Best Coffee Beans London

10 Best Coffee Beans London 2024 (Ultimate Verdict)

I have spent 10+ years as a professional barista and coffee trainer. During this time, I went around London, taste-testing the best beans from many brands.

Picking what brands have the best coffee beans in London can be complicated.

You must first look at price, flavour, taste, roast type, ethical and sustainability factors, customer reviews, etc (SERIOUS PROBLEM).

But I am here to make it easy for you to choose the best coffee so that you can brew shop-standard coffee at home.

THREE (3) brands stand out immediately because I have brewed their beans countless times.

These 3 brands below are my personal favourites for the past 10+ years:

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Now, before I dive into the best coffee beans in London, let me tell you a quick story.

Yesterday morning, I got on my bike and headed north to Hampstead Heath to visit my friend Nuel. He’s an amazing guy and a coffee enthusiast like me.

On reaching his apartment, situated close to the waterfront (a beautiful spot, I might add)... I noticed he was sipping from his coffee mug and was looking a tad unhappy.

I asked what the problem was, and low and behold; he had bought a bag of BAD ground espresso beans from a shop.

So today, I want to save you from making the same mistake by arming you with the ten best coffee bean brands in London where you should order your coffee beans online to save time and money. Mind you, I have also covered the best coffee beans UK previously, so this is meant to support that list for those based in London.

Where To Buy Coffee Beans London (At A Glance)

So you live in London, and your goal is to feel the heart of the city in every cup of coffee you sip.

But there is a BIG PROBLEM!

Best Coffee Beans London

Over 121 UK coffee brands sell coffee beans online, and London is home to over 50. So how do you decide?

You'd normally have to sift through 1000s reviews about different coffee bean brands to have a clue (a HUGE time-consuming task).

It is a real HASSLE, especially if you're busy working and caring for everyday LIFE STRUGGLES.

I've experienced this dilemma too, and trust me, it's daunting and, more often than not, time-wasting and UNPRODUCTIVE.

But fear not!

I'm here to help you. With 10+ years as a certified professional barista and coffee trainer, I've explored the best coffee beans in London for you.

What does this mean for you?

Best Coffee Beans London UK

I've carefully chosen 3 exceptional brands from my exploration, and each personally tasted and approved. These brands, detailed in the table below, consistently impress with their superior bean quality.

And the best part? They'll deliver your beans FAST to your doorstep, sometimes even with FREE shipping perks.

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  • Zero mould & mycotoxin
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Best Value Konga Coffee by Origin Coffee
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Criteria For Picking Each Brand

After spending a decade in the coffee industry, I realised that picking brands for the best coffee beans in London is much more than just the flavour profile. 

Sure, we all love delicious-tasting coffee. But it’s also true that 95% of the coffee available globally is crawling with nasties like mould, mycotoxins, and pesticides.

Best Coffee Beans London

Picking out coffee beans for your daily pick-me-up is more complicated than you think. But lucky for you, I’ve worked in the trenches and done all the groundwork to simplify it so you can shop today.

All the top ten picks for the best coffee beans in London have gone through the following rigorous grading criteria:

Grading Factor Assessment Criteria Explanation
Optimised for health Tested and screened for mould, mycotoxins and pesticides Coffee free of the nasties is graded higher
Coffee Grade Speciality Grade vs Commodity Grade Speciality-grade coffee is graded higher
Bean Variety Arabica vs Robusta Arabica coffee beans are graded higher
Flavour Profile Richness, Tasting Notes Enjoyable, unique and delicious tasting notes are graded higher
Freshness Roasting date and process Coffee beans that are roasted in small batches and near delivery dates are graded higher
Aftertaste Bitterness level Coffee without bitterness is graded higher
Customer Reviews Positive reviews Coffee beans with more positive reviews are graded higher

1. The Stability Blend by Balance Coffee

Do you know that it takes me months to create a coffee that I can add to Balance’s menu? I take special care to ensure that nothing less than the best joins the ranks. 

So what makes my Stability Blend the best London coffee beans? Like all our coffee, it is entirely free of mould, mycotoxins and pesticides.

I went one step ahead and added the power of more than 1000 antioxidants to my coffee. It is 100% Arabica, speciality-grade, and top-of-the-line Brazilian coffee. 

Although it was expensive to source, it was worth it. It is naturally processed and has delicious-tasting notes of milk chocolate, fig and hazelnut. 

The coffee is mouthwatering, healthy, freshly roasted each time, naturally processed and of premium quality. 

Now, click the "Shop Now & Save 15% Today" below to start your journey into productive mornings.


If you are the type that prefer ancient medicinal mushroom + coffee, read my  article on the best Lion's Mane coffee. You will be thrilled by these brain boosting shrooms.

2. The Mount Blend by Volcano Coffee

When I first tried the Mount Blend at a friend’s place, I thought it was just one of those coffee packs you grab off the grocery shelf for a quick fix. 

But I was wrong. 

Once I sipped coffee made from Mount Blend’s coffee beans, I knew these weren’t your usual, run-of-the-mill coffee beans. It tasted fresh and produced a medium-strength coffee that was undeniably delicious.

So I did my research. It turned out I was right. 

The Mount Blend was made of expertly sourced coffee beans from Brazil, El Salvador and Colombia. It captured all the rich flavours of South American coffee, including notes of milk chocolate, caramel and fruity red grapes.

The beans are freshly roasted in small batches in the UK, and care is taken to ensure they are of premium quality. 

Click here to try The Mount Blend by Volcano Coffee

3. Konga Coffee by Origin Coffee

Origin Coffee is a popular coffee brand in the UK, so while I was doing my testing and researching, I thought I’d check them out. 

And boy, were their London coffee beans one of the best ones I had ever tasted!

Their Konga Coffee coffee beans are one of the best coffee beans UK you’ll ever buy in London, I assure you. 


Because they’re fresh, delicious, of premium quality, have raving customer reviews and great value for money. 

It is available as both espresso and filter roast so that you can enjoy these lovely coffee beans in the comfort of your home.

Find out more about Konga Coffee by Origin Coffee Roasters

4. Bourbon Cream Espresso by Pact Coffee

If you’re a coffee drinker with a conscience, you’ll love this one. I first heard about Pact Coffee while discussing coffee sustainability with friends. 

I heard what they stand for and was impressed. And because I’m a coffee drinker with an active conscience (and have a brand that does the same), I decided to check it out myself. 

Bourbon By Pact Coffee

Upon opening the bag, I found the aroma of the beans to be rich and inviting.

What’s more? The beans were roasted to perfection, with a medium-dark roast that gave them a nice shine and a smooth texture. When I brewed it as an Espresso, the coffee produced a deep, dark colour with a robust taste. 

One thing that stood out about this espresso blend is its smoothness. While bold and flavorful, it is also easy to drink without any harsh or bitter aftertaste. The notes of chocolate and cocoa gave the coffee a sweet and enjoyable finish.

Lastly, the coffee beans are 100% organic and certified fair trade. 

Find out more about the Bourbon Cream Espresso by Pact Coffee 

5. Yayu Wildforest by Union Coffee 

Union Coffee is one of the best coffee brands in London and one of my favourites. 

Their Yayu Wildforest is a rare find, and I just had to try it because I heard it runs out of stock very quickly. It is made from wild Arabica coffee, and the beans are hand roasted. 

Can you imagine? The beans are exclusively sourced from the Yavu Wildforest in Ethiopia. So it’s no wonder that the beans are unique. 

I decided to use these coffee beans to brew a creamy latte. And I was not disappointed. 

The coffee was beautifully bright, with a whole body and medium acidity. It is still one of the best medium-roasted beans I have ever tried. 

Find out more about Yavu Wildforest By Union Coffee 

What Brands Roast The Best Coffee Beans In London?

Balance Coffee roasts the best coffee beans in London. That’s because I take extra care to roast my speciality-grade coffee beans in small batches once the order arrives. 

All the coffee beans in my blends and single-origin coffee are expertly sourced from the top 5% of coffee suppliers across the globe. The coffee beans are 100% Arabica, tested for nasties, and contain antioxidants and delicious tasting notes. 

10 Best Coffee Beans Roasting Brands London

Do you know that there are more than 50 coffee roasters in London? No, I’m serious! And I discovered and tested tons of them by working with over 21 roasters in London. 

So here is a quick fix; dive into my list of the best coffee roasters in London. Discover which ones will give you the best value for your money. 

Coffee Beans and London

And don’t forget, each roaster on the list was carefully vetted and added in line with my grading criteria above.

1. Balance Coffee UK

I set up Balance Coffee because I wanted to supply healthy coffee. The truth is we focus too much on dairy and sugar as the evil plaguing our coffee. 

But my experience taught me that 95% of the coffee has nasties like mould, mycotoxins, and pesticides that can harm your health in the long term. 

Stability Blend Balance

Hence, I’ve put strict measures and criteria in place to source speciality-grade and 100% Arabica coffee at Balance that’s tested for nasties.  The result? 

Premium healthy coffee that is good for your body and kind to the planet!

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

Balance Coffee was featured in BBC Good Food and listed as the best healthy coffee by the Independent

Customers also enjoy our coffee and leave raving reviews. 

Two of our bestsellers include the Stability and Level Up Blend. The Stability Blend has tasting notes of dreamy chocolate, hazelnut and fig. The Level Up Blend is packed with notes of chocolate, berries, caramel, and pecan. 

So, ensure you get your hands on at least one of our award-winning coffee packs!

Click here to Try out Balance Coffee UK

2. Volcano Coffee 

I had already tried Volcano Coffee once, as I mentioned, but I wanted to do a detailed analysis of the brand. Just to be sure, you know? 

On further research, I was amazed by the sheer variety of coffee they offer. The list is long, from peaberry coffee to organic and flavoured coffee worldwide. And guess what? 

Let me tell you a little more about the first time I tried this coffee. I ordered one of their bestsellers, the Mount Blend. 

So one fine winter morning, it was snowing like crazy outside, and I had little or no motivation to leave my bed. Then I smelled the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting through the air. 

I was surprised; was the coffee brewing on its own? Was I dreaming? Or was it my mind’s ploy to get me out of bed?

I tiptoed to the living room and saw my roommate had helped himself to my new bag of the Mount Blend. I was tempted and grabbed a mug from his hands. 

The coffee was mind-blowing, delicious, and the smoothest brew I had ever tasted. My cousin was right. I’ve been following Volcano Coffee ever since, and they tick all the boxes in my criteria!

Click here to try The Mount Blend by Volcano Coffee

3. Union Coffee

A couple of months ago, I fixed myself a cup of union coffee at a friend’s place and was seriously hooked. For starters, I could tell it was freshly roasted and not just one of those quick fixes like instant coffee. 

My friend’s apartment in Central London has an incredible view. So, I remember sipping on this fantastic coffee while enjoying the mesmerising view.

After enjoying my coffee and the view, I returned to his kitchen and noted the coffee. It was Union Coffee’s Yavu Wild Forest. 

The result? Well, my craving was satisfied, and I had a fantastic day. 

But wait, what about the Union Coffee product that hooked me, right? I will tell you a bit about it, so let’s jump right in, shall we?

The reason is simple, they have been in the game of coffee beans forever. And you know what they say: repetition breeds mastery. They have expert roasters that specialise in extracting all the complex flavours of coffee beans.

Their reviews are picture perfect; they house an incredible variety of fresh and organic coffee beans; lastly, they are of premium quality. 

To this date, I’m still hooked on their Yavu Wildforest because it is a bright coffee with rich notes of marzipan and dark chocolate. When brewed as a filter coffee, I love its tea-like quality. 

So make sure you check these roasters out! They’re one of the best ones in the game. 

Find out more about Union Coffee 

4. Pact Coffee 

When I was setting up and expanding Balance Coffee, I used to wonder why coffee roasters in London weren’t focusing on the ‘health’ bit of coffee. 

But then, a few months later, I read about Pact Coffee while doing my healthy coffee research and heaved a sigh of relief. Out of all the independent coffee brands in London, Pact was one of the few zeroing in on making coffee more healthy. 

Pact Coffee Best Coffee Beans London

So naturally, I had to give it a shot. And well, Pact Coffee was worth the shot. It’s is also one of the first coffee companies offering speciality coffee to home drinkers through a personalised subscription service. 

And I once tried their best coffee for cold brew because I have always heard good things about it from my brother Rhys.

Pact not only sources speciality-grade healthy coffee but is also striving to promote the coffee industry's sustainability and improve coffee farmers' lives. 

And guess what? I already have a favourite too! Their Bourbon Cream Espresso is expertly roasted and delivers rich espressos with the perfect crema. 

It is roasted just days before it slides through your door, and guess what? Pact already has a cult-like following, which makes sense, right? To summarise, their coffee is healthy, fresh, and speciality-grade and brews delicious cups of joe!

Try out Pact Coffee here 

5. Origin Coffee Roasters: 

It was a bright Sunday morning in July 2005, and as usual, I was reading about coffee. Someone posted an article about Origin Coffee Roasters and their story. 

I was intrigued. 

The coffee business was started only a year earlier by Tom Sobey with a mission to source and supply speciality grade and sustainable coffee.

Let’s not forget this was back in 2004 when sustainability and speciality coffee weren’t that popular. So naturally, I was impressed. But I had to wait a few years before trying their coffee. I was a student and was surviving on instant coffee (hey, we’ve all been there!). 

Now almost two decades later, they have a state-of-the-art roastery in the UK and several different cafes. 

Regarding the best independent coffee beans in London, their Konga coffee is on the list. It has a floral and complex flavour profile with tasting notes of nectarine, brown sugar and mandarin. 

Sounds delicious? Then make sure to check them out!

Click here to Try out Origin Coffee Roasters

6. Caravan Coffee Roasters

I spent most of my career working in my Central London office and always looked for delicious coffee nearby. And while grabbing some from Costa is what most professionals do, it was just not my cup of tea…or should I say coffee? 

I’m more of a speciality-grade coffee guy. Anyway, I quickly searched for ‘coffee near me’ and stumbled upon Caravan Coffee Roasters. Their coffee bar has baristas pumping out creamy flat whites and americanos all day long. 

Caravan Coffee

And I must say, I love both of them!

Fast forward to today, and Caravan is one of the brands I can always lean on to provide fresh and quality coffee. I sometimes order their coffee at home, and it always tastes fantastic. 

Their Daily Blend is perfect for any time of the day and is excellent when brewed as a filter coffee. It is thick-bodied and has a clean finish, making it great for your daily cuppa. 

Try out Caravan Coffee Roasters

7. Cherry Storm 

Cherry Storm is dedicated to providing high-quality and freshly roasted coffee to customers in the UK. 

They roast the beans fresh in the UK each time you order, so you get nothing less than the best. Their beans lack bitterness which makes them ideal for all of the espresso lovers out there!

Cherry Storm Coffee

But do you know what makes Cherry Storm so special?

Each time I tested their coffee beans, the result was perfect. I could tell that they were big on freshness and sourced top-tier coffee beans. 

However, they don’t have any products available, and Cherry Storm no.17 is their best seller. It does come in two roasting profiles, though; medium and dark roasted. 

I prefer to stick with medium-roasted coffee beans because I am more of a medium-strength coffee guy. And like I said before, the beans don’t leave a burnt and bitter aftertaste when brewed as an Espresso, which is superb.

These top London coffee beans are a little pricey, but believe me, it's worth the money. 

Try out Cherry Storm here

8. Bird and Wild

Just a couple of months, I fixed myself an Espresso using the Bird and Wild Espresso blend and was seriously amazed. So, I decided to dig deep and find out why the brand and coffee are so unique!

There are many coffee companies in London doing their part when it comes to sustainability. However, I like how Bird and Wild focused on sustainability. 

Bird and Wild

All their coffee is shade grown, certified organic and, most of all, bird-friendly. But that’s not the only thing that sets them apart, far from it!

Their beans are shade grown in tropical highland forests where the coffee is harvested slowly. This is why all the coffee beans from Bird and Wild produce distinct and complex flavour notes.

Bird and Wild ensure that tropical agroforests and migratory birds are protected. Each bag of coffee that you buy also helps the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Centre and the Fairtrade Foundation.

Pretty impressive, no? I felt the same way. I brew at least one Espresso each week using the Bird and Wild Espresso blend. 

Try out Bird and Wild here

9. Perky Blenders Coffee

Don’t get me wrong, but I did start looking into Perky Blenders because they have a pun for their name! I mean, it’s kind of cool, no? I thought I’d check and feature them on my Instagram because they seemed social media-worthy. 

But what happened next astonished me. 

Perky Blenders Coffee

Perky Blenders turned out to be one of the best coffee roasters in London. I was on High Street Kensington one day and popped into Perky Blenders for a quick flat white. 

And it turned out to be so good! So, then I ended up ordering one of their coffee bags online. 

I tried their Forest Blend with hints of chocolate, almonds and caramelised apple. The coffee was fresh, delicious and dark-roasted to perfection. 

Try out Perky Blenders Coffee here 

10. Grind Coffee

Ah, Grind Coffee. One of the best coffee roasters in town, they have recently exploded in popularity. 

They started their journey old Street roundabout with the famous ‘Shoreditch Grind’ cafe and cocktail bar. I heard about them from a friend and popped in for a quick fix. 

Grind Coffee

It then went on to become my favourite espresso martini joint in London. Their coffee never disappoints.

Their coffee pods are organic and grind tins are endlessly refillable. They also have one of the best coffee subscriptions

So make sure you check these guys out. 

Try out Grind Coffee here. 

Bonus: More London Coffee Brands To Explore

It was hard to put together a top 10 list of coffee brands and roasters in London because the place is swarming with coffee roasters. 

But to give you a small appreciation gift for making it this far here is a bonus of some more coffee brands you should explore!

  • Assembly Coffee 
  • The Gentlemen Roasters
  • Mission Coffee Works
  • Batch26 Coffee Co. 
  • Ozone Coffee Roasters

So go on your coffee adventure and check these coffee brands out. All these brands have one of the best coffee beans in London that you should try. 

People Also Ask (FAQs)

But where should I start while trying to help you pick and chose?

Well, I believe answering some of your FAQs is a good place to start, right?

So let’s jump into it, shall we?

Which coffee beans are the best UK? 

The Stability Blend by Balance Coffee, the Mount Blend by Volcano Coffee and the Bourbon Cream Espresso by Pact Coffee are the best coffee beans in the UK. Why?
These coffee beans are freshly roasted, expertly sourced and of premium quality. They make delicious cups of coffee and are loved by customers nationwide. 

Which coffee brand is best in the UK?

Balance Coffee is one of the best coffee brands in the UK. That’s because, at Balance Coffee, I focus on supplying fresh, healthy, and speciality grade coffee to customers. All my coffee beans are 100% Arabica, rich in antioxidants, and make powerful cups of coffee each time. 

Which are high-quality coffee beans in London? 

The Stability Blend by Balance Coffee, the Mount Blend by Volcano Coffee and the Bourbon Cream Espresso by Pact Coffee are high-quality coffee beans in London. These coffee beans are premium quality, healthy, and freshly roasted in small batches. These high-quality beans also offer rich flavour profiles and delicious tasting notes. 


Every coffee lover dreams of brewing a perfect cup of coffee each morning. And what better way to do that than by purchasing the best coffee beans London offers? 

This guide will enable you to taste some of the best players in the game to amp up your coffee game. 

Since Balance Coffee is at the top of the list, don’t forget to check us out!