Best Decaf Coffee Beans UK

Best Decaf Coffee Beans Brands UK 2024 (New List)

The best decaf coffee beans that will cure your suffering from caffeine crash is here.

Attention coffee lover! Are you tired of feeling like a jittery mess after a cup of joe? Do you suffer from caffeine sensitivity that ruins your day and makes your coffee crash similar to a wave hitting the shore? 

Well, fear not, because I have some great news for you! There's a solution to your coffee conundrum, and it comes in the form of the best decaf coffee beans.

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That's right, you can still enjoy the rich, delicious flavour of coffee without the unwanted side effects of caffeine. 

And I'm here to share with you the best decaf coffee beans on the market PLUS a bonus suggestion that will potentially transform your mornings in 2023 and beyond . So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover a world of decaf coffee bliss that will leave you feeling energised, satisfied, and ready to take on the day. 

Say goodbye to the jitters and dips and hello to a smooth, satisfying cup of decaf. Let's get started!

Where To Buy Decaf Coffee Beans At A Glance

Some people are sensitive to caffeine or prefer to enjoy coffee without the stimulating effects. Decaf can offer the same rich taste and aroma without the jittery aftermath.

I understand that finding an excellent decaf coffee brand can be challenging because I've had loads of people ask me about the best decaf coffee beans in the UK. 

Best decaf Coffee beans uk

It's a valid question, and I've carefully curated a golden list of my top 3 best decaf coffee bean brands for 2024, and I'm excited to share it with you.

In table below, I'll introduce you to the best decaf coffee bean brands that i have personally used. Each offer FAST delivery and FREE shipping.

And brand like Balance Coffee offer a £5 discount to 1st time customers to enjoy a smooth rich cup of coffee without mould, pesticides or mycotoxin. Don't miss out!

Product Benefits where to buy
Best Overall Balance Halcyon Decaf
  • Rated 4.8 starS
  • Healthy coffee
  • No mould
  • No mycotoxin
  • No pesticide
  • 100% Arabica beans
  • Speciality grade
Save £5 now
Runner Up Decaf Buenos Aires
  • Rated 4.7 stars
  • 100% Arabica
Shop now
2nd Runner Up Volcano's Decaf coffee
  • 4..7 stars
  • 100% Arabica
Shop now
4th Place Decaf Columbia
  • 4.7 stars
  • 100% Arabica
Shop now

So, are you in to explore some of the best coffee roasters in the UK? If the answer is yes, grab your favourite coffee mug. Let's find the perfect decaf coffee for you!

What Are Decaf Coffee Beans? 

Decaf coffee beans are regular coffee beans that have undergone a special process to remove most of their caffeine content. It could be single origin or coffee blend. This allows you to enjoy coffee's rich taste and aroma without experiencing caffeine's stimulating effects. It is a perfect choice if you're sensitive to caffeine or seeking a caffeine-free option.

All decaf coffee beans begin their journey as regular, caffeine-rich coffee plants. But first, the coffee cherries are picked and processed through hulling, fermenting, drying, and other crucial steps.

Decaf coffee beans

Instead of heading straight to the best coffee roasters around the uk, these beans are sent to a decaf processing unit. Then, they go through one of four methods (which I'll explain shortly) to remove the vast majority of caffeine.

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To be labelled decaf, a coffee must remove at least 97% of the original caffeine. This means that decaf coffee still contains a tiny amount of caffeine.

So if you're the type to drink coffee by the pint, you might feel a slight buzz after your fifth cup.

Once decaffeinated, the green coffee beans are sent to coffee roasters worldwide to be transformed into the decaf coffee we know and love.

10 Best Decaf Coffee Beans Brands In The UK

Curious about the best decaf coffee brands? It's much like seeking the best coffee roasters in the UK. So, which of these brands have earned a spot on our top list?

Let's uncover them, shall we?

1. Balance coffee

I'm the owner of Balance Coffee. We started this journey during the tough lockdown times, and we're passionate about sourcing healthy ingredients in your cup. So, here's what we're all about:

We're are really committed to bringing you a healthier natural decaf coffee bean free from nasties like mould, mycotoxins, and pesticides.

So instead, enjoy a pure and clean cup sourced from the top 5% of farms worldwide.

Our commitment to healthy coffee has made our products one of the best coffee beans in the Uk as featured in the Independent as the best Healthy Coffee brand of 2023. 

We roast our diverse range of coffee beans to order, ensuring you get the freshest decaffeinated  coffee beans possible. And with our UK  coffee subscription service, you control your home coffee experience.

But it's not just about top-quality beans – we also offer some of the best coffee brewing equipment, like the Sage Oracle Touch espresso coffee machine and the Sage Barista Touch Espresso machine.

Balance coffee halcyol decaf

Let me fill you in on one of our amazing decaf options: our Halcyon decaf coffee. It's a single origin decaf coffee from Guatemala with delightful tasting notes of chocolate, brandy snaps, and pecans. 

We use the CO2 decaffeination process to eliminate the caffeine from the beans, removing a whopping 99.9% of it. 

Click here to try out Halcycon Decaf coffee

2. Pact Coffee

Pact Coffee has been around for over a decade now. Starting from humble beginnings in founder Stephen Rapoport's home kitchen, Pact has grown into one of the most significant coffee brands in the UK. 

Their mission is to bring high-quality coffee to the UK in a sustainable way that's fair to coffee producers. They offer three best decaf coffee whole bean options, and each one is simply amazing, which is why it has made this list.

pact  decaf coffee 1

First, the Decaf Buenos Aires is a medium-dark roast from Colombia produced by Jose Ramon Collazos and Maria del Rosario. This one has delightful hints of dark chocolate and raisin. 

But if you're more into milk chocolate flavours, you should try their Decaf Casa Loma, a medium roast from Colombia with delicious notes of date and milk chocolate.

And for coffee pod lovers, Pact Coffee has covered you with their Bourbon Cream Decaf. You'll get a box of 56 pods that taste just like Bourbon cream biscuits. 

Plus, Pact uses sugar-cane decaffeination, so you know you're getting quality decaf coffee. 

Click here to try Pact's Decaf Buenos Aires for yourself. 

3. Volcano Coffee Works

Growing up in New Zealand, Kurt Stewart was surrounded by great-tasting coffee. He had the vision to bring that same exceptional coffee to the UK, so he founded Volcano. 

Stewart did this while supporting the communities' livelihoods involved in its production.

Volcano decaf coffee 1

Starting as a humble coffee cart on the streets of West Norwood, Volcano has grown into a passionate team of coffee enthusiasts operating from their state-of-the-art roastery in Brixton. 

Kurt still roasts the day's first batch, remaining the driving force behind the thriving business. Volcano consistently delivers some of the best coffee in the UK on a large scale.

The brand offers just one decaf option, named "Decaf Coffee." This seasonal coffee is always full of flavour notes you'd expect from a non-decaf brew. Their decaf is flavourful and smooth with hints of maple syrup, green grape, and dark chocolate caramel. 

The beans are sourced from family-run farms in Brazil, El Salvador, and Colombia. This is one of the best decaf coffee blends in the UK.  To preserve the coffee's well-rounded taste, they use a chemical-free CO2 process to remove the caffeine, ensuring you get a delicious cup without the caffeine kick.

Click here to try Volcano's Decaf coffee

4. Assembly Coffee

Nestled in a 19th-century fire station in Brixton, Assembly Coffee sets itself apart with its unique dedication to quality and collaboration.

You see, since they started in 2014, they've been fine-tuning their roasts to ensure they're top-notch and perfectly suited to what we, coffee lovers, are after. 

Assembly decaf coffee 1

Plus, they have these amazing coffee illustrations and use eco-friendly rice paper packaging, which is a nice touch.

Now, let me tell you about their Assembly Decaf. It comes from the Huila region in southern Colombia, where farmers and producers collaborate through the El Carmen project.

And the way they decaffeinate the beans? They use this sugarcane decaffeination process that uses ethyl acetate, a naturally derived byproduct of sugarcane refining. 

This method removes the caffeine without messing with the coffee's flavour when mixed with local spring water. You can enjoy Assembly Decaf in 200g or 1kg bags with tasting notes of cherry, milk chocolate, and sweetness.

Click here to try their Assembly Decaf

5. Origin Coffee

You must have heard of Origin Coffee if you love great coffee. It was established by Tom Sobey in 2004, and ever since, this independent speciality coffee roaster has been guided by a single, unwavering principle: to ethically source exceptional coffee. 

Tom has always been passionate about contributing to the community.

Origin decaf coffee 1

Over ten years later, Origin has come a long way with its cutting-edge coffee roastery, a collection of cosy cafes in both Cornwall and London, and offerings in wholesale, retail, and even coffee subscriptions.

They have a decaf coffee option called Cerro Azul Decaf. This fantastic coffee hails from Honduras and uses CO2 decaffeination, just like our Halcyon Decaf. 

Keep your taste buds for an explosion of delightful plum and mandarin flavours with subtle hints of brown sugar. It’s one of the best decaf coffee for pour over.

Click here to try out Origin's Coffee Cerro Azul Decaf

6. Redemption Coffee Roasters

You're missing out if you haven't encountered Redemption Coffee Roasters yet! They've got the world's first prison-based coffee roastery, which is incredibly cool.

They're a modern coffee roaster on a mission to reduce reoffending rates through coffee. It's a prime example of companies creating fantastic initiatives prioritising people over profit.

 Redemption decaf coffee 1

Let me tell you, this brand offers a delicious decaffeinated coffee called LA SERRANÍA DECAF. It beautifully shifts towards notes of dried fruit and roasted hazelnut when combined with milk.

Click here to try out Redemption Coffee LA SERRANÍA DECAF

7. Press Coffee

Do you know what's great about family-owned businesses? They put their heart into all they do. That's exactly the case with this Fleet Street-based roastery that started in 2013. They began by serving espresso to coffee lovers like you and me, and they've come a long way since then.

Not only did they set up their roastery, but they also built strong connections with their growers. They even visit them when they can! And, let me tell you, their commitment to sustainability is just fantastic. 

Press decaf coffee 1

They've saved over 400,000 bags from going to landfill and encouraged their partners and customers to store coffee in airtight metal drums. Their zero-emission electric van and recyclable bags are just the cherry on top.

If you're looking for a decaf coffee, I'd love to introduce you to Magdalena Decaf from Colombia. It has these scrumptious shortbread sweetness notes, creamy cashew nut, and a lively red grape juice acidity. 

They use sugarcane decaffeination, meaning the flavour is all there without caffeine. You can get your hands on it in 250g or 1kg bags - give it a shot. I'm sure you'll love it.

8. ElseWhere

This roastery started as an in-house project for the events company 'Social Espresso.' Now they're sharing their passion for coffee with all of us online. 

Elsewhere is all about making sure you can enjoy the best coffee from the comfort of your home.

ElseWhere decaf coffee 1

But it's not just the quality of their coffee that's impressive. Elsewhere also places great importance on their impact. They source their beans ethically, and their packaging is 100% recyclable. 

They've even switched to metal buckets for some clients, which are reusable and save hundreds of bags.

If you want a decaf option, let me introduce you to their "NIGHT RIDER DECAF." This Colombian single-origin decaf is so good it easily matches its caffeinated counterparts. 

It's bold sweetness and creamy profile will have you coming back for more, with irresistible taste notes of milk chocolate, honey, and caramel, accompanied by a refreshing red berry acidity.

Click here to try Elsewhere Night Rider Decaf.

9. Union Coffee Roaster 

Union Coffee Roaster is an East London roaster founded by scientists Steven and Jeremy. 

They have strong, long-term partnerships, so the name 'union' fits perfectly.

Union decaf coffee 1

Their journey began in the 90s in San Francisco when they fell in love with artisan coffee. They were so inspired they set up their roastery in London. 

Today, Union is a mission-focused company with sustainability and ethical trade at its core. They even won The Queen's Award for Sustainable Enterprise in 2017.

Union offers two decaf options. "Decaf Maraba," a light roast from Rwanda, boasts tangerine, redcurrant, and toffee flavours. The "Decaf Blend" combines Rwandan and Peruvian beans with dark chocolate, walnut, and hints of dark caramel notes.

Click here to try Decaf Maraba by Union Coffee

10. Ozone Coffee Roaster

Ozone Coffee is another brand in the UK that takes its responsibility very seriously. 

This brand is about "continual betterment" in its actions and impact. Their coffee tastes even better with strong, long-term relationships with suppliers and a focus on ethics.

Ozone  decaf coffee 1

They use recycled and recyclable packaging to minimize waste. They also have unique sustainability practices, like fermenting food to reduce waste and promote gut health. 

Plus, the chairs in their London Fields coffee shop are made from fishing nets and ropes by Snohetta! So sustainability is truly a way of life for them.

Now, they offer just one decaf option: "EL Yalcon Decaf." This Colombian speciality coffee has delightful candied lemon and buttery sweet pastry flavours.

Click here to try EL Yalcon Decaf by Ozone Coffee

Best Way To Brew Medium Roast Coffee

As a professional barista, let me tell you something I've learnt over the past ten years: when it comes to brewing coffee, you've got options. 

There's no single "best" method for brewing medium-roast coffee, but in my experience, espresso and filter brewing methods work well.

Best Way To Brew Medium Roast Coffee

Now, if you're a fan of chocolatey notes and a bit of sweetness, I'd say go for espresso coffee brewing. But filter brewing methods are the way to go if you're after a medium-bodied coffee that's clean and less intense, with great texture and mouthfeel. 

It comes down to your taste!

Regardless of your preference, you need to keep a few basics in mind to get the most out of your medium-roast coffee beans:

Grind Size

You have to always choose the right grind size for your brewing method. You should check out our coffee guide on the best grind size for coffee beans for tips on getting it right at home.

Water Temperature

Medium roast coffee brews well at various temperatures, but 90-96°C is ideal for most methods. Dark roasts work better at the lower end of the scale and lighter roasts generally work better with higher temperatures. 

Extraction Time

The brewing time affects extraction and flavour. Generally, the darker the roast, the quicker you want to brew it to avoid bitterness. For espresso, aim for a 25-30 second extraction time.

The freshness of the Coffee Beans

I've always emphasised that fresh beans are key to a great brew. So look at our list of the best medium roast coffee beans in the UK to find your perfect match.
And if espresso's your thing, choose the best beans for it.

Kit You Need To Brew Decaf Coffee

Brewing decaf coffee isn't much different from brewing regular coffee. However, there are a few essential tools and pieces of coffee equipment that will help you make the most of these beans. 

I'd also like to add that the equipment you need depends on your chosen brew method. Nonetheless, here is a list of must-haves for brewing a fantastic cup of decaf coffee.

Quality Decaf Coffee Beans

Well, you'll need quality decaf coffee beans. And what better option than our Halcyon Decaf coffee, a healthy speciality coffee with tasty notes that will make your taste bud sing? Choosing the perfect decaf coffee bean ensures the coffee maintains its natural flavours.

Coffee Grinder

So, when you've got your hands on the best decaf beans in the UK, the next step is to grind them at home. You'll want a fine grind for a medium roast espresso, so investing in a burr grinder is my recommendation. It gives you consistent grind sizes and ensures you get the best extraction from your beans.

Espresso Machine

Of course, an espresso machine is a must. However, you should choose a machine that suits your budget and skill level. If you're new to espresso, a semi-automatic machine is a great starting point. But if you're more experienced, you might prefer a manual machine's control and precision.

Digital Scale

A kitchen scale has always proven helpful when brewing coffee. It helps you measure the weight of your beans precisely, taking all the guesswork out of your brewing process. 

I wouldn't recommend relying on the old teaspoon of coffee per x oz of water method – it's just not as accurate as using a scale. But getting the measurements right can make a world of difference regarding the flavour of your coffee.

Hot water kettle

A hot water kettle is essential for getting the right volume and temperature of water for your brew. Now, I've got a handy tip for you: if your kettle doesn't come with a temperature probe, just wait 30 seconds after it's done boiling before you pour it over your coffee grounds. 

Doing this helps prevent burning the coffee, which can lead to those unpleasant bitter flavours. Yes, it's a small detail, but it makes a big difference in taste, I promise!

How To Brew Decaf Coffee

Brewing medium-roast coffee can be a truly enjoyable experience when you get it just right. So, how exactly do you go about it? Well, pay attention as I share the best way to do it with you.

Remember what they say about cleanliness being next to Godliness? Well, it's true. First, ensure your espresso machine is squeaky clean from the last time you used it. Then, gently wipe the coffee basket with a dry cloth to remove leftover coffee oils.

How To Brew Decaf Coffee 3

Now, the next thing you must do is grind those medium-roast beans to a fine consistency using your trusty coffee grinder. If you’re buying from us, we offer pre-ground decaf coffee too. Again, accuracy matters, so if you have a digital scale, weigh 18 grams of ground coffee for the perfect balance if you have the time. 

Once you've got the right amount, place the 18 grams of ground coffee into your machine's basket. Give it a little tap to ensure it's evenly spread – this helps create a smooth extraction.

With the portafilter locked in place, position your favourite coffee mug right underneath it. Now comes the magic part – brew your espresso for 25-30 seconds, and watch the delicious liquid pour into your cup.

And that's it! All that's left is to enjoy your handiwork. Take a long, satisfying sip and let the aroma take over your senses. You've just brewed the perfect cup of medium-roast coffee. 

That wasn't so hard, was it?

Health Benefits of The Best Decaf Coffee Beans UK

Many coffee enthusiasts often ask, "James, can you tell me if there are any health benefits to drinking decaf coffee compared to the regular one I love so much? I've heard a lot about it and want to give it a shot."

Well, I'll tell you what I told them. Yes, decaf coffee has some significant advantages, but I must emphasise that you shouldn't settle for subpar beans. To truly enjoy these benefits, choose the best quality beans.

So, what exactly are these benefits?

  • Reduced caffeine intake

One of the most obvious benefits of decaf coffee is the reduced caffeine content. It's perfect for those who are sensitive to caffeine or want to reduce their intake. However, you can still enjoy your favourite coffee drinks without the jitters, sleep disturbances, or heart palpitations that can come with caffeine.

  • Antioxidant boost

Like regular coffee, decaf coffee is packed with antioxidants, which help neutralise harmful free radicals in your body. These antioxidants can support a healthy immune system, reduce inflammation, and lower your risk of chronic diseases.

  • Improved heart health

Decaf coffee may help you maintain good heart health. Some studies have suggested that it can lower the risk of heart disease. It also helps improve blood vessel function.Better digestion

Decaf coffee can be gentler on your stomach, as it's less likely to cause acid reflux or irritate your digestive system. This makes it a good choice for folks who experience discomfort from regular coffee.

  • Mental well-being

Even though decaf coffee contains less caffeine, it can still provide a comforting ritual and a moment of relaxation. I've found that brewing and enjoying a cup of coffee can help relieve stress and improve my overall mood.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've talked quite a bit about decaffeinated coffee so far, so it's natural that you might have some burning questions. Feel free to leave your questions using our contact form, and I'll answer each one.

In the meantime, I've been asked some questions about decaf coffee. 

What's the best decaffeinated coffee UK?

The best decaffeinated coffee in the UK is our Halcyon decaf coffee. It's a medium roast with delightful notes of chocolate, brandy snaps, and pecans, ensuring a delicious and satisfying cup of decaf coffee every time.

What brand has the best decaf coffee UK?

Balance Coffee offers the best decaf coffee in the UK. Our brand is committed to providing speciality, healthy decaf coffee rich in antioxidants and other essentials, ensuring a great coffee experience without caffeine. We also offer one of the best coffee beans for espresso in the UK. 

Can you get whole bean decaf coffee?

Yes, you can get whole bean decaf coffee. Many brands, including Balance Coffee, offer whole bean decaf options, allowing you to grind the beans for maximum freshness and flavour.

Are decaffeinated coffee beans good?

Decaffeinated coffee beans can be just as good as regular beans, providing the same rich flavours and health benefits minus the caffeine. High-quality decaf beans undergo a careful decaffeination process to maintain their great taste.

What is the best decaf coffee subscription UK?

We offer the best decaf coffee subscription in the UK. Our subscription service delivers the finest decaf coffee bags right to your doorstep, ensuring you can consistently enjoy a healthy and delicious cup of joe whenever you want.


To wrap this up, discovering an outstanding decaf coffee is easier than ever. The diverse range of remarkable options caters to all coffee lovers, each offering distinct flavours and characteristics. 

From ethical sourcing and sustainable practices to innovative decaffeination techniques, each of the brands I’ve mentioned are dedicated to delivering a fantastic coffee experience, even without the caffeine kick.

Take advantage of the best coffee subscription in the UK and explore a world of delightful flavours and aromas at your fingertips. 

It's time to elevate your coffee game – subscribe now and treat yourself to an extraordinary decaf coffee journey!