best coffee roasters in Liverpool UK

Best Coffee Roasters Liverpool UK 2024 (Updated)

What are some of the best coffee roasters in Liverpool UK?

As a coffee barista with 10+ years entrenched in the UK's buzzing coffee world, I've experienced the joy of sampling great cups from an array of Liverpool city's local roasters. 

With every corner of the city reverberating with the enticing scent of freshly ground beans and the rhythmic hum of busy espresso machines, it's undeniable - coffee isn't just a beverage here. It's part of Liverpool's heartbeat.

In this vibrant exploration, I've taken it upon myself to delve into the depths of Liverpool's coffee roasting scene, turning every stone, examining every blend, and sipping ground coffee beans from over 14 Liverpool coffee roastery made at home

The result? A curated selection of the five best Liverpool coffee roasters in 2024. 

No more random coffee shop selections, folks! Instead, allow me to guide you through the city's caffeinated wonders, one roaster at a time.

Ready to dive in? Then let's get started. 

Criteria For Picking Each Brand

Let's face it, in a city like Liverpool, renowned for its rich coffee heritage. The bar is set incredibly high. So, when I set out to find the cream of the coffee crop, I knew I had to pick brands that exceeded not just my expectations but yours too. And how did I choose? I used these guiding principles:


The world of coffee roasting truly resonates with the saying, "Practice makes perfect." In this context, longevity doesn't merely represent a brand's lifespan. 

Instead, it symbolises the accumulation of wisdom over the years, the deep-rooted knowledge of coffee growth, the mastery of roasting craft, and an unwavering commitment to maintaining top-tier coffee quality.

Customer Satisfaction

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy, they say. And in the world of coffee, this couldn't be more accurate. High customer satisfaction indicates that the roasters are hitting the right quality, taste, and service notes. 

I delved into countless customer reviews, looking for consistent satisfaction patterns to ensure these roasters truly serve a brew worth savouring.

Speedy Delivery

In the age of on-demand services, the speed of delivery has become a crucial factor. The roasters needed to demonstrate a solid track record of promptly delivering, ensuring that customers enjoy their fresh brew without unnecessary delay.


This goes beyond the basic expectation of delivering on promises. It's about the roaster's commitment to ethically sourced beans, transparency in their business practices, and responsiveness to customer inquiries and concerns. These are the businesses that have earned their customers' trust over time.

Range of Coffees

The final criterion on my list was the range of coffees on offer. The best roasters exhibit a dedication to coffee in all its forms and origins. 

I was looking for roasters that provide a variety of blends, single-origin, and coffee types to cater to every coffee lover's palate.

P.S. I also added some roasters that aren’t based in Liverpool but deliver nationwide. The reason is simple; their coffee is not to be missed! 

Which Is The Best Coffee roasters Liverpool UK

If you're asking me, the best coffee roaster in Liverpool UK is undoubtedly Balance Coffee. Why? 

We offer Brits healthy coffee beans free from mycotoxins, pesticides and moulds here in Liverpool. I particularly recommend our Espresso Taster Pack and Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee.

Which Is The Best Coffee roasters Liverpool UK

Our Espresso Taster Pack is a joyous journey through four uniquely crafted espresso experiences. It celebrates coffee's diversity, and each offers a rich, compelling tale for your taste buds. 

It's perfect for those who crave variety and adventure in their espresso routine.

On the other hand, our Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee is a novel innovation in the world of coffee. It is the first of its kind in the UK, pairing high-quality coffee with the cognitive-enhancing Lion's Mane Mushroom.

We offer a complete coffee experience, providing top coffee brewing equipment like coffee grinders and espresso machines. All of these are aimed at a mindful brew to enhance your wellness.

5 Best Coffee Roasters In Liverpool UK

I brewed and taste-tested coffee from over a dozen Liverpool coffee roasters to present you with this ultimate list. 

Without a hint of a doubt, these are the top coffee roasters in Liverpool, UK.

Best Coffee Roasters Liverpool

Shall we jump in?

Balance Coffee

If you're looking for where to buy coffee beans here in Liverpool, I can't wait to share the goodness of our beans with you. We burst onto the scene in 2019 as the world grappled with the Covid-19 pandemic. 

We believe in the power of a warm, healthy, comforting cup of coffee, free from pesticides, mycotoxins and mould, and it's been a joy to share that belief with our customers.

Balance Coffee Liverpool

Starting with our Espresso Taster Pack, it's the ideal ticket for a coffee journey. It comes with three coffees: Stability Blend, Level Up Blend, and Rotate Espresso.

They are so good, I had no other option but to also suggest it to our customers in Leeds when I wrote about the best coffee roasters Cambridge.

All have a beautiful, rich chocolatey note, just as a comforting cup of speciality coffee should taste.

But we didn't stop at ordinary things. Balance Coffee is currently the only brand in the UK offering unique mushroom coffee. Our Lion's Mane Coffee has been a surprise hit, and I recommend it without hesitation.

We source our beans from the finest regions, including Brazil, Uganda, Mexico, and Guatemala. But what do coffee lovers have to say about us? 

David S, one of our regulars, says: "A great cup of coffee. Looking forward to trying other blends within the Balance selection after this latest blend.

David S Testimony

Our unique Lion's Mane Coffee is the talk of the town. 

Alessandro I Said: "Coffee has a lovely taste to it and in one of the orders i had an issue which was promptly solved by customer service. Only note is to make it easier to adjust coffee scheduling and changing coffee types from the profile." 

Alessandro I Testimony

We pride ourselves in innovating, and that review you just read proves that.

Lastly, Rachel, who's tried our range of coffees, says: "Balance Coffee sources beans from all over the world, and you can taste the difference. Each cup is an adventure." 

We're glad our customers feel the excitement we have when sourcing these beans. We're not trying to be proud when we say we're the best place to buy coffee beans in London

Limited time offer GIF

Click here to try Balance Coffee and get your coffee delivered to your doorstep FAST.

Neighbourhood Coffee

Right here in Liverpool, there's a thriving coffee scene, and the Neighbourhood Coffee stands out with a crown on its head. 

They never cease to impress with a remarkable 20 different coffee varieties in their online store. 

Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters Liverpool

It's no wonder that whenever discussions arise about the top coffee roasters in the city, Neighbourhood Coffee almost always emerges as a top contender.

The first time I ordered a bag of coffee from them, the quirky name instantly took me, "(YOU GOTTA) FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT (TO LATTE)." 

Beyond the playful name, the blend was sourced from Brazil and had enticing flavour notes of black cherry, milk chocolate, and praline, a combination that delivered a delightful sensory experience.

Ben expressed his satisfaction in his review: "I love the LATTE blend! The flavours are distinct, and the Brazilian origin adds a unique twist." 

Ben Said

Similarly, another customer, Clara, shared: "Neighbourhood's coffee is a game-changer. The LATTE blend, with its combination of flavours, is my favourite. Can't start my day without it!"

Neighbourhood Coffee is a champion of variety not just in its coffee blends but also in its pricing. You can grab a 250g bag starting at £7.50 or invest in a 1kg bag for £39. 

This flexibility extends to their other offerings, including a range of top-tier coffee equipment and a subscription service. 

Neighbourhood Coffee doesn't just roast coffee; they build a community around it. 

92 Degree Coffee

This independent brand started in 2014 in the heart of Liverpool. It began as one quaint coffee shop and has grown into a multi-site business. 

Today, they have over 100 staff and 11 locations across the UK.

92 Degree Coffee

If you recall, I mentioned Neighbourhood Coffee with its vast range of 20 options. You might ask, "James, with your penchant for variety, how did you find their selection?" 

You're right; they might not have the staggering twenty varieties like Neighbourhood Coffee, but oh boy, do they pack a punch with their five exquisite offerings. 

Intrigued by their limited but carefully curated options, I ordered all five. The result? Absolute WOW!

Each coffee was a delight in its own right. But, the one that stole my heart was the HOPE STREET ESPRESSO. This medium-light roast from Colombia is a symphony of flavours. 

You get the decadence of dark chocolate, the rich sweetness of salted caramel, and a hint of raspberry tartness.

I also tried their SIGNATURE COFFEE TRIO, an excellent bundle that included their espresso, decaf, and a treat they call California Calling. It's an adventure in every sip.

And it's not just me. 

Coffee lovers like Julia said: "The Hope Street Espresso is the best coffee I've ever had. It's the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness." 

And then there's Sam, who shared: "The Signature Coffee Trio from 92 Degrees Coffee is a must-try. Each type is unique and delicious in its way."

Joe Black Coffee

Joe Black Coffee, founded in the late 1950s by the charismatic and coffee-obsessed Joe Black, is a household name in the Liverpool coffee scene. 

From the humble beginnings of sourcing and roasting beans in Hope Street, the brand has become a prominent player in the UK coffee market. 

Joe Black Coffee Roasters Liverpool

On your first visit to their online store, you'd find three distinct collections to choose from: Artisan, Traditional, and Specialty, housing a total of 20 different coffee varieties. 

Joe Black Coffee goes beyond serving just the best coffee in town - they've broadened their range to include loose-leaf tea and hot chocolate, truly a destination for all things comfort in a cup.

I've enjoyed seven distinct coffee blends — four from their speciality collection and three from the traditional. My standout favourite has to be the MAKOKA VALLEY ESTATE – MALAWI coffee. The unique flavour profile had me coming back for more with every sip.

Daniel, a long-time customer, shares my view: "The MAKOKA VALLEY ESTATE – MALAWI coffee is like a journey in every cup. It's incredibly smooth and complex. It's a joy to brew in the morning."

Beyond the superb taste, I was intrigued by their bag sizes - 227g, 470g, and 850g. It's a fresh approach that only a few local coffee brands adopt, and it offers the customers a tailored choice that fits their consumption.

Another customer, Lisa, praises their coffee: "I love the coffee beans! The bean is perfect for our coffee-loving family. Thank you, Joe Black Coffee!"

With their commitment to quality and a clear focus on customer satisfaction, Joe Black Coffee is undoubtedly a trusted gem in Liverpool's coffee scene.

Crosby Coffee

Just over a decade ago, Jack and Mark, the remarkable duo behind Crosby Coffee, embarked on their quest to satisfy the world's craving for a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. 

Since 2014, they've been offering a variety of coffee beans from around the world, each with its distinct flavour profile and charm.

Crosby Coffee

I was immediately enamoured the first time I bought the Tin Villarazo Peach, a limited edition offering from Crosby Coffee. A 125g coffee bean tin carefully sourced from Santa Monica was like opening a box full of sunshine. 

The coffee's profile, beautifully floral with peach notes, was intoxicating. Every sip felt like biting into a juicy peach, while the undercurrents of marzipan and almond notes gave it a unique complexity.

Furthermore, I've also been lucky to try their COLOMBIA PASSIFLORA DECAF, a tasteful blend with hints of milk chocolate, almonds, and red grapes. It's an exquisite symphony of flavours that dance on your tongue, the perfect coffee for winding down the day.

But Crosby Coffee also retails coffee machines, providing comprehensive solutions to businesses with wholesale demands.

Listen to what Alex had to say: "The Tin Villarazo Peach is the best coffee I've tasted! The peach and almond flavours work incredibly well together."

And then there's Lisa, who loves their decaf: "The COLOMBIA PASSIFLORA DECAF is to die for. I never thought a decaf could taste so good, with the milk chocolate and red grape notes blending seamlessly!"

If you're on a journey to discover exquisite coffee that pampers your taste buds and caters to your caffeine needs, Crosby Coffee, with its vast selection and commendable service, could be your next stop.

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People Also Ask Questions (FAQs)

Let's answer all the burning questions that you may have.

What Is the Best Coffee in Liverpool?

Are you searching for the best speciality coffee roasters in Liverpool? You've found it with Balance Coffee. We go above and beyond, sourcing speciality beans free from the nasties like pesticides and mould. We're not just all talk - major players like BBC Food and Independent back us up!

Where to Buy Coffee Beans in Liverpool?

Balance Coffee is your one-stop online shop if you're looking for an independent coffee roaster in Liverpool. We've got a variety of bean sizes and even a coffee subscription service that delivers your caffeine fix right to your doorstep as often as you need it.

Is There Coffee Cupping in Liverpool?

Sure thing, coffee cupping is a thing in Liverpool. It's a fantastic way to experience and appreciate the rich flavours of coffee. And at Balance Coffee, we use this process to ensure only the best beans make their way to you.

How Much Does a Bag of Coffee Cost in Liverpool?

What's the cost for a bag of coffee in Liverpool, you ask? It could range from 7.50 to 39 euros, depending on a few things like the bag size, coffee type, and a few other bits and bobs.


And there you have it, folks! Our grand tour of the best coffee roasters in Liverpool 2024.

We've talked a lot about coffee, the brands making waves, and why Balance Coffee is your best bet for a coffee experience. 

Remember, we're not just serving coffee; we're serving an experience - one that is free from mould, pesticides, and mycotoxin. 

You can make the most from our coffee subscription. To be precise, it's the easiest way to ensure you're sipping only the best - the top 5% of healthy coffee. 

So go on, plug in, subscribe and enjoy the distinct taste of Balance Coffee right at your doorstep. After all, every day should start with great coffee. 

Don't you agree? Cheers to great mornings and even better coffee!