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Best Coffee Roasters Birmingham UK 2024 (Quick Expert Pick)

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What are some of the best coffee roasters in Birmingham UK?

I have a question: have you ever felt like your coffee-loving heart is aching for more flavour, quality, and satisfaction? Well, you’re not alone. 

The search for the best coffee roasters in any place can be daunting. Each roaster presents a new option, a new promise of quality, and a new potential disappointment.

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And in a city like Birmingham, teeming with coffee roasters, the hunt for the best roasters can quickly leave your head spinning and your taste buds unsatisfied. But worry not - that’s where I come in! 

To save you from potential disappointment or waste of money, I taste-tested and analysed over ten coffee roasters in Birmingham. After all, what better way to use my decade-long industry experience? 

I scrutinised local roasters, going beyond the surface and venturing deep into the world of flavours, aromas, and quality. Some coffee roasters raised my hopes, leaving them dashed by others.

Best Coffee Roasters Birmingham UK

However, you can skip the rollercoaster of experimenting and dive straight into my list of the best coffee roasters Birmingham.

With my insider's guide to Birmingham's best coffee roasters, your quest for a satisfying brew will become much simpler and more delicious.

The Criteria For Picking Each Roaster

To choose the best coffee roasters Birmingham, I considered several key factors. I went beyond the superficial aspects of taste and aroma and dove into details that make a coffee roaster stand out.

And now I bet you’re wondering what those details are, correct? Well, you don’t have to worry. I will walk you through my criteria for picking the best Birmingham coffee roasters. 

Factor Description How I Gauged It
Bean Quality The quality of the coffee beans used by the roaster. This includes origin, Arabica vs Robusta, freshness, and how they are sourced. I looked for information provided by the roasters regarding their sourcing methods, verified these claims when possible, and made assessments based on the taste of the coffee.
Roasting Process The method and care put into the roasting process. This includes the roaster's ability to bring out the beans' best flavours and whether or not they’re roasted in small batches. I evaluated this by tasting coffee to identify how well the roasting process highlighted the flavours of the beans. Where possible, I also visited the roasters to observe their processes.
Consistency The roaster's ability to deliver a consistent product. This means that the coffee maintains a consistent flavour profile across different batches. This was measured by tasting multiple batches from the same roaster and observing any differences in quality, flavour, and aroma.
The roaster's commitment to sustainable and ethical sourcing and production practices. This includes things like fair trade certifications, organic certifications, and efforts to reduce environmental impact. This was assessed by researching the roaster's sourcing policies, looking for certifications, and assessing their overall commitment to sustainability.
Variety The range of coffees the roaster offers. This includes different bean origins, blends, and roast levels. This was evaluated by looking at the roaster's product range and the variety of beans, blends, and roasts they offer.
Reputation The standing of the roaster in the local coffee community. This includes customer reviews, awards, and recognition within the industry. I gauged this by reading reviews and researching the roaster's presence in the industry.

Following the rules, three (3) Leeds roaster brands got to be the best. This happened because they spend a lot of time making sure every batch of coffee is roasted just right.

What's more, they give FREE shipping, FAST delivery, and focus a lot on making customers happy by providing great services.

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  • Mycotoxin free
  • Mould free
  • Pesticide free
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Takes 2nd Spot Quarter Horse Coffee
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 Sounds good? Then, let's continue discovering the best coffee roasters in Birmingham, UK

Which Is The Best Coffee Roasters in Birmingham, UK?

Balance Coffee is the best coffee roaster in Birmingham. Full disclosure; I own Balance Coffee, but that’s not why it’s on the top. 

Best sellers like our Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee and Espresso Taster Pack are speciality grade, 100% premium Arabica, and optimised for your health. 

Mushroom Lion's Mane Coffee

But that's just the beginning. Keep going, and you’ll find out what makes our coffee top-notch.

5 Best Coffee Roasters In Birmingham UK

I’d be lying if I said choosing the best coffee roasters in Birmingham in 2023 was easy. The journey was challenging, sometimes baffling, but the result was worth it. You’ll see.

In my journey, I discovered many hidden gems in Birmingham and thoroughly enjoyed their coffee. 

Best Coffee Roasters In Birmingham UK

Hence, without further ado, let’s get into my list of Birmingham coffee roasters. Each roaster on the list is worth every dime!

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Check them out if you want a bulletproof list of some of the best coffee roasters around. 

Balance Coffee UK

What Makes It One of The Best Coffee Roasters in Birmingham?

Factor How Balance Coffee Performed
Bean Quality 100% Premium Arabica Beans; Speciality coffee
Roasting Process Beans are expertly and freshly roasted in small batches
Consistency Consistent quality across blends
Sustainability Fully committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing
Variety Enjoyable variety of coffee beans
Reputation Award-winning coffee; stellar reputation

I have a question for you. Have you ever longed for delicious coffee that energises and helps you hit your life goals? If you have, you’d be ecstatic to know that Balance Coffee promises you that experience.

At Balance Coffee, we have an unwavering commitment to delicious, premium quality, and healthy coffee that gives you many health benefits. 

We source 100% Arabica, speciality-grade from top coffee growing regions, so you get the best. 

Two of our bestsellers, Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee and the Espresso Taster Pack give you a delicious cup of joe every morning; they’re also the perfect antidote to stress and low energy.

Best Coffee Roasters Birmingham

Heck, yjjey are soo good customers won't stop saying good things about them.

Which is why I even suggested to our Glasgow readers when I wrote about the best coffee roasters Glasgow.

I could bore you with the technical details of what makes our coffee great, but I prefer that our work speaks for itself.  So here are some of our customer reviews; see why everyone keeps returning for yourself: 

And that’s not even the best part! At Balance Coffee, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. And do you know what that means for you?

It means buying from us is a riskless purchase! And all of this makes Balance Coffee one of the best coffee roasters in Birmingham.

So are you ready to join the list of our happy customers who’ve turned things around for themselves with our award-winning coffee? (I’m sure it will be a yes from your side!)

I want my delicious and healthy coffee now!

Quarter Horse Coffee 

What Makes It One of The Best Coffee Roasters in Birmingham?

Factor How Quarter Horse Coffee Performed
Bean Quality High-quality, ethically sourced beans from around the world, chosen carefully for their seasonality and quality.
Roasting Process Meticulous, with a test-roasting process to ensure only the best beans make it to the final roast.
Consistency Excellent consistency.
Sustainability Commendable commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing.
Variety Impressive selection of beans and roasts, catering to a wide range of coffee preferences.
Reputation As the first speciality roastery in Birmingham, Quarter Horse enjoys a solid reputation among local coffee lovers.

Okay, how did Quarter Horse Coffee land on one of the spots for top coffee roasters in Birmingham? 

You’ve already seen how it performed on my grading criteria above, but let me tell you more. So I was in Birmingham when many friends recommended Quarter Horse Coffee. 

But my hands were full for this taste-testing experiment for the best Birmingham coffee roasters. Sounds ironic, right? 

Hence, given my packed schedule, I ordered a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans online. I was pleasantly surprised by their online store's variety of coffee beans.

Quarter Horse Coffee  Roasters Birmingham UK

Being a die-hard espresso coffee fan, I ordered their Dark Horse Espresso, House Blend and was not disappointed!

The beans arrived freshly roasted, and their aroma wafted through the air. It had delicious-tasting notes of milk chocolate, peanut and cranberries. 

With a blend of commitment, expertise, and innovation, Quarter Horse Coffee has rightly secured its place as one of the best coffee roasters in Birmingham

It is also one of the best speciality coffee roasters in Birmingham. So whether you're a local or just visiting, do yourself a favour and experience their distinctive brew. You won't be disappointed.

Find out more about Quarter Horse Coffee here 

York’s Cafe and Coffee Roasters

What Makes It One of The Best Coffee Roasters in Birmingham?

Factor How York's Cafe & Coffee Roaster Performed
Bean Quality Quality was evident in the exceptional taste of their coffee. Their in-house roasting guarantees the freshness of the beans.
Roasting Process They have an in-house roasting facility, which shows their dedication to the craft and control over the process.
Consistency Across several visits, the consistency in the taste and quality of the coffee was notable.
Sustainability They strongly focus on sustainability and environmental friendliness, which is an important factor for conscious consumers.
Variety Decent variety of coffee in the cafe and online store.
Reputation Excellent reputation for both coffee and brunches.

From the moment I stepped into Yorks Cafe, I could tell this was no ordinary coffee shop. Born and bred in Birmingham in 2012, Yorks Cafe is a new-generation coffee hub - an all-day café, a social space, and a sanctuary for coffee lovers. 

And as someone who runs an online coffee business, this space was perfect for me! I was here to test if they were one of the best independent coffee roasters in Birmingham. It turns out they are!

So when it came to their coffee, I opted for espresso coffee made from their Burundi Geisha coffee beans. The beans were lightly roasted, and I absolutely loved its taste. 

Also, if you’re a fan of lightly roasted beans, make sure you check out my guide on the best light-roasted coffee beans in the UK. 

York’s Cafe and Coffee Roasters

In addition to the delicious and premium coffee, I loved the space. The stripped-back raw woods, metals and concrete reflected the honest, soulful coffee they serve, creating a chic and inviting atmosphere.

One aspect that immediately caught my attention was Yorks Cafe's commitment to its local community and the environment. 

They strive to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, showcasing that coffee roasting can be both a craft and a cause. 

Moreover, their focus on the well-being of their staff and customers created a welcoming vibe that resonates throughout the cafe.

All in all, they are easily one of the top Birmingham coffee roasters

Find out more about York’s Cafe and Coffee Roasters

Southwood Coffee

What Makes It One of The Best Coffee Roasters in Birmingham?

Factor How Southwood Coffee Roaster Performed
Bean Quality Specialty-grade beans sourced from across the globe ensure top-quality coffee.
Roasting Process Their family-run small-scale roastery allows careful control over the roasting process, yielding a superior product.
Consistency The consistent quality of both their single-origin and blended coffees was a standout feature.
Sustainability They demonstrate a strong commitment to fair trade, environmental sustainability, and ethical sourcing.
Variety Offering both single-origin and blended coffees caters to a broad range of coffee preferences.
Reputation With its focus on community, quality, and ethics, Southwood has garnered a solid reputation within Birmingham's coffee scene.

I found Southwood Coffee nestled in the heart of Birmingham. It’s a charming, family-run Birmingham coffee roastery that offers speciality coffee.

As I savoured their coffee, I appreciated the nuanced flavours of both their single-origin coffee and blends. 

Their dedication to sourcing top-quality, ethically produced beans shines through in their coffee. Southwood Coffee is a shining example of what a small, dedicated team can accomplish.

Also, their mission to provide the best speciality coffee to their local community is not just a slogan - it's a promise they fulfil with every cup. 

Southwood Coffee Roasters Birmingham

So if you're in Birmingham, visit them because they are one of Birmingham’s best coffee roasters

Also, if you’re wondering where to buy coffee beans in the UK, my guide will help.

Find out more about Southwood Coffee

Java Roastery

What Makes It One of The Best Coffee Roasters in Birmingham?

Factor How Java Roastery Performed
Bean Quality Premium quality coffee beans.
Roasting Process Java Roastery's commitment to innovation shines through in its roasting process.
Consistency Across my visits, the consistency of their coffee's taste and quality stood out.
Sustainability They are committed to the ethos of sustainable living, marking their dedication to the environment and fair trade practices.
Variety Their range of blends caters to the various tastes of coffee lovers.
Reputation Their impact on the Birmingham coffee scene, coupled with their unique coffeehouse experience, has earned them a stellar reputation.

And now, coffee lovers, it’s time to move on to the last one on our list of the best Birmingham coffee roasters in the UK

So what makes the Java Roastery earn this spot? 

I found them through my aggressive research on the best coffee roasters in Birmingham UK. And what stood out the most about them for me was their commitment to innovation!

In addition to offering an immersive coffee experience at the roastery, they have a stunning range of blends that stimulate and delight the senses. 

Java Roastery

Java Roastery isn't just a stop on the coffee trail in Birmingham - it's a destination in itself, a sanctuary for 21st-century living.

So whether you're a local or just passing through, your journey through the Birmingham coffee scene wouldn't be complete without a visit to this remarkable roastery.

It’s also one of the best online coffee roasters in Birmingham; their online store has a wide variety of coffee blends and coffee subscriptions.

People Also Ask Question (FAQs)

You have questions and I have the answers, so, let’s get you sorted out, shall we?

What is the Best Coffee in Birmingham? 

Balance Coffee is the best coffee in Birmingham. Although it’s not one of the coffee bean roasters in Birmingham, it delivers there and offers premium and healthy coffee. All the coffee beans at Balance are free of nasties, contain antioxidants and provide many health benefits.

Where to Buy Coffee Beans in Birmingham?

You can buy coffee beans from many coffee companies in Birmingham, but the best ones are from Balance Coffee, Quarter Horse Coffee, York’s Cafe and Coffee Roasters, Southwood Coffee and the Java Roastery. Their beans are of premium quality, fresh and delicious. 

How Much Does a Bag of Coffee Cost in Birmingham? 

When it comes to coffee roasters in Birmingham prices, a bag of coffee, on average, costs between £7 to £15 for a 250g bag. But you should remember that the cost of a pack of coffee in Birmingham, like anywhere, can vary greatly depending on several factors like quality, origin etc.

Are Coffee Roasters in Birmingham Involved in Sustainable Practices?

Many coffee roasters in Birmingham are committed to sustainable practices, sourcing beans ethically, supporting fair trade, and ensuring environmentally friendly roasting processes. This dedication helps preserve our planet and promotes global coffee farming communities.

Do Coffee Roasters in Birmingham offer Tours or Coffee tasting experiences?

Some Birmingham coffee roasters offer immersive experiences, including roastery tours and coffee tastings. These opportunities allow enthusiasts to explore their coffee passion deeper. 

Can I Buy Coffee Beans Directly from Coffee Roasters in Birmingham?

Yes, you can buy coffee beans directly from most Birmingham roasters. Purchasing straight from the source ensures you get the freshest, highest-quality product.

How Do I Choose the Right Coffee Roaster in Birmingham?

Choosing the right roaster involves considering factors like bean quality, roasting style, sustainability commitments, variety, and customer reviews. Your personal taste preference plays a crucial role too.

What are Some Popular Coffee Roasters in Birmingham?

Popular coffee roasters in Birmingham include Balance Coffee, Quarter Horse Coffee, Yorks Cafe and Coffee Roasters, Southwood Coffee, and Java Roastery. Each roaster brings a unique flavour profile to the table.


The hunt for the perfect cup of joe may often lead you down unexpected paths, but remember - the journey is just as important as the destination. With that thought in mind, I hope you enjoyed my guide on the best coffee roasters in Birmingham UK, as much as I did. 

Also, if you did enjoy it, I think you’d be interested in looking at this post on the best place to buy coffee beans in London. 

And to sum up, coffee is not just about caffeine; it's about community, passion, and the quest for quality. In Birmingham, you're not just a customer but an integral part of the local coffee narrative. 

And I, James, am here to tell you that story, one cup at a time. So here's to the next round of tasting, evaluating, and sharing - together. Let's keep the conversation brewing. 

Until then, keep sipping, and keep exploring.