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10 Best Coffee Beans For Aeropress Maker 2024 (Fast Pick)

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What are the best coffee beans for Aeropress? I'm excited to share my favourites with you, but first, let me tell you a captivating story.

Meet my friend Mel, a true moka pot enthusiast, always eager for her rich, robust coffee. But she was ready for a change, craving something new excitement in her coffee routine.

That's when I introduced her to the world of Aeropress - a different yet delightful way to enjoy coffee if you pick the best grind size for your coffee beans.

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Mel is quite particular about her coffee beans; I respect her discerning taste. So, we embarked on a flavourful journey together, taste-testing various beans from well-known brands, all to find the perfect match for the Aeropress.

Our adventure was timely, as a study by Appinio revealed a surprising fact: only 14% of coffee lovers in the UK were using the Aeropress. This sparked our curiosity even more, driving us to delve deeper into our research.

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The outcome of our quest? A carefully curated list of the 10 brands with the best coffee beans for Aeropress. So, without further ado, let's explore these exceptional coffee beans and find your new favourite!

Where To Buy Coffee Beans For AeroPress Online

Finding the perfect coffee beans for your Aeropress can be quite a challenge.

Why is this?

Where To Buy Coffee Beans For AeroPress Online

It's because you have to read so many online reviews to make the right choice.

This can take up a lot of your precious time, which you probably don't want to waste.

I know this from my own experience. I've often found it doesn't help much because there are just too many options.

But don't worry!

I'm here to help. With over 10 years in the coffee business, I've carefully looked at the best AeroPress coffee beans in the UK for you.

What does this mean?

What does this mean

It means I've chosen 3 brands that I've tried and rigorously tested myself.

These 3 brands really stand out with their amazing AeroPress coffee beans. They'll even deliver right to your door for FREE!

Limited Time Offer: Brand like Balance Coffee offer a £5 discount to 1st time customers to enjoy a smooth rich cup of single origin coffee without mould, pesticides or mycotoxin. Don't miss out!

Product Benefits where to buy
Beginners & Experts Friendly Agata Single Origin
  • Rated 4.89 stars
  • Mycotoxin, Mould & Pesticide free
  • Roasted to preserve flavour
  • 100% Arabica & Speciality Grade
  • Rich in antioxidants & Vitamin B3
  • Fine-tuned to UK drinkers ever changing palate
Shop & Save £5
Best Runner Up Tepangual
  • Light roast with mandarin & lavender flavour
  • Excellent Review
  • Speciality Grade
  • Ground & Whole beans
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2nd Runner Up Fairtrade Honduran
  • Light roast with roasted Nuts & Caramel flavour
Order Now!

But that’s not all. 

To ensure that you get your hands on nothing less than the best coffee for Aeropress UK, I analysed the following: 

Analysis Factor How I Judged The Factor
Freshness of The Coffee Roast date and size of the roasting batches
Healthy or Unhealthy Coffee Tested and screened for nasties like mycotoxins, mould and pesticides
Traceability High-quality sourcing and traceability of the supply chain
Flavour Profile (of course!) Tasting notes and flavours
Brand credibility and reputation Customer reviews
Value for money The price and quality mix

And more! Simply put, I’ve done all the research, so you don’t have to. So, let’s have a sneak peek shall we?

1. Agata Brazil Single Origin Balance Coffee 

If you know anything about Aeropress brewing, you’d know that the best coffee for it is versatile. 

And that’s where the Agata Brazil Single Origin comes in. It is a rare, single-origin speciality coffee that's 100% Arabica. It's free from toxins like mycotoxin, mould and pesticides. In addition, it is sustainably and ethically sourced.

It’s not cheap, but that’s for good reason. We took a no-expense-spared approach to source this one. 

But that’s not the real reason this is on top of the list. It’s actually because this coffee is tested for mould, mycotoxins and pesticides. 

It's loaded with goodies like antioxidants and Vitamin B3 that are great for your health too! How so? 

The coffee is also grown in heavy shade conditions which means a reduction in retaining roast style and better coffee quality. 

The tasting notes of this magnificent coffee are dark chocolate, lychee and raisin which work incredibly when brewed in an Aeropress. Needless to say if you are a fan of caffeine, this is also suitable for a double shot espresso.

Best Coffee For Aeropress UK

This is why it is the best coffee for Aeropress UK this season!

Visit Balance Coffee shop to try out our Agata Brazil single origin.

2. Pact Coffee Nyarusiza Gaspard

Many factors have made Pact Coffee so popular, but for me, sustainable sourcing comes out at the top. 

Pact sources speciality-grade coffee beans, and their Nyarusiza Gaspard coffee comes from Rwanda. 

Best Coffee For Aeropress Brands

It is a thoroughly washed, speciality coffee that is fresh and healthy. What’s more? 

The tasting notes of ripe blackcurrant with a tinge of dry fruits make it absolutely incredible to sip on. 

Visit Pact Coffee to try out their Nysarusiza Gaspard.

3. Clumsy Goat Fairtrade Honduran

Do you love your creamy lattes and cappuccinos? Then you’d be happy to know that the Clumsy Goat Fairtrade Honduran is perfect for milky coffee!

You can use Honduran coffee to make a concentrated shot using your Aeropress and then make your latte. 

Clumsy Goat Fairtrade Honduran

It offers a well-rounded flavour profile and balanced acidity. The beans are fair-trade certified and come from San Antonia. 

Visit Clumsy Goat to try out their Fairtrade Honduran.

What Coffee Is Best For Aeropress?

The best coffee for Aeropress UK is Balance Coffee’s, San Lorenzo. It is a premium, speciality-grade and 100% Arabica that tastes delicious and is also excellent for health. 

Like all my coffee at Balance, it is tested for mould, mycotoxins and pesticides. In addition, the coffee contains antioxidants (around 1000+), Vitamin B3 and polyphenols - perfect for protecting cells and fighting off free radicals!

What Coffee Is Best For Aeropress

You can brew a brilliant mug of coffee using San Lorenzo since it is also the best single origin coffee for Aeropress

10 Best Aeropress Coffee Beans Brands In The UK

And now, the moment that you have been waiting for! My perfectly-curated list of the best coffee beans for Aeropress and the fantastic coffee roasters behind them. 

Each bag of coffee on this list will brew a unique cup, one that is delicious and slightly addictive. 

So jump right in!

1. Agata Brazil Single Origin

The Agata Brazil Single Origin at Balance Coffee works well for both concentrated espressos and milk-based beverages. 

The Agata Brazil is optimised for health - carefully tested and monitored for any toxins, like mould, mycotoxins and pesticides, to keep it safe for human consumption.

I’ve made no compromise on quality - so at Balance, we source coffee from the top 5% of speciality farms and producers at a 25% higher than market price. 

How does this help? 

It ensures that the speciality-grade coffee is top-notch while bolstering the industry's sustainability. 

Coming back to Agata Brazil Single Origin, simply put, it is a delicious coffee that will blow your mind. 

The rich taste of dark chocolate, raisins, and lychee is perfect for brightening your morning. 

Lastly, raving customer reviews have also helped me put this on top of the list for the best coffee for Aeropress UK.

See for yourself what happy customers are saying:

Balance Coffee San Lorenzo Colombia Single-Origin review

Visit Balance Coffee shop to try out our Agata Brazil Single Origin.

2. Pact Coffee Nyarusiza Gaspard

A light roast can sometimes make the most mouthwatering Aeropress! Pact Coffee’s Nyarusiza Gaspard is a light roast and makes some of the best Aeropress coffee I have ever tasted. 

The origin of this coffee is in Rwanda; you can choose to get it in whole beans or ground form, depending on what you want. 

Pact Coffee Nyarusiza Gaspard

Ideally, if you have a grinder at home, it's recommended that you get the whole beans and grind them fresh for your Aeropress. 

The Nyarusiza Gaspard is also a hot favourite for coffee lovers because the tasting notes of blackcurrant, lemon and hot tea are unique! 

The taste is distinctive and stays on your taste buds for a long time. Also, are the beans speciality-grade and of premium quality? Well, they are. 

This fully-washed coffee is also sourced sustainably and ethically. So it’s no wonder their Nyarusiza is such a hit with the customers!

Visit Pact Coffee to try out their Nysarusiza Gaspard.

3. Clumsy Goat Fairtrade Honduran

Clumsy Goat has also made its mark in the coffee world, especially since its coffee is certified fair trade. But that doesn’t mean their coffee blends aren’t delicious because they are!

So what makes their Honduran beans a top pick for the best coffee for Aeropress UK? 

UK Coffee for Aeropress

For starters, you can use it to produce a shot of concentrated espresso or use it as a base for your creamy coffee like a latte or cappuccino. 

The beans are sourced from the San Antonia Limitada region of Honduras as part of the COAGRICSAL collective (an initiative to assist around 700 small-scale farmers). 

The coffee is a hit because it gives a well-rounded flavour profile. It also has balanced acidity and a creamy mouthfeel. 

Lastly, its tasting notes of nuts and caramel come together beautifully, especially if you make yourself an Aeropress latte! So make sure you give it at least one shot. 

Visit Clumsy Goat to try out their Fairtrade Honduran.

4. Volcanica Costa Rica Peaberry

I usually recommend whole coffee beans for all those looking for a fresh cup of Aeropress, but sometimes you can also make a fantastic cup with ground coffee. Should go this road, I wrote about the best blend coffee that you can pick for brewing.

Volcanica’s Costa Rica Peaberry comes in both pre-ground and ground forms. But the latter makes for one of the best ground coffee for Aeropress UK.

Volcanica Costa Rica Peaberry 2

Their ground coffee is available in three sizes; drip, espresso and French Press. Since a good Aeropress is usually made from medium to finely ground coffee, you can opt for either the Espresso or the drip sizes. 

So what makes this one special? It's the fact that this coffee has a very bright and sweet flavour. It's perfect to kickstart your Mondays!

If you brew an Espresso using Aeropress, the Costa Rica Peaberry will give you the perfect blast of bright flavours. But if you want a more subtle experience, feel free to brew some drip coffee.

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Hence, if you have been hunting for the best-tasting coffee for Aeropress, the Costa Rica Peaberry should be on the top of your list! The only downside is that this is pricey and not a budget pick. 

Visit Volcanica to try out their Costa Rica Peaberry.

5. Stumptown Coffee Roasters Guatemalan Whole Beans

The Stumptown Coffee Roasters have a reputation for being quite serious about their business, and that’s excellent news for us coffee lovers!

They take their coffee beans quite seriously, and honestly, it shows. Their Guatemalan Whole Beans is the best ground coffee for Aeropress!

Stumptown Coffee Roasters Guatemalan

This coffee produces mouthwatering-tasting notes of orange, honey and butter. And if you use your Aeropress the right way, you’ll be able to extract the flavours easily!

It is light, acidic, and is perfect for coffee lovers who love their morning cup of coffee to be subtle but effective. If you like a zesty orange flavour, brew it quickly. 

But if you want a more butter-like flavour, you should opt for a slower brew. That will extract the creamy butter-tasting notes just perfectly!

Visit Stumptown Coffee to try out their Guatemalan bourbon.

6. Volcanica Hawaiian Kona Whole Bean Coffee

We already had one Volcanica coffee on our list, but this deserves to be here too. 

Volcanica Coffee is a connoisseur in the world of coffee, and they do produce some of the finest blends. 

Volcanica Hawaiian Kona Whole Bean Coffee

Their Kona Whole Bean Coffee makes for one of the best coffee for Aeropress UK for offering the best blend of traditional and modern flavours. 

The coffee is made from 100% Kona beans, a medium roast sourced from the Greenwell Estate. The flavours come through when you brew it using an Aeropress. 

It gives a full-bodied yet mellow flavour with undertones of bright jasmine, citrus, tart cherries and sweet caramel. The coffee is pure and very fancy, I must say!

It is perfect for coffee lovers who love solid and concentrated espresso shots. Some coffee drinkers even think this is one of the best medium roast coffee for Aeropress!

Visit Volcanica to try out their Haiwan Kona.

7. Bird & Wild Seasonal Blend

If you’re a coffee lover with a conscience but a limited budget, you need to check out Bird & Wild. These guys are doing some excellent stuff!

Their Seasonal Blend gives more than just feel-good vibes; it is a medium roast blend that works perfectly with the Aeropress brewing method. 

Bird & Wild Seasonal Blend

Bird and Wild set up this roastery in London to help protect migrating birds who often lose out on their habitats due to farming. The coffee is ethically sourced and grown too. 

All the coffee at this roastery is certified Bird Friendly and Shade Grown. This means the coffee is grown under the shade of native trees that are also home to birds!

Okay, now back to what makes this blend perfect for Aeropress. All the beans in the blend are tactfully selected and combined wonderfully to give a chocolatey taste. 

The coffee you brew with this blend will have a rich and smooth taste, and the bright aroma will surely draw you in!

The cherry on top? The coffee is fair trade certified, which means that the coffee is better for your health and the farmers also get paid a sustainable price. Win-win.

Visit Bird & Wild to try out their Seasonal Blend.

8. Spiller and Tait Signature Blend

In my decade-long experience, I’ve discovered that no one should miss award-winning coffee! This coffee has earned everyone’s respect by winning the Prestigious Taste Award 2017 and bagging a silver in the Taste of the West Awards 2014.

The Signature Blend by Spiller and Tait is produced in the UK and is genuinely one of the best coffee for Aeropress UK.

Spiller and Tait Signature Blend 2

Spiller and Tait roast their beans in small batches to ensure that the quality is premium and your beans are fresh. This blend is also made from high-quality Arabica beans that are sourced from India, Kenya, Columbia, Ethiopia and Brazil. 

When brewed nicely in an Aeropress, it has a beautiful aroma and heaps of flavour for you to enjoy! 

The tasting notes are rich and smoky almonds and caramelised dermara sugar, which is a treat for the taste buds. You can enjoy this coffee at any time of the day or even take it on a quick road trip!

After all, it has an impressive smoothness that very few can rival. Try it for yourself, and I’m sure you’ll be brewing another cup right after the first one!

Visit Spiller & Tait to try out their Signature Blend.

9. Taylors of Harrogate Rich Italian Coffee

Taylors of Harrogate is a popular name in tea and coffee. But I’ve tried some of their coffee, and some blends are unique. 

The Rich Italian Coffee blend is one such coffee and makes for an excellent cup of Aeropress. It does exactly what the name says; it makes rich coffee that you can devour!

Taylors of Harrogate Rich Italian Coffee

Also, It boasts some really delicious-tasting notes of chocolate and almonds. It has a strength rating of 4 and is made from 100% Arabica beans. 

Each cup of coffee you make with this Rich Italian Blend will be luxurious and satisfying. 

The coffee is of premium quality, is fresh and tastes spectacular. That is why it is one of the best coffee for Aeropress UK! Also, the distinct tasting notes you observe in this blend come from Latin America and Africa. 

Lastly, the coffee is regularly checked for quality by an expert team of Taylors Q-Graders and comes in bags of 227g (pack of six). The brand also focuses on enhancing the sustainability of the coffee industry. 

Visit Taylors of Harrogate to try out their Rich Italian Coffee.

10. Brown Bear Blue Mountain Blend Ground Coffee

Last but certainly not least, we have the Brown Bear Blue Mountain Blend Ground Coffee. This blend is low in fat and gluten-free so that you can enjoy a guilt-free mug of steaming coffee. 

It is not only one the best coffee for Aeropress UK, but is also great for French Press and Cafetiere brewing. It is a medium roast coffee with a sweet flavour and undertones of caramel and toffee. 

Brown Bear Blue Mountain Blend Ground Coffee

Yummy, right? Wait, there’s more. 

The coffee is not only mouth-wateringly delicious but is also of premium quality. It is made from 100% Arabica beans that are sourced from Costa Rica. 

Brown Bear Coffee has its BRC-accredited roastery in the United Kingdom and is committed to producing fresh roasts at reasonable costs.

On each coffee packet, you'll see a little brown bear cub logo, which is placed on the product as a quality mark. This also shows the customers that great care has been taken to create a delightful blend. 

The organisation not only looks after its consumers, but it also looks after its bears. 5% of its sales go to Free the Bears, a UK nonprofit with bear sanctuaries all around Southeast Asia. More than 950 bears have been rescued and cared for to date.

Visit Brown Bear Blue Mountain to try out their Blend Ground.

Guide For The Best Coffee For Aeropress

Generally speaking, many types of coffee can work for an Aeropress, but if you want to get the MOST out of it, you need to be specific about which coffee you pick.

There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind, including 

  • The Right Roast Profile Selection
  • The Right Coffee Type
  • Ground Coffee vs Coffee Beans

But as a general rule of thumb, ‘light’, ‘bright’ and clean are good words to keep in mind while shopping for the best coffee for your Aeropress. 

The Right Roast Profile Selection 

All roast types can work for Aeropress brewing because it has both Espresso and Drip Coffee characteristics. 

But in my vast experience, and providing you like this roast type, using a light or medium roast tends to complement this brewing style more.

Best Coffee For Aeropress Infograph

Otherwise, if you brew your coffee with the same roast level you typically drink, most of you might find it too overpowering. 

While choosing your roast level, you should ask yourself: 

  • Do you prefer the strong and bold taste of dark coffee?
  • Do you want to taste lighter roast beans' unique, subtle flavours?

The answers to both questions will help you figure out which roast level is the BEST for you. But still, let me break down the qualities of each roast profile when brewed as an Aeropress. 

Light Roast 

Light Roasts are often dubbed as the best roast type for Aeropress brewing. This is because Aeropress is the perfect choice to capture light roasts' complex and acidic characteristics and fruity flavours.

I have written extensively on the best light roast coffee beans here, you should read it.

Medium Roast

If you love the robust flavour of a dark roast but still want to keep things subtle and a bit sweeter, go for a medium roast.

The medium roast will let you taste some flavours of the bean, but the taste will still be solid and dark when brewed in an Aeropress. 

Have the time? Check out my blog post on the best medium roast coffee beans here.

Dark Roast

Ah, dark roasts. Dark-roasted coffee has an entirely different base of loyal fans. And why shouldn’t it? The experience it offers is just unique. 

Some coffee fans live for the robust flavour of dark-roasted coffee. But like I said before, brewing a dark roast in your Aeropress can get too overpowering so be mindful.

But if you use this as a base for creamy coffee like a latte or cappuccino, you’ll really enjoy it. It is honestly the perfect base for a well-made milky coffee!

I would also recommend you read my blog post on the best dark roast coffee beans.

The Right Coffee Type

Let me start by saying that this is a tough nut to crack! The right ‘coffee type’ for your Aeropress can mean many different things, right? 

But luckily, I’m drawing on my hands-on experience in the coffee industry to simplify it for you. 

Essentially, the right coffee for your Aeropress I’ve seen refers to: 

  • Coffee bean type (Arabica vs Robusta)
  • Coffee grade (Speciality vs Commercial) 
  • Coffee bean origin (some coffee bean origins are popular for producing a balanced and clean cup)

Coffee Bean Type

Arabica coffee beans are known for being of a superior quality to Robusta beans. This is also why you’ll notice that most brands on my list of the best coffee for Aeropress UK use 100% Arabica beans. 

Coffee Grade

You should always aim for speciality coffee beans for your Aeropress. Lightly roasted, speciality coffee beans have all the flavours you need for an optimum and pleasant Aeropress brew. 

Always remember, the higher the quality of your coffee beans, the better your Aeropress brew will be. 

Coffee Bean Origin

The origin of coffee beans influences more than just their flavours. It also determines how clean and balanced your cup of coffee will be. And when it comes to Aeropress brewing, you should always aim for origins that help you brew a balanced cup!

When I talk about ‘balance’ in coffee, I mean a balance between its dark smoky and light flavours, acidity and bitter-sweetness and finally, the balance between a heavy body and a clean cup. 

Coffee Bean Origin Importance

You can also choose the origin to get the flavours that you prefer. For example, South and Central American coffee have rich chocolate and nut flavours. On the other hand, coffee beans from Ethiopia are more famous for their bright, fruity and floral flavours. 

Similarly, many other coffee-growing regions offer delicious tasting notes. Choose the ones that you want to sip on after brewing your Aeropress!

Ditch Ground Coffee To Buy Coffee Beans For Aeropress

If you are a coffee enthusiast, you’ll likely already know how important it is to buy coffee beans whole to make super fresh coffee each time. 

The main issue with purchasing ground coffee is that it tends to lose flavour over time, and each cup you brew won’t be as fresh. But when it comes to Aeropress brewing, there are other challenges with ground coffee too. 

Ditch Ground Coffee To Buy Coffee Beans For Aeropress

Aeropress needs a specific grind size otherwise it won’t extract at the perfect rate; it needs to be finer than drip coffee but coarser than Espresso. Thankfully many coffee grinders have a grind setting for Aeropress added on - clever huh?

So you need to grind yourself to get it right for Aeropress! But if you buy pre-ground coffee, it can still taste great but you might have to experiment with the hot water infusion time for the perfect extraction. 

You’ll also need to pay special attention to the grind size while purchasing it. Most coffee companies like us offer an ‘Aeropress grind’ option when you buy.

The Ingredient & Tools Needed For Brewing With Aeropress

So you finally ordered the best Aeropress UK coffee and want to brew yourself the perfect cup of delicious coffee? Well, for starters, you’ll need to ensure you are all stocked up on the necessary ingredients and tools. 

There are many ways to use the fun Aeropress coffee maker, but the tools and ingredients are pretty much the same for each method. 

To help you get started, I will break down each of these tools, so you know what to grab from your kitchen cabinet. 


  • Coffee Beans (Ideally a pick from my top 10 list) 
  • Hot water (76.6-96.1°C) 

Tools and Equipment

  • Burr Grinder (check out the best burr coffee grinders here)
  • Aeropress scoop
  • Aeropress paddle or spoon
  • Paper or metal Aeropress filters
  • A mug 
  • Coffee scale or digital scale
  • Speciality grade coffee (obviously)

Yes, so that’s it! This is all you need to start cracking with your Aeropress. 

But I know what you’re thinking. I have all the stuff stocked up; what next? Well, it's time to start brewing, and the next section has a step-by-step guide waiting for you!

How To Brew With Aeropress?

I already told you that there are multiple ways you can brew your Aeropress coffee, but I will do a rundown of the most basic type; the standard Aeropress brewing method. 

So without further ado, let’s jump into it. 

Step 1: Measure Your Coffee 

Using your coffee scales, measure your coffee and use around 16-17 grams of coffee beans. If you don’t have a scale handy, that amounts to roughly 2.5 tablespoons or one overly-full Aeropress cup. 

Step 2: Grind Your Coffee Beans 

Next, you need to put your burr grinder to work and grind your coffee beans just the perfect size. Medium-fine is the grind size that you should stick to! This is the same grind size you use for drip coffee and should resemble table salt (roughly). 

Then sift your ground coffee to get rid of the largest and smallest particles, so you have a roughly balanced grind size. (If you can be bothered, otherwise crack on)

Step 3. Prepare and Pre-Heat Your Aeropress

Before using your Aeropress, you must prepare and ensure it is washed after the last use. Put the filter inside your Aeropress cup, and then use the boiling water to wash out the filter and make your Aeropress a bit wet. 

You should also ensure that you rinse the filter if you use filter papers. It can impact the quality of your brew, so be careful!

Washing it with boiling water also preheats your Aeropress and coffee mug so that your brewed coffee can maintain its temperature for a longer time. 

Step 4. Ensure Your Water is The Right Temperature

To get the most out of your brew, you need to use boiling water with a temperature between 76.6 and 96.1°C. Of course, you can also adjust the water’s temperature as you go. 

It is crucial to get your water temperature right, as it greatly impacts the quality of your brew. 

Step 5. Add Your Ground Coffee 

Secure your brew chamber safely on top of your mug and add your ground coffee. Shake the mixture to ensure that the grounds are levelled.

Step 6. Add Water

Add your hot water and fill the chamber within 10 seconds. Keep twisting your chamber as you pour your water to ensure the grounds are wet evenly. 

If you want to get really technical, view our water for coffee article here.

Step 7. Stir, Plug and Wait

Stir the coffee slurry briefly.

You can insert a paddle stirrer (or spoon) into the chamber to stir. Next, straighten it out and pull it up. This will prevent coffee from dripping through the filter.

Insert the Aeropress plunger into the chamber, straighten it up, and slightly pull it out to form a vacuum seal. Set your timer for one minute and wait.

Step 8. Stir, Press And Time

Remove the pressure seal and give the mixture another toss. Replace the plunger in the chamber and slowly begin to press. Attempt to depress the plunger for one minute fully.

Aim for a one-minute plunge while producing Aeropress coffee.

When you hear a hissing sound, it means there is no more water in the AeroPress to press through; your coffee is ready.

People Also Ask (FAQs): 

How many spoons of coffee for Aeropress? 

We recommend one heaping scoop of fine drip grind coffee, or 16-17 grams of coffee per cup, as a starting point. The capacity of the AeroPress Original and AeroPress Go scoops is the same. A level scoop contains 11.5 grams of coffee or approximately 2.5 teaspoons.

How much coffee per person Aeropress? 

Many people wonder how much coffee to use when they first start brewing with an AeroPress coffee machine. We recommend one heaping scoop of fine drip grind coffee, or 16 grams of coffee per person (for one cup), as a starting point. The capacity of the AeroPress Original and AeroPress Go scoops is the same.

What’s a good coffee for Aeropress? 

Balance Coffee's San Lorenzo is the best coffee for Aeropress UK. It is a premium, speciality-grade, 100% Arabica that not only tastes great but is also good for your health. The coffee is tested for nasties like mould, mycotoxins and pesticides. 


The BEST coffee for Aeropress UK offers a balanced cup with delicious tasting notes that blow your mind. And lucky for you, all of the coffee on my list are chosen because they do just that!

My top pick is Balance Coffee’s San Lorenzo is because it is optimal for your health, is packed with antioxidants, is mouthwatering and sourced ethically. 

Honestly, when brewed with an Aeropress, this coffee tastes marvellous! So make sure you give it a try because it is worth it.

Lastly, Visit the balance coffee subscription shop to subscribe and get amazing coffee delivered to you.