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If you're looking to buy a Sage coffee machine in the UK, you've landed in the right place. Pair it with some speciality coffee or a coffee subscription and away you go.

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Sage Barista Pro Espresso Machine [Black Truffle] - Balance CoffeeSage Barista Pro Espresso Machine [Black Truffle]
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Price  £1,299.95
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Sage The Oracle Espresso Machine Black Truffle - Balance CoffeeSage The Oracle Espresso Machine Black Truffle - Balance Coffee
Price  £1,799.95
Price  £1,249.96
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Sage The Dual Boiler Black Truffle Espresso Machine - Balance CoffeeSage The Dual Boiler Black Truffle Espresso Machine - Balance Coffee
Price  £1,049.95
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Price  £259.95
Price  £2,099.95
Price  £2,199.95
Price  £1,450.00
Price  £399.95
Price  £399.95


Sage Coffee Machine UK 2023 (Buying Guide)

The best sage coffee machine holds power to produce the perfect cup of blissful healthy coffee for you every morning, day in and day out. And who doesn’t like the sweet aroma of freshly brewed coffee in their home? 

This is precisely why home espresso machines have risen in popularity in recent years and why so many people are investing in better quality coffee at home. 

And when it comes to the market for top coffee machines for homebrewers, sage coffee machines have emerged as a clear winner. 

But sage has a wide portfolio of coffee machines that huff and puff…all to produce one beautifully crafted flat white, latte, cappuccino, or you’re favourite espresso shot. And our Sage Coffee Machine guide is just what you need to choose the suitable sage machine for your kitchen counter.

From frequently asked questions to understanding the top-performing variants, you’ll know exactly what to do by the end of our sage coffee machine guide. 

What is a Sage Coffee Machine?

Let’s start with the basics. So what is the sage coffee maker, and why should you be interested in it? 

Sage appliances is an internationally renowned brand for being the driving force behind top-performing home espresso machines and other kitchen appliances. 

Sage coffee machines aren’t just ordinary coffee machines. They are award-winning kitchen appliances that produce some of the finest coffee we have ever seen or tasted.

Every model is innovative, quality-driven, and known as a winner in the coffee world, from automatic espresso machines to manual ones.

The coffee machine sage has become a household favourite, and people are queuing in line to upgrade their home coffee environment.

So if you have been hunting for the best espresso machine, you need to add the sage coffee maker to your list. 

Using a Sage Espresso Machine is an easy way to make world-class coffee right in the comfort of your home. 

And when you pair that with a speciality coffee, you have a winning combination! Heck, you can even use the powerful sage coffee machine to create the classic espresso martini recipe.

The Different Types of Sage Coffee Machines

Not sure which sage coffee machine is worth your money? Let’s explore the different types of sage coffee machines so you can choose which device will have you coming back for more cups. 

The difference between sage coffee machines caters to the different needs of customers. 

Our list and descriptions of the different sage coffee machines will help you decide which one should be on your kitchen counter. 

The List of Sage Coffee Machines 

Next, we have a list of the different sage coffee machines along with their dimensions and budget. 

This will help you understand which one fits in your allotted budget and on your kitchen counter.

This list is excellent to give you a flavour of the sage coffee machines' features, sizes, and budgets.

To make a more informed purchase, you need to understand the power each sage coffee machine holds and how it can help you!

The Sage Bambino Plus Machine 

  • Dimensions (cm): H 45.4 x W 37.3 x D 39.2
  • Price: £399.95

Are You a Coffee Beginner? If you’re starting in the home barista world, then The Sage Bambino Plus is probably the one you should go for. Moderately priced, with a fast heat up, it’s a sure fire-starter!The one downside to the Bambino Plus model is that it doesn’t include a coffee grinder. You’ll need to buy pre-ground coffees or espresso or instead grab a separate grinder (more on grinders below).


  • A feature-packed, entry-level coffee including Digital Temperature Control (PID), a large 1.9-litre water tank, and a mere 3-second heat-up time
  • Compact in sizeand only weighing 7 kgs
  • Allows you to adjust the milk temperature and texture.
  • A 54mm portafilter weighing 19 grams is essential for making cafe-quality coffee with full flavour.


  • It doesn’t have a manual steam knob.
  • It doesn’t come with a built-in coffee grinder

The Sage Barista Express

  • Dimensions (cm): H 40 x W 32.5 x D 31
  • Price: £599.95

Are you a budding home barista? We have something for you!

If espresso is your one true love, then the Sage Barista Express Coffee machine might be your dream machine. 

This machine is known for its compact footprint and eases the grind and brewing, with assisted steaming using the temperature control milk jug.


  • Perfect espresso extraction through digital temperature control
  • Has an in-built conical burr grinder (which is quieter and cooler)
  • Rich and aromatic coffee through adjustable grind size
  • Creamy foam for delicious cappuccinos, lattes, and milk-based coffees


  • It doesn’t come with a milk frothing temperature control
  • It is more expensive than the Sage Bambino Plus

The Sage Barista Pro

  • Dimensions (cm): H 45.4 x W 37.3 x D 39.2
  • Price: £699.95

Are you a raving espresso enthusiast? 

Then, you’ll impress your mates with the Sage Barista Pro, since it takes your coffee game to the next level as a pro. 

With espresso shot temperature adjustment, a built-in grinder, and a powerful steam wand, it’s an excellent solution for the price to level up your coffee at home. 

Check out our unboxing video of the Barista Pro below: <video here>


  • Offers 30 different grind sizes
  • A 3-second ready time
  • Adjustable temperature and brew control visible on an LCD screen
  • Support for 2 simultaneous cups of rich coffee


  • Its design might be a little un-intuitive for new users
  • It is more expensive than the Sage Barista Express

The Sage Dual Boiler

  • Dimensions (cm): H 37.3 x W 40.5 x D 37.7
  • Price: £1199.95

Looking for a sage coffee machine that is the cream of the crop? 

The Sage Dual Boiler Espresso Machine is perfect for baristas who want to experiment and generally geek out about how temperature affects espresso and how to create the perfect espresso shot.


  • Thermal stability through a dedicated steam boiler with integrated Heat Exchange
  • Can make 11 cups of coffee using a huge water tank
  • Precise water temperature through a dedicated espresso boiler and digital PID
  • Support for 2 simultaneous cups of rich coffee


  • Its design might be a little un-intuitive for new users
  • It is more expensive than the Sage Barista Express
  • Priced at more than a thousand pounds, it is more expensive than both the Sage Barista Express and the Sage Barista Pro

The Sage Oracle Touch

  • Dimensions (cm): H 45.4 x W 37.3 x D 39.2
  • Price: £1999.95

Don’t even have a second to waste? If speed is of the essence and you like automation, then the Sage Oracle Touch Espresso Machine is your best bet. 

With this sage coffee machine, you can add whole beans straight to the hopper, select your favourite drink from the touchscreen, and it’ll make it quick for you. There’s no faff here!


  • Just swipe and enjoy your specialty coffee within seconds
  • Cafe quality and rich, aromatic coffee on the comfort of your home couch
  • Optimum temperature maintenance
  • Has the innovative one-touch americano feature for a double expresso


  • It is the most expensive sage coffee machine!

The Sage Precision Brewer

Are you a filter coffee connoisseur?

The Sage Precision Brewer might be the best choice for all the filter coffee connoisseurs out there!

The Sage Precision Bowler features unique brewing modes that you can adjust further, such as changing the bloom time, flow rate, or brewing temperature. 

An adaptor will even allow you to brew a pour-over coffee!


  • Allows you to brew any volume of coffee you like
  • Offers 6 presets, including Gold, Iced, Fast, Strong, and Cold Brew.
  • Optimised contact time and 3 different flow rates!
  • Parameter customizations of time, temperature, and flow rate for a fully tailored flavour!


  • Since it’s a 12-cup coffee maker, it takes up quite a bit of space on the kitchen counter
  • It doesn’t include the pour-over conversion kit as standard

This should give you a fair understanding of which safe coffee machine is a good fit for you!

And if you’re wondering, ‘Is sage a good machine for coffee OR Is sage a good coffee machine’, it’s both!

And if you’re already craving some freshly roasted coffee, we suggest you get a nice, fun coffee subscription! 

Use this to get your favourite coffee delivered to your doorstep now.  

How To Pick The Best Sage Coffee Machine? 

Ready to invest in a sage coffee machine for your daily surge of energy? Then it’s time to review the checklist to help you pick the best sage coffee machine!

Consider The Type of Coffee You Enjoy 

This one’s a no-brainer. You need to be clear on the type of coffee you’d like to see spewed in your mug daily and choose a machine accordingly.

From hard-hitting espressos to creamy cappuccinos, each sage coffee machine will have a menu of coffees they can produce. 

We have talked about them in sage machine descriptions. That ought to make your homework easier!

Choose the one which offers you what you need. Or better yet, pick one that makes multiple types of coffee.  

Have a Look At Your Budget 

We would all like to have the best possible coffee machine that can cough up refreshing and premium quality coffee within seconds. 

But not everyone can afford to pay top dollar for a coffee machine. 

So you need to know what your budget is before you can start weighing your machine options. Pick the one with the best value for your money!

We have already mentioned the price ranges for sage coffee machines in their detailed descriptions. Have a look and budget accordingly.

Think About How Involved You’d Like to Be in Preparing Your Coffee

We have people who’d like the coffee machine to sigh and steam and then cough up perfect coffee within seconds. 

But then some people would like to spend some time with their machine and expend effort for their perfect cup of soothing coffee. 

Each coffee machine comes with a different level of automation. Choose how much time and effort you’d like in your brewing cup of coffee and choose. 

For instance, the oracle of the sage coffee machine is very automated.

If you want to remain hands-off with your beverage preparation, this one might be a good choice for you!

Be Clear on the Available Area for Your Coffee Machine Placement

When choosing your source of coffee bliss, stare long and hard at your counter. You need the sage coffee maker that will fit right in!

If you're upgrading from a filter brewing device like a Cafetiere or a Moka pot, the Sage coffee machine range is significantly larger in size. 

In this regard, consider whether you want a Sage machine with a built-in grinder or one that is separate from the machine. 

The former saves space, whereas the latter is generally better in terms of quality and consistency.

How To Use A Sage Coffee Machine?

Impressed with all that sage coffee machines have to offer? We are too. 

Whether it’s their powerful ‘’The Smart Grinder Pro’’ by Sage or the king of coffees, ‘’The Sage Oracle Touch’’, you need to know how to use one! 

One wrong touch or misstep can put your investment down the drain. And we don’t want that, do we? 

Hence, it’s time to go through the easy, step-by-step guide that will help you use sage coffee machines. 

But don’t forget each sage coffee machine comes with its requirements. Read the user guide thoroughly before pushing buttons on the coffee machine. 

Here are the typical steps you can follow for your sage barista touch machine, but be sure to cross-check these with your machine’s user guide.  

  • Add freshly roasted coffee beans to your bean hopper 
  • Fill the water tank with clean water
  • Choose your desired drink from the screen and follow the instructions 
  • Grind your coffee beans using the empty portafilter by pressing the manual grind button
  • Remove the tamper 
  • Press the coffee down using the tamper
  • Insert the portafilter in the group head and place your coffee mug below it
  • Press brew 
  • If you’re making a latte or cappuccino, this will make the espresso part for you. For an Americano, you’ll just need to add hot water
  • Heat your milk by placing your milk jug under the milk steaming wand
  • For a latte, pour this milk slowly on top of your espresso. 

The best way to use a sage coffee machine is by using freshly roasted beans and familiarising yourself with your machine’s guide and settings!

We also have a bank of articles that will give you details on how to brew your perfect cup of steaming hot, rich coffee. 

What Is the Best Coffee for a Sage Coffee Machine?

This brings us to our favourite part. Now, which coffee should you input into your classic sage coffee machine for a truly remarkable coffee experience?

Call us biased, but we are huge fans of Balance coffee! Their blends only feature specialty coffee that not only tastes delectable but is also premium quality and ethically sourced. 

It will take one sip of our coffee paired with your sage coffee machine to make you see what we’re talking about. 

All of our green beans are ethically sourced from some of the highest quality coffee farmers from around the world. 

This creates a positive impact by supporting the livelihoods of coffee farmers at the source and securing a sustainable supply of coffee for the future. 

Our beans' high quality and freshness make them a great companion to sage coffee machines. 

Balance Coffees That You Can Pair With Sage Coffee Machines

When choosing the best coffee beans UK has to offer, we have a variety of unique blends and flavours to choose from. 

Each flavour can make you fall in love with coffee all over again. And when paired with the suitable sage coffee machine, it will spew out a cup of rich and aromatic coffee each time. 

But the best coffee for your machine depends on your taste buds. Each Balance coffee blend has a unique taste and flavour. 

Here are some of the blends, along with their

1. The Balance Level Up Blend

Are you looking for a unique flavour? Then the balance level-up blend, a combination of berries, pecan notes, and caramel, is what you need. 

With a medium roast punch, these are 100% Arabica and give you a burst of fruity notes in your espresso made from the sage coffee maker. 

Or you can tame that a bit by adding some milk and making it into a delicate and creamy latte or mocha!

2. The Balance Stability Blend

The Stability Blend is one of the best sellers. Combining the power of health and taste in a single blend, you can pair it with sage coffee machines to make a healthy, frothy cup of coffee daily. 

Rightly named after the benefits of its rich ingredients like milk chocolates, hazelnut, and fig, it is sure to improve your mood in the mornings that would otherwise be grumpy!

Besides being delicious, it not only stimulates your productivity but also contains disease-fighting antioxidants and improves memory and cognitive functions!

3. The Balance Rotate Espresso

The Balance Rotate Espresso is another unique coffee that combines dark chocolate and rich cranberry.

It can be used to make a hard-hitting espresso or a flowery, filter coffee for your morning dose of motivation. 

But we think this coffee is great because of how it inspires experimentation. The first of our medium-dark roasted coffees, if you like your coffee with a bit more of a kick up the backside, this one’s definitely for you. 

A perfect partner to the Sage Dual Boiler, which was made for experimentation, is just what you need to create a coffee ideal for your mornings!

Being 100% Arabica, Rotate begs to be used in lattes, making it the perfect coffee for anyone wanting a strong coffee.

4. The Balance San Lorenzo, Colombia Single Origin

The Colombian Single Origin Coffee from San Lorenzo, has the power to do it all, believe it or not. 

The Single Origin Coffee boasts a remarkably low acidity making it a great addition to your morning menu. And the flavour? It’s laced with dark chocolate and lychee for a powerful morning punch. 

Since this Colombian single-origin coffee is ridiculously versatile, you can brew it as an espresso, a filter coffee, or even as a delicious French press!

5. The Balance Decaf Coffee - Halcyon

Do you prefer your coffee without caffeine? Maybe you enjoy your coffee at night. Or perhaps you aren’t a huge fan of the side effects too much caffeine poses!

Either way, we created this excellent decaffeinated coffee with one goal in mind: to satisfy your thirst for flavour without keeping you up all night. 

You can choose our decaf coffee whole beans or even ground and taste silky smooth chocolate notes with a full plum body, sherry sweetness, and just a touch of spice; the perfect blend that will leave you craving for more.

How To Clean A Sage Coffee Machine

So you’ve been enjoying your favourite balance coffee made by your wonderful Sage coffee maker for a few weeks now, and everything is going great. 

But wait! What’s this? Your machine is taking longer to brew a cup! It is also giving off odd sounds! Oh no, it needs cleaning!

But how do you do that without damaging the delicate controls of your beloved Sage coffee maker?

There is no need to worry because we figured you might need some help there and created a guide on how to clean a sage coffee maker that you can follow to get your machine back to the shiny state it was in when you first set your eyes on it!

And sage coffee machine cleaners are readily available on Sage’s website, so you don’t have to worry about their availability!

How Often Should You Clean Your Sage Coffee Machine?

You should absolutely throw out the coffee grounds and rinse the dirty filter and wipe down any coffee residue left on the machine immediately after brewing.

But after producing 200 or so coffees, your Sage coffee maker will come alive and ask you to clean it, or else you don't get coffee… 

Okay, maybe not that, but it will start showing you a ‘clean me alert’. You know it’s time to bring out the big guns and get down to business!

Why Does My Sage Coffee Machine Even Need Cleaning?

We know it’s hard. We know even the thought of it makes you feel tired. But there are quite a few benefits in cleaning a sage coffee machine (and it’s not just to get delicious coffee every time!!)

It Improves Your Machine’s Lifespan

Yes, you heard that right. 

Your machine may appear to be working perfectly, but underneath those shiny dials, there is precision machinery and that can only withstand a certain amount of grime before its various complicated parts need replacement. 

By cleaning your sage coffee maker regularly, you ensure that it will stay on your shelf for a long, long time!

It  Helps You To Save Money

Let’s be real. You don’t buy a Sage coffee machine to buy a new one every month. Heck, you probably plan on using yours for years!

But that dream can be foiled pretty quickly if you don’t clean your machine regularly. 

In some cases, new parts for your machine may cost more than the machine itself! We don’t want to pay that much for just details now, do we? Especially when we can just spend a few minutes each month and clean our machine!

It Improves Your Coffee’s Taste!

This one’s a no-brainer. 

You regularly clean your Sage coffee maker’s coffee filter, tray drip kit, and water filter, and enjoy delicious coffee free from any contaminants!

How Do I Clean My Sage Coffee Machine Thoroughly?

Although you can always go through our handy guide on How To Clean A Sage Coffee Machine to make your Sage coffee maker as clean as a whistle, there are a couple of parts you need to be on the lookout for.

To begin, when the drip tray is full, an 'Empty Me' indication appears. Clean the tray by pouring the water out and wiping it off with a damp cloth.

The knock-box is another portion of your machine that has to be cleaned on a regular basis (this is the box that you hit used coffee grounds into).

You can either throw the grounds in the bin or scatter them on top of flower beds (which adds good organic material to the soil!)

The Sage Coffee Machine Review

It’s time for the day of judgement. Here we give you our final word as the sage coffee machine review. 

Using actual customer experiences and tonnes of research, we would recommend getting your hands on a sage coffee machine!

The sage coffee machines' overall performance, versatility, ease of use, and customer satisfaction are the basis of our review.

Sage Coffee Machine Filters

The purpose of Sage coffee machine filters is simple: a filter, in essence, captures the grinds and other particles while brewing that you don't want to consume.

More precisely, it separates the liquid from the grounds after the hot water has dissolved the coffee beans' flavour compounds and absorbed their taste, colour, and scent.

But with a Sage coffee maker, there’s a catch: they only use certain types of metal filters called Portafilters. 

And all you have to do is select one that fits your Sage coffee maker, and you’re all set to make yummy cups of contaminant-free coffee! 

What Sizes Can I Get My Sage Portafilter In?

Not all portafilters were created equal. When choosing a portafilter, it is highly critical that you select a size that fits your Sage coffee maker. 

Here is a list of the available portafilters, and the Sage coffee machines they fit!

Portafilter size

Sage Coffee Machine FAQs:  Where can I buy a Sage Coffee Machine?

You can actually buy a Sage machine from us! 

However, wherever you buy your machine, just make sure that it includes the 2-year repair, replacement, or refund guarantee (which is given at the sole discretion of Sage Appliances). 

That will take care of all the maintenance of your Sage coffee maker for you! 

Can I buy a sage coffee machine and pay later? 

We also partner with the popular Clearpay for all buy-now-pay-later purchases. 

It is absolutely safe and totally secure. 

And it is also easy to get your hands on your favourite Sage coffee maker or even Sage coffee grinder today and pay it back later with zero interest!

Do I need to buy a grinder with my sage coffee machine?

So you’ve thought about which Sage coffee machine you want to buy, and you’re torn between the Sage Bambino Pro and the Sage Dual Boiler. It is a tough choice to be fair: they are both amazing machines after all!

But with either of those coffee machines, we at Balance would highly recommend getting your hands on a Sage coffee grinder.

The reason is that ground coffee has this tendency to deteriorate pretty quickly after it is ground. Unfortunately, that’s just the nature of coffee as a product.

But despite this, if you want the best possible coffee experience you can get, invest in one of the Sage coffee grinders below so you can choose the whole bean when you buy coffee online to ensure you get that perfect cup!

 We recommend you get one of these two Sage coffee grinders:

The Smart Grinder Pro by Sage 

The Smart Grinder Pro by Sage uses a technology called intelligent Dosing IQ technology, which just like its name, follows a complicated procedure to make achieving a great quality grind for your coffee beans simple.

You can buy the Smart Grinder Pro by Sage from our website and get it delivered within a few days!

The Dose Control Pro by Sage 

The other fantastic coffee grinder we recommend is the Dose Control Pro by Sage.

Like the Smart Grinder Pro, it also has 60 unique grind settings that allow you to grind fine enough for espresso or coarse enough for a french press!

You can buy the Dose Control Pro by Sage from us and get it delivered straight to your door!

How do I descale a sage coffee machine? 

Descaling just means removing the deposits on the scale of your Sage coffee machine. 

You might be thinking that the Sage coffee machine cleaning cycle should also descale your Sage coffee machine. After all, it is a full cleaning cycle. 

But it turns out that descaling is separate from that, so you’ll need to know how to do that as well. 

The process in itself is pretty simple, actually, as you just enter a descale cycle and follow the instructions. 

Luckily, we’ve made an in-depth guide on how to descale your sage coffee machine at home. And if you’re feeling lazy, we even created a how-to video!

How can you reset a Sage coffee machine?

Are you unhappy with the current settings on your Sage coffee machine? Don’t worry, resetting it has never been easier! 

All you have to do is hold the program button until the machine beeps three times and then release the button. That’s all you need to do to go back to the default settings!

What is the best grind size for a Sage espresso machine?

All Sage espresso machines, by default, use a fine grind setting. 

But if you don’t have a Sage coffee grinder for your machine (tch tch), you can easily find an espresso grind for all of our coffees!


The Sage coffee machine has emerged as a leader in today's coffee machine market. From creating top cups of espresso to fine lattes, the sage machines can do it all. 

There are many variants inside the Sage portfolio. The best sage coffee machine depends on what you need to get your daily dose of coffee in! 

But our guide is the perfect stepping stone to making you understand what you need. 

Just in case you have a question that has not been covered by us in this article, feel free to reach out to us at

You can also head over and get a coffee subscription for your dose of caffeine today and save up on money!

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Sage Espresso Machine FAQs

Sage Questions Answered

Getting to grips with your new sage machine takes a bit of practise. We’ve created plenty of Sage content in our blog to make sure you’re getting the most out of your machine.

First up, you'll need to decide whether you want to drink espresso based drinks (lattes, flat whites, americano, espresso, cappuccino etc) or filter coffee?

If your answer is espresso based drinks, you'll need to be aware this is the more expensive route.

But if you want to create a coffee shop style experience, it's so worth it.

You can read our Sage machine buying guide here.

Check out our full range of espresso machines. to make sure you're explored all the options available.

If you prefer filter coffee or black coffee, then check out our range of coffee brewing kit which are quick and easy to use coffee makers.

So you’ve received your new sage coffee machine but can’t quite get the milk to froth right?

No worries, we’ve got a blog that explains how to froth your milk perfectly so you’re pouring latte art like the other sage home baristas.

Let’s be honest, no one likes cleaning...but cleaning your coffee machine is really important.

Luckily, Sage has made it really simple to clean your machine.

Check out our blog on how to clean a Sage coffee machine which includes step by step instructions and videos.

Want to know what to expect when it comes to on-going maintainance?

Read our guide to de-scaling your Sage machine here.

This one is simple. Sage has specifically designed their machine range for the budding home baristas using the perfect technology.

Sage also has a fantastic after-sale service offering fantastic warranty and customer service - exactly why we’re an official Sage machine supplier.

The biggest difference between the two machines is the digital vs. analog displays.

The Express has multiple buttons for various functions and an analogue pressure gauge in the middle of the display.

By comparison, the Barista Pro has a bright, backlit digital display with smaller buttons.

Congratulations, you're now officially a Sage coffee machine owner!

Here's our guide to using your new Sage espresso machine at home or in the office.