Level Up Blend
Level Up Blend
Level Up Blend
Level Up Blend
Medium Roast
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✔️ 100% Toxin-Free

Level Up Blend

A harmonious berry bliss, offering a decadent chocolate finish perfect for any milky coffee delight. 
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Our Level Up blend combines two medium-roasted origins from Brazil and Uganda. A coffee punchy and fruity when drank black, or enjoy with milk for that delicate and creamy fruit finish.

Enjoy the freshness of our 100% Arabica, each batch freshly roasted with the grind of your choice and date-stamped on the bag.

Country: 60% Brazil 🇧🇷
Region: Alta Mogiana
Farm: O'Coffee
Altitude: 910 MASL
Process: Natural

Country: 40% Uganda 🇺🇬
Region: Rwenzori Mountains
Farm: Agri Evolve
Varietal: SL14 & SL28
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1,800 - 2,000 MASL

We are committed to every phase of our coffee's journey, from farm to cup. By cultivating strong relationships with our farmers and cherishing each bean's origin, we then optimise our coffee process to achieve the cleanest, tastiest and most nutritious coffee.

We ensure a mould, mycotoxin, and pesticide-free process, resulting in a superior, healthy brew for steady energy and no jitters. Naturally rich in antioxidants and vitamin B3, our coffee supports longevity and overall health.

Read our brewing guides on how to make the tastiest, healthiest coffee at home.

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At Balance, our science-backed approach informs every step from sourcing to roasting, ensuring the latest research guides our product innovations. Our coffee undergoes strict testing, making it toxin-free and safe. It's richer in antioxidants than blueberries, kale, or green tea.

Developed in collaboration with expert nutritionists, our coffee maximises healthy compounds, offering a nutritionist-recommended, health-conscious choice.

Discover our detailed research study on toxins within coffee.

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The Healthiest, Tastiest,
Most Nutritious Coffee

Sourced from the finest farms for a clean, toxin-free coffee.
Roasted to boost antioxidants, delivering vitality with every sip.


100% Arabica, better
energy, zero crashes.


Naturally high in Vitamin B3 for essential energy.


High polyphenol count
helps you rebalance.


Niacin-rich, for
optimal brain function.


Antioxidants reduce


Polyphenols & fiber
for a healthy gut.

The Process Behind Our Exceptionally Healthy Coffee

From farm to cup, our coffee undergoes strict quality and health checks. Each cup bursts with flavour and goodness, crafted to support your health, balance, and longevity.

  • Chemical & Toxin Free

    No mould, mycotoxins or pesticides.

  • Roasted for Better Health

    High extraction of polyphenols & vitamins.

  • Rich in Essential Nutrients

    1000+ antioxidants in every cup.

  • Speciality Grade

    Better than organic for superior taste.

  • Kind On Stomach

    Supports healthy gut microbiome.


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