Best Grind Size For Coffee Beans In The World (A-Z Guide)

Best Grind Size For Coffee Beans In The World (A-Z Guide)

If you've ever struggled to find the best grind size for coffee then you're not alone. Did you know, that if your coffee doesn’t taste as good as it should, the majority of time you just need to tweak that grind setting. 

Give me a few moments as I guide you through the ideal grind sizes for various brewing methods like pour-over, espresso and much more.

Why is this important? I'm sure you don't appreciate the taste of your coffee when the grind size is off – it can truly make or break your brew.

ideal Coffee grind sizes

To top it all off, I'll also recommend some fantastic speciality coffee beans tailored for each grind size, ensuring you savour the perfect cup every time.

Are you ready to join me on this coffee journey? Grab your favourite mug, and let's dive in!

What is Coffee Grind Size?

As a professional barista, I can't emphasise the importance of coffee beans grind size enough. Let me explain.

 Coffee grind size refers to how finely or coarsely coffee beans are ground before brewing.It's a key factor in determining your coffee's taste, strength, and overall quality.

Coffee grind size

Pouring water into each of these jars would help you to understand how grind sizes work.

Below is an image that demonstrates what a coarse and fine grind is using sand and stone, to put things into perspective.

Image for explaining coarse, fine grind

Sand = Fine grind, where water passes through slowly unless forced under pressure, like espresso.

Conversely, coarse grind is like pebbles, whereby the water passes through quickly due to less surface area.

This is the method you need to learn to understand how to fine-tune your grind type at home when dialling in coffee.

This allows you to adjust for taste to extract the best flavour and the perfect balance.

Too fine for the given brew method = over-extraction.

And, too coarse, for the given brew method = under extraction.

Over extraction = Overly strong in flavour and likely too much bitterness, while Under extraction = Overly weak in flavour and likely too acidic.

Imagine we're chatting over a cuppa, and I tell you that the grind size directly affects the extraction time, brewing process and therefore, overall cup flavour.

Grind size directly impacts the extraction time of the brew so understanding what grind size best matches the brewing method you’re using is a critical first step.

There's a range of grind sizes, from super fine (think espresso) to quite coarse (like for a French press).

Finding the right size for your coffee brewing equipment and method is essential, and this often takes a bit of trial and error unless you’re reading this guide that’ll save you the time and effort of figuring this out on your own.

Trust me, once you've nailed the perfect grind size, you'll be amazed at how much better your coffee tastes.

But of course, you won't be doing those trial and error because I'll talk much more about grind sizes in just a moment.. 

Most Famous Grind Size List Chart

Here's a widely-known grind size chart that you’ll find very helpful. It covers various coffee brewing methods and their corresponding grind sizes:

Brew Method Grind Size
Turkish Coffee Extra Fine
Espresso Fine
Moka Pot Fine-Medium
Aeropress Medium-Fine
Pour Over (V60, Chemex) Medium
Siphon Medium
Drip Coffee Medium
Cold Brew Coarse-Medium
French Press Coarse
Percolator Coarse

Recommended Coffee Grinder For Each Grind Size

These grinders are known for their quality and versatility. You'll be able to experiment with different grind sizes and find the perfect brew that suits your taste.

Grinder Brew Method Grind Size
Baratza Encore French Press Coarse
Baratza Encore Cold Brew Coarse
Baratza Virtuoso+ Chemex Medium-coarse
Wilfa Svart Uniform Pour Over Medium
Sage Smart Grinder Pro Aeropress Medium-fine
Sage Smart Grinder Pro Moka Pot Fine
Eureka Mignon Specialita Espresso Fine
Comandante C40 MKIII Turkish Coffee Extra Fine

What Is Poorly Extracted Coffee?

I've seen my fair share of poorly extracted coffee years before I mastered the craft myself.

I remember back in the day, I’d make my morning cup, but  there was something not quite right with it, - a bit too weak, or a bit too bitter, or sometimes lacking clarity of flavour. 

Poorly extracted

So, what does poorly extracted coffee mean? Poorly extracted coffee is when the water doesn't pull out the right balance of flavours from the coffee grounds and is referred to as either under-extracted or over-extracted.

This can happen for various reasons, like incorrect grind size, water temperature, or brewing time. As a result, your coffee can either be under-extracted or over-extracted. If you know what both mean, a thumbs up to you. 

If you're still confused about those two terms, don't worry. Just stick around, my coffee-savvy friend. 

So, what's the key to avoiding poorly extracted coffee? Well, you must find that sweet spot where all the flavours harmonise beautifully. It takes some practice and attention to detail, but it's worth it for that perfect cup of coffee.

What Is Under Extracted Coffee & How Does It Taste?

Have you brewed a cup of coffee that tastes sour? If you nodded yes to that, that was likely because you under-extracted your coffee.  

Under-extracted coffee happens when the water partially draws out the flavours from the coffee grounds.

Under-extracted coffee

This is often due to a short brewing time, coarse grind size, or incorrect water temperature.

When it comes to taste, under-extracted coffee can be quite unpleasant. It's typically sour, acidic, and weak, lacking the bold richness and depth that a well-extracted coffee should have. 

You may even miss out on those lovely, complex flavours that make a great cup of coffee enjoyable.

What Is Over Extracted Coffee & How Does It Taste?

Over-extracted coffee can be described as ‘bitter, too strong, burnt and unpleasant’ for example.

The water and the coffee has had too much contact time meaning the coffee has dissolved too much and the unpleasant flavours have begun to be pulled into the cup tainting the flavour potential.

Best Grind For Espresso Coffee

I've had countless conversations about finding the best grind size for espresso coffee.

It can be challenging, especially when using home espresso machines, which sometimes struggle with maintaining a consistent pressure.

Best Grind Size For Coffee Beans In The World 3

Depending on the quality of your machine, there are often fluctuations that may cause some volatility in coffee extraction. 

Espresso machines force hot water through a coffee bed; ideally, each extraction should take somewhere between 25-32 seconds.

There are many variations that can achieve a quality brew but these guidelines are a fantastic baseline to begin learning about the right coffee dose.

To achieve this, the grind size needs to be just right. It should be something similar to table salt but a tad finer and more powdery – that's the texture we aim for.

Balance Coffee Stability Blend 

Balance Coffee was established with a focus on healthy coffee which is sustainably sourced.

We strive to offer coffee lovers like you the best quality beans, and I'm proud of our team's dedication.

What is inside Stability Blend

We go above and beyond to source only the best beans, but how are they the best? – I'm talking about the top 5% worldwide. Of course, it means we pay a bit more for our coffee and it’s reflected in our pricing, about 25% extra, for the raw coffee we buy, but trust me, it's absolutely worth it.

The health benefits and taste difference are noticeable and that’s something we wouldn’t sacrifice at any cost. After all, our longevity matters.  

One of our best espresso coffee grinds is our Stability Blend – it's also one of our top sellers. This blend is a fantastic mix of two single-origin coffees we've carefully sourced for the perfect taste and optimised for your health. 

Balance Coffee Stability Blend

It features medium roast beans from Mexico and Uganda, and fortunately we've nailed the roasting process to bring out the best flavours. So when you take a sip, you'll enjoy lovely milk chocolate, hazelnut, and fig notes. 

It's great for boosting your performance and keeping you healthy. And you can get this coffee delivered to your home by simply subscribing to our coffee subscription service. 

home espresso machines

Hear what coffee lovers say about Stability Blend: 

Tom R: "Cheers to a new year of fantastic coffee! I genuinely had coffee subscription after coffee subscription, and I've not found anything that is as consistently good as this. Delivery sometimes takes a little longer than I'd hope, but when this coffee gets to your taste buds, that all goes away".

Clemmie R: "I'm a nutritionist and swear by Balance Stability is my fave."

Click here to try Balance Coffee grind for espresso coffee

Assembly Espresso Blend

You know, there's this cool, independent coffee retailer in London called Assembly Coffee, founded by two mates, Michael and Nick, who love coffee. I’m also friends with both of them - great guys! 

They source their beans from small-scale farmers and then roast them in-house to ensure they're dealing with the best crops.

Assembly Espresso Blend

They've got a variety of roasts and origins and even offer a subscription service called the Flavour Index which is pretty unique.

One of their top picks for espresso grind is their Assembly Espresso Blend, made from Brazil, Panama, and El Salvador beans. It's a versatile blend that works great for black and milk-based drinks and is perfect for UK coffee drinkers' tastes. It's sweet, has a medium-full body, and a lovely, smooth mouthfeel.

Another fab option they have is their Assembly Single House espresso – a single-origin coffee from Brazil. This one's super sweet, rich, and bursting with layers of fruity and nutty flavours. 

I've heard some lovely things about their Assembly Espresso Blend after reading their customer reviews. 

Best Grind Size For Coffee Beans In The World 2

One person mentioned, "This espresso blend is a game-changer! It's rich, smooth, and has the perfect balance of sweetness. I can't start my day without it now!"

Another customer shared, "I've tried so many espresso blends, but Assembly's Espresso Blend is in a league of its own. The notes of fruit and nut flavours just make my taste buds dance. I'm hooked!"

Click here to try Assembly Coffee grind for espresso

Volcano Coffee Works Fullsteam Espresso 

They're a speciality coffee roaster in London, founded by Kurt Stewart in 2010. They're big on finding high-quality, ethically-sourced beans and have loads of different roasts. 

Besides just buying a bag here and there, they also offer a subscription service for their coffee bags – their "Roaster's Choice Coffee Subscription Box" is a massive hit.

Volcano Coffee Works Fullsteam Espresso

One of their star speciality coffee is the Fullsteam espresso, which is spot-on for lovers of espresso. It comes from the Risaralda region in Colombia and is a medium roast. 

The flavour is like a dream – smooth milk chocolate with subtle hints of ripe stone fruits, reminding you of fresh nectarines and apricots. It’ll make a great coffee gift for that 

Here is what customers are saying about their Fullsteam espresso:

Matt Hoffman: "I gave this coffee five stars, but I would have given it even more if that were possible. Full of flavour, rich in texture and with no distracting off-tastes. No demerits at all."

Sonya: “Rich flavour; not fruity; low acidity; a little bitter & not sweet”

Click here to try Volcano Coffee grind for espresso

Best Grind For Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is prepared by immersing coarsely ground coffee beans in cold water for a prolonged duration, typically 12 to 24 hours.

This technique draws out the coffee's delightful flavours while eliminating the harshness often associated with hot brewing.

Best Grind For Cold Brew Coffee

The best grind for cold brew is typically a coarse grind, similar to sea salt. Since cold brew uses a longer steeping time, a coarse grind helps prevent over-extraction, which can lead to bitter flavours.

It’s worth noting that cold brew coffee has a higher caffeine content due to the increased contact time between the water and the ground coffee. 

Here are the best coffee brands that sell the best grinds for cold brew in the UK.

Balance Coffee Level Up Blend

You've got to try Balance Coffee's Level Up Blend for cold brew – it's incredible! This blend combines two single-origin coffees from Brazil and Uganda, creating a delicious taste.

Imagine sipping on a milk chocolate base with hints of red berries, caramel, and pecans.

Balance Coffee Level Up Blend

Yum! It's a super forgiving blend that works amazingly with milk. And we've got different bag sizes, too: 1KG (60 cups), 500G (30 cups), and 250G(15 cups).

Let me share what fellow coffee lovers say about the Level Up Blend:

Lucinda: "I love this blend in my morning cappuccino using my Sage machine, which was a Christmas present. Plus, their ethics are spot on!"

Paula: "I tried this coffee recently and was blown away. I've been a coffee lover for 16 years and always try new blends and brands.

 Had a slight delivery hiccup with Royal Mail, but the business owner was supportive.

This coffee is unique, and my morning coffee ritual is better than ever! I'll return to Balance Coffee and wholeheartedly recommend them."

Click here to try Balance Coffee grind for cold brew.  

Pact Coffee Cold Brew Coffee 

Pact is a UK-based company founded by Stephen Rapoport, who started it right from his kitchen. They're all about providing top-quality, ethically-sourced beans from around the globe, with various roasts and origins.

What's cool is that they roast the beans to order for maximum freshness and even offer a subscription service for doorstep delivery.

Pact Coffee Cold Brew Coffee

Oh, and free delivery on orders over £10! They're committed to sustainability and transparency, too.

Pact Coffee offers this special cold brew, but it is not your usual ground coffee. Instead, it's already brewed and packed in a can.

Just pour it into your favourite mug, add some ice, and you're ready. You can choose between packs of six or twelve cans.

Here's what fellow coffee enthusiasts are saying about Pact's Cold Brew coffee:

Amelia: "I've never had cold brew this easy and delicious before! Pact Coffee's canned cold brew is a game-changer for me."

Ben: "Pact Coffee's cold brew cans are perfect for busy mornings or when I need a quick pick-me-up. The taste is fantastic, and I love how convenient it is."

Click here to try Pact Coffee grind for cold brew

HasBean JailBreak: Red Blend Coffee

Hasbean is a company that was founded in 2002 in Staffordshire by a guy called Steve Leighton. It's now owned by Ozone Coffee since 2018. 

The people running Hasbean are just so passionate about coffee and its flavours.

HasBean JailBreak: Red Blend Coffee

They travel the world to find the best speciality coffee to share with us all.

They've got whole beans and ground coffee for various brewing methods, like espresso, filter, and cafetiere. 

One of their amazing coffees is JailBreak: Red Blend, perfect for cold brew. It's a medium roast with lovely brown sugar, biscuit, cocoa, and sultana notes. The blend has beans from Brazil, Peru, and Nicaragua.

I found some great reviews from coffee lovers about their cold brew coffee. 

Samara W. said she found this blend in a local coffee shop in Leicester and bought a bag after receiving a sage coffee machine for her 40th birthday. 

Acacia C. shared that it's her favourite from Hasbean. She starts her day with it, and the flavour never disappoints. It's easy but still has enough complexity to keep it interesting. She uses this bean every morning.

Click here to try Hasbean coffee grind for cold brew

Best Grind For Cafetiere or FrenchPress Coffee

When it comes to grinding coffee beans for FrenchPress brewing, it's an immersion method.

This means the coffee is fully submerged in water for most brewing.

Best Grind For Cafetiere or FrenchPress Coffee

As soon as the coffee enters the water, the extraction starts fast but gradually slows down. This happens because the water gets cooler and gets saturated with coffee solubles.

Since the water stays in contact with the coffee for a while, it's important to have a coarser grind. Otherwise, the water would extract plant fibres, making the coffee taste bitter.

To give you an idea, cafetiere coffee grind size or FrenchPress should be coarse grind coffee, like ground pepper. You shouldn't have any floury coffee grounds left on your fingers when you rub them. It's a bit different from cold brew but still quite coarse.

Individual coffee particles are larger than finely ground coffee particles which is why you can brew coarsely ground coffee for longer. 

So, who are some of the best brands that sell great FrenchPress coffee in the UK? 

Balance Halcyon Decaf coffee

If you're looking for a great French Press coffee in the UK, Balance Coffee is one of the best brands. This amazing "Halcyon Decaf coffee" is excellent for French Press brewing. 

"Halcyon" means calm and peaceful, which is how you'll feel when sipping it. It's got all the flavour without those pesky jitters.

Balance Halcyon Decaf coffee

If you want to reduce your caffeine intake or are just sensitive to it, this decaf coffee is a game-changer. It's so delicious you'll forget it's not regular coffee.

Plus, it comes in different bag sizes to fit your needs. For example, a 250g bag costs £12.00, but if you go for a subscription, it's only £10.80.

Here are some great things from coffee lovers about the Halcyon decaf. 

Lorie K said, "Delicious flavour. Not as bitter as other decaf I've had. It helps get me out of bed as I look forward to my first cup of coffee."

And then there's Lucy B., who's a big fan too. She said, "I love Balance's decaf coffee. The first time I was unsure, but I brewed it for around 8 minutes in my cafetiere, and it tasted so chocolatey! I'm addicted."

Click here to try out Balance Coffee grind for cafetiere

Assembly Cruz Loma Coffee

I've got to tell you about another brilliant choice for French Press coffee in the UK: Assembly Cruz Loma coffee. 

This coffee is produced by Galo and Alexandra Morales, who have become well-known for their exceptional coffee. They've even won several awards in Ecuador, which is impressive.

Assembly Cruz Loma Coffee

One of the reasons their coffee is so great is that they put a lot of care into the process, like handpicking the beans and controlling the drying process. 

This attention to detail comes through in the taste – with notes of hazelnut and citrus fruit and a lovely sticky texture, thanks to the honey process.

Now, let's see what some coffee lovers have to say about Assembly Cruz Loma coffee:

Ella M: "I've never tasted coffee like Assembly Cruz Loma before! The flavours are so rich and unique. The hazelnut and citrus notes shine through, perfecting it for my morning French Press."

Jake: "Assembly Cruz Loma coffee has become my go-to choice for a satisfying French Press brew. The flavour is just outstanding, and my wife loves it too."

Assembly Cruz Loma is one to try if you're searching for a top-quality French Press coffee in the UK. The combination of exceptional flavours and the producers' dedication makes it a standout choice.

Click here to check out Assembly Coffee grind for cafetiere

Redemption Roasters The Yard

So, have you heard about Redemption Roasters? They're another fantastic brand that sells excellent French Press coffee in the UK. The brand was founded by Max Dubiel and Ted Rosner in 2016, and they've got quite an exciting story.

Redemption Roasters believe that great coffee can come from unexpected people and places. They're all about empowering those who might be disadvantaged or disenfranchised, and they choose sourcing partners who share the same values.

Redemption Roasters The Yard

One of their coffees, The Yard, has smooth caramel and nougat notes with a juicy plum twist. It's best enjoyed in black to appreciate its rich flavour fully. This coffee is available in 250g and 1kg bags and is affordable at just £8.90. 

With tasting notes of caramel, plum, and nougat, it's worth a try if you're a French Press coffee lover.

I've seen some great feedback from coffee lovers about The Yard from Redemption Roasters. 

Miles T: "I've been trying different beans for my French Press, and The Yard has quickly become my favourite. The caramel and plum notes are just delightful. I look forward to a smooth and well-rounded coffee every morning."

Sophie J.: "I am so glad I found Redemption Roasters and their Yard coffee. The combination of caramel, plum, and nougat is simply divine. It has a rich flavour that's not overpowering, perfect for my French Press. I can't wait to try more of their offerings!"

Click here to try out Redemption Roasters coffee for cafetiere.

Best Grind For Chemex Coffee

When grinding coffee beans for chemex, the ground type is crucial in order to  unlock the best flavours during extraction. Therefore, you want a medium-coarse grind coffee for chemex, similar to sea salt or coarse sand. 

This grind size allows for proper extraction while ensuring water flows through the grounds at the desired pace.

Best Grind For Chemex Coffee

If the grind is extra fine, the water will take too long to pass through, resulting in over-extraction and bitter chemex coffee. 

On the other hand, if the grind happens to be too coarse, the water will flow through too quickly, leading to under-extraction and weak tasting coffee.

Now, let me tell you about three brands in the UK that sell coffee with this grind.

Balance Coffee Single Origin Taster Pack

Well, don't tell me you're surprised that our Single Origin taster pack made the top list again because if you've tried it, you won't disagree. 

All these coffees are sourced from high-altitude farms in exceptional coffee-growing regions, so you know you're getting top-notch quality.

Balance Coffee Single Origin Taster Pack

Amit S. says, "Great coffee! The quality is always on point, and, for me, it's important to know where your coffee is coming from and what the company stands for. That's why I can always rely on Balance." 

Lizzie also loves the pack, with Stability being her favourite, and she says, "Stability was my favourite from the pack, but all delish."

Click here to try out Balance Coffee grind for chemex coffee

Rounton Coffee Timor-Leste - Rotutu

This coffee from Rounton Coffee is another fantastic choice for chemex grind size. It comes from the high mountains of the central highlands in the Ermera district of Timor-Leste. 

With tangerine-like notes and delicate nutmeg spice, this coffee has a silky body and evolving taste.

Rounton Coffee Timor-Leste - Rotutu

One coffee lover, Sarah, says, "I've tried many different beans for my Chemex, and the Rotutu is my absolute favourite. The flavour profile is unique and comes through in the Chemex brew."

Beckie also agrees with the great taste of this coffee, saying, "I am completely in love with the Rotutu coffee from Rounton! It has a vibrant and unique flavour that shines when brewed with my Chemex. Also, I never get tired of the tangerine and nutmeg notes - they're just so delightful. Highly recommended!"

Click here to try out Rounton Coffee grind for chemex coffee

Volcano Coffee Works FireHouse Blend

The FireHouse Blend from Volcano Coffee Works is another great option for your Chemex. It's a darker, hand-roasted espresso blend with rich, sweet flavours like chocolate orange, cinnamon spice, and fruity berries. 

It's perfectly balanced when drunk black and comes alive when you add milk. The beans are grown by specialists, mostly family-run farmers in Brazil, India, Ethiopia, and Colombia.

 Volcano Coffee Works FireHouse Blend

A satisfied customer, Tom, says, "I've been using the FireHouse Blend with my Chemex for a few months now, and I'm impressed. The rich and satisfying flavours make for a perfect morning coffee."

Timothy feels the same way, "The FireHouse Blend has become my go-to coffee for my Chemex. The chocolate orange and cinnamon spice notes are comforting and delicious, especially on chilly mornings. It's the perfect balance of boldness and smoothness, and I can't imagine starting my day without it. Top-notch coffee!"

Click here to try out Volcano Coffee grind for chemex coffee

Best Grind For Moka Pot Coffee

The best grind size for Moka Pot coffee is a fine ground coffee, but not as fine as espresso. When you’re using your coffee grinder, think of something like caster sugar. 

This grind size allows the water to pass through the coffee grounds at just the right speed, resulting in a strong and delicious coffee that Moka Pots are known for.

Best Grind For Moka PPot Coffee

Now, let's talk about three fantastic UK brands that offer coffee perfect for Moka Pot brewing:

Balance Coffee Espresso Taster Pack

If you're a fan of Moka Pot brewing, you should check out our Espresso Taster Pack. 

Inside, you'll find three of our best selling coffees and are packed with great flavours.

Balance Coffee Single Origin Taster Pack

These light roast profiles highlight the distinct taste of each farm, making every bag a special experience. Priced at just £39.00 for 250g, it's a great deal for three outstanding coffees in one pack. 

Coffee lovers rave about how amazing these coffees taste when brewed in a Moka Pot.

Click here to try out Balance Coffee grind for Moka pot coffee

Union Nestor Lasso coffee

After experiencing San Francisco's coffee roasting scene, Jeremy Torz and Steven Macatonia founded Union Coffee Roaster in 2001, bringing ethically sourced speciality coffee to the UK. 

Their Nestor Lasso coffee is an excellent choice for Moka Pot enthusiasts, offering a refreshing floral finish and sparkling champagne-like acidity.

Union Nestor Lasso coffee 

Coffee lovers can't get enough of this delightful coffee for their Moka Pot brewing, which is available in 200g or 1kg bags, priced at £15 and £60, respectively.

Click here to try out Union Coffee grind for Moka pot coffee

The Coffeeworks Chocolate Brownie Blend

Founded by Kev Lewis during the Covid-19 pandemic, The Coffeeworks is committed to producing delicious coffee while supporting farmers. 

Their Chocolate Brownie Blend is perfect for Moka Pot brewing, combining Brazilian Santos Arabica, Ethiopian Djimmah Arabica, and Indian Cherry Robusta coffee beans. 

The Coffeeworks Chocolate Brownie Blend

This blend results in a bold yet smooth coffee, perfect as a house espresso blend or a delicious stove-top coffee. With milk chocolate and dark chocolate notes enhanced by milk, it's a crowd-pleaser. 

Customers who've tried this blend with their Moka Pot can't stop talking about the amazing flavours they get to enjoy.

Click here to try out Coffeeworks coffee grind for Moka pot coffee

Best Grind For Aeropress Coffee

I've always found Aeropress to be an innovative brewing method for speciality coffee. 

There are countless recipes with different amounts of water, coffee, agitation, pressure, and grind size.

Best Grind For Aeropresss

A classic Aeropress recipe usually works best with a medium grind coffee. Picture this - on a retail bag coffee grinder with 5 settings, you'd aim for around the 5th notch. The coffee should feel like brown sugar; it sticks to your fingers but mostly falls off.

A useful test to check if you've got the right grind size for your Aeropress is to pay attention to how hard or easy it is to press down. If you struggle to push the brewed coffee out, make the grind a bit coarser. 

If it feels too easy, go for a finer grind. Of course, this isn't always the case with Aeropress brewing, but it's a handy rule of thumb.

Balance Coffee Agata Brazil Single Origin

You've got to try our Agata Brazil Single Origin for your Aeropress. Hand-roasted by Sam, this light roast is an absolute delight. 

It comes from a farm called 'O'Coffee', a 2000-hectare estate in Brazil's gorgeous Alta Mogiana region, famous for top-quality Arabica coffees.

Balance Coffee Agata Brazil Single Origin

The natural processing produces silky chocolate and hazelnut notes with a sweet peach finish. It's available in 250g bags for £15.99 and 1kg bags for £43. 

Click here to try Balance Coffee Aeropress grind.

Salto from Pact Coffee

You've got to try Salto from Pact Coffee. It's just perfect for Aeropress brewing. Sourced from a region in Brazil, this dark roast coffee boasts a delightful mix of chocolate and resin notes. 

With a natural creaminess and a hint of fruity acidity, you'll be in for a real treat.

Salto from Pact Coffee

The Salto is grown by Octavio Reis, who takes pride in his sustainable farming practice. This coffee is a testament to hard work and dedication to producing high-quality beans. 

It's available as whole beans or pre-ground, so you can choose the right grind size for your Aeropress.

Click here to try Pact Coffee Aeropress grind

The Wing from Redemption Roasters

I'd recommend The Wing from Redemption Roasters for your Aeropress brewing. This exceptional Colombian coffee comes from the lush hillsides of the Ortega region, where it's grown in rich soils. 

The Wing has a unique and delicious flavour profile featuring orange creme, raspberry & caramel. It showcases the perfect balance of brightness and sweetness.

 The Wing from Redemption Roasters

Moreover, Redemption Roasters works with young offenders, training them in coffee roasting to help reduce reoffending rates. 

So, when you choose The Wing, you're enjoying a great coffee and supporting a worthy cause.

Click here to try Redemption Roasters Aeropress grind

Best Grind for Pour-Over Coffee

With the pour-over or filter coffee method, hot water gently drips onto a bed of coffee grounds, extracting only the soluble compounds that can pass through the filter.

Since there's not much pressure in the pour-over method and the temperature remains around 93 degrees, the brewing water doesn't become oversaturated with coffee solubles, resulting in an efficient extraction.

Best Grind for Pour-Over Coffee

You'll want something medium-coarse grind for the ideal grind size in a pour-over. Think of it like ground rock salt; when you rub it between your fingers, most of it should fall off easily, with only a few fine, floury grounds sticking to your fingers. 

That's the sweet spot for a perfect pour-over coffee.

So, what are the three coffee brands in the UK you can rely on for a great consistent grind for Pour-over coffee?

Balance Coffee Level Up Blend

You may have heard of our Level Up Blend, but have you tried it using a pour-over brewing technique? Don't tell me it never crossed your mind. 

This medium roast blend combines 40% Ugandan and 60% Brazilian beans, creating a delightful combination of flavours. 

Balance Coffee Level Up Blend

This coffee is simply irresistible, one of the best coffee beans for pour-over and with tasting notes of chocolate, red berries, caramel, and pecans. 

Why don't you give it a shot and let me know your thoughts? I'm positive you'll love the taste of this blend in your pour-over. 

Click here to try Balance Coffee grind for pour-over

Konga from Origin Coffee

Origin's Konga coffee is worth trying if you're looking for a fantastic pour-over coffee. 

This Ethiopian blend comes from the Konga Washing Station in the Gedeb region of Yiragcheffe, grown between 1,850 and 2,000 masl.

 Konga from Origin Coffee

It has tasting notes of nectarine, mandarin, and brown sugar. This washed mixed heirloom coffee will brighten up your mornings. 

The vibrant fruity flavours make it perfect for pour-over brewing, giving you a refreshing and invigorating cup of coffee.

Click here to try Origin Coffee grind for pour-over.

Moises Chaguala from Assembly Coffee

How about Assembly's Colombia Moises Chaguala coffee, another excellent choice for pour-over brewing? 

This coffee comes from producer Moises Chaguala's Finca La Maria in the Huila region of southwest Colombia. 

Moises Chaguala from Assembly Coffee

With a Bourbon Aji varietal grown at 1,600 masl in a cool tropical climate, this naturally processed coffee has unique flavours you don't want to miss. 

Think tropical fruits, cherry blossoms, and juicy notes that will make your taste buds sing! It's a delightful experience in every pour-over cup.

Click here to try Assembly Coffee grind for pour-over.

Common Mistakes When Picking Coffee Grind Size

You know, when it comes to choosing the right coffee bean grind size, some common mistakes people make can mess up their coffee experience. For example, I've seen people thinking that a finer grind always means a stronger, more flavourful brew. 

That might be true for espresso but not for all brewing methods. For example, a super fine grind for a French press or Chemex could give you a bitter, over-extracted taste, which isn't great.

Best Grind Size For Coffee Beans In The World

Another thing I've noticed is folks not adjusting their grind size to suit their specific brewing equipment. Every brewing method needs a different grind size, so matching your grounds to your chosen method is essential.

As a side note, choosing the right coffee for your brewing method and overall taste profile is important first step before you even get to the coffee grind size. 

It won't turn out well if you use a coarse grind with an espresso machine or a fine grind for a French press.

And you know what else? A lot of coffee lovers forget how important it is to use fresh coffee beans and grind them just before brewing. Pre-ground coffee or stale beans can affect your cup's quality and taste.

Just making tiny adjustments can make a huge difference in the taste of your coffee. 

It's all about finding the perfect balance for your brewing method and your taste buds, so don't hesitate to play around with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Okay, I've covered quite a bit of information, and I'm sure you also have plenty of questions. So feel free to drop your queries in the chat box located bottom-left of the screen, and I'll do my best to respond promptly. 

In the meantime, I've compiled a list of the most common questions I've encountered over the years on this topic. You might find your question among them, so have a quick look!

What is the most popular grind of coffee?

The medium grind is the most popular, as it works well with various brewing methods like drip coffee makers, pour-overs, and AeroPress. In addition, medium grind offers balanced extraction and versatility, allowing coffee enthusiasts to experiment with different brewing techniques without needing multiple grinders.

What is the best setting to grind coffee beans?

The best grind setting depends on your brewing method. Espresso requires a fine grind, while pour-over and drip coffee work well with a medium grind. French press and cold brew need a coarser grind. For optimal results, consult your coffee equipment guidelines and adjust accordingly.

Is a finer coffee grind better?.

A finer coffee grind is not universally better. The ideal grind size is determined by your brewing method. While finer grinds are suitable for espresso, coarser grinds are better for French press and cold brew methods. The grind size directly impacts extraction, flavour, and taste.

What is the best grind size for filter coffee?

A medium grind is the best choice for filter coffee, as it allows for balanced extraction and creates a well-rounded flavour. In addition, medium grind serves as an ideal middle ground between fine and coarse grinds, making it suitable for filter coffee brewing.

Does grind size matter for coffee?

Yes, grind size matters a lot because it affects extraction and the taste of your coffee. Finer grinds increase extraction, while coarser grinds decrease it. 

Can I Grind My Coffee Beans In Blender?

While it is possible for you to grind coffee beans in a blender, it doesn't provide a consistent grind particle size, affecting your coffee's taste. For better results, I recommend using a dedicated coffee grinder to ensure even and precise grinding.

Do I need to grind my coffee bean fresh each day?

Grinding your coffee beans fresh daily ensures maximum flavour and aroma, as pre-ground coffee quickly loses freshness. To enjoy the best coffee experience, it is highly recommended to grind your beans daily and brew them just after grinding.

What's the best grind size for cold-brew coffee?

The correct grind size for cold brew coffee is coarse, similar to the consistency of sea salt. This grind size allows for a slow extraction process, which is ideal for the long steeping time required for cold-brew coffee.

What's the best grind size for Aeropress?

For Aeropress, medium-fine grind size is recommended. This grind size balances extraction and brewing time, resulting in a smooth, full-bodied coffee with minimal bitterness. Experimenting with grind size and brewing techniques will help you find your perfect Aeropress coffee.

What's the best grind size for Chemex?

A medium-coarse grind size works best for Chemex, ensuring an even extraction and a clean, bright cup of coffee. In addition, the grind size should resemble coarse sand, allowing water to flow through the coffee bed steadily.

What's the best grind size for FrenchPress?

A coarse grind size is ideal for French press brewing. The grind should resemble breadcrumbs or coarse salt. This size allows for an even extraction while preventing coffee grounds from passing through the mesh filter, ensuring a clean and smooth cup of coffee.

What's the best grind size for Espresso?

For espresso, a fine-grind size is best. It should have a consistency similar to powdered sugar. This grind size provides the resistance for the pressurised water to extract the coffee's flavours and oils, creating a rich and balanced espresso shot.

What's the best grind size for Pour Over?

Medium grind size is best for pour-over brewing methods. The grind should resemble the texture of sand, allowing for an even extraction and a well-balanced cup of coffee with a clean finish. Pour-over brewing techniques may require slight adjustments to the grind size depending on factors such as brewing time, water temperature, and filter type.


So, there you have it! We've carefully gone through the ins and outs of finding the best grind size for various coffee brewing methods and shared some fantastic coffee recommendations for each grind size. 

Remember, it's all about finding the perfect balance to extract the most flavourful cup of coffee. So now that you're armed with this knowledge, why not take your coffee game to the next level? 

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