Best Coffee Roasters Glasgow UK

Best Coffee Roasters Glasgow UK 2024 (Quick Expert Pick)

What are thee best coffee roasters in Glasgow UK?

Isn't it a thrill when that aroma of fresh coffee grabs you? That's your instant "hello, day!" moment, right? Well, that's what these coffee roasters stir up every single day.

Glasgow, famous for its lively arts scene and grand historical architecture, is also a hub for some of the top coffee roasters in the UK. 

Whilst they're all busy perfecting their brews and introducing us to coffee that's nothing short of divine, the question is, who are the real standouts among them?

As a seasoned coffee barista who's lived all my life in the UK, I've traversed the streets of Glasgow, tasting beans from numerous roasters, seeking the rich, the smooth, and the flavourful.

I thought, why not lead you to these hidden gems? I've curated a list of the best Glow coffee roasters for 2024.

As a side note, I have also covered the best coffee roasters UK in a previous article. It is a must-read.

Let's get started, shall we? 

Criteria For Picking Each Brand

As an experienced barista with 10+ years of experience, I didn't randomly pick these brands.

My heart, thoughts, and, yes, my taste buds were all deeply involved in the process. Allow me to share how I picked these top Glasgow coffee roasters.

 Glasgow Coffee roasters UK

  • Longevity
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Speed delivery
  • Trustworthiness
  • Range of coffees


Well, for one thing, I have a thing for brands that have seen many sunrises. If a company's been roasting beans and serving cups year after year, they're doing something great, right? 

At least, that's what I reckon! These veterans have earned their stripes, fine-tuned their art, and likely sampled more coffee varieties than I've savoured meals.

Customer satisfaction

I'm all about what you guys think. What's the use of a brand blowing its trumpet if its customers aren't harmonising with the tune? 

I've dug through a mountain of customer reviews, scrutinising the good, the bad, and the downright indifferent. When all's said and done, it's the satisfied coffee drinkers that make a brand. 

Speed delivery

Thirdly, I looked at the speed of delivery. Good coffee is wonderful; good coffee delivered quickly is even better. These Glasgow coffee roasteries understand the importance of prompt delivery, ensuring your beans are at your door on time.


Trustworthiness is another significant criterion. When I choose a brand, I want to be able to trust them. This involves transparent and ethical sourcing, clear communication, and adherence to quality standards.

I've selected Glasgow coffee companies that don't just say they're trustworthy. They demonstrate it.

Range of coffees

The range of coffees available is vital. We coffee drinkers love to experiment and find new flavours and roasts to fall in love with. Therefore, a broad selection is necessary, catering to all sorts of palates and preferences.

Which Is The Best Coffee Roaster in Glasgow UK

Looking for the best speciality coffee roaster in Glasgow? It's us - Balance Coffee. 

Every bean we pick, every roast we perfect, and each blend we make shows our promise of healthy coffee beans packed with antioxidants and pesticide free. 

Coffee Beans Roasters Glasgow

From our excellent range, I recommend you try our Espresso Taster Pack. It's full of different taste experiences, showing the many sides of our roasts.

It's so good, it has amassed over 4.89 star reviews. I recently also recommended it to our readers in Birmingham when I did the article best coffee roasters Birmingham.

Each time I tasted them, I was amazed by the cool flavours that appeared with each sip.

Another one of my faves is our Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee. It's not your usual cup of joe. The earthy hints from the Lion's Mane mushrooms mixed with our strong coffee create a special drink. 

It's the perfect coffee gift for anyone who wants to try something new with their coffee.

5 Best Coffee Roasters In Glasgow UK

I taste-tested coffee from 10+ Glasgow coffee roasters to give you this list. These are the best Glasgow coffee roasters In the UK, without a shadow of a doubt.

Let's dive in!

5 Best Coffee Roasters In Glasgow UK

Balance Coffee

In 2020, after over a decade of immersion in the coffee industry, I embarked on a new journey and launched Balance Coffee. 

Fuelled by the mission to introduce a healthier range of coffee products to the UK, Balance Coffee has swiftly garnered a faithful following. Each batch we produce is sourced from the top 5% of coffee farms globally, ensuring unparalleled quality.

Balance Coffee Roaster UK

We don't just pay lip service to quality. I'm proud to say we pay 25% more for the coffee we source, investing in rigorous testing for undesirables like mould, mycotoxins, and pesticides. You'll understand why it's worth it with one sip of our espresso.

Our Espresso Taster Pack is a must-try. This pack offers three standout coffee blends - Stability, Level Up, and Rotate Espresso.

Each one weaves a rich tapestry of chocolate flavour profiles that leave a lasting impression.

As one satisfied customer, Sarah, shared, "The Espresso Taster Pack is a game-changer. Each blend has a unique charm, but the chocolate undertones tie them together beautifully. When you think about where to buy coffee beans, think Balance coffee!"

Balance Coffee is proud to offer a range of eight coffee products in our online store. 

We're pioneering in the UK market with our unique Lion's Mane mushroom coffee, an intriguing blend I wholeheartedly recommend.

Balance Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee

Our careful selection of speciality beans comes from the finest farms in Brazil, Uganda, Mexico, and Guatemala, ensuring the richest flavours and highest quality. 

As another satisfied coffee lover, Richard, noted, "The Lion's Mane Coffee is an unexpected delight. It's the boost I never knew I needed. Balance Coffee has truly outdone itself with this one."

I'm also pleased to say that we offer the best coffee subscription in the UK, with flexible Espresso and Discovery subscriptions to cater to your taste buds' every whim.

Click here to enjoy coffee from Balance Coffee roastery & get some amazing discounts.

Dear Green Coffee

In the bustling coffee scene of Edinburgh, one brand that's genuinely carved a name for itself is Dear Green Coffee. 

This Glasgow-based brand, established in 2011, is not just a coffee roaster but a craftswoman of speciality grade coffee beans that cater to the palate of every discerning coffee lover.

Dear Green Coffee

As someone who lives and breathes coffee, I was enthralled by Dear Green's impressive range of 21 coffees. Every cup is like a tasty mystery, full of exciting flavours ready to be discovered by your taste buds. 

They are super careful about where they get their beans from, picking only the best places in the world to grow coffee. This includes Rwanda, Mexico, Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia, and Kenya.

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There's genuine respect and recognition for the origin of each bean, creating an alluring tapestry of global flavours in their repertoire.

A personal favourite of mine is Colombia - Jairo Arcila. This coffee has an enchanting flavour profile of cocoa and wild strawberry and is like a symphony in your mouth. 

Every sip is a divine experience that stays with you, making your coffee break a moment to savour. But don't just take my word for it. Many customers share this sentiment.

Laura M wrote: "The Jairo Arcila is phenomenal. The strawberry notes paired with the rich cocoa is a match made in heaven!"

Stephen G said: "They never disappoint. From the quick delivery to the quality of the beans, it's always a pleasure to order from them."

Thomson's Coffee

The times I've been to Glasgow, the lure of Thomson's Coffee was impossible to resist. This independently-owned, family-run business has a robust legacy, tracing back to 1841

It's the creation of David Thomson, an enterprising young tea and coffee merchant from Edinburgh who opened his first shop on St Vincent Street.

Thomson's Coffee

Thomson's is not just about exceptional coffee; it's a symphony of flavours that includes beautifully crafted teas. 

Whether you prefer the gentle notes of white tea, the robust strength of black, or the refreshing tang of green, Thomson's can seamlessly cater to your tea cravings.

But their coffee! It's a journey through 13 diverse varieties, each unique experience. 

If I were to pick a favourite from the six different coffee I've tried from them, it'd have to be the Brazil PARAISO. This medium roast coffee is available in convenient 250g and 1kg sizes, and its flavours are truly paradisiacal.

Their coffee subscription is a delight for anyone like me who enjoys a regular fine coffee delivered to their doorstep. And coffee lovers have only good things to say about their coffee.  

John D says, "I've been a Thomson's subscriber for over a year. Their Brazil PARAISO is a dream - I look forward to it every morning."

Emma L shares: "Their service is fantastic, but their coffee is even better. Thomson's has made me a coffee lover!"

So, if you're searching for a brand with a rich heritage and an array of exceptional coffees and teas, I highly recommend Thomson's Coffee.

The Good Coffee Cartel

What happens when two coffee nerds unite with a shared vision? You get The Good Coffee Cartel. 

This Glasgow gem was founded in 2017 by Courtney Brennan & Todd Whiteford, who channelled their shared passion into creating a coffee brand that's as innovative as it is tasty.

The Good Coffee Cartel Roasters Glasgow

I was intrigued when I first learned of their reusable cup exchange system. It showed me these folks aren't just about making good coffee. 

Being the pioneers of a reusable cup-exchange system, they've married coffee with a conscience, transforming our daily caffeine ritual into a step towards a greener planet.

That alone was a huge tick in my book. 

Their online store showcases five different crafted coffees, each with a unique allure. 

However, the one that truly seized my palate was El Fénix, Colombia. I can still vividly recall that first sip – the surprising burst of floral notes, evocative of lychee, peach, and apricot, made me nod in pure satisfaction. 

Coffee Roastery in Glagow

Walking through their reviews on Trustpilot, coffee lovers are satisfied with the coffee experience. 

John Lewis said: "Exceptional! El Fénix is now my go-to morning brew. Bright and floral, it's a joy to wake up to." 

Meanwhile, Sarah P. said: "Their commitment to sustainability sold me, but the taste of their coffee has made me a loyal customer. The El Fénix is an experience in itself."

Gordon St Coffee

When it comes to delivering a whirlwind of delicious tastes, no one does it quite like Gordon St Coffee. Nestled in the heart of Glasgow, this artisan roaster has become a beloved institution since its establishment. 

The mastermind behind this flourishing enterprise is a humble enthusiast whose passion for coffee led to the birth of this roaster in 2013.

Gordon St Coffee

From its humble beginnings, Gordon St Coffee has become a beacon for coffee lovers, all while maintaining an intimate connection with their craft. 

Their secret? Offering a remarkable 24 different coffee beans. It's a fun burst of flavours that tickles your taste buds and pleases all taste preferences.

On my flavour expedition, I savoured five of their top-rated brews. Each offered a unique tasting experience, but their Glasgow Roast stood out like a beacon. 

The robust flavours of dark chocolate paired with the irresistible sweetness of red cherries is a cup of joy that I'd recommend to any coffee lover.

Glasgow coffee roasters UK

Here's what a couple of their satisfied customers have to say:

Patricia, a long-time customer, said: "Gordon St Coffee's Glasgow Roast has become a part of my morning routine. The blend of chocolate and cherry is a perfect pick-me-up and sets the right tone for the day."

Another regular, Duncan, said: "The rich flavours of the Glasgow Roast are unmatched. I tried it once, and there's been no turning back. It's a cup full of happiness."

So, if you're ever in Glasgow or seeking a richly satisfying brew at home, a cup of Gordon St Coffee, particularly their Glasgow Roast, should undoubtedly be on your list.

People Also Ask Questions (FAQs)

You've been following along nicely, haven't you? Yet, you've had some queries crop up while digesting all this information. No worries, I've got you covered!

I will address some of the common questions I've received from coffee enthusiasts about this topic.

Coffee Roasters Glasgow FAQs

But if I miss out on your specific question, fear not! Just send your question our way through our contact form.

 What Is the Best Coffee in Glasgow?

Balance Coffee stands out in Glasgow. We pride ourselves on making the most delicious filter coffee. We handpick our beans from the finest global sources. This ensures a unique, irresistible flavour that makes each cup an unforgettable experience.

Where to Buy Coffee Beans in Glasgow?

In Glasgow, Balance Coffee is the best online coffee roaster in Glasgow to get healthy coffee beans free from pesticides and mycotoxins. We offer various coffee beans in different sizes that cater to every coffee enthusiast's palate, ensuring your coffee cravings are fully satisfied. We also sell coffee brewing equipment such as espresso machines.  

Is There Coffee Cupping in Glasgow?

Coffee cupping is a popular practice in Glasgow. It's a great way to understand coffee nuances. These sessions are an exciting opportunity to delve into the diverse world of coffee flavours and discover the unique techniques for brewing the perfect cup. At Balance Coffee, we sometimes host cupping sessions to share our passion for coffee. 

How Much Does a Bag of Coffee Cost in Glasgow?

Prices in Glasgow coffee online stores vary, but a bag of coffee generally ranges between £7 and £25. At Balance Coffee, we provide value for your money with high-quality, flavourful coffee beans that make every pound spent worth it.


As we wrap up our caffeinated expedition through Glasgow's coffee landscape, it's clear that the city's roasters are more than just masters of the bean. 

They're story-weavers, weaving narratives of taste and aroma in every cup.

Now that we've explored the crème de la crème of Glasgow's coffee roasters, the aroma of freshly roasted beans doesn't have to fade away. 

Imagine waking up to that scent daily as quality coffee lands on your doorstep. With Balance coffee subscription service, this can be your reality. We handpick our beans, roast them to perfection, and deliver them to you.

So why not keep the coffee adventure brewing? Subscribe to Balance Coffee and let every day begin with a taste of the exceptional.

And if you have a friend in Oxford, suggest our best coffee roasters Oxford guide to them. It helps us create more brand awareness.