Where To Buy Fresh Coffee Beans UK 2024

Where To Buy Fresh Coffee Beans UK 2024

Where To Buy Fresh Coffee Beans near me? Have you ever typed this into Google? I have, but I wasn't impressed because I only got a giant list when I wanted something succinct.

Let's face it, with so much information out there today; it is hard to filter through it all.

And knowing what information to trust on where to buy coffee beans can be challenging.

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Luckily, my 10+ years of experience in the coffee industry are helpful when discussing where to buy fresh coffee beans online.

So today's post will follow my previously written blog post best fresh roasted coffee beans UK. I recommend you read it because it leads to today’s post.

Okay, let’s dive into where to buy fresh coffee beans now, shall we?

Online Shops: Where To Buy Fresh Coffee Beans

P.S. I am a coffee fanatic, and every brand that I have listed here is one I have used and know of personally because I worked closely with over 60+ of the best coffee roasters UK wide. 

I have also used that time to develop criteria for picking brands that roast fresh coffee beans.

Here is the criteria for picking the best coffee roasters in the UK where to buy fresh coffee beans.

Where To Buy Fresh Coffee Beans 10

With that said, the first brand on my list of where to buy fresh coffee beans online is Balance Coffee.

Balance Coffee

So Balance Coffee, what about it? Well, the first thing is first; I own the brand.

But that is not why it comes first on the where to buy fresh coffee beans UK list.

Balance Coffee Lion's Mane

It is because I have the stats to prove that Balance Coffee provides our customers with some of the best coffee beans in the UK

Speaking of great coffee beans, I have previously covered many sub-topics that will interest you.

Here we go:

For example, Take a glimpse at the commendation Balance Coffee received from BBCgoodfood, one of the leading brands in the UK..

Here is a screenshot for you!

BBCgoodfood commendation

But wait, there is more!

To paraphrase, according to The Independent, Balance Coffee is highly recommended for individuals who prioritize their health and well-being.

And here is another screenshot!

The Independent commendation

These two prominent brands endorse our premium coffee beans, and while there are others, I'd like to direct your attention to everyday coffee enthusiasts, just like yourself.

Caroline M Said: There is nothing better than starting the day with a Stability Blend Balance Coffee. Deliciousness in a cup! The only thing that tops it, is when someone else makes it for me. The chocolatey, nuttiness taste is mouth-watering. Try it; you won't be disappointed.

Here is the screenshot of the original comment:

Caroline M Said

Another customer in the person of David said:

David S Said: A great cup of coffee. Looking forward to trying other blends within the Balance selection after this latest blend.

Here is a screenshot of the original comment:

Where To Buy Fresh Coffee Beans 11

What if you are worried about customer support?

Well, our customer service will reach out to the specific customer to help them resolve the challenge FAST.

One example is the case of Alessandro I, who had issues, but after reaching out, customer service resolved the issue.

And here is what he said after our customer service resolved the issue.

Alessandro I Said: Coffee has a lovely taste to it and in one of the orders I had an issue which was promptly solved by customer service. The only note is to make it easier to adjust coffee scheduling and change coffee types from the profile.

Finally, here is a screenshot of the review Alessandro left after our customer service team made a timely intervention.

Where To Buy Fresh Coffee Beans 12.jpg

Finally, here at Balance, our return policies are very favourable.

You can order any coffee beans and return them if you don't like them with our 30-day money-back guarantee on any fresh coffee ordered. Shop risk-free.

Where To Buy Fresh Coffee Beans 14

Limited Time Offer: Save £5 when you click here to order your first bag of the freshest speciality coffee beans.

So which brand is next?

Assembly Coffee

These guys have been roasting coffee beans since 2015. As such, it meets one of my criteria of being in business for at least 3 years.

I ordered my first coffee beans for AeroPress from Assembly Coffee in 2020 because I wanted to review the AeroPress maker.

Assembly Coffee 12

Long story short, I wrote the review. It was amazing, and people loved the in-depth coverage. And Assembly Coffee beans are what I ordered to cover the review.

It’s worth noting that before 2020, I worked closely with the team behind Assembly, attending coffee events like cupping and latte art throwdowns to know their business inside out. 

Fast forward to 2023, I have written several other blogs, including Sage coffee machines

The most recent is the Sage Oracle Touch review, one of the machines listed in our Best Sage coffee machines UK article.

In 2020 when I ordered coffee beans, Assembly Coffee delivered the order within 24 hours.

Again, this made the brand pass another of the criteria I had listed at the beginning of this post.

As for customer support, they have been amazing. You can say 8+ years in the coffee business would give you that.

Balance vs Origin vs Assembly

But wait!

What about customer reviews? Well, Assembly did not fall short either.

Because according to Monika Sikora, they are the best coffee roasters in the UK.

Monika Sikora Said: Wonderful Team of super passionate people. We have just gone through their barista training with Superman Thomas. Learned so much and had a great time! Thank you, Assembly! P.s. THE BEST COFFEE BEANS IN UK.

Here is a screenshot of the original review she left.

In a nutshell, if you want to enjoy Assembly speciality grade coffee, here is what you should do:

Click here to try out Assembly fresh coffee beans.

So what other brand made it into this list of where to buy fresh coffee beans online? The answer is Origin Coffee.

Let’s talk about these guys, shall we?

Origin Coffee

I will be honest; Origin has been around since 2004, making it the oldest of the three.

My first encounter with Origin Coffee was in 2015, the same year Assembly Coffee launched.

Origin Coffee 12

I wanted to order coffee for cafetiere that day, but I decided to order coffee for moka pot.

The reason is that I like to explore different grind sizes of coffee beans, And I have experimented with one for cafetiere previously.

So, my thought was, why not try something entirely new while in the spirit of exploring? Hence the decision to go with a moka pot.

If you don't know what grind size is right for you, you can read my article on the best grind size for coffee beans in the world.

While my first encounter with Origin was in 2015, I did order Espresso Coffee, Filter Coffee and Decaf Coffee recently.

I needed to confirm for myself if they still had good customer service. What I can tell you is I was not disappointed.

The whole process ran smoothly. And as a coffee business owner, I understand the importance of a good customer experience.

Lifestyle - choosing coffee online

But don't take my word for it; here is what some of their happy customers say.

Julian H Said: Outstanding Coffee And Service.

Cerro Azul Said: I love this decaf coffee. I use this in my bean-to-cup machine in the coarse ground form as the beans hopper is brimming with full-strength Origin beans. An afternoon delight.

Rio Nuevo Said:  Literally the best hot chocolate I've had from a store, so I had to secure some to have at home!

Now, click here to order fresh roasted origin coffee beans.

Conclusion On Where To Buy Fresh Coffee Beans Online.

So I have listed Balance Coffee, Assembly Coffee and Origin as the online shops where to buy fresh coffee grounds, right?

But I want you also to know I made this list because I have taste-tested fresh coffee beans from these brands.

As such, I put careful thought into choosing brands that source with quality in mind whilst having a customer-centric focus.

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