How to make the perfect espresso with Sage espresso machine

How to make an espresso with your Sage espresso machine

How to make an espresso with your Sage espresso machine? ever typed this into Google? Today, I will show you how.

If you've just got your hands on your Sage espresso machine then you might be wondering how to use it to make an incredible shot of espresso.

We've experimented with our Sage coffee machine, and we've come up with the perfect method - read on to find it!

What you'll need:

  • Wholebean coffee (you can see what we have on offer here)
  • Digital scales
  • Your Sage espresso machine
  • A coffee grinder (for more information about coffee grinders, head to our )

    Check out James our Founder's video which demonstrates how to make the perfect espresso on a sage coffee machine.

Method using a Sage espresso machine:

  1. Prepare your espresso machine, ensuring that it is clean from the last time you used it. Make sure to clean the basket with a dry cloth to remove the oils from the last espresso shot.

  2. Use your coffee grinder to grind your beans finely. If there is an espresso-specific setting on your grinder, then use that.

    Weigh your coffee using digital scales - we suggest 18g of ground coffee. If you want to know why we suggest using digital scales, we suggest heading to Clive Coffee for a great explanation!

  3. Put your 18g of ground coffee into the basket, and tap it to even it out. Then tamp, making sure that it is nice and firm.

  4. Finally, lock the portafilter in place. Put an espresso cup or your favourite mug underneath it with a set of digital scales.

    Brew your espresso for 20-30 seconds, which should give you 36g of delicious espresso. From there you can use the espresso in a latte or flat white, or simply drink it as is!

Sage Espresso Shot

There you have it. You can now make the perfect espresso with your Sage espresso machine.

Want to know more about using a this machine? Then check out our guide on how to use a Sage Espresso Machine.