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Where To Buy Coffee Beans UK 2024 (New Updated List)

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Are you thinking about where to buy coffee beans in the UK? Today, I will show you where to buy premium coffee beans in the UK.

I can’t tell you how often I've felt the disappointment of waiting for a new batch of beans to arrive, only to find that the beans' aroma, flavour, or quality don't match the online promise. 

And that’s not the only issue. For example, when browsing online coffee stores, dozens of options are presented, yet only with descriptions and images to guide your decision before you actually taste it for yourself, the whole process feels like a stab in the dark, doesn’t it?

Well, the absence of the tangible taste experience is a challenge many of us face when buying coffee beans online in the UK. You can't smell the aroma or inspect the beans and rely on words and pictures alone. 

So without these sensory cues, how can you be sure you're making the right choice?

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You can take the guesswork out of this process so you never have to be disappointed again. In this blog post, I'll tackle this issue head-on by giving you the decision-making tools to order exceptional coffee online.

where can i buy whole coffee beans

I will turn the daunting task of buying coffee beans online into a foolproof, enjoyable experience for you using my expert coffee knowledge and experience. 

Utilising an expert grading formula, I'll share where to buy coffee beans in the UK and tips for making informed choices. 

Trusted Online Shops Where To Buy Coffee Beans (Quick Pick)

I’ll cut to the chase; you’re eager to find the best trusted online shops to buy coffee beans in the UK. 

So without further ado, below are the top three online stores where you can order coffee beans in the UK.

Product Benefits where to buy
Great Mushroom & Espresso Coffee Balance Coffee
  • Rated 4.9 stars
  • Medium, Dark & Light Roast (5+ flavours)
  • 100% Arabica & Speciality Grade
  • Rich in Vitamin B3
  • Ground & Whole beans
  • Great for all brew method
Buy & Save £5
1st Runner Up Assembly Coffee
  • 100% Arabica
  • Rated 4.8 stars
  • Speciality Grade
Shop Now!
Best Decaf Pact Coffee
  • Speciality Grade
  • Rated 4.8 stars
  • Ground & Whole beans
Shop Now!

1. Balance Coffee 

I won’t tiptoe around this; Balance Coffee is one of the best places to buy coffee beans in the UK, and it’s certainly not on top of the list because I am the founder.

So what is Balance Coffee, and what makes it so unique? Well, my team and I seek out the finest quality Arabica coffee beans, free of the nasties like mould and pesticides. Yes - we actually test the coffee to bring you a guarantee that it’s ridiculously healthy.  

Where to buy stability blend

We maintain the strictest quality standards in the industry and have an unshakeable commitment to sustainability too. 

But what does that mean for you? 

A mouthwatering coffee experience that not only leaves your taste buds dancing but also helps you benefit from additional health benefits such as increased energy levels.

And that’s because my speciality-grade coffee contains 1000+ antioxidants, so you can do what you do best!

Many customers have stuck with Balance right after their first sip of coffee made from our beans. 

My commitment to healthy coffee that tastes delicious, has a dreamy aroma, and gives you the clean burst of energy you need. This has also helped my brand earn recognition and awards. 

Balance Coffee has been named one of the best places to buy coffee beans online by BBC Good Food. Loved by customers and critics alike, Balance Coffee beans offer much more than just a morning coffee experience. 

You should see why our customers keep returning for yourself. 

Where to buy coffee beans OO

But that’s not all. 

At Balance Coffee, I constantly strive to add more products that deliver an unmatched experience. 

Our espresso taster pack offers x3 best-selling coffees in one single bundle. That means you get to enjoy three unique flavours with one click, so you can decide which is your personal favourite. 

What's even better? Free shipping is included when you spend over £25+ in-store. 

Finally,  experience our personalised coffee concierge service at Balance when you sign up for our subscription. You can even enjoy VIP access to our digital coffee course worth £99 which will leave you brewing cups of coffee exactly like your barista makes!

Looking for something unique? Our Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee has been named ‘best mushroom coffee mix for coffee connoisseurs 2023’.

So why are UK coffee lovers switching from regular to mushroom coffee?

Here’s why: 

Regular Coffee Issues Mushroom Coffee Benefits
High peaks and low crashes Boosts brain power
Anxious jitters Helps you de-stress
Brain Fog Strengthens the immune system

Our healthy and delicious Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee contains powerful, bioactive ingredients that keep you performing at your best without mid-morning slumps. 

And the best part is that our 30-day money-back guarantee makes all these coffee purchases 100% risk-free!

So you have nothing to lose, just sit back and order. 

Click here to enjoy Balance Coffee amazing single origin & blends

2. Assembly Coffee 

I’ve had Assembly Coffee for many years, and it’s one of those places where ordering beans online doesn’t feel like a gamble.

While deciding where to order coffee beans online in London for a truly memorable espresso coffee, I often turn to Assembly Coffee. 

Where to buy Assembly coffee beans

Coffee beans by Assembly Coffee are of top-notch quality and are freshly roasted in Brixton. Everything about this brand, from its beans to delivery, is well-thought-out. 

Its House Espresso is a washed Colombian bean that brews a cup that is rich, clean, sweet and balanced with or without milk. 

In addition to fresh and high-quality coffee beans, the brand has raving customer reviews.

Furthermore, it has many delivery options and will give you incredible value for your money. 

Lastly, its House Espresso is one of the best espresso coffee I’ve ever had. Assembly Coffee has garnered rave reviews from customers who have experienced the House Espresso firsthand. 

Positive feedback consistently highlights the depth of flavour, smoothness, and overall satisfaction derived from this blend. 

Find out more about House Espresso by Assembly Coffee.

3. Pact Coffee: 

If you love decaffeinated coffee and want to do good in the world, then you must try Pact Coffee. 

Pact was founded by Stephen, who quickly realised that the coffee industry leaves the hardworking coffee farmers with significantly less. 

Where to buy Pact Coffee beans

He then took matters into his own hands and now pays premium prices to farmers who grow premium coffee through direct relationships. 

The brand has garnered positive attention and reviews, which makes total sense. The speciality-grade coffee beans are decaffeinated as soon as they land to give us fresh, decaffeinated coffee.

Their entire range of decaffeinated coffee is delicious, and there is no compromise on taste.

This coffee has a generally thinner mouth feel and less body, with an apple-like acidity, so I like to drink this as a filter coffee.

To stop caffeine crashes, click here to try Pact decaffeinated coffee.

Why Should You Buy Coffee Beans Online?

I know what you must think; before deciding where to buy coffee beans, why should you order your beans online? 

Why not take a refreshing walk to a nearby supermarket or drive to a speciality roaster right after work? 

Well, convenience is the name of the game. With only a few clicks, you can explore an extensive selection of coffee beans from the comfort of your own home. 

Where to buy coffee beans today

No more rushing to the local store only to find limited options or face the disappointment of an out-of-stock favourite. 

If you think about it, online coffee bean shopping brings the world of beans to your fingertips, ensuring you can access various flavours and origins whenever you desire.

Another compelling reason why you should buy coffee beans online is the opportunity it gives you for exploration. Variety is the spice of life, and online coffee bean shopping truly delivers in this aspect. While local stores may have limited shelf space, online shops offer unparalleled options. 

Whether you’re seeking single-origin beans, speciality blends, or rare and exotic varieties, the online coffee market has it all. 

Balance Coffee Speciality  Coffee CTA

It's like embarking on a never-ending journey of coffee exploration, with endless possibilities waiting to be discovered.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep going to find out where to buy coffee beans that taste amazing and give you a coffee experience you’ll enjoy. 

Picking Brands Where You Can Buy Coffee Beans Criteria

The best way to eliminate the guesswork in choosing the best brands for buying coffee beans was to build bulletproof screening criteria. 

After doing extensive research and drawing on my coffee industry experience of over a decade, I’ve used the following factors to judge coffee beans. From the freshness of the beans to value for money, I’ve looked at all the critical factors to decide where to buy coffee beans from. 

Freshness of the Beans 

When deciding where to buy coffee beans online in the UK, the freshness of the coffee beans should be at the top of your list. And you’ll be pleased to know it’s at the top of my grading criteria. 

Now, I've been in the coffee business for over a decade, and I'll tell you a secret; the joy of a good cup of coffee is exponentially higher when the beans are roasted fresh.

Where to buy coffee beans today 2

And when I say fresh, I mean they're ideally freshly roasted, delivered and used within a month of being roasted.

So I looked for brands that print the roast date on their packaging; this transparency often reflects their commitment to freshness. This is something that is a non-negotiable for our team at Balance. 

Fresh beans have a vibrant, complex taste that can elevate your coffee experience at home.

Variety of Beans Available

A whole world of flavours is out there, and your coffee should reflect that. But, on the other hand, drinking the same coffee day in and day out can make the experience a bit boring. 

It depends on what type of person you are ultimately. A creature of habit, or the coffee lover excited by new experiences, we have the options for you. 

After all, much money and effort go into brewing your perfect cup of joe at home or work. So you can make it worthwhile, explore and enjoy the different varieties of beans. 

Try beans from different countries, farms, and roast profiles, and you'll discover how diverse and exciting coffee can be. Brands that offer a wide variety of beans - think different regions, blends, single origins, and roast levels open the door to a whole new world of taste profiles and coffee experiences.

For example, the best single-origin coffee beans in the UK open the door to rare and exotic flavours for you to try.

Coffee Bean Price 

You probably didn’t see this coming, but in my decade-long coffee industry experience, I’ve learned that price and quality don't always correlate. Sometimes, you pay for the brand name and fancy packaging, not necessarily the beans' quality. 

So while putting together this list of where to buy coffee beans in the UK, I looked for a balance: reasonably priced beans and good quality standards to match. 

And don’t forget that speciality and single-origin beans might cost a bit more, but they provide a superior taste that is absolutely worth the additional cost. 

Customer Reviews

Ah, social proof. Customer reviews are a great way to get first-hand knowledge about the beans’ taste, aroma, quality, and brewing tips.

A brand with lots of positive reviews and an engaged community is generally a good indicator of quality and reliability, and that’s exactly what I looked for. 

Delivery Options 

This factor is often overlooked but crucial in our fast-paced world; a reliable coffee brand ensures you get your beans when needed, fresh and ready to be brewed. 

So I checked if the brands offer fast and secure delivery options for recurring orders or coffee subscriptions. By getting a coffee subscription, you always have your favourite beans.

Buying Quality Coffee Beans Significance 

When you’re wondering where to order coffee beans in the UK, you must know how important it is to look for premium-quality beans. 

Just think about this; when you start your morning, do you want it to begin with a dull, lacklustre cup of coffee or a refreshing, full-bodied brew that awakens your senses? 

Where to order coffee beans

That's the difference quality coffee beans can make. Over my decade-long love affair with coffee, I've discovered that quality is the one factor that can truly transform your coffee experience.

Do you know what? Speciality coffee is surging all over the globe but especially in the UK. Speciality coffee accounts for 23% of all cups served in UK coffee shops. 

And not just coffee shops, but people are demanding speciality and premium quality at home and the workplace. 

Let me break down the significance of premium coffee beans for you. 


Quality coffee beans provide a richer and more complex flavour profile, offering a wide variety of unique tastes, from the bright citrus flavours of a Colombian roast to the bold, robust flavours of an Italian espresso blend.

Ethical sourcing and fair-trade practices:

Buying quality beans often means supporting ethically sourced products and fair-trade practices. This positively impacts the coffee farmers who dedicate their lives to producing your favourite beans.


High-quality beans deliver a superior aroma that can transform your kitchen into your favourite coffee shop. It's a sensory experience that every coffee lover should experience. 

Promoting a better coffee culture:

By choosing quality, you're supporting businesses that value the art and craft of coffee-making. This, in turn, contributes to a better overall coffee culture that respects the effort that goes into every step of the coffee-making process.

Where To Buy Espresso Coffee Beans UK?

There's something deeply satisfying about a well-crafted espresso - it's like experiencing the soul of coffee in its purest form.

However, not all coffee beans are equal when brewing this perfect shot. 

Where to purchase coffee beans

This is where espresso beans step into the spotlight. Below, you’ll find my top three picks of coffee brands where you can get your hands on some of the finest espresso coffee beans in the UK. 

1. Balance Coffee

At Balance Coffee, I have an unwavering commitment to top-of-the-line, premium and freshly roasted coffee beans. All my coffee beans are 100% Arabica, speciality-grade, utterly free of nasties and pesticides and, of course, freshly roasted for optimum taste

And when it comes to espresso coffee, my Stability Blend does the trick. The Stability Blend brews a rich beverage with rich milk chocolate, hazelnut and fig-tasting notes with a sweet, punchy mouthfeel. 

stability blend

It NEVER disappoints and brews the perfect cup of espresso that rolls off your tongue every time. It’s bold yet focused, and the coffee beans' premium quality shines through. 

Moreover, it contains the power of over 1000+ antioxidants; finally, a coffee that tastes mouthwatering and gives you a healthy boost.

Remember what I said about a variety of coffee beans? Well, you’ll get that at Balance too.

In addition to our Stability Blend our Rotate Espresso and Level up Blend also make excellent espressos. 

Each one contains unique tasting notes that deliver a robust taste and mouthfeel. And obviously, all of these beans are speciality-grade, screened for nasties and packed with the punch of health benefits. 

You can also choose your grind size and delivery frequency online. Picking a set delivery frequency means you always have delicious beans for coffee!

But you don’t have to take my word for it. 

See who we’ve helped so far with our incredibly delicious, optimised for health and freshly roasted Stability Blend here:

stability blend review


Find out more about the Stability Blend from Balance Coffee. 

2. Assembly Coffee 

If you’re looking for a high-quality coffee bean roaster with a passionate team, Assembly Coffee is the one for you. I’ve been ordering from this brand for years, and they never disappoint. 

What’s more? Assembly Coffee is one of those brands in the UK where you can order the finest espresso coffee beans. The Assembly Espresso Blend is made in collaboration with some of the UK's most esteemed speciality coffee shops. 

Assembly roasters

I decided to try it out once again for this blog post. 

As soon as I opened the bag of Espresso Blend, I was immediately greeted by this captivating aroma. It was s rich and inviting, and I detected hints of chocolate, nuts and a touch of banoffee. 

Upon brewing, I noticed this coffee was unabashedly sweet, carrying a medium-full body just right for a satisfying cup. The mouthfeel was luxurious and lingered on my palate long after my last sip.

My experience was also corroborated by many other positive customers reviews too. 

Assembly also has many other options for espresso coffee and has, hands down, one of the best coffee beans in the UK. 

3. Volcano Coffee 

It’s hard not to mention Volcano Coffee when putting together a list of where to buy coffee beans in the UK. The brand is known for producing top-quality coffee beans at high volumes. 

All their beans are freshly roasted in their state-of-the-art roastery in Brixton. Another thing that I love about this brand is its complete transparency in the supply chain. 

Where to buy volcano coffee beans

After running a complete analysis of the brand and trying out its fresh beans, it is one of the best places to buy coffee beans in London, especially for espresso. 

Their Fullsteam Espresso is the brand’s flagship speciality coffee, sourced from Colombia’s Risaralda region and medium roasted to produce the perfect espresso. 

It has delicious-tasting notes of chocolate, apricot, and nectarine. Moreover, the brand has a range of exciting coffee beans for espresso. 

You can also choose different delivery options and save money if you get their subscription. The beans are reasonably priced, although the quality is premium. 

Where To Buy Filter Coffee Beans UK?

You're not alone if you've fallen in love with filter coffee's subtle nuances and clean taste.

Filter coffee is the darling of the coffee world, offering a gentler extraction process that truly allows the flavours of the coffee to shine. 

Where To Buy premium Coffee Beans

The question is - where to buy coffee beans in the UK that are perfect for filter coffee? Fear not; I've got you covered.

1. Pact Coffee 

Known for its freshly roasted, ethically sourced beans, Pact Coffee delivers tailored coffee subscriptions to your doorstep. They offer a variety of single-origin filter coffee beans, ensuring you get the freshest beans that suit your taste preferences.

Once you try one of their single-origin coffee beans for filter coffee, there is going back. 

Where to buy pact coffee beans

I love their House Coffee beans; I will always remember their delicious filter coffee. The beans are dark-roasted and have hints of chocolate. 

What’s more? In addition to their range of freshly roasted coffee beans, their price point offers excellent value for money - if you look at the quality of the beans for the price, it’s worth it. 

Find out more about Pact Coffee.

2. Rave Coffee

When I was doing my research, I saw that many coffee lovers recommended Rave Coffee. I’ve also encountered this coffee brand many times, so I finally decided to try it.

They have a range of filter coffee beans from various farms and plantations worldwide.You can choose from various flavours, from chocolate-tasting notes to fruity ones; Rave’s range has it all.

Where to buy Rave coffee beans

The beans are roasted fresh for each order and dispatched the next day! It also has different delivery options so that you can take your pick. 

Find out more about Rave Coffee

3. Hasbean Coffee 

Hasbean Coffee is a household name in the world of coffee; it is one of the best places to consider when deciding where to buy coffee beans for filter coffee

Their dedicated team carefully selects, roasts, and packs beans to ensure freshness and quality. 

Where to buy Hasbean coffee beans

Hasbean offers a vast range of filter coffee beans, but their Phil-ter: Filter Blend, particularly stands out. 

This blend combines Hasbean’s single-origin coffee beans to deliver a fantastic cup of coffee. 

In the Phil-ter blend, the coffee selection is truly unique. Comprising 60% Bolivia Martin Chirino Anaerobic Washed and 40% Mexico Coatlan Pluma Washed, it promises an intriguing fusion of flavours.

The luscious, creamy milk chocolate notes stand out for many customers. 

Find out more about Hasbean Coffee.

Where To Buy Decaf Coffee Beans UK?

Coffee isn’t just about caffeine. It’s much more than that. 

Hence, while putting together this guide on where to buy coffee beans, I thought to myself, I should cover all my bases and give you guys the complete range. 

Where To Buy premium Coffee Beans 2

Although some of us drink coffee for the caffeine, many others just like their decaf coffee in the mornings. 

So if you fall in the latter camp, here are my top three picks for the best coffee brands where you can buy decaf coffee beans in the UK. 

1. Balance Coffee

Yes, we have one of the best coffee beans in town for decaf coffee. Our Halycon Decaf Coffee makes you feel calm and peaceful, just what you need from decaffeinated coffee, right? 

And guess what? Our freshly roasted decaf coffee beans still have all the flavours! So yes, that means no more drinking tasteless decaf coffee. 

Where to buy Decaf coffee beans

You'll forget you're having decaf once you drink the Halycon Decaf Coffee. It satisfies your taste buds and need for a coffee punch..but without it!

Balance Coffee should be on the top of your radar when deciding where to buy coffee beans online in London because the beans are: 

  • 100% Healthy Arabica
  • Free of mould and pesticides
  • Speciality grade decaf
  • Solvent-free

In addition to delivery options, you can choose your grind size if you want to buy ground coffee. Some of us just don’t have access to coffee grinders, right? 

So go and check out the decaf blend; it’s precisely what you’ve been looking for. 

Find out more about Balance Coffee’s Halycon Decaf Coffee.

2. Union Roasted 

As a coffee lover and veteran, I'm always searching for great coffee roasters, and Union is undoubtedly one of the standouts. 

I’ve been ordering coffee beans from here for a while now, so I can safely say that when it comes to where to shop coffee beans in the UK, it is one of the best places.

Where to buy Union Roasted coffee beans

And while I understand the allure of supporting smaller roasters, and I often do so myself by exploring various beans, Union, despite being one of the more prominent players, should not be overlooked. 

Union should be your go-to choice for a high-quality decaf coffee that doesn't break the bank.

Their decaf blend is curated meticulously from family-owned farms in Rwanda and Peru, a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and ethical sourcing.

No wonder so many customers love this high-scoring coffee!

Find out more about Union Roasted here. 

3. Rounton Coffee

You must have come heard about Rounton Coffee if you’re a UK-based coffee lover and you’ll certainly see more of it in this guide!

And the reason is simple; these guys are really good at supplying incredible and premium quality coffee beans.

Where to buy Rounton coffee beans

So what makes their decaf coffee so good? 

Well, for starters it is flavoursome but without the caffeine! In fact, the taste is so good that it’s even won a Great Taste Award!

Secondly, the customer reviews for this decaffeinated coffee are incredible. With so many positive reviews, this decaf coffee deserves a shot, right? 

So go on and give it a shot; you won’t be disappointed. Rounton never has, and I have a feeling it never will. 

Find out more about Rounton Coffee.

And if you’re looking for more options, you can find them in this guide on the best decaf coffee beans in the UK. 

Where To Buy Single Origin Coffee Beans UK?

Ah, single-origin coffee beans. My absolute favourite. 

You’d think spending more than a decade in the coffee industry would have become boring, but things like single-origin coffee beans keep it interesting. 

Single-origin coffee beans are excellent for trying out new and exotic flavours that give your taste buds a treat. So choosing where to buy coffee beans wasn’t easy, but I’ve done it. 

Have a look at the best fresh roasted coffee beans in the UK (single-origin) below:

1. Rounton Coffee Roasters

If you’re looking for the best place to buy single-origin coffee beans that gives you excellent value for money, Rounton Coffee Roasters are it. 

I’ve tried the Rounton Coffee Roasters El Salvador Bosque Lya out for myself, which is mindblowing. Rounton is an award-winning coffee business and supplies nothing less than the freshest and best-quality coffee beans. 

Where to buy Rounton coffee beans

Their single-origin coffee beans are packed with flavours and make excellent, rich, dreamy coffee beverages. The brand’s loved by many customers who keep coming back for its premium coffee beans. 

Find out more about Rounton Coffee Roasters. 

2. Union Roasted 

I know what you’re thinking; Union Roasted again? I can’t help it because they are among the best places to buy premium and fresh-roasted coffee beans. 

Their single-origin coffee beans are famous for making rich buttery coffee beverages, and who doesn’t love those?

Where to buy Union Roasted coffee beans

The Union Emporium Caturra Mricolot is one of their finest single-origin coffee beans sourced from the rich and volcanic soils of the Emporio farm in Panama.

The coffee is packed with tasting notes of vanilla and blackcurrant. It’s an excellent and eco-friendly choice. 

Many other single-origin coffee beans are in their store; you should explore them once.

Find out more about Union Roasted. 

3. Climpson and Sons.

If you're wondering "where to buy freshly roasted coffee beans near me," let me assure you that there are plenty of options. But Climpson and Sons are one of the best ones!

Climpson and Sons is an East London company that offers freshly roasted and speciality-grade coffee beans. 

Where to buy Climpson and Sons

Although unpopular, Climpson and Sons are among the best places to buy single-origin coffee beans. Their high-grade coffee beans are mouthwateringly delicious and of top-notch quality. 

Many coffee lovers in the UK would agree with me; the Climpson Fields V11: Reko, Ethiopia, are excellent single-origin coffee beans. 

These high-quality coffee beans have a fruity punch with pronounced and nuanced tangy peaches and mango tastes.

Find out more about Climpson and Sons. 

Where To Buy Coffee Beans Blends UK?

If single-origin coffee beans are solo artists, coffee blends are the symphony orchestra, each bean playing its part in creating a harmonious cup. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? 

That’s because coffee bean blends are! So, where can you find the best coffee blends in the UK? Don't worry; I've done the groundwork for you.

This wasn’t an easy one, but below are the top picks. 

1. Balance Coffee 

Okay, I am sure what you’re thinking, what? Balance Coffee, again?

But hear me out. 

You can find the best coffee bean blends at Balance Coffee, and I’m not just saying this. You’ll see that many loyal customers agree with me. 

Where to buy Level Up Blends

I’ll give you a speedy rundown of what makes our blends so unique and worth every shot you take: 

  • Rated 4.8 stars
  • 100% Arabica & Speciality Grade
  • Speedy Delivery
  • Rich in antioxidants & Polyphenols
  • Rich in Vitamin B3
  • Ground & Whole beans
  • Great for all brew methods

The Stability and Level Up Blends are our bestsellers, each encapsulating a wonderful and delicious coffee experience. But, of course, you already know that the coffee is premium and optimised for your health. 

So what are you waiting for? Try out one of our blends and see what the hype is about. 

Find out more about Balance Coffee. 

2. Spiller & Tait 

Spiller and Tait is an award-winning coffee that certainly matches the accolades. Its Signature Blend Coffee Beans are one of the best coffee beans I’ve ever tried, and this blend has earned much recognition in the UK. 

It’s a premium quality, tastes terrific and is roasted in small batches in the UK weekly. 

Coffee Purchase 1

The brand features an impressive range of blends made from Arabica beans sourced from India, Ethiopia, Brazi, Kenya and Columbia. 

All its blends, especially the Signature Blend, are rich and robust and have a real depth of flavour. 

Find out more about Spiller and Tait. 

3. Redemption Coffee

There are many coffee roasters in the UK focusing on the sustainability of the coffee industry and helping farmers earn better. 

But Redemption Coffee is making a social impact with a twist; they focus on reducing juvenile offenders' recidivism rates. While doing their sentence, the company educates them as roasters and baristas and then places them in a pipeline after release. 

And yes, they also offer a satisfying variety of freshly roasted and premium coffee beans. The Aylesbury blend, in particular, is wholesome, rich and delicious. 

The Aylesbury blend, named for the prison where the roastery is located, has beans from El Salvador, Brazil, and Guatemala farms.

Find out more about Redemption Coffee.

Where To Buy Medium Roast Coffee Beans UK?

There's something incredibly satisfying about a medium roast coffee. It strikes the perfect balance, offering a harmony of flavours that's manageable and mild. I like to think of it as the Goldilocks of coffee roasts; just right. 

So if you're a fan of this 'best of both worlds' roast and want to know where to buy the best medium roast coffee beans in the UK, just dive in below. 

1. Coffee Masters

If you think about it, the name is so apt. Coffee Masters are the masters of delicious and top-quality coffee beans in the UK. 

So while deciding where to buy coffee beans that are medium roasted, Coffee Masters instantly came to mind. So I researched and saw that this brand was the right choice. 

Coffee Purchase 2

While they have many mouthwatering medium-roasted beans, the Coffee Masters Mountain Water Decaf Coffee Beans are a winner. 

At Coffee Masters, the coffee cherries are handpicked to ensure they stay fresh and healthy. They are then sent to the UK for roasting in small batches.

Find out more about Coffee Masters.

2. LifeBoost Coffee

Again, take your cues from the name of the brand. LifeBoost is a certified organic and fair trade coffee bean brand offering nothing less than the best. 

Their Medium Roast coffee is a hot seller, and it isn’t hard to see why! It has a smooth and easy-going drinking feel with low acidity. 

LifeBoost Coffee Purchase 3

In addition to the incredible balance and mouthfeel of its Medium Roast Coffee, you can taste lingering and delicious notes of milk chocolate, brown sugar and ripe fruit.

The brand has many other options for freshly roasted, medium roasted coffee and has positive customer reviews. 

Find out more about LifeBoost Coffee.

3. Kicking Horse

Starting as a modest roaster in the Canadian Rockies, Kicking Horse has undoubtedly come a long way, now enjoying multi-million-pound success. But what I admire most is that, despite their growth, they've stayed true to their roots. 

Kicking Horse has consistently been at the forefront of offering affordable, balanced coffee blends while championing fair trade practices. It's a brand that has grown but has yet to lose sight of what matters.

Kicking Horse Coffee Purchase  4

And their medium-roasted coffee, called Three Sisters, is a top choice in the competition for the best medium-roasted coffee beans in the UK. 

It's a premium coffee blend sourced from Indonesia, Central and South America. With notes of stone fruit and cocoa, it is utterly delicious. 

Find out more about Kicking Horse. 

Where To Buy Light Roast Coffee Beans UK?

Light roast coffee beans, with their bright flavours and delicate nuances, genuinely offer a refreshing change of pace for the coffee enthusiast. Am I right?

They're usually the lightest version of the bean, retaining the original coffee characteristics and offering a caffeine kick that's a bit more pronounced. 

So if you're a fan of such a vibrant coffee profile, you'll be eager to know where to find the best light roast coffee beans in the UK.

Here goes nothing. 

1. Batch Coffee 

After doing my due diligence, the team at Batch Coffee Club showcases some of the finest light roast coffee beans you can find in the UK.

Led by Tom and a group of seasoned industry experts, Batch Coffee offers coffee beans in an approachable way that doesn't compromise their commitment to quality and independence.

Batch Coffee  Purchase  5

They diligently sample, taste, and review each selection to ensure they deliver the best light roast coffee beans in the UK.

Batch Coffee offers a wide selection of lightly roasted coffee beans that are fresh, of premium quality and can be brewed into flavoursome cups of coffee. 

But the icing on the cake? Batch Coffee Club offers personalised services, allowing you to choose a plan tailored to your preference, whether ground coffee or whole beans. 

This attention to detail and customer-focused approach truly sets them apart.

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2. Assembly Coffee

By now, you’d already know that Assembly Coffee offers some of the best and freshest coffee beans in the UK. 

Assembly Coffee is also one of the 600+ roasters in the UK who are serious about speciality coffee, and their selection of light-roasted coffee beans is not to be missed. 

Assembly Purchase  5

In addition to variety and quality, you can get excellent value for money each time you order from here. 

Lastly, their commitment to sourcing and selecting the best coffee beans in the UK is second to none. 

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3. Coffee Direct

Coffee Direct has one of the most spectacular light-roasted coffee beans range and can be enjoyed throughout the day.

What makes Coffee Direct stand out when it comes to light roast coffee beans is its commitment to quality and attention to detail.

Coffee Direct Coffee Purchase 7

The team at Coffee Direct takes great care in the roasting process to ensure the beans' delicate flavours and unique characteristics. 

This meticulous approach results in light roast beans that offer bright, nuanced flavours that truly capture the essence of the original coffee.

It's this combination of quality, care, and variety that, in my opinion, makes Coffee Direct a top choice for light roast coffee beans in the UK.

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Where To Buy Dark Roast Coffee Beans UK?

If you enjoy a coffee that packs a punch, like me, then you're probably a fan of dark roast coffee beans. Known for their rich, bold flavours and full body, dark roasts can offer a coffee experience like no other. 

So if you’ve been looking for the best places to buy dark roast coffee beans in the UK, this section is tailor-made for you. Dive in below for my top three picks.

1. LifeBoost

LifeBoost’s dark-roasted coffee bean range is impressive, to say the least. These speciality coffee beans are freshly roasted coffee and meet the highest quality criteria of their TrustPure process.

Their Double Dark Mocha is one of the best dark-roasted coffee beans in the UK and has earned massive love from customers.

LifeBoost Coffee Purchase 8

The beans are roasted to perfection, are flavoursome, and are free of mycotoxins and chemicals. 

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2. Volcanica Coffee 

When deciding where to purchase coffee beans UK, Volcanica Coffee should always be your top choice.

In addition to stocking premium quality, freshly roasted beans, Volcanica also has a mindblowing range of dark roasted coffee beans.

Volcanica Coffee Purchase 9

The Volcanica Espresso and Volcanica Dark Roast Sumatra Mandheling are two of their bestselling dark-roasted coffee. 

Find out more about Volcanica Coffee 

3. SF Bay Coffee

SF Bay Coffee is known for its wide range of exceptional coffee blends. This reputable brand has successfully made a name for itself in the coffee world of the UK and for good reason.

The team at SF Bay Coffee meticulously sources their beans from premier coffee-growing regions across the globe. These beans are then expertly roasted in their cutting-edge facility, a testament to their commitment to quality. 

And for those who enjoy their coffee on the move, SF Bay Coffee serves up some of the finest dark roast coffee pods in the market. The blend of quality, variety, and convenience makes SF Bay Coffee standout for dark roast coffee lovers.

Find out more about SF Bay Coffee. 


Where To Buy Arabica Coffee Beans UK?

Arabica coffee beans are the undisputed star of the coffee world. Known for their superior quality and nuanced flavours, they constitute about 60% of the world's coffee production. 

So if you're an avid coffee lover looking to buy the finest Arabica coffee beans in the UK, this section will be your perfect companion. Keep going for my top two picks. 

1. Rounton Coffee Roasters

We’ve already talked about Rounton Coffee, so you know their story and commitment to quality coffee beans. 

Routon Coffee's commitment to freshness is genuinely commendable. They roast their beans to order, ensuring that high-quality coffee reaches you with an exceptional taste. 

Coffee Purchase 10

It's an experience that marries premium quality and absolute freshness.

Some of their blends, like the DayBreak Blend, are made from 100% premium Arabica beans. 

This blend is also one of my favourites, and it has notes of dark, rich chocolate and treacle flavours.

Find out more about Rounton Coffee 

2. Taylors of Harrogate

As a family-owned, independent company, Taylors of Harrogate are true masters of coffee.

Some coffee bean blends, like the Rich Italian Coffee Beans, use premium Arabica beans. 

Taylors of Harrogate Coffee Purchase 11

This medium-roasted blend is an ideal pick-me-up for hectic days. Each sip is a rush of intense flavours, thanks to 100% premium Arabica beans. 

Roasted in small batches using traditional methods, the blend's deep chocolate and almond flavours are truly irresistible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Coffee Beans and Espresso Beans the same? 

Yes, coffee beans and espresso beans are essentially the same. The term "espresso bean" refers to any coffee bean used to make espresso. The difference lies mainly in the roast level, with espresso often using a darker roast.

Is Instant Coffee the Same as Filter Coffee? 

No, instant coffee and filter coffee are not the same. Instant coffee is made from freeze-dried or spray-dried coffee into soluble powder, while filter coffee is made by brewing ground coffee beans.

What Brand of Coffee is Decaffeinated?

Many coffee brands offer decaffeinated versions of their products. Some popular ones in the UK include Balance Coffee, Union Roasted, Lavazza and Kicking Horse Coffee.

Is Single Origin Coffee Expensive? 

Single-origin coffee can be more expensive than blends due to its unique characteristics, the process involved in its cultivation, and the fact that it comes from a single geographic location. However, prices vary based on origin, quality, and brand.


And that’s it, it’s a wrap! After spending weeks researching, ordering and taste-testing different coffee brands in the UK, I’ve finally given you the list of where to buy coffee beans

Remember, the key to great coffee is not only about where you buy your beans but also about the freshness, the variety, and of course, the price that aligns with your budget. 

So bid farewell to the disappointment of bad-tasting and poor-quality coffee beans and stop taking stabs in the dark. Choose beans from this tried and true list and never go wrong again!