Sage Oracle Touch Black Truffle Espresso Machine - Balance Coffee
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Sage Oracle Touch Black Truffle Espresso Machine - Balance Coffee
Sage Oracle Touch Black Truffle Espresso Machine - Balance Coffee

Sage Oracle Touch Black Truffle Espresso Machine

If you're looking to level up your home or office machine to enjoy delicious coffees at the touch of a button, then look no further. 

Complete with a LCD display you'll have cappuccinos, flat whites, lattes and espressos at the touch of your fingertips.

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Beautiful coffee at the touch of a button

Sage has been at the forefront of kitchen appliances and tools for many years, and its Oracle Touch Coffee Machine is no different.

If you're familiar with the popular touch-screen technology, then this coffee machine from Sage will be no surprise.

It's among the best for its size, programmable settings, intuitive user interface and reliability, making it the perfect fit for bringing the tech-savvy experience into your home coffee routine.

Who Is the Sage Oracle Touch Coffee Machine Made For?

The coffee machine is designed for those with a high appreciation for technology and a good cup of espresso coffee. It's more costly than other options such as the Barista Pro  and the parts and components used means it’s built for longevity.

It's engineered for coffee lovers who want a simple approach to making great coffee at home. The touchscreen interface provides a fast and easy-to-use way to choose your morning coffee.  

Basic Details of the Sage Oracle Touch Coffee Machine?

Oracle Touch by Sage is outfitted with many features that set it apart from its competition. This Sage coffee machine has been designed for grinding, tamping, and dose. 

One of its most appealing features is its five pre-programmed coffees: espresso, long black, latté, flat white, or cappuccino. 

You won't have to worry about temperature, extraction, or grind size. This brings us to another perk - the steam wand. 

With Sage's Oracle Touch espresso coffee machine, you can make up to three cups of great coffee, and this model includes automatic milk texturing.

Its bean hopper holds half a pound of coffee, the water tank holds 2.5L of water, and this coffee machine weighs 16.9 kg. The Sage Oracle Touch best price in UK costs £2,099.95. 

  • Dimensions: 39.2 x 37.3 x 45.4 cm
  • Bean Hopper Capacity: 280g
  • Water Tank Capacity: 2.5L
  • Sage Oracle Touch price UK: £2,099.95. 
  • Touch screen operation
  • 5 pre-programmed Café favourites

When Should I Use the Sage Oracle Touch Coffee Machine (every day, Seasonally or Yearly)?

The Oracle Touch Sage coffee machine might be great if you want something for your everyday coffee routine. You can use this coffee equipment to make great espresso coffee, latte, long black, flat white or cappuccino. 

Where Should I Use the Sage Oracle Touch Coffee Machine(indoor or outdoor)?

The Sage Oracle Touch can be used indoors. It's the perfect coffee equipment inside your home or a small café. Its material can withstand heat and moisture exposure to a great extent. 

Why Is the Sage Oracle Touch Coffee Machine Useful and Better Than Its Competitors?

The Sage Oracle Touch Coffee Machine is one of the best espresso machines on the market. A dual boiler on the Oracle Touch enables you to extract coffee and heat milk simultaneously. 

The Oracle's steam wand will heat, and froth milk to near perfection as your coffee is brewing, and you do not need to pause the brewing process. The machine has a sleek, modern design that is both aesthetic and efficient. 

How Does the Sage Oracle Touch Coffee Machine Work?

You can easily grind and tamp down hot and cold coffee using this espresso machine. Place the portafilter into the grinder's jaws, and an automatic grind and tamp process occurs. 

Place the portafilter in the group head and tap the drink icon to receive coffee. 

You need to adjust the fineness of the grind and how long to pass water through the coffee to get every last drop of flavour out.


If you desire to take advantage of the most high-end speciality coffee beans without being familiar with manual brewing techniques, the Oracle Touch has a process like no other. It's the perfect coffee machine to have on your kitchen top. 

If you like the concept of the Oracle Touch but can't afford its price tag, the cheaper Sage Barista Touch will do the trick for around £1,000 less. While it's £1,000 less, there will inevitably be some drawbacks. 

And you can pair this espresso coffee machine with an espresso taster pack for that perfect shot.

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Sustainability Impact

Plant Trees With Every Sip

So far, Balance customers have helped us to plant 700+ trees, helping to remove over 35 tons of CO2.

Questions? We got Answers.


Balance coffee is absolutely fair trade (as every product should be).

While some of the coffee that we use may not always be “certified” organic, many of the coffee farms we buy from are in fact organic but cannot afford to pay for the certification.

In fact, we pay a higher price than most to help support farmers’ livelihoods whilst incentivising them to re-invest in order to create a more sustainable supply of coffee for the future.

For 1KG bag sizes it has approx 60 cups of coffee inside.

For 500g sizes it has approx 30 cups of coffee inside.

For 250g bag sizes it has approx 15 cups of coffee inside.

Our coffees all score above 80 points, which means the coffee you sip is not only 100% ethically sourced and sustainable, but also extremely rare – not everyone can get their hands on it.

At Balance, we’re fresher than fresh.

All Balance Coffees bags are sealed with a heat seal immediately after we bag the coffee just 24-48h after roasting.

Due to our quality packaging and fast delivery, your coffee will arrive as fresh as the day it was roasted.

Yes – they are regularly tested at origin during the processing process.

The farmers take pride in the picking and sorting process to ensure no bad beans are selected.

Yes! Balance Coffee Decaf is called Halcyon and it’s super tasty.

As a progressive roaster focusing on quality we use the phrase ‘speciality coffee’ to mean coffees that have scored 80+ according to the SCA and CQI coffee grading standard.

A lot of hard work goes into the production of speciality grade coffee.

All of the producers we work with will have earned a significant premium for the high quality coffee that they produce.

We look to purchase coffees that score of 82+ and in most cases 85+.

From a taste point of view, there is a significant difference between a coffee that scores 80 and one that scores 85.

Generally speaking, coffees that score higher have more complexity.

We source coffees from so many countries across the globe however, predominantly these coffees are sourced from the common coffee growing regions, otherwise known as the coffee belt.

Examples include Africa, Asia, South and Central America.

We have a great relationship with our farmers and co-ops, and are confident they meet all of our selection criteria for the highest quality green coffee beans.

At Balance Coffee we predominantly roast a medium profile for the majority of coffees apart from our single origins which are generally a touch lighter.

Professional Cuppers have described our coffee as “balanced, with a very clean flavour.


Currently we are only shipping with the UK & Ireland.

We hope to soon expand internationally

We use Royal Mail to deliver coffee to your door.

Standard delivery is 48 hours and Express delivery within 24 hours.

Delivery details will be provided in your confirmation email.