Best Coffee Beans In The World

Best Coffee Beans In The World 2024 (A £1,231 Test)

People say that Kona coffee is one of the best coffee beans in the world, but I am sceptical.

The reason is simple; I’m not confident they’ve gathered enough research or data to determine this is a correct assumption.

So, I used my 10+ years of experience as a professional barista and coffee trainer, spending over £1231 to try coffee beans from different countries.

The result was amazing, and these three (3) brands below are my personal favourites so far:

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Four months ago, I was having dinner with my friend Jeremy and his girlfriend at one of my favourite restaurants, Cloe Maggiore, in Central London. 

We ate, drank plenty of wine, and laughed all night. At the end of the dinner, my friend ordered an espresso coffee instead of a dessert.

 I explained to him why that’s not a great idea if he cares about his sleep quality and overall longevity.  We then got onto the topic of which coffee beans are the best in the world.

Best Coffee Beans On The Globe

To be honest with you, this was a huge question, which got me stumped. 

He added; I know Balance Coffee has one of the best coffee beans in the UK, but when it comes to the world, what countries, beans, or brand comes first for you?

I told him with a smile I wanted to go deep on figuring this out, so I committed to spending over £1231 taste-testing coffees from different countries and brands to reach a definitive conclusion. And here we are. 

Criteria For Ranking Each Country's Coffee Bean

It’s been 120 days since I told him I will spend that money on taste-testing coffees from different countries and brands worldwide.

The good news? I have done exactly that and have now reached my verdict for the best coffee beans in the world.

The criteria I used to reach this judgement are as follows:

Analysis Factor How I Judged The Factor
Freshness of The Coffee Roast date and size of the roasting batches
Healthy or Unhealthy Coffee Tested and screened for nasties like mycotoxins, mould and pesticides
Traceability High-quality sourcing and traceability of the supply chain
Flavour Profile (of course!) Tasting notes and flavours
Brand credibility and reputation Customer reviews
Value for money The price and quality mix

P.S: I taste-tested over 100 coffee beans during the 120 days period, and only 20 made it to the best coffee beans in the world by country list.

I also made sure the best grind for coffee beans is a consideration. Because you can't enjoy your coffee without the perfect grind size.

Below, I will focus more on those with a detailed analysis of how I brewed it, what the result was and how the beans fared as per the above grading criteria I put together.

But first, let's look at where you can buy these coffe beans, shall we?

Where To Buy The Best Coffee Beans In The World (Top 5)? 

It took me 120 days and around £1,231 to come up with the list of the best coffee beans in the world.

But I will give you a rundown of my top three picks in less than five minutes!

World's Best coffee Beans

After rigorous testing, Rotate Espresso, San Fermin, and Yirgacheffe Organic made the top 3.

The brands with these coffee products made the top 3 because each offer FAST delivery, FREE shipping and speciality grade coffee.

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Product Benefits where to buy
Beginners & Expert Friendly Rotate Espresso
  • Rated 4.89 Stars
  • Dark Chocolate + Berry Brownie
  • Roasted to preserve flavour
  • Fine-tuned to UK drinkers ever-changing palate
  • Antioxidants & vitamin B3 rich
  • Zero mould, mycotoxins & pesticide
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Takes 2nd Spot San Fermin
  • Medium Roast with Orange Sherbet, Caramel, Berries Flavour
  • Rated 4.8 Stars
  • 100% Arabica
  • Ground & Whole beans
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Takes 3rd Spot Yirgacheffe Organic
  • Light Roast with Citrus & Floral flavour
  • Rated 4.8 Stars
  • 100% Arabica
  • Ground & Whole beans
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1. Finca Santa Teresa, Mexico


I love the Rotate Espresso with its chocolate and berry brownie flavour because it is the highest grade of speciality coffee (speciality grade & 100% Arabica beans).

It is totally FREE from toxins like mould, mycotoxins, or pesticides. In addition, Finca Santa Teresa Rotate Espresso helps kick start your day with right energy jolt.

The beans are fully washed and grown at 1200 – 1800 MASL altitude in Finca Santa Teresa - Mexico which made the flavour even more soothing to taste.

I decided to brew a rich mug of Espresso using these beans; the result was seriously mind-blowing!

I also made use of the best mushroom tinctures, particularly the Lion's Mane mushroom drops. I used a dropper to add them to my coffee, enhancing its taste while gaining extra health benefits.

Rotate Espresso Today
So what’s so great about these Finca Santa Teresa coffee beans?

With a rich medium-dark roast type and flavour notes of dark chocolate and berry brownie notes. it is quite the hammer.

In fact, one of the biggest factors of Finca Santa Rotate Espresso (just £10.19 per bag) is the versatility of the coffee. You can brew it beautifully as an espresso and as filter coffee.

And if you’re a fan of dark roast coffee beans, then you should go through this guide on the best dark roast coffee beans in the UK.

The Rotate Espresso contain the power of over 1000+ antioxidants and vitamin B3 which helps protect the body against diseases. 

Ultimately, you have a mug of steaming espresso that tastes amazing, is fresh and healthy and gives you the perfect burst of energy!

See the pros and cons of the Finca Santa Teresa Rotate espresso below:

What You Will Like (Pros) What You Won't Like (Cons)
Uses 100% Arabica beans of the highest grade. Could be pricy for some.
Received 4.89 star reviews from customers
Dark chocolate and berry brownie notes for a distinct taste.
It's free from mould, mycotoxins, and pesticides, ensuring safety.

Location: Balance Coffee, 20-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU

Reviewread it's 4.8 star reviews

Email Address:

Phone Number07825 882755


Click here to shop Rotate Espresso by Balance Coffee

2. Tolima, Colombia 


    • Coffee Name: San Fermin 
    • Bean Variety: Caturra
    • Origin: Colombia 
    • Flavour Profile: Orange Sherbet, Berries and Caramel 

    While working at Sanremo, a coffee veteran told me it’s impossible to talk about Colombian coffee without mentioning Tolima. 

    Fun fact: Tolima is also crowned as one of Colombia’s coffee jewels and is one of the country's largest organic coffee production areas. 

    So the statistics on this coffee origin compelled me to try it out. I remember asking my senior which brand he turns to for his Tolimo fix, and he recommended Origin Coffee. 

    Tolima Colombia Origin Coffee

    And made sense to me! Origin Coffee supplies speciality-grade and freshly roasted beans. Now I couldn’t try out their San Fermin beans in my best coffee beans in the world and experiment with them being commodity-grade, right? 

    Anyway, I ordered the bag from their official store and decided to do more research on San Fermin. The coffee beans were roasted in small batches and were speciality-grade.

    Recommended For You: 10 Best Whole Coffee Beans UK

    I read the reviews, and one customer recommended using these beans for Aeropress brewing. 

    So I did that! The coffee beans produced coffee with a wonderful aroma that wafted through the air. I took a long sip and could easily taste the floral notes of orange sherbet and berries.

    Check out the pros and cons of Origin in the table below:

    What You Will Like (Pros) What You Won't Like (Cons)
    Supplies speciality-grade San Fermin beans. Goes out of stock.
    San Fermin offers Orange Sherbet, Berries, and Caramel notes.
    Small-batch roasting ensures freshness.
    Positive reviews for Aeropress brewing.

    Click here to try San Fermin by Origin Coffee

    3. Yirgacheffe Natural and Organic, Ethiopia


    • Brand: Union Hand-Roasted Coffee
      • Coffee Name: Yirgacheffe Organic
      • Bean Variety: Heirloom Varietals 
      • Origin: Ethiopia
      • Flavour Profile: Peach, Toffee 

      You must have heard about Yirgacheffe coffee if you're a coffee maniac. I’d often come across these coffee beans in my career and think no one does it better than Union Roasted. 

      I ordered the beans online, and they arrived swiftly. At first, I wasn’t sure how to brew the Yirgacheffe Organic, but then I read up on it online and decided to go with pour-over coffee. 

      Yirgacheffe Natural and Organic Ethiopia COFFEE

      And how did it turn out, you ask? Superb! I could tell the coffee beans were roasted fresh to order. I ground them in my coffee grinder to a medium-fine grind. Then I proceed to follow the pour-over coffee brewing method, and voila!

      A bright, clean and nuanced-tasting coffee awaited me on the counter. It had a zesty flavour profile with tasting notes of kumquat, peach and delicious toffee. And It was a truly wonderful coffee experience. 

      It further restored my confidence in Yirgacheffe being one of the best coffee beans from around the world.

      And here are some pros and cons I discovered during research:

      What You Will Like (Pros) What You Won't Like (Cons)
      Clean coffee with notes of kumquat, peach, and toffee. None that i can think.
      Swift online delivery.
      Coffee is sourced from the original source of coffee.
      Suitable for various brewing methods.

      Click here to try Yirgacheffe Organic by Union Roasted.

      4. Finca, El Salvador


      • Brand: Volcano Coffee Works
        • Coffee Name: Piemonte - El Salvador
        • Origin: Finca, El Salvador
        • Flavour Profile: Toffee, Toasted Almonds and Cherry 

        Do you know what helped me put together this list of the best coffee beans in the world the MOST? Research!

        Yes, I drowned myself in articles, posts and research material about the best coffee beans worldwide and where they are sold. And one day, I stumbled upon Salvadoran coffee.

        Finca El Salvador volcano coffee works

        Of course, I had heard about Salvadoran coffee, but I had yet to try it. A quick google search showed me that Volcano Coffee Work’s Piemonte was one of the best. 

        And well, you know what happened next. I ordered their fresh coffee beans, poured them into my grinder and brewed them as an Espresso shot. Midway, I changed my mind and decided to have a cappuccino instead. 

        So I mixed my espresso shot with steamed milk and ⅓ cup of foam. I have to say it was one of the best cappuccinos I had had in a while. 

        The beans tasted like sweet toffee, roasted almonds and cherry. It was a beautiful and unique combination, and I’ve tried it many times.

        Below are the pros and cons from my research and brewing this coffee.

        What You Will Like (Pros) What You Won't Like (Cons)
        Enjoy sweet toffee, roasted almonds, and cherry notes Mixed reviews but that's expected.
        1-3 days delivery.
        Beans are roasted fresh to order.
        Espresso shots was perfect.

        Find out more about Piemonte El Salvador from Volcano Coffee Works

        5. San Ignacio, Belize


        • Brand: Caravan Coffee Roasters 
          • Coffee Name: Ana Maria
          • Bean Variety: Caturra, Mundo nov and catimor
          • Origin: San Ignacio
          • Flavour Profile: Peach, White Chocolate and Pistachio 

          Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of San Ignacio. Another fun fact: when it comes to the best quality coffee beans in the world, sometimes the places you’ve never heard of stock the real coffee jewels. 

          And San Ignacio is no exception. I found this coffee at Caravan Coffee Roasters, one of my favourite coffee brands. And that’s because I have tried their blends, which are fresh, of premium quality and taste delicious. 

          San Ignacio Belize Caravan Coffee

          So their Ana Maria coffee is made from beans sourced from San Ignacio in Belize. At first, I thought I was taking a risk, but then I thought nothing was a risk regarding Caravan Coffee Roasters. 

          I jumped in and grabbed their Ana Maria coffee from the official store. I could purchase them in whole bean form or ground for filter coffee

          Since I was short on time and knew I’d use the beans immediately, I chose the filter coffee option. The Ana Maria beans created a delicate brew as filter coffee and had a sweet, almost clean taste. 

          It accentuated the intricate flavour profile of Ana Maria, which included notes of peach, white chocolate, and pistachio. I knew I’d discovered something special when I took my first sip.

          Below are the pros and cons if you decide to get your hands on this coffee.

          What You Will Like (Pros) What You Won't Like (Cons)
          Create a quick, delicate brew with a sweet and clean taste. Currently none I can think of.
          Intricate flavour profile featuring peach, white chocolate, and pistachio notes.
          Option of choice between whole bean or ground coffee.
          Fresh and premium coffee all round.

          And now here it is, enjoying the fifth spot on my list!

          Find out more about Ana Maria by Caravan Coffee Roasters.

          Where to Buy the Best Coffee Beans in the World?

          You can buy the best coffee beans in the world, including the Rotate Espresso and Yirgacheffe Natural, in the official stores of Balance Coffee and Union Roasted, respectively.

          All my coffee beans at Balance Coffee are 100% speciality-grade, Arabica, and free of coffee nasties like mycotoxins and pesticides.

          Top 10 Best Coffee Beans In The World

          From the mountains of Ethiopia to the lush forests of Colombia, my taste-testing journey helped me try the best coffee beans worldwide. Each time I tried a toasty mug of coffee brewed from fresh beans, I couldn’t help but think of its origins. 

          A location's climate, soil, and other unique characteristics deeply shape how your coffee tastes and feels once you sip it. But let me tell you this; my experiment taught me that only the freshest and best quality beans from exotic locations are worth trying. 

          I even wrote the best filter coffee beans article holding the above thought in mind always.

          And the rest? Not only do they taste like burnt liquid at times, but they’re also not good for your health. Let’s dive straight into the list of the ten best coffee beans in the world, per my screening criteria, so you know which ones are worth trying. 

          1. Finca Santa Teresa, Mexico

          • Coffee Name: Rotate Espresso 
          • Coffee Brand: Balance Coffee 

          If you were to ask me what my favourite coffee in the world was, I would enthusiastically reply, The Rotate Espresso from Balance Coffee! 

          And while it might seem like an easy choice on the surface, there is ALOT of thought and analysis went into it. 

          The Rotate Espresso is one of my first medium-dark roast and single-origin coffee on Balance Coffee. In line with my philosophy of sourcing speciality-grade and 100% Arabica coffee, I was hunting for the best coffee beans for Espresso. 

          And one of the coffee farmers I work with told me about the Finca Santa Teresa farm in Mexico. I knew Mexico was producing fine-quality coffee beans but was sitting on the fence. 

          Anyway, I decided to travel to Mexico. I met some kind-hearted farmers on the verdant hills of Mexico and finally reached the Finca Santa Teresa farm. 

          Once I taste-tested the coffee, I felt the vibrant notes of dark chocolate and cranberries dancing on my tongue.

          How I Brewed The Finca Santa Teresa, Mexico Beans

          Fast forward to my taste-testing experiment; I needed a hard-hitting Espresso that morning, so I decided to brew the Rotate Espresso. 

          I was at my mum’s house and dialled their Sage espresso coffee machine and grinder.

          Balance Rotate Espresso

          After grinding the beans finely, I used 18g of ground coffee in the Sage Espresso portafilter handle, yielding 36g in the cup.

          After around 30 seconds, the coffee machine’s hissing sound told me my mouth-watering coffee was ready, so I finished the brew. 

          And it was right. 

          The Final Verdict on Finca Santa Teresa Coffee Beans

          I swear, as soon as the Rotate Espresso hit my lips, I was instantly transported back to the verdant hills of Mexico. The beans produced an Espresso with a rich, robust and velvety texture. 

          A dark chocolate and cranberry symphony greeted my palate upon the first sip. Coffee beans are speciality-grade and premium, which shines through regarding the taste and aroma. 

          I also brewed these coffee beans in my French Press and Aeropress. The result was just as amazing! 

          But you don’t have to take my word for it; the coffee beans have raving customer reviews. Check it out for yourself: 

          Lastly, the Rotate Espresso has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to worry about. It’s a riskless purchase; These are the best coffee beans in the world for espresso.

          Find out more about the Rotate Espresso by Balance Coffee. 

          2. Tolima, Colombia 

          • Coffee Name: San Fermin
          • Coffee Brand: Origin Coffee 

          A week after testing Yirgacheffe, I decided to take out my coffee map and hit Colombian coffee. Tolimo in Colombia was known for producing fine and organic coffee, just as my senior had suggested. 

          I logged on to Origin’s official online store and ordered their San Fermin, made from Toliman coffee beans from Colombia. Origin Coffee is a household name in the speciality-coffee, so choosing them was a no-brainer. 

          San Fermin

          I was also pretty hyped about Toliman coffee beans because I heard they were unusually sweet. What can I say? Sometimes my sweet tooth kicks in!

          I didn’t have much time, so I got the beans ground for Aeropress. However, I recommend purchasing the whole beans since they are fresher and the flavour stays locked in. 

          You must read these guides on coffee brewing methods if you’re unsure how to use each method. 

          How I Brewed Tolima Colombia

          Aeropress is one of the fastest ways to make speciality-grade coffee at home, so I decided why not? 

          I used around 16.5g of coffee mixed with 250 ml water in my Aeropress machine. After around one minute, I flip the machine and pressed down for 30 seconds until the device was empty. 

          After brewing the ground coffee in Aeropress, I was taken aback by the flavours of orange sherbet, caramel, and berries. It was different but in a nice way!

          The coffee had a medium body and a refreshing finish. 

          The Final Verdict on Tolima Colombia

          I quite enjoyed the Tolima Colombia coffee, just as my colleague had hinted. The flavour profile was beautiful, the aroma wonderful, and the body was just to my liking. 

          The coffee beans are speciality-grade, can also be made as filter coffee and have many positive customer reviews. 

          Find out more about San Fermin by Origin Coffee. 

          3. Yirgacheffe Natural and Organic, Ethiopia

          • Coffee Name: Yirgacheffe Natural and Organic
          • Coffee Brand: Union Roasted

          I’ve always admired Ethiopia for being the cradle of coffee, and Yirgacheffe is known for being one of the best coffee worldwide. So I added this to my day 3 of taste-testing. 

          Union Roasted, one of the finest players in the coffee game, delivered my order rather swiftly. When I got my bag of Yirgacheffe Natural and Organic coffee beans from Union, I opened them enthusiastically. 

          Yirgacheffe Natural

          I’ve tried many Union Roasted coffee beans, and they’ve never disappointed me. And this was no exception.  

          I love Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee for its bright acidity and complex flavour notes. And truth be told, Union’s Yirgacheffe was just that but better! The coffee was refreshing, delicious and zesty. 

          How I Brewed Yirgacheffe Natural and Organic? 

          Quick research revealed I could brew these coffee beans as a filter coffee or Cafetiere. I decided to go with filter coffee first. 

          After grinding my coffee beans, I poured hot water over them. The water extracted the coffee's flavours and then passed through the filter, separating the grounds from the liquid, resulting in a clean cup of coffee.

          I loved the end result. The coffee had a vibrant acidity and zesty, floral-tasting notes that gave me energy.

          The Final Verdict on Yirgacheffe Natural and Organic

          The coffee's flavour profile, taste and aroma were like a burst of vibrant energy. I loved the combination of peach, toffee and kumquat in the flavour profile. 

          The coffee beans were adaptable to two other brewing styles, Cafetiere and Espresso. Both these brewing methods worked well with the beans. Lastly, customers love Yirgacheffe coffee from Ethiopia for its unique taste and bright acidity. 

          Find out more about Yirgacheffe Organic by Union Roasted.

          4. Finca, El Salvador

          • Coffee Name: Piemonte - El Salvador
          • Coffee Brand: Volcano Coffee Works 

          Research before my taste-testing showed me that El Salvador has some of the best and award-winning coffee because of its rich, volcanic soil. I dug a little more and finally reserved coffee beans from Finca, El Salvador, for my taste testing. 

          And boy were the coffee beans a beautiful surprise! I ordered Piemonte El Salvador from Volcano Coffee Works to help me give Salvadoran coffee a shot. 

          Piemonte El Salvador

          I believe it was day 15 of my taste testing, and my coffee bag had arrived. It had been a while since I’d tasted a mouthwatering cappuccino, and I thought these beans would do the trick.

          And they did!

          The Finca beans created a spectacular Espresso with notes of toasted almonds, toffee and cherry. I could tell the beans had been freshly roasted before delivery; it added another oomph factor. 

          How I Brewed The Finca El Salvador? 

          I decided to brew myself a rich Espresso shot and mix it with steamed milk for a creamy cappuccino. So, I removed my grinder, ground the beans, used my Espresso machine, and steamed some milk. 

          You know, the usual. 

          The Final Verdict on Finca El Salvador 

          I loved the coffee's lingering notes of toasted almonds, toffee, cherry, and toffee. These beans are of top-notch quality and sourced from a farm owned by Rodolfo Battle in Finca, El Salvador.

          Farmers are paid 50-180% above fair trade to sustain the coffee industry. The beans are light to medium roast, which mixes well with their sweet flavour profile. 

          The beans are, of course, speciality-grade and also roasted in small batches in Brixton.  The coffee is best brewed as an Espresso, in my opinion. 

          Lastly, the coffee beans have few reviews online, but the ones up are positive. 

          Find out more about Piemonte El Salvador from Volcano Coffee Works.

          5. San Ignacio, Belize

          • Coffee Name: Ana Maria
          • Coffee Brand: Caravan Coffee Roasters 

          With high expectations, I bought the San Ignacio coffee beans from Caravan Coffee Roasters. I know the brand only sources and delivers the best speciality-coffee, so this one had to be amazing too. 

          I reserved the taste-testing for these beans for around the third week. Just got a quick break in between because I didn’t want to jumble up my coffee experiences, you know? 

          Ana Maria

          Anyway, I decided to brew Ana Maria as filter coffee. The end result was amazing. It came out as a delicate brew with a clean taste. 

          How I Brewed The San Ignacio, Belize.

          This time, I decided to use my Chemex to brew filter coffee. I put my ground coffee (after grinding the beans, obviously) into the filter. I used the 3-cup method and poured water over the freshly ground coffee bed. 

          Then, I poured the remaining water in a circular motion for better extraction. After 5 minutes, my filter coffee was ready and steaming hot!

          The Final Verdict on San Ignacio, Belize 

          It was hard not to love the lingering notes of peach, pistachio and white chocolate. I sipped the coffee, gazed outside my window, and saw the sun setting. This delicious coffee just made the entire experience therapeutic for me. 

          There isn’t much flexibility in the brewing method, but it produces a smashing mug of filter coffee. It has an excellent customer rating on many platforms, including TrustPilot. 

          6. Blue Mountain, Jamaica 

          • Coffee Name: Jamaica Blue Mountain Wallenford 
          • Coffee Brand: Volcanica Coffee

          As I ventured into the fourth week of my experiment, I decided to opt for coffee beans from Blue Mountain in Jamaica. I’d seen many coffee enthusiasts on social media flaunting their delicious cups of coffee hailing from the Blue Mountains. 

          My next challenge was to decide on coffee beans from a specific brand. I went with Volcanica Coffee because they stock 100% authentic blue mountain coffee beans. 

          Jamaica Blue Mountain Wallenford

          The Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA) also certifies the beans. 

          Volcanica Coffee is one of the best coffee bean brands in the world, so I also decided to trust them with my grinding process. I ordered ground coffee for French Press because I thought that was the best brewing method. 

          And I wasn’t wrong. 

          How I Brewed Blue Mountain Jamaica

          Once my freshly ground Blue Mountain coffee arrived, I knew I had to brew it immediately. After all, ground coffee doesn’t retain flavour like beans do. 

          I took out my Cafetiere device and washed it properly. To brew, I used 500ml hot water (approx 93 degrees) on 30g of coarsely ground coffee and let it sit for 4 minutes.

          I brewed the coffee for around 9 minutes, and voila! It was ready. The coffee tasted fresh, rich and pure. It also produced a strong and intense aroma that wafted through my kitchen and lounge (I can’t say I minded it, though). 

          The Final Verdict on Blue Mountain Jamaica

          Do you know one of the best things about this coffee? It tasted like crisp chocolate and orange peels when brewed in Cafetiere. The beans are also flexible in terms of other brewing methods. 

          Pour-over brewers, like the Hario V60 or Chemex, are also ideal for accentuating the subtle complexities of the coffee. 

          Lastly, customers love Blue Mountain coffee so much that it's also touted as the world’s best coffee.

          Find out more about Blue Mountain Jamaica Coffee by Volcanica Coffee. 

          7. Bourbon, Brazil 

          • Coffee Name: Bourbon Cream Espresso 
          • Coffee Brand: Pact Coffee

          Five weeks into my taste testing, I was already missing some mouth-watering Espresso. And I knew it was time to try Madagascar's ever-famous Bourbon coffee beans. 

          So do you know what I did? I turned to one of my favourite brands, Pact Coffee. I’d often seen their Bourbon Cream Espresso flashing on my social media. And this seemed like the perfect time to give it a shot. 

          Bourbon Cream Espresso

          I ordered the Bourbon Cream Espresso, which is also Pact’s bestseller. This blend contains Bourbon beans from Brazil and Colombia. 

          Hands down, Pact offers one of the best coffee beans in the world from UK. All their coffee is 100% speciality-grade, roasted just days before ordering and ethically sourced. 

          Guess what? Pact offers free, next-day delivery, so I got my coffee the next day!

          And once the Bourbon Cream Espresso slid through my door, I sat on it for a couple of days because I was caught up. Then, one fine Sunday morning, I finally decided to taste one of the best Espressos of my life. 

          Side Note: I havw also tried their cold brew beans and I can tell you Pact has one of the best coffee for cold brew in the UK.

          How I Brewed Bourbon 

          Regarding Bourbon coffee beans, French Press is the best brewing method to highlight its natural sweetness and acidity. As with the Blue Mountain Jamaica beans, I used my Cafetiere device to brew an Espresso shot. 

          The coffee tasted like Bourbon and cream biscuits, adding the perfect kick to my Sunday. It had a full mouthfeel, and I could taste refined sugar's sweetness. 

          The Final Verdict 

          The Bourbon coffee beans are flexible and can be brewed using the pour-over method. The beans have a natural sweetness to them with mild and creamy acidity. These beans are perfect for coffee drinkers who love their Espressos mild and sweet. 

          Lastly, these coffee beans have stellar reviews online!

          Find out more about the Bourbon Cream Espresso by Pact Coffee

          8. Kona Coffee, Hawaii 

          • Coffee Name: Estate Kona Coffee 
          • Coffee Brand: Koa Coffee 

          It was already week four of my taste-testing experiment, and I bought the Kona coffee beans from Koa without knowing what to expect. But I am sure I did a Google search for the best brands that sell Kona coffee, and Koa turned up. 

          I have to say, right off the bat; the delivery went super smooth. And I got the medium roast, whole beans. 

          Estate Kona Coffee

          I could tell from the aroma that Koa had delivered fresh roasted coffee beans. And well, you know what happened next. 

          How I Brewed Kona Coffee 

          So, while researching, I saw a customer recommend the pour-over brewing method for these Kona beans and decided to go with that. With precision, I ground the beans, heated the water, and set the stage for my Sunday pour-over ritual. 

          As the water cascaded over the ground coffee, the air in my kitchen started to fill with enticing aromas. And the first sip? It was pure bliss!

          The Final Verdict on Kona Coffee 

          The coffee made from Kona beans had a delicate sweetness, mild acidity, and subtle nutty undertones. The overall flavour profile was clean and satisfying, making each sip of Kona coffee brewed with the pour-over method an enjoyable and memorable experience. 

          I’d say these are one of the best coffee beans for pour-over coffee

          Honestly, it's beans like these that made my taste-testing experiment worthwhile!

          Find out more about Kona Coffee by Koa here.

          9. Tanzania Peaberry 

          • Coffee Name: Tanzania Peaberry Coffee
          • Coffee Brand: Volcanica Coffee Works 

          Heading into the second month of my taste testing, I pulled out my research notes and remembered I still had to give Tanzania Peaberry coffee a shot. 

          I’d tried it once in a quaint coffee in East London. It was unexpected, but that was my first encounter with Peaberry coffee.

          Tanzania Peaberry coffee is a bright Arabica coffee with a medium body and a delightful, fruity acidity. 

          Tanzania Peaberry Coffee

          Anyway, Volcanica Coffee Works is one of the best brands that deliver Tanzania Peaberry Coffee, so I ordered it. Within a few days, a pack of freshly roasted Peaberry beans awaited me as I came home from work. 

          How I Brewed Tanzania Peaberry. 

          I ordered the light/medium roast whole coffee beans. To brew it as an Espresso, I ground them in my coffee grinder. If you want the grinder I used for this experiment, you can get that here or read my article on the best coffee grinders for espresso.

          I used a fine-grind setting to get a powder-like consistency. Then I used around 18-20 grams of ground coffee for a double espresso shot. In around 30 seconds, my efficient espresso machine had done the trick!

          As I tried the Espresso, I was reminded of my first experience with Peaberry beans. And I felt like the Volcanica coffee beans did a better job!

          My double Espresso shot had a rich body, intense flavour, a fragrant aroma and mellow winy overtones.

          The Final Verdict on Tanzania Peaberry

          These coffee beans taste beautiful and had notes of savoury chocolate coupled with dried fruit and orange. The beans are Kosher and UTC certified and can also be adapted as drip coffee or for French Press. Also, I was completely captivated by its vibrant acidity and tantalising fruity notes. 

          Find out more about Tanzania Peaberry Coffee by Volcanica .

          10. Guatemala, Central America 

          • Coffee Name: Guatemala Coffee
          • Coffee Brand: Coffee Direct

          Guatemala is home to some of the best quality coffee beans in the world and is highly praised for its delicious coffee. I tested these coffee beans sometime around the second month of my experiment while I was halfway through. 

          It has also been on my radar because Guatemala has become a hub for sustainable coffee lovers due to an influx of Rainforest Alliance-certified growers. 

          Guatemala Coffee

          But I didn’t know what to expect as I added these coffee beans to the cart and ordered them on Coffee Direct’s website. 

          How I Brewed Guatemala Coffee Beans. 

          A quick google search showed me that the pour-over brewing method is the best for Guatemalan coffee beans, as it highlights the coffee's inherent qualities. 

          Once I used the pour-over method, the end result was a clean and balanced cup of coffee with rich and chocolatey flavours. 

          The Final Verdict on Guatemala Coffee

          And I must say, this is one of the most mouthwatering speciality coffee I had ever tasted! Guatemala Coffee beans can also be used for other brewing methods like French Press and Aeropress. 

          The aroma is heavenly, tastes beautiful and all in all, it was a perfect find!

          Find out more about Guatemala Coffee by Coffee Direct

          Top 20 Best Coffee Beans In The World

          Are you enjoying the results of my heavy-on-the-pocket yet effective taste-testing? Well, you’d be happy to know that I have ten more best coffee beans in the world for you! 

          You don’t have to settle for anything less than the best regarding your daily cuppa. So dive in below and unwrap ten more coffee beans from around the world. 

          1. Nicaraguan, Central America

          • Coffee Name: LifeBoost Medium Roast Coffee 
          • Coffee Brand: LifeBoost

          Nicaraguaran coffee beans are known for creating some top-notch cups of joe back in Central America. I remember travelling to Central America a decade ago and my aunt made me a rich and hot cup of coffee using Nicaguaran beans. 

          I wasn’t a coffee enthusiast then and found the name funny. Fast forward to week 6 of my taste testing, and I’d decided to add the then-funny-but-now-important coffee beans to my experiment. 

          LifeBoost Medium Roast Coffee

          LifeBoost was the best choice, so I ordered their bestseller, LifeBoost Medium Roast Coffee. 

          How I Brewed Nicaraguan Coffee.

          To brew the beans, I used my burr grinder and Chemex device. The burr grinder was perfect and helped me achieve a uniform ground size.  Once the medium roasted coffee beans were ground, I used a 1:15 coffee-to-water ratio for my Chemex. 

          The resulting brew was just to my liking!

          The Final Verdict on Nicaraguan Coffee

          This speciality coffee was creamy and nutty and tasted like a chocolate-covered fig. The Nicaraguan coffee beans at LifeBoost are shade-grown, tested for mould and mycotoxins and tasted drool-worthy. 

          These beans are also excellent for a cold brew on those summer evenings! 

          These coffee beans have raving reviews online and a cult-like following too!

          Find out more about LifeBoost Medium Roast Coffee 

          2. Sumatra, Indonesia

          • Coffee Name: Sumatra, Mandheling 
          • Coffee Brand: York Emporium

          It was week 6 of my taste-testing experiment, and I wanted to shake things up! So I opted for Sumatra coffee beans, which are famous for being spicy and strong. I ordered the beans from York Emporium, a famous roaster for supplying fresh beans. 

          Sumatra Mandheling

          The beans arrived in a few days, all ripe for brewing and my experiment!

          How I Brewed the Sumatra Beans.

          I was in the mood for something different, so I took out my Moka Pot. After grinding the beans, I filled the Moka pot's bottom chamber with cold water up to the fill line. I placed the Moka pot on a stovetop burner set to medium-low heat and brewed the coffee for a few minutes. 

          And my spicy Sumatra coffee was ready!

          The Final Verdict on Sumatra Beans 

          These speciality-coffee beans certainly didn’t hold back regarding flavour, aroma and taste. It was a powerful brew with lingering notes of sweet tobacco and molasses, fixed with clove. It was just what I needed to break the monotony! 

          These beans are also flexible for other brewing methods like filter and pour-over coffee. 

          Lastly, it doesn’t have many positive reviews because some people found the brew overpowering. However, the ones who like their coffee adore these beans. 

          Find out more about Sumatra Mandheling by York

          3. Yemeni Matari, Arabian Peninsula 

          • Coffee Name: Yemeni Matari 
          • Coffee Brand: Coffee Direct

          Probably the best part about this experiment is that I got to taste rare and exclusive coffee that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. And the Yemeni Matari coffee beans were no exception! 

          I trusted Coffee Direct with my Yemeni fix and ordered the beans. And it’s safe to say they turned out to be one of the best coffee beans in the online world

          Best Coffee Beans In The World Yemeni Matari

          I wanted to give myself a break from the grinding and opted for the ground for Cafetiere coffee size.  But I suggest you get whole beans!

          How I Brewed The Yemeni Matarai. 

          I brewed the ground coffee in my Cafetiere using the same process. It made a rich coffee with distinct dark chocolate notes in its flavour and aroma. The flavour profile also carries hints of delicious cherry flavours.

          The Final Verdict on Yemeni Matari 

          As I enjoyed my Yemeni Matari, I could tell that these coffee beans are exotic. The taste, aroma and mouthfeel were rich and awakened my senses in a second. I also loved how the coffee was subtly laced with hints of cherry. 

          This speciality coffee also had a mellow acidity and brightness. Lastly, the coffee is also adaptable to other brewing methods and has stellar reviews. 

          I also think such exotic coffee beans are great gifts for coffee enthusiasts in your social circle. But if you want more ideas on the best coffee gifts for coffee lovers, the link covers it in depth.

          Find out more about Yemeni Matari Coffee by Coffee Direct

          4. Kenya AA Coffee, East Africa

          • Coffee Name: Kenya AA Coffee 
          • Coffee Brand: Volcanica Coffee 

          Kenya AA Coffee is touted by many as the finest and one of the best coffee in the world. So, naturally, I had to add them to my must-try list for the experiment. 

          I know I’ve tried too many Volcanica coffee in this experiment, but research showed they have one of the best Kenya coffee

          Best Coffee Beans In The World Kenya AA Coffee

          And what can I say? I wanted my beans fresh-roasted as always! So I ordered my Kenya AA beans and got to work..or should I say grinding? 

          How I Brewed Kenya AA Coffee.

          I excitedly prepared my Aeropress, eager to savour the vibrant flavours of Kenya AA beans. Their fruity aroma filled the air as I carefully measured and ground the beans. I poured hot water over the grounds, gently stirred, and pressed down the plunger.

          The first sip revealed a symphony of bright acidity, blackcurrant notes, and a winey finish.

          The Final Verdict on Kenya AA Coffee 

          I brewed Kenya AA using both the Aeropress and the V60 Switch methods. Both yielded an excellent cup with a rich body, a fruity yet nutty flavour (this changes as the brew cools), no bitterness and an immaculate finish.

          Find out more about Kenya AA Coffee by Volcanica 

          5. Geisha, Colombia 

          • Coffee Name: Colombia Geisha 
          • Coffee Brand: Coffee Friend

          Geisha coffee beans can now be grown in a variety of different locations, but I decided to stick with Geisha beans from Colombia. It was the 9th week of my experiment, and I felt like I was on a roll!

          Coffee Friend seemed like an apt choice, so I ordered my speciality, medium roasted coffee beans, and they had them freshly roasted before delivery.

          Best Coffee Beans In The World Coffee Friend

          I got them around eight days after the order.

          How I Brewed Geisha, Colombia Coffee

          I read a quick guide on brewing Geisha coffee beans and then started the process. Using one of the best burr grinders, I ground the beans and brewed them as espresso coffee. 

          I always use a fine-grind setting for espresso and brew it in my Espresso machine

          The Final Verdict on Geisha, Colombian Coffee

          The brew tasted like honey, jasmine and kiwi. I loved the unique combination of the flavour profile and the jasmine-like aroma. The beans can also be used as drip or filter coffee, so it's flexible. It also has many positive customers reviews online but also negative ones. It's not for everybody. 

          Find out more about Geisha, Colombian Coffee by Coffee Friend 

          6. Puno, Tambopata and Inambari Valleys, Peru

          • Coffee Name: Peruvian Coffee Beans
          • Coffee Brand: Clumsy Goat

          Peruvian coffee beans are the ultimate recharger for lazy Sunday mornings. So on the Sunday of the 10th week, I decided to have an Espresso brewed from Peruvian beans. 

          I selected the Peruvian Coffee beans from Clumsy Goat and ordered the 250g bag.

          Best Coffee Beans In The World Clumsy Goat

          I chose them because the beans are 100% Arabica, fairtrade certified and ethically sourced. 

          How I Brewed The Peruvian Coffee Beans 

          The sun shone brightly on Sunday morning as I set out to brew Peruvian beans using the filter coffee method. Weighing and grinding the beans, their sweet, floral fragrance enveloped me. 

          I poured hot water over the grounds, watching the water drip patiently. Before I knew it, my filter coffee was ready. 

          One sip revealed a well-balanced, smooth cup with hints of caramel and citrus, whisking me away to Peru, where these beans were grown for a couple of seconds. 

          The Final Verdict on Peruvian Coffee Beans.

          I think its flexibility makes Peruvian coffee one of the best coffee beans in the world. It’s great for many brewing methods, including espresso, filter, cafetiere, Aeropress, Chemex, and stovetop brewing. 

          The walnut, caramel and milk chocolate tasting notes were just delicious. 

          Last but not least, customers just can’t get enough of these Peruvian beans, and it shines through in the reviews. 

          Find out more about Peruvian Coffee by Clumsy Goat 

          7. Minas Gerais, Brazil 

          • Coffee Name: Brazil — Mio Lot 1934
          • Coffee Brand: Assembly Coffee

          As I headed towards the end of my experiment, I wanted to opt for more balanced coffee. And high-quality Brazilian coffee is known to be just that!

          Assembly Coffee stocks one of the best and freshest coffee beans in the UK, so it seemed like a natural fit. I’ve also heard rave reviews about Brazil - Mio Lot, so I ordered it instantly. 

          Best Coffee Beans In The World Assembly Coffee

          The coffee arrived before I could say Brazil! No, I’m kidding; it came in a couple of days. 

          How I Brewed the Minas Gerais Beans

          Assembly Coffee recommended that I brew it as filter coffee. So I opted for my good old Chemex to make filter coffee from the beans. I measured the beans, ground them, and positioned the filter. 

          Pouring hot water, I observed the grounds blooming, patiently waiting for the coffee to drip. The resulting brew offered a balanced, enjoyable experience, showcasing Brazil's nutty, chocolaty, and mildly fruity flavours.

          The Final Verdict on Minas Gerais Beans

          The beans had a robust flavour profile of milk chocolate and apple and made a smooth brew. I found the coffee mouthwatering, and now it made sense why everyone had been raving about it. However, it's only best brewed as filter coffee. 

          Find out more about Brazil Mio Lot by Assembly Coffee

          8. Western Valley, Costa Rica

          • Coffee Name: Costa Rica: EDITION 22.060
          • Coffee Brand: Hasbean Coffee

          I had now entered the final few weeks of my experimentation and wanted to make the most out of it. So I opted for classic Costa Rican coffee by Hasbean roasters. 

          These beans have been sourced from the Finca Licho farm in Costa Rica and were naturally processed.

          Best Coffee Beans In The World Hasbean Coffee

          I ordered them but wasn’t sure how it would turn out. 

          How I Brewed Costa Rican Coffee

          Most customer reviews recommended brewing these beans as filter coffee in Chemex, so I decided to go with that. The reviews and product descriptions were spot on; the coffee was sweet and savoury, with hints of cherry and yoghurt. 

          The Final Verdict on Costa Rican Coffee

          If you enjoy sweet, mild and savoury coffee, these beans are a perfect fit for you. They’re best brewed as filter coffee in Chemex, though. Customers love these beans, and many think it's also great value for money. 

          Find out more about Costa Rica 2260 by Hasbean 

          9. Mexican Coffee Beans 

          • Coffee Name: Sierra Azul Organic Coffee
          • Coffee Brand: Black Cab Coffee 

          Not many people know that Mexican beans are of top-tier quality because they gained popularity relatively recently. But they’re all the rage in the coffee scene nowadays, so my taste-test experiment seemed the best excuse to jump on the bandwagon. 

          And so I did! I chose Black Cab Coffee, an iconic London-based roaster, to send me freshly roasted and speciality grade Mexican Coffee Beans. 

          Best Coffee Beans In The World Black Cab Coffee

          The delivery went smoothly, and my fresh Mexican coffee beans bag was just by the door. 

          How I Brewed Mexican Coffee Beans

          Although I initially wanted to make the Café De Olla (traditional Mexican coffee), I decided to play it safe and used my drip coffee maker to brew the coffee grounds

          Once the brewing process was complete, I savoured a smooth, medium-bodied cup with chocolate, plum and stonefruit undertones. 

          The Final Verdict on Mexican Coffee Beans

          I found Mexican coffee beans to be a delightful choice with their smooth, medium body and mild acidity. 

          They offer a well-rounded taste profile featuring chocolate, nutty, and fruity notes. Grown in fertile volcanic soils, these beans are satisfying and enjoyable.

          Find out more about Sierra Azul Organic Coffee by Black Cab Coffee

          10. Java Island, Indonesia and Yemen 

          • Coffee Name: Mocha Java 
          • Coffee Brand: Volcanica Coffee 

          Last but certainly not the least on my list were the Mocha Java coffee beans. Mocha Java is the world’s most famous coffee, so you must have heard of it before. 

          Coffee beans from Java in Indonesia and Yemen are used to make Mocha Java. I got my original Mocha Java blend from Volcanica Coffee and ended the experiment on a mindblowing note. 

          How I Brewed Mocha Java 

          With anticipation, I prepared to brew Mocha Java coffee, a harmonious blend of Yemen Mocha and Indonesian Java beans. I ground the beans and was delighted by their mingling aromas. 

          As I brewed the coffee, exotic scents filled the room. I used my French Press to brew the beans after grinding them in my burr grinder. 

          Sipping it, the contrasting chocolatey and earthy flavours danced together, creating a magical, satisfying experience. I could now sense why people also considered Mocha Java one of the best coffee beans in the UK. 

          However, this is always up for debate, but you can check out my detailed guide on the best coffee beans UK here. 

          The Final Verdict

          I was a little dismayed that my wonderful experiment had ended, but ending it with Mocha Java made me feel enthusiastic again. Mocha Java is one of the best coffee beans in the world. 

          They are flexible and go well with many different brewing methods, so it all depends on your personal preference. 

          The coffee had a robust full body with interesting earthy tones that added a layered nuance. 

          Find out more about Mocha Java by Volcanica Coffee

          The Best Coffee Beans In The World Sold On Amazon

          Are you looking for the best coffee beans in the world sold on Amazon?

          I’m not going to make you wait! Below, you can find the top 10 best coffee beans sold on Amazon in ascending order.

          But if you are looking for the best coffee beans on Amazon in the UK, my article on the best coffee beans on Amazon UK has you covered.

          So, feel free to knock yourself out!

          1. Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend
          2. Starbucks Espresso Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee
          3. AmazonFresh Colombia Whole Bean Coffee, Medium Roast, 32 Ounce
          4. San Francisco Bay Whole Bean Coffee - DECAF Gourmet Blend (2lb Bag), Medium Roast, Swiss Water Processed
          5. Peet's Coffee Major Dickason's Blend, Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee
          6. Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Medium Roast, Organic Whole Bean Coffee
          7. Illy Classico Whole Bean Coffee, Medium Roast, Classic Roast with Notes Of Caramel, Orange Blossom and Jasmine, 100% Arabica Coffee
          8. Bones Coffee Company S'morey Time Ground Coffee Beans S'mores and Graham Crackers Flavor
          9. Starbucks Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee — Pike Place — 100% Arabica — 1 bag (28 oz)
          10. Eight O'Clock Coffee Dark Italian Espresso, Dark Roast, Whole Bean Coffee, 32 Ounce (Pack of 1), 100% Arabica, Kosher Certified

          How To Choose Amazing Whole Beans? 

          I know what you must be thinking; this guy spent £1231 on taste-testing coffee and after a decade in the coffee industry, he must really know how to choose the best whole beans. 

          And well, you’re right. I do and I’ve decided to share my blueprint with you. To choose the best and most amazing coffee whole beans, you should: 

          1. Go through and use my blueprint as a benchmark 
          2. Compile your coffee preferences in terms of taste, flavour profile, roasting level and body of the coffee. 
          3. Match your coffee preferences and my blueprint against available coffee options and choose the best match. 

          Trust me; this blueprint works like a charm! So here goes nothing. 

          Factor Explanation How It Helps in Choosing Good Beans What You Should Do
          Specialty grade or commercial The quality level of the beans, often determined by a grading system Specialty grade beans have higher quality and fewer defects Choose speciality-grade beans
          Optimised for health Beans free of nasties like mould, mycotoxins and pesticides Beans optimised for health can be used regularly without harming your health Choose coffee beans screened and tested for mould, mycotoxins and pesticides
          Origin The geographical region where the beans are grown Different origins offer unique flavours, acidity, and body Decide what flavours, acidity and body you want in your coffee and match that with available options (You can read my guide on best single-origin coffee)
          Processing method
          How coffee cherries are processed after harvest (e.g., washed or natural)
          Influences the taste, sweetness, and body of the coffee
          ---- Washed: Less sweetness, cleaner and more vibrant taste

          ---- Natural: More sweetness, fruity and winy
          Roast level The degree to which beans are roasted, affecting flavour (e.g., light, medium, or dark roast) Determines the balance of acidity, bitterness, and body Choose your desired roast level using my article types of coffee roasts.
          Freshness The time elapsed since the beans were roasted Freshly roasted beans provide the best flavour and aroma Always choose beans freshly roasted as you order
          Bean variety The specific type of coffee plant the beans to come from (e.g., Arabica, Robusta, or specific cultivars) Affects flavour profile, quality, and complexity Arabica coffee beans are generally of better quality
          Single-origin or blend Whether the beans come from a single region or are a blend of beans from different regions Single-origin offers distinct flavours; blends balance taste Choose single-origin beans if you enjoy rare and exotic flavour profiles
          Packaging How the beans are packaged, including the presence of a one-way valve to release carbon dioxide Proper packaging preserves bean freshness and aroma Choose coffee beans that come in proper packaging
          Ethical and environmental considerations Certifications like Fair Trade, Organic, or Rainforest Alliance, indicating ethical and sustainable practices Supports responsible farming practices and environmental stewardship Choose coffee beans from brands that source it ethically and focus on sustainability

          Bonus: More Amazing Coffee Regions For You

          Congratulations! You’ve now made it to the end of this ultimate guide on the best coffee beans in the world. And now, I will reward you by sharing ten more amazing coffee regions with you. 

          1. Tarrazú, Costa Rica
          2. Sidamo, Ethiopia:
          3. Cauca, Colombia
          4. Chiapas, Mexico
          5. Sul de Minas, Brazil
          6. Aceh, Indonesia
          7. Mt. Elgon, Uganda
          8. Lam Dong, Vietnam 
          9. Boquete, Panama
          10. Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia

          People Also Ask (FAQs)

          Have some questions? Let me answer them below.

          Which country produces the best coffee beans in the world? 

          Brazil is considered to produce some of the best coffee beans in the world. All the coffee beans are of high-quality and taste distinct. On thousands of small family farms around the country, a high degree of quality is maintained while growing coffee beans. 

          Who grows the best coffee beans in the world?

          Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica and the Arabian Peninsula are four regions known for producing the best coffee beans in the world. These countries are known for carefully growing and harvesting high-quality beans with unique and enjoyable characteristics. 

          What is the best coffee bean in the world? 

          Koa coffee bean from Hawaii is considered to be the best coffee bean in the world by many. However, this is up for date because the best coffee beans depend on every individual’s requirements in terms of taste, flavour profile, aroma and other unique coffee characteristics. 


          In conclusion, I sent this article to my friend Jeremy, and he thought I was crazy for spending over £1123 on this article.

          Although he liked how I broke everything down so even a kid can understand the entire piece.

          He also referenced the list and the criteria I assertively used to select the best coffee beans in the world by country.

          Finally, did you enjoy this article, and do you want me to do more of this?

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