton Coffee today.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

I am confident you still have some questions on where to buy bulk coffee beans near me, right?

Below are detailed answers to some frequently asked questions about bulk coffee bean suppliers.

So let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Where Can I Get Coffee Beans Wholesale

You can get wholesale coffee beans or buy coffee beans in bulk as a retailer from brands like Balance Coffee, Assembly Coffee, Volcano Coffee Roasters, and Rounton Coffee.

Who Is The Biggest Coffee Supplier?

The biggest coffee supplier in the UK is Costa Coffee. With over 2,600 stores nationwide, Costa is a leading provider of coffee beans, ground coffee, and beverages, serving millions of customers nationwide.

What Is The Price Of Wholesale Coffee Beans

The price of wholesale coffee beans can vary widely depending on factors like origin, quality, and quantity. On average, wholesale prices range from $2 to $5 per pound for standard beans, but speciality or rare varieties can cost significantly up to $6.

Are Coffee Beans Profitable?

Coffee beans can be profitable, but success depends on quality, market demand, and location. Speciality beans often yield higher profits, while weather conditions and production costs impact profitability. Research and planning are essential for a profitable coffee bean venture.

Which Is The Best Coffee Beans?

The best coffee beans in the UK is the Espresso Taster Pack by Balance Coffee. However, it is important to know that choice and preference is the ultimate determinant when picking the best coffee beans to buy.

What Coffee Has The Most Caffeine

The caffeine content in coffee varies, but generally, robusta beans have the most caffeine, containing about 2.2-2.7% caffeine, while arabica beans have around 1.2-1.5%. So, coffee made from robusta beans tends to have the most caffeine. However, the brewing method and serving size also affect caffeine levels.


So there you have it, ten reliable brands known for their excellent coffee beans when you want to buy them in large quantities.

These brands offer great prices whether you're looking for espresso, filter, decaf, or coffee pods. Just choose the brand you like and start negotiating for the best deal.

But hold on!

If you decide to join Balance Wholesale Coffee today, you'll receive a special discount, high-quality coffee beans, and quicker delivery. 

On top of that, you can contact us for expert advice on how to market and keep your customers. And the best part? It's all free of charge, with no extra cost to you.

Finally, if you're interested in our speciality wholesale coffee beans, click here to inquire.