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50 Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers In The UK (2024)

What are the best coffee gifts for coffee lovers in the UK? For many individuals, coffee is just a casual sip in the am.

But for some, it is a passion, a personality attribute, a pastime — a lifestyle. For hardcore coffee enthusiasts, a morning cup of coffee is about more than simply caffeine (although it is vital).

It's the morning routine. The sound of whole beans grinding, the delicious aroma of brewing coffee — even waiting for the cup to complete is all part of the 'coffee experience'.

But they also have different types: there's the stereotypical coffee shop brooder needing a pick-me-up tonic. Or what about the hyperactive, workout-obsessed early bird? They could certainly use a personal cafetière in their hard-at-it existence, and the do-it-yourself artist could be interested in a domestic cold-brew kit.

Here at Balance, we are mad about coffee and have had the chance to try various coffee-themed items. . So we decided to put together a list of 50 of our all-time favourite Gifts For Coffee Lovers UK that we have either given or received!

Don't have time to go through this gigantic list? No worries, here is our top 3 picks of the best gifts for coffee lovers.

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Top 10 Best Inexpensive Gifts For Coffee Lovers in UK 2023

Here we have compiled a list of the top 10 coffee lovers gift sets in the UK, so you don't waste hours on the internet only to have your coffee friends disappointed!

So without waiting, let's dive into our list of the cutest gift ideas for coffee lovers in the UK!

1. A Coffee Subscription!

best-coffee-gifts-for-coffee-lovers-coffee-subscription-service Coffee subscriptions are the modern-day equivalent of the most precious gifts, especially for coffee snobs! The attractive packaging is a joy to open, and here at Balance, we have the perfect set of subscriptions for everyone!

The best part? Our coffee subscription offers nothing but healthy, specialty-grade, good tasting coffee.

Each cup of coffee you make from this will taste and feel spectacular, owing to our premium quality and ethical sourcing practices.

With the advent of subscription boxes a few years ago, firms in all delightful sectors sprung up, delivering monthly goodness delivery.

On the other hand, coffee subscription services have always managed to hang around and appear to have withstood the ravages of time, whilst other more transient subscription boxes have vanished.

So if you're searching for the best coffee gifts for coffee lovers in the UK, a coffee subscription should be on your list. For the ultimate gift for coffee lovers UK, you should definitely check out our wonderful coffee subscriptions! We have a range of options that include the Discovery Subscription, the Focus & Energy Subscription, and the Relax Subscription.

2. Coffee Taster Packs

best-coffee-gifts-for-coffee-lovers-espresso-taster-pack Our coffee taster packs are a great way to spoil the coffee aficionado in your life! They are undoubtedly one of the best gifts for coffee lovers in London, an exciting way to surprise them with a coffee gift set they'll cherish. We offer the following two taster packs:

Our Espresso Coffee Taster Pack includes Stability Blend, Level Up Blend, and Rotate Espresso. And our Filter Coffee Taster Pack includes a selection of our best single-origin coffees from the current season.

Both offer delectable coffee beans or ground coffee alternatives that serve as an excellent introduction to the universe of specialty-grade coffee.

This is a practical coffee gift if your loved one isn't sure what kind of coffee they prefer. In addition, each bag contains fresh roasted coffee beans.

And also, if you If you're looking for a wide range of espresso beans, check our top 11 best coffee beans in the UK. And you could even get to taste one yourself if you're lucky!

3. Sage Coffee Machine

best-coffee-gifts-for-coffee-lovers-sage-coffee-machine Sage coffee machines are a big hit with us at Balance. And for all the right reasons too! Using a Sage Espresso Machine is a fantastic way to make world-class coffee right in your home.

In fact, I would add that it is one of the coffee gifts London residents need especially for espresso lovers.

You're on to a winner when you match it with a stunning speciality coffee! But there are so many different Sage machines to pick from that it's tough to determine which one would be ideal for your loved one's kitchen and life!

I realise that and have therefore put together a guide to assist you in determining which is the best Sage coffee machine most suited to your beloved’s requirements.

I even took it a step further when I wrote the article sage barista touch vs oracle touch to compare and contrast the features of each machine.

I am positive it makes for one hell of a coffee lovers gifts UK because of how detailed I went into it. Plus neededless to say you can make evenn a double shot espresso with these.

But if you’re more into checking out a product before buying it, you can always visit your local Harrods or Currys for a Sage espresso machine.

4. Hasami Mug

Whether you're shopping for a utilitarian or an epicurean, you can't go wrong with a classic brown Hasami mug. As a coffee nerd myself, I got this for my closed friend, Joanna.

And tell you what, upon receiving it, as simple as it was, she told me it was one of the best presents for coffee lovers she'd ever received.

Also, what better way to enjoy your fix of the dark, brown liquid than in a wholesome and wide mug?

Hasami is a Japanese ceramics firm producing porcelain objects for over 400 years.

A collection of these elegant mugs in various sizes and complementing colours will look coherent, thanks to the vessels' ability to stack easily (which also makes storage easier).

The Hasami Mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, and numerous Balance employees have used one for years.

It is also relatively inexpensive, starting at just £18.00. And you can also get a tiny plate to go with it for around £8.00!

A Hasami Mug is a cute gift for coffee lovers in the UK, and it is also versatile, so they can be sneaky and use it for tea instead!

5. Coffee Brewing Kit

A Coffee Brewing Kit might just be the thing that sets your loved one on their journey to making the best homemade coffee!

And when it comes to brewing kits, one of the best gifts for a coffee lover UK would be The Cafflano Klassic.

The Cafflano Klassic has everything needed to brew and store coffee, including a porcelain burr grinder, a boiler, a chrome filter dripper, an insulated tumbler, and a cover.

"I recommend the Cafflano Klassic for someone who is always on the run," said Yuki Izumi, coffee director at Hi-Collar, a café and sake bar in New York City's East Village.

"I got it for one of my colleagues who are often on the road as a performer, and he loves it." Customers have also given the Klassic positive reviews, praising its portability, practicality, and lightweight. You can get the best price for the Cafflano Klassic here.

6. New York Coffee Mug

One of the most awesome gifts for coffee lovers in London, this NYC coffee mug is a must-have if your loved one is a fan of New York, or has even just lived there for some part of their life.

This porcelain rendition of the traditional NYC takeout cup will transport them to New York City.

New York Mug

This unique invention memorialises the famous New York coffee cup in eternally reusable porcelain.

The clearly recognisable blue and white Greek theme, once a feature of every corner deli, is gradually vanishing from city streets.

The long-lasting design outlasts the old-fashioned paper version while yet retaining a uniquely urban vibe.

This hilarious recreation of an outstanding original is a must-have for any city dweller who enjoys their coffee.

It only goes for £13.00, making it one of the more economical gifts for coffee lovers in the UK.

7. Gift Voucher

A gift voucher is a safe bet if you're still uncertain after looking at the various gifts for coffee lovers in the UK.

Your loved one can select the coffee they think they'll like the most or a brewing method they've always wanted to try with a voucher.

If you're unsure what coffees your loved one has already experienced, or if you simply want to give them the freedom to pick their present, this is a perfect alternative!

And what’s better, you can get a coffee gift voucher directly from us as one of the best gifts for coffee lovers in the UK in 2022! We offer a £25.00 voucher, and a £50.00 one.

With the £25.00 option, your loved one can get 40 cups of high-quality work from home coffee, while the £50.00 will get 80 cups of the finest coffee in the UK. With their voucher, they can choose from various types of coffee.

8. Barista Oat Milk

oatly-barista-milk Do you want to break through the clutter and surprise your best friend with a unique coffee gift?

Then you’d be happy to dive into our barista oat milk and coffee bundles! Oat milk is also high in proteins and other nutrients, which makes it an excellent choice to add to your diet.

Balance Coffee also has excellent oat milk from Rebel Kitchen, a terrific alternative for you or your coffee-loving friends.

We love oat milk (read this blog to find out why), and after a lot of taste testing, we discovered that their Barista Oat Mylk goes excellent with our coffees.

Rebel Kitchen, in collaboration with world-renowned coffee expert James Hoffman, developed Rebel Kitchen's Barista Mylk.

This makes it one of the best coffee gifts for coffee lovers in the UK! It's the only plant-based alternative that tastes and works like dairy milk, and its velvety texture and tight micro foam make it ideal for long-lasting latte art.

You may buy Mylk or order your favourite speciality coffee and oat milk in one convenient box!

We'll mail the Level Up Blend and our top-rated Stability Blend since they complement the Rebel Kitchen Oat Mylk excellently.

9. Chemex Glass Coffee Maker

Chemex Glass Coffee Maker Know someone precise about their brewing methods and wants nothing but the best?

Enter the Chemex Glass Coffee Maker. This original eight-cup glassware Chemex is a masterpiece and one of the most spectacular gifts for coffee lovers in the UK for coffee brewing! According to Yasmina Palumbo, co-owner of Mud Coffee in New York City, it would make a good present for anyone interested in the "process" of producing pour-over coffee.

"My boyfriend swears by the Chemex glass," she says. "It has a nice appearance and was designed by a chemist.”

"He likes the act of heating water and pouring it over the rice, as well as the pleasant flavour it produces."

The chief roaster at Oslo Roasters, John Bettencourt, is an admirer, telling us that you don't have to be a barista or a coffee fanatic to create good coffee with a Chemex.

"It's easy to operate, attractive, and the specifically manufactured paper filters help to produce a clean cup of coffee."

10. Hay Sowden Coffee Pot

Hay Sowden Coffee Pot Hay Snowden Coffee Pot is one of our top recommendations for gifts for coffee lovers in the UK.

Connie Blumhardt, a publisher of Roast magazine, suggests Hay's Sowden Coffee Pot, which is made of multicoloured porcelain and has a "micro-thin" stainless-steel filter to dissolve coffee grounds into hot water.

"It's easy to use and makes a well-balanced brew," she says. "I like the clean lines and neutral colour combinations."

“It transports me to Europe." Joe Palozzi of the City of Saints Roasters is another enthusiast of this coffee maker, and not just for the taste of its brew.

"While it has the flavour of a French press, it's far easier to maintain thanks to its detachable micro-filter,"

he explained, adding that the pot "looks very lovely on the countertop with daffodils in it, too, just in case you ever stop brewing coffee at home."

You can get a Hay Snowden Coffee Pot for your loved one here. Here are a few techniques for making coffee at home like an expert, as well. Take a look at James' top ten tips to transform your coffee at home.

Top 20 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers UK 2023

If you haven’t settled on a coffee gift yet, don’t worry. We have many more options available for you.

And if you’re sitting on the fence about getting a gift for that special someone, even then, we’ve got you covered.

We are sure that at least one of the items on the list of coffee lover gifts for him in the UK will bring a smile to his face.

What products made our list of the best coffee gift sets? Keep going.

Collapsible Reusable Metal Straw

If they can't stomach sipping their iced coffee via paper straws, this coated steel washable straw helps decrease waste while they savour. Which is it is one of my personal coffee lover gifts recommendation.

Collapsible metal straws are also one of the best gifts for coffee lovers in the UK that are environmentally conscious.

The benefit of these is that they are large enough to suck up the heaviest milkshake and compact enough to fit in your handbag or pocket. Are you a boba fan?

hey've got your back. These straws are perfect for anyone who enjoys their bubble coffee with a slanted tip and a perforated bottom.

Besides folding for portability, they also come with a nice carrying bag for added convenience.

What’s more, there are seven colour combinations for this collapsible straw-bag pair! You can find out more about this here.

Coffee Magazine Subscription

You must be thinking, coffee magazine subscriptions? How boring.

But think about this, aspiring baristas and coffee enthusiasts sometimes just want information and knowledge!

And these magazines, my friends, are an excellent source for getting your hands on crucial tips and tricks for the coffee business. Caffeine and Standart are two of our preferences.

Standart is the way to go if you believe the recipient will appreciate beautiful design if you're looking for a magazine that can double as a coffee table book.

Caffeine mag is an excellent pick if they are a coffee snob who enjoys experimenting with grind size and water temperature in their French press recipe.

On the other hand, barista-turned-coffee-instructor Erica Jackson advocates gifting a subscription to the quarterly journal Coffee People for ongoing coffee-related books.

According to her, it's an excellent method to stay up to date on the latest and most significant industry arguments and advances.

It will "transport coffee enthusiasts beyond their daily routine and into the collective creative brilliance of the global business," she says.

Coffee Bags

coffee-bags Coffee bags are a great way to get their dose of caffeine on the go for people who like to put things off until the last minute or are short on time.

The undeniable practicality of coffee filter bags and the usage of coffee grounds instead of instant coffee make it an appealing coffee gift.

Although coffee bags were previously mainly seen in hotel rooms and business gatherings, there has recently been an enormous surge in quality items.

Many new coffee companies have emerged, each with its unique coffee bag.

But if you’re looking for the best of the best Coffee gifts in London, you should not miss our collection of coffee bags.

We have exciting single-origin coffee and exotic blends to make your loved ones go “Wow” at the first gulp!

A Chic Filter Display

If your coffee snob friends utilise many methods to brew their espresso, they will enjoy a better way to arrange all those filters.

The Unibene Bamboo Coffee Filter Holder neatly stores filters for a traditional coffee maker, a French press, and a pour-over dripper.

This holder gathers all those filters in one spot for quick access, regardless of the gadget they're brewing.

Simply place the holder vertically on a surface or hang it on a rack using the slot on the back. In any case, it's a convenient technique to guarantee that your filters are always ready.

And it's far more appealing than that haphazard stack of cardboard boxes!

Coffee Storage Container

Airscape Ceramic Coffee beans should be stored in an airtight coffee storage container in a cool, dry place to preserve their flavour. Aeroscape's ceramic containers are great in this regard.

They make an excellent coffee gift for coffee enthusiasts, especially if they consume a lot of coffee.

Many roasters are increasingly choosing bags that may be readily recycled or composted, which usually means forgoing the bag's valve.

The jars, available in small (5.25 inches by 4 inches) and larger (5.25 inches by 7 inches) sizes or as a pair, are the appropriate size for the moderate coffee user, coffee fanatic, or somebody who wants to have several bean alternatives.

The vacuum sealer removes air from the grounds to keep them fresh. Thanks to their simple lines and bamboo lids, they'll also look fantastic on a kitchen counter or tabletop!

Cupping Spoons

For true coffee aficionados who want to master the art of coffee cupping, speciality coffee roasters frequently organise coffee cupping events in major cities to promote their current coffee menu or introduce consumers to speciality beans.

Coffee cupping is the practice of sampling and assessing the overall quality of a batch of coffee.

A process used mainly by coffee producers and distributors, coffee cupping, has gained much traction and is taken quite seriously.

It’s also an excellent way for aspiring coffee connoisseurs to expand their palette and learn more about the many nuances of coffee.

The right way to taste coffee is to line up the cups and suck and taste the coffee using a cupping spoon.

Cupping spoons make for an excellent present for the coffee connoisseur who likes attempting to identify flavour nuances in his daily pour-over coffee!

You should also check out this Hario cupping spoon if you're looking for coffee gifts for men.

I am sure it's quite the gifts for coffee lovers who desires and enjoy the different wonderful flavours hidden in a cup of coffee.

Coffee Tamper

So you have gone through the above coffee lovers gift ideas and still none seems to pick your interest?

Stay with me, there is more!

Does the coffee enthusiast in your life own a home Aeropress? If so, a fresh new coffee tamper might be a fantastic, one-of-a-kind coffee gift to blow them away with thoughtfulness.

Coffee Tamper

Use the coffee tamper to compress the ground coffee in the portafilter basket so that the water may extract the coffee uniformly.

Although many home coffee machines have a coffee tamper, they are typically simple and inexpensive.

There is a vast selection of coffee tampers available online in various pricing ranges, functions, and sizes (the basket size differs between each machine).

So don't simply buy the first one you come across. Check out this coffee tamper we at Balance especially like.

Gooseneck Coffee Kettle

Gooseneck Coffee Kettle Do you know you can take filter coffee to new heights with the gooseneck coffee kettle?

If you're looking for filter Coffee lover gifts in the UK, a gooseneck coffee kettle might be just what your coffee connoisseur needs.

The kettle's neck allows for more precise water pouring, which is essential for most filter coffee methods.

If your recipient enjoys pour-over filter coffee, this may be the most acceptable coffee gift they've ever received.

Choose from various functionality, such as electric or stovetop, as well as different styles and materials, which make it possible to reap various coffee health benefits.

You can buy a Gooseneck Coffee Kettle for the best price here.

The World Atlas of Coffee,’ by James Hoffman

Hoffmann, the writer of the World Atlas of Coffee, won the World Barista Competition in Japan in 2007.

He is a coffee magnate and has lately attained vlogging stardom by imparting his wisdom on YouTube.

Our founder regularly presents this coffee book to his staff mates and believes that any habitual drinker would like it.

"It's the best coffee overview I've seen," he says. "It educates you about different coffee sources and what distinguishes each one."

He also claims that after reading the book, anytime he is served a new sort of coffee, he can place it within the context of its origin.

"If you say I should try this freshly roasted coffee from Uganda, I know Uganda normally produces non-speciality arabica beans.

But there has been an increase in local coffee shops developing specialised blends recently, " {Hoffmann. You can check out ‘The World Atlas of Coffee’ here.

Home Coffee Roaster

Coffee roasting is both an art and a science. Green coffee is imported into the nation before industrial and local coffee roasters turn the fresh coffee beans into the delightfully balanced roasted coffee we buy from shops and cafés.

If your receiver is a do-it-yourselfer, you can now get them a home coffee roaster so they may experiment with and manufacture roasted coffee from crude beans.

The home coffee roaster market has a wide variety in price and usefulness.

Starting with a porcelain pan that you simply roast coffee in on the stove, you may progress to industry-grade sample roasters that link to an app. It's all up to you how far you would like to push it! Check out these home coffee roasters as one of the best gifts for coffee lovers UK 2023. .

Top 30 Coffee Lover Gifts UK 2023

Here are 30 more instant coffee gifts that are modern and innovative.

Chances are that you’re looking to give your friends a couple of more innovative gifts- luckily, you can dive into the carefully curated list to find the perfect one.

The possibilities are endless, from our cafetiere and coffee gift set in the UK to other coffee accessories.

Origami Sensory Cup

ORIGAMI 12OZ SENSORY CUP The ORIGAMI Sensory Cup was created to enhance the sensory experience of coffee. The scent of the coffee inside the mug is retained and captured by its uniquely crafted form.

ORIGAMI dripper is made of Mino ceramic and reflects 400 years of rich heritage in top-quality ceramicware created in the Toki district of the Gifu district.

Brewing Tournament participants love these colourful and eye-catching drippers.

James Hoffman claims to have given this sampling cup to colleagues and industry professionals (including himself) who are striving to better their brews.

"I use mine for filter coffee; others use it for espresso shots," he says, explaining that the "vaseline form intensifies the smells in the cup and drives them up into your nose." You can get one here.

Fellow Shimmy Coffee Sieve

Fellow's newest invention is a sieve that eliminates micro-sized particles from ground coffee.

This coffee sieve removes all particles less than 200 microns for a much more consistent grind, resulting in more accurate extraction, increased clarity, and more subtle tastes.

"It's a terrific way to enhance your home coffee-making game," James Hoffman explains.

"It produces better consistency, a neater cup, and more delicious coffee." It's also inexpensive and simple to maintain. "All you have to do is rinse it out." You can get one here.

AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press

Balance coffee enthusiasts are fascinated with the classic AeroPress—one of the greatest gadgets for creating delicious coffee on the go because it uses only ground beans and boiling water.

It has everything a coffee lover needs to make the best cup at home or on the go. Like the AeroPress Original, the AeroPress Go makes Americano, Espresso, and French press style coffee that may be enjoyed alone or in a variety of energetic and refreshing cocktails.

AeroPress Go

Making espresso on the go is the easiest with the AeroPress Go, owing to the bundled container that carries all components (stirrer, scoop, and filters).

Furthermore, because the Go is small, it fits nicely into a vacation stocking and ships quickly.

Brewsense Drip Coffee Maker

Brewsense Drip Coffee Maker The Braun Brewsense, which is reasonably priced, is the finest drip coffee maker we tried.

The glass FlavorCarafe of Braun's BrewSense 12-Cup Drip Espresso Machine keeps in fresh taste by reducing air contact.

The PureFlavor technology brews the coffee at the appropriate temperature and duration to extract the most flavour and fragrance. Y

ou know your loved one will get a delicious cup of savoury delight the instant the lovely fragrance of freshly brewed coffee fills the air.

In addition, the elegant stainless steel finish would look great in any kitchen. You can get one here.

Speciality Coffee Pods

We’re not talking about ordinary coffee pods, mind you. The only coffee pods we recommend are Grind coffee pods, which besides being the OG, also contain the highest quality coffee compared to their competitors.

Coffee pods have received a lot of flak in the coffee industry recently, whether because of the climate, ethics, or value. Grind was launched in 2011 after David Abrahamovitch decided to convert his father's Shoreditch mobile phone shop into a café-bar.

Grind has subsequently evolved to become a cult east London coffee brand. It has eleven locations, including espresso shops, cocktail bars, restaurants, a professional recording studio, and a state-of-the-art coffee roastery.

Grind is still situated in Shoreditch and employs about 200 people, with most of its investors becoming Grind regulars and friends worldwide over the years.

Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

As if the one wasn’t good enough. If you want to maintain your coffee at a constant temperature throughout the day, the Ember is a good premium option.

Ember's unique technology allows you to precisely control the temperature of your hot cup of coffee, allowing you to enjoy it from the first sip to the last drop.

The Ember Mug2 10 oz and the Ember Mug2 14 oz can keep your beverage at the ideal temperature for up to 1.5 hours and up to 80 minutes, respectively.

It is also dishwasher safe and stays functional up to 1 meter in water. You can get one for your loved one here.

Porcelain Cow Creamer

This porcelain cow creamer will delight the dairy (or certainly non-dairy) experience, whether the person on your list weakens their cup of coffee with half-and-half, soy milk, or French Vanilla Latte Mate (no shade).

And what if you misjudged them and the receiver prefers their coffee black?

We're sure this cow would be delighted to double as a devoted distributor of porridge milk, stew, or salad vinaigrette! One of the best gifts for coffee lovers UK 2022 in our list, you can get this cute cow here!

Nespresso Aeroccino4 Milk Frother

With the Nespresso Aeroccino 4 Milk Frother, you can make more and more of your favourite coffee-shop beverages at home.

The stylish electric frother pitcher makes two types of hot milk froth: light for cappuccino and denser for latte macchiato.

Simply press a button to pick your preferred milk preparation and enjoy it in as little as 80 seconds.

The steel jug is placed directly in the washer to make cleanup easier. Jordan Sanchez, a Blue Bottle Soho barista, told us he'd want to get this Nespresso milk frother so he can prepare beverages like cortados at home.

"This would be ideal for an apartment," he comments. "The craftsmanship is excellent and looks great on the counter."

Chocolate Coffee Beans

Take it from me: chocolate-covered coffee beans are dangerously irresistible. Get two packets, so give one to a friend and keep one for yourself (they won't know).

Several artisanal stores now sell chocolate-covered coffee beans as a snack or pleasure.

They also make excellent Christmas coffee presents in chilly winters! The harsh and bitter coffee flavour contrasts nicely with the silky and delectable chocolate on the surface.

Coffee beans can be eaten in various ways, such as a topping over ice cream. To balance out the bitterness, they generally combine nicely with sweet meals.

Chocolate-covered coffee beans are the perfect present for chocolate and coffee lovers in the UK because of their versatility.

Concrete Hexagon Coasters

These stylish interlocked coasters protect your work or coffee table from water marks and stains. Protect your tables, add some style to your decoration, and start a discussion about your excellent spill protection taste.

Non-slip rubber backs and brilliant glossy designs complement any cup, glass, or mug. Decorative beverage coasters are so appealing that they may even improve the flavour of your beverages (not really).

The bottom of each coaster is coated with cork to protect surfaces from scratches.

They're covered with a thin layer of polyurethane to preserve the concrete's colour and prevent water stains. You can get your hands on some here.

Top 40 Coffee Lover Gift Sets In The UK 2023

Finally, here is our exclusive list of 40 more coffee gifts that will (hopefully) make it easier for you to choose! Read on if you’re looking for coffee for two gift set or even coffee for one gift sets.

Manual Coffee Grinder

A portable grinder is one of the most unusual coffee presents for coffee enthusiasts.

If your recipient appreciates their daily coffee and the process of brewing it, then freshly ground coffee will blow their mind.

Investing in a portable grinder is a terrific way to start with freshly ground coffee. A simple electric grinder may be purchased for the same price, although the majority of electric grinders in this price bracket are blade grinders that simply blend the whole beans.

This isn't ideal for speciality coffee since the pieces of ground coffee vary in size, resulting in a cup of coffee that might be over-or under-extracted. You can get a manual coffee grinder here.

Timemore Digital Coffee Scale

TIMEMORE BLACK MIRROR While coffee connoisseur James Hoffman thinks that large grocery store scales are worthwhile as presents, he also mentioned that he knows many people who swear by this marginally smaller one, which "costs a third of the money" and comes from a coffee-focused firm.

He claims the only difference between the two is that this scale "doesn't count quite as rapidly, so you'll have to stop slightly sooner if you're looking for a super-exact number."

The display screen is simple and easy to read. When switched off, it becomes invisible, reducing the gadget to a simple black square. Despite the name, a white variant is also available.

Because of its thinner shape, the Black Mirror is large enough for manual brewing while still fitting on the drip tray of many coffee machines. You can get one here.

Latte Art Stencil

Bring your latte art to the next dimension. If your recipient enjoys latte or cappuccino, a customised latte art stencil will allow them to sprinkle their cheesy smile on top of their latte every morning or whenever their mother-in-law is present.

I got one of these as a Christmas present a few years ago, and it's great to witness people's reactions when they realise their face is on top of their latte.

Simply prepare your favourite milky coffee and lay the stencil over the cup's rim. Then sprinkle a little bit of cocoa powder on top, and, voila, your face is on the coffee! You can get one for your beloved here.

Aillio Bullet Roaster R1 V2

Coffee aficionado James Hoffman advises an at-home roaster to roast his fresh beans as a present for the severe coffee enthusiast in your life.

Yes, it's exorbitantly priced, but you could band together with a group of friends to present this gadget to someone who will actually enjoy it.

"Ultimately," adds Hoffman, "it's really cost-effective because you get your beans green for approximately half the amount they would cost already roasted elsewhere."

He suggests looking at Coffee Shrub, which offers "phenomenal" green coffee from Cuba, Jamaica, and Yemen.

If you know somebody who owns a roaster, Hoffman recommends ‘Coffee Roasting Best Practices’ by Scott Rao. You can get an Aillio Bullet Roaster R1 V2 here.

Kruve Brew Stick

You can use this multi-purpose brew stick as a long-form stir stick or agitate coffee grinds during brewing for an enhanced flavour.

It's an inexpensive but kind gift from James Hoffman that can be used to mix the grounds in a pour-over and weigh in or out grounds if you're off by a gram or two.

"It's also nice-looking and well-packaged," he adds.

He mentions that Kruve manufactures a lot of excellent coffee equipment. You can get your hands on one here.

French Press

French Press is the most common method for brewing speciality coffee. Since it is easy to use and creates a superb cup of coffee the first time, the cafetiere is an excellent coffee gift option.

Simply purchase a bag of cafe-style ground coffee from your coffee shop to complete your ideal coffee gift set in the UK.

The cafetiere plunges the coffee through a mesh filter into the bottom of the beaker, allowing you to pour the drink straight into your cup.

They are ideal gifts for those who appreciate full-bodied brews and wish to explore the world of speciality coffee. You can get a French Press for your loved one here.

KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup

When our team chatted with coffee professionals about their best travel mugs and reusable cups, the KeepCup came up several times.

It's constructed of glass, which makes it easy to clean, and it features an eco-friendly cork ring so you can hold it comfortably while on the go.

Reusable Coffee Cup

James Hoffman recommends this travel mug with a splash shield for a touch clumsy coffee enthusiast.

"On the move," he continues, "may sometimes mean on my clothing or up my nose," but not with this.

"The cup allows me to relish every sip confidently," he says, adding that its "porcelain inside means there's no metallic flavour."

For all-day sipping, this travel mug keeps liquids hot for up to 7 hours and iced coffee chilled for up to 18 hours! You can get this amazing cup here.

Moka Pot

A journey to Italy in the form of a coffee gift. At the very least, the perfume of Italy.

The cooktop, also known as the Italian stovetop, is a kitchen fixture throughout Italy and has long been Italians' go-to brew-at-home coffee machine.

The classic Bialetti moka pot was developed in 1933 in Italy and hasn't altered much since. Fill the bottom compartment with water, the middle brewing chamber with pre-ground coffee, and screw the whole thing together.

Place the Moka Pot on the stove and prepare for a sensory onslaught of exquisite espresso aromas to permeate your kitchen.

A great way to start any day! For more details on how to do it right, head off to our complete guide!

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Pour-over Kettle

The Stagg EKG kettle is one of our all-time favourite gift suggestions, so we were pleased — but not shocked — to learn that Noah Goodman, a barista turned business consultant, feels the same way.

"It's the perfect brewing kettle for any coffee lover," he says. "With its high thermal stability and varied settings, you can keep the water at 200°F for up to an hour."

This kettle's gooseneck spout and precise temperature regulation make it the ideal instrument for pour-over brewing, which both coffee experts and beginners will appreciate.

The ambient temperature control makes it ideal for brewing various varieties of coffee if your gift recipient is like that. This awesome kettle can be purchased here.

Baratza Encore Electric Grinder

Many coffee experts have advised us that if you're passionate about your coffee, you should buy it whole bean and grind it yourself with a burr grinder to guarantee an equal brew and fresh flavour.

Burr grinders ground coffee beans by pushing them between two cutting edges, whereas a blade grinder works more like a high-speed blender with a rotating blade (often producing uneven grind size).

Burr grinders may be rather costly, but happily, our experts' pick, the Baratza Encore, is one of the most inexpensive of the lot.

Its low price makes it tempting as a first "real" coffee grinder and makes an excellent gift! You can get one here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you buy someone who loves coffee?

For someone who loves coffee, there are many gifts to choose from! You can look into coffee scales, a package of freshly roasted best decaf coffee bean, a cafetiere and coffee gift set uk, a manual coffee grinder, fresh barista oat milk or even instant coffee gifts!

Here's a little something extra for you! Check out our founder's Decaf Espresso Martini recipe if you consider purchasing decaf coffee beans. It's an excellent drink that will leave you craving more.

What do you put in a coffee lover's gift basket?

If you know somebody who enjoys coffee, you know they can never have too much, and a coffee gift basket is a terrific way to demonstrate how much you appreciate their hobby. In a coffee lover’s gift basket, you can put a package or two of their favourite coffee for cafetiere, some nice biscuits, chocolate, cocoa, a cute coffee mug and a thoughtful card! You can also look into personalised gifts for coffee lovers to make it more special!

What to get dads who love coffee?

You can't go wrong with a coffee-themed present for your father, whether he relies on coffee to power his workday or still loves a daily cup of joe far into retirement. For your coffee-lover dad, you can get a smart coffee warmer, a collapsible coffee cup, a handheld milk frother, a temperature control smart mug, or even a coffee whisk for that perfect morning espresso! You can view our collection of the best coffee kitchen appliances for the full range!

What does coffee lover mean?

Some folks just cannot function without coffee. It's become an essential element of their daily life. A disaster is not having any coffee at home. These are coffee lovers: they don't simply drink coffee; their connection with it defines them. To them, coffee is an odd sensation, one of life's greatest joys.

What do you get a barista for Christmas?

The barista at your neighbourhood coffee shop is essentially a blessing. Even if you're in a hurry, had a rough morning, or the weather is poor, your beloved barista always serves your order with a beaming face. You can brighten their Christmas by gifting them Christmas gifts for coffee lovers in the UK, such as Espresso Machine Ornament, a Heroes Barista Tank, Coffee Magnets, Coffee Candy, and a Coffee Tote Bag or even a Barista Apron! You can also look for the best camping coffee maker to make their adventures more exciting!

What are the Challenges of Buying Gifts for Coffee Lovers?

The first problem is determining the type of coffee user the intended receiver is. The espresso or americano addict requires the caffeine pumping through his veins to feel lively and get things done. There’s also the pour-over or French press expert who wants to explore the subtle flavour nuances of a complex yet delicate Arabica meticulously and cleanly. The second problem is determining what coffee equipment they currently have, what they require, and what they could like. Sadly, we can't advise you on whether or not you'll be replicating the Mission: Impossible scenario with the rope dangling you from their kitchen ceiling!

What is a Coffee Connoisseur?

Connoisseur may appear to be one of those pompous adjectives that might be used for anything, but when it comes to coffee, it typically refers to the more knowledgeable drinker. A coffee aficionado may be familiar with light, medium, and dark roasts and the various flavour characteristics of arabica beans and speciality grade coffee. They probably also realise how various brewing processes impart unique tastes and textures on the taste buds, and which varieties of beans are most suited to each method.

What Should I Get For a Coffee Snob?

Coffee snobs spend most of their time drinking coffee in the snugness of their own homes. Several presents can be appropriate; thus, your budget will play a role in this. For example, syphon coffee machines, which produce coffee in the style of the early 1800s Europe using two compartments and some kind of magical humidity and gravity combo. Cold brew coffee machines, which soak ground coffee beans in lukewarm water for 12 to 24 hours, may appeal to other crazy scientists. On a hot day, the cooled final result can be a quite pleasant way to consume a caffeinated beverage.

Is a Coffee Grinder a Good Gift?

Most coffee enthusiasts will most likely own a coffee grinder. Normal electric ones cost approximately £10 and are widely available online. Even the less expensive ones are quite robust for the best coffee machine whose primary duty is to spin sharp blades at a fast speed for short durations. However, suppose the coffee consumer is inexperienced in homebrewing. In that case, this can be a welcome present since it will allow them to progress from pre-ground coffee, typically stale when it is eaten, to packaged beans, which preserve the taste and aroma for a more extended time.

Can You Buy Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans In The UK?

You can buy freshly roasted coffee beans from us! At Balance, we think that purchasing newly roasted coffee is another link in the excellence chain that begins at our agricultural partners' farms. Every stage in the coffee cycle, from harvesting ripe beans to paying attention to detail throughout handling to roasting at our facilities, contributes to the finished product in your mug. The last chapter of this grand narrative is completed by purchasing fresh coffee beans, grinding them, and employing excellent brewing practices.


Finally, after a detailed list of coffee gifts for coffee lovers, I am sure you have picked out something!

The coffee world is constantly evolving; from newer methods to make a cup of joe to better equipment, you’ll always need to keep yourself updated!

But Balance Coffee’s assortment of coffee gifts, from the subscriptions to the beans, is the safest bet! We offer nothing but premium quality in all our products.

So if you want to get your coffee enthusiasts something they’ll love without a doubt, you know where to go.

It's over to you now! What coffee gifts for coffee lovers in the UK did you not find in this content? Shoot us a comment below and we will be sure to review and add them in our next update.