Best Low Caffeine Coffee Beans Brands

Best Low Caffeine Coffee Beans Brands UK 2024 (New List)

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Which quality brand sells the best low caffeine coffee beans UK? More on that shortly.

It's a beautiful day, and I'm really excited to have you here. If you're jumping on this page for the first time, I'm James, a coffee-loving nerd like yourself and the founder of one of the UK's finest brands, Balance Coffee.

I've spent months researching and tasting my way through countless coffee brands to find the best low caffeine coffee bean brands in the UK. 

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That hard work and time paid off because I'm excited to share my top 10 low caffeine coffee beans. 

You and I will also dive deep into the world of low caffeine coffee.

The Goal? I want you to understand what it's all about and know where to look to purchase low caffeine coffee beans in the UKSo come, let's jump right in.

Where To Buy Low Caffeine Coffee Beans (Top 3 At A Glance) 

You can buy coffee beans almost anywhere, but you will prefer to avoid drinking subpar coffee, right? Yeah, I thought so. 

So, where can you get natural low caffeine coffee in the UK? Here are the top three online coffee brands that sell the best.

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Product Benefits where to buy
Rated No 1 Overall Halcyon Decaf
  • Rated 4.89 stars
  • 100% Arabica & Speciality Grade
  • Roasted to preserve flavour
  • Fine-tuned to UK drinkers ever changing palate
  • Mycotoxin, Mould & Pesticide free
  • Rich in Antioxidants & Vitamin B3
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Rated 2nd Overall Decaf Columbia
  • Rated 4.7 stars
  • Flavour variety
  • Whole & ground
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Rated 3rd Overall Decaf Peru
  • Rated 4.7 stars
  • Flavour variety
  • Whole & ground beans
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Rated 4th Overall Origin Decaf
  • Rated 4.7 stars
  • Arabica beans
  • Flavour variety
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First on the list is Balance Coffee, which is my creation. At Balance Coffee, our main priority is providing the best quality and flavour in every cup you sip. 

We provide this through our Halcyon Decaf coffee and the Lion's Mane Coffee, a low caffeine mushroom coffee bean from one of the world’s finest coffee regions.

Thanks to our partners at Fungtn Brewing, this adaptogenic coffee provides a clean energy boost without the jitters, making it one of the best low caffeine coffee for improved brain function today. 

Each time you drink a Lion’s Mane coffee bag from Balance, you also positively impact the environment and coffee farmers' lives because one of our watchwords is sustainability. 

Click here to try our Lion’s Mane Mushroom coffee

  • Pact Coffee

The second brand on my list is Pact. If you love great coffee, then you must have heard a word or two about these guys. 

Steven and his team are on a mission to change what we know about coffee, and after tasting some of their low-caffeine coffee options, I can say they are doing a phenomenal job.

 Pact Low Caffeine Coffee

They do their due diligence to ensure coffee lovers like yourself enjoy only naturally low caffeine coffee, not the coffee you'd want to spit out of your mouth. 

This London-based coffee roastery is recognised for its eye-catching packaging and outstanding taste. Its approach to low caffeine coffee centres around offering a distinctive, flavourful experience without compromising quality. 

Assembly Coffee works hand in hand with coffee producers, emphasising transparency to ensure that each bag of their lowest caffeine coffee represents the hard work and dedication of the farmers who cultivate them. 

Assembly Low Caffeine Coffee

Assembly Coffee is undoubtedly worth a try if you're searching for a low caffeine coffee with a unique and captivating flavour profile.

Click here to try out Assembly coffee

What Are Low Caffeine Coffee Beans?

When you hear the term "low caffeine coffee," I'm simply talking about beans that do not contain as much caffeine as you'll find in regular coffee.

But there is usually one thing many coffee lovers mix up when they hear low caffeine coffee.

Coffee Beans With Low Caffeine

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These coffees are not caffeine free coffee but have about 99% of the caffeine content extracted. 

No, it's not the same thing.

So, you might wonder how these coffees are low in caffeine if they're not decaffeinated.

These beans are either natural low caffeine bean varieties or have been subjected to mild decaffeination. 

10 Best Low Caffeine Coffee Beans Brands UK

If you suffer from caffeine crashes, you will likely be caffeine intolerant. So how can you consume coffee without suffering all that hassle?

The answer is to buy low caffeine coffee beans from brands that prioritise the health of their customers.

Best Low Caffeine Coffee Beans Brands UK

So, below, I have put together the best low caffeine coffee bean brands that prioritize their customer’s health. Mixed these with some of the best mushroom tinctures, and you are good.

But who is number one on this list, huh? The answer is Balance Coffee.

  • Balance Coffee

Here at Balance, we bring the best healthy speciality coffee beans to coffee lovers in the UK. So what does healthy coffee mean?

I'm referring to coffee beans that have been ethically sourced and free from moulds, pesticides and other harmful substances.

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If you've tried some of our best sellers, like our Stability Blend or Level Up Blend, you'll see that our words stand true. 

Hundreds of amazing reviews from coffee lovers like yourself who have tried and subscribed to our coffee subscription can't be wrong. 

We're so passionate about health and sustainability that we took the bar higher to source and provide a new healthy product innovation named Lion’s Mane mushroom coffee.

We’re the first in the UK to bring mushroom coffee to the market for those who want to enhance their performance and improve brain health.

What's so exciting?

The mushroom and coffee combination equalises the intense caffeine buzz you get from regular coffee, meaning the caffeine effects are lessened, providing a more sustained energy boost that lasts throughout the day. 

We're proud to offer the best low caffeine coffee in the UK if you're intolerant to caffeine.

Balance Low Caffeine Coffee Beans

One option for this is our Stability Blend. A medium roast from Uganda with milk chocolate, hazelnut and fig notes. 

Aside from coffee, we also sell good coffee brewing equipment like coffee grinders and espresso machines if you want to stair up your at-home coffee experience.

In addition, if you like to taste the power of mushroom in coffee, then I welcome you to try the Lion's Mane mushroom coffee. It increases your energy, boost your memory and focus but without the jitters.

Assembly, an excellent coffee roaster in Brixton, London, is making waves in the UK coffee scene. They've set up their roastery in a 19th-century fire station in the heart of London.

And with a Loring roaster, a cutting-edge coffee sensory lab, and high-end coffee machines, you can tell have quality coffee beans with low caffeine.

Assembly caffeine Free coffee

Assembly kicked off in 2015 at the annual London Coffee Festival and has since been showcasing its top-grade speciality coffee globally. 

This coffee brand sources its beans from amazing places like Brazil, Panama, Colombia, and Peru.

They've got a low caffeine coffee option called Rodolfo Ruffatti, which has this fantastic taste of citrus fruits and vanilla. Mmm, sounds delicious, right?

The thing is, Assembly doesn't muck about when it comes to quality. They've got strict quality control measures in place, so they're making some of the best speciality coffees out there. 

  • Union Coffee

Jeremy Torz and Steven Macatonia are the dynamic duos who started it all in 2001. Their mission? To bring ethically sourced, speciality coffee to us Brits living in the UK.

And so far, these guys haven't disappointed as one brand in the UK with lower caffeine coffee. 

 Union Coffee

You might be wondering why the name Union. They call themselves Union because they couldn't make fantastic coffee without their partners – the talented farmers who grow those amazing beans. 

I love the name because a great brand is all about teamwork, right?

Having had so much success in the coffee industry, Union now works with over 42 producers across 14 countries. This means they can offer coffee lovers like you and me various unique coffee beans in the UK. 

Union Coffee 99

I'm talking about everything from house blends to single origins and even intriguing micro-lots!

Union's got some low caffeine coffee beans. You might have encountered some of their speciality-grade coffee in coffee shops and independent retailers nationwide. 

Ever wondered about the story behind Volcano Coffee? It all started with a humble coffee cart on the streets of West Norwood. 

Fast forward to now, and they've grown into a team of 30 coffee enthusiasts working out of a bustling roastery in Brixton. That's what I call a glow-up.

Volcano Coffee Works

Kurt is the beating heart of the operation. He's always on top of things, roasting the day's first batch. And I've got to say; Volcano consistently delivers even at high volumes.

What I love about them is their commitment to transparency. They try to know where their beans come from and even visit many of their farmers every year. 

As for their coffee, they've got 16 different blends including coffee with less caffeine, sourced from different parts of the world.

Volcano Coffee Works

And some of these options are low in caffeine. So, if you're after a delicious cuppa that won't leave you buzzing, Volcano's got your back.

  • Redemption Roaster

I've found the story behind Redemption Roasters quite inspiring. It all started in 2016 when university pals Ted and Max teamed up after working in the coffee industry for a while. 

But this isn't just any coffee company – they've got a mission.

Redemption Roasters

Redemption Roasters is about helping reduce reoffending rates and keeping at-risk individuals out of trouble by teaching them valuable skills in the coffee biz. As a result, they become skilled roasters and baristas, which is great if you ask me.

They've got options like The Wing, The Block, and The Yard, all named to reflect their ethos. "The Block" is even low in caffeine.

Their coffee all have eye-catching orange packaging, while their seasonal single-origin varietals are in blue bags.

Redemption Roasters

They also partnered up with Community Arts Projects. Together, they showcase artwork from inmates in UK prisons. You'll find some of this art on the coffee description cards with their limited edition low caffeine beans.

As a regular coffee enthusiast, there comes a time when your usual brew just doesn't cut it anymore. Of course, you yearn for a new coffee experience, but where to begin? 

From Cornwall's charming coastal landscapes to Shoreditch's vibrant urban environment, Origin Coffee Roasters has carved out a reputation as a coffee powerhouse. 

Origin Coffee

With numerous accolades in various UK coffee competitions, it's no surprise that the team at Origin comprises the nation's most esteemed baristas, roasters, and wholesalers.

Bringing home a bag of Origin beans promises a delightful experience, especially when following the brewing instructions on the packaging.

 Origin Coffee

Their bags' sleek, black design indicates the brand's dedication to delivering exceptional coffee.

Origin offers diverse coffee varieties, including La Pila, Lichia, Barokah, Aqi Badu, Beija Flor, Pathfinder, Stronghold, Resolute, and more. They even cater to those seeking low-caffeine options.

  • Old Spike

They started in a cosy little cafe in Peckham in 2015, and their mission was simple yet powerful: use coffee as a catalyst for change and give customers more than just a good cuppa.

Every time you buy a bag of their coffee, you're helping to end homelessness in the UK. 

Old Spike

It doesn't matter if you're enjoying a cup at their cafe, assisting with production, or distributing coffee to their wholesale clients – every bag counts!

Old Spike offers a fantastic variety of coffee beans to choose from. They offer some of the best low caffeine coffees in the UK. 

  • Nørlo Coffee

Have you ever wondered about the "Norwegian style" of coffee roasting? This is a great Dorset-based coffee roaster called Nørlo. 

Their inspiration came from a trip to Oslo, where they fell in love with the coffee there. And that's what they brought back to the UK.

Nørlo Coffee

Now, Nørlo offers caffeinated, decaffeinated, and even lightly caffeinated coffee in various forms – beans, ground coffee, or pods. Their beans are all 'lightly roasted,' leading to a smoother drink. And honestly, I couldn't agree more.

When I tried it, I noticed malty chocolate notes and a complex sharpness with a slightly floral touch, almost like unripe strawberries.

The smooth notes of vanilla custard and ripe apricots balanced everything beautifully. 

  • Kiss the Hippo

Even though this brand was only launched in 2018, the amazing team of coffee experts behind it has quickly made it a favourite among coffee lovers like you and me.

Now, you might be tempted to start with their blends – which are great, but let me tell you about their single-origin lineup. I particularly like Guatemala from San Antonio de Esquipulas. You might be wondering why, right?

Kiss the Hippo

This coffee is grown in the northern highlands near the Mexican border. It's low in caffeine and gets its unique flavour from the perfect combination of high altitude, rich volcanic soil, and heirloom varieties. 

The result? A refined and delicious cup of coffee.

  • Caravan Coffee

So, you've probably been to Central London, right? Then chances are you've come across Caravan Coffee Roasters. It's become quite a landmark in the Square Mile, where they serve breakfast in the morning and offer after-work drinks in the evening.

Pete Miller founded Caravan Coffee Roasters in the late 90s in Northwest Oregon. 

Caravan Coffee

They decided to take the business here to share their passion for coffee with people like you and me.

And they haven't let us down. Caravan Coffee Roasters has been consistently amazing, with top-notch ingredients and a roasting process that makes a difference in taste. 

They have walk-in shops all over London, and they even offer a coffee subscription service where you can order whole or ground coffee and other related goodies. 

Best Way To Brew Low Caffeine Coffee

Brewing regular coffee is similar to brewing mildly caffeinated coffee. However, you must pay extra attention to some details while brewing. 
Head here to learn how to brew epic coffee at home

You have to decide on the brewing method you'll be using. Some good low-caffeine coffee methods include pour-over, Aeropress and French press.

 Best Low Caffeine Coffee

Each of these brewing methods has unique characteristics that can determine what the end product of your brew would taste like.

Once you've picked a brewing method, you must get fresh beans and grind them. Our level-up blend is a great option, or you could go with a natural low caffeine coffee variety like Laurina. 

Having grounded your coffee with a quality burr coffee grinder, you should aim for a coffee-to-water ratio of around 1:15 to 1:18. You don't want to get this wrong. It could easily lead to poorly extracted coffee, resulting in a negative flavour.

Remember what I said about extra attention to detail? You must also choose the right grind size and water temperature.  I have an article on the best grind size for coffee beans here.

Pick your choice from the list, whether espresso, filter, or French press and brew some of the best coffee drinks in the world.

Best Low Caffeine Coffee

You’ll have to decide how to brew your coffee and then choose your grind size. A consistent grind size ensures even extraction, resulting in a well-balanced and flavourful cup.

The ideal temperature you want to stick with when brewing is between 90-96°C. This will help prevent over-extraction or burnt flavours.

Things You Need To Brew Low Caffeine Coffee 

Brewing the perfect low caffeine coffee at home requires some coffee equipment and skill, but don't worry; it's similar to what you're already used to for regular coffee. 

The main difference is that you must consider certain aspects when brewing low caffeine coffee. So, what are these things you'll need? Let's have a look:

Fresh low caffeine coffee beans

You must pay attention to the coffee beans you're using. In this case, you'll need a low caffeine coffee bean.

Our Stability Blend is a good option here, or you could source for a Laurina coffee variety, which is rare. Of course, these beans need to be fresh.

Lion's Mane Low Caffeine Coffee

I also have a well-written article on the best fresh roasted coffee beans here, and it makes for an appetizer reading.

Interestingly, most coffee beans listed there are from some of the best coffee roasters in the UK.

Coffee grinder

You've got your coffee beans, and now you must grind them. This is why a conical burr coffee grinder is another piece of equipment you'll need if you're buying whole beans. 

Invest in a quality grinder to avoid discrepancies in grind size for a delicious result every time. 

To help you, I have created an article titled the best coffee grinders in the UK. It makes for an interesting read, especially. In addition, they are also good coffee gifts for your coffee enthusiasts.  

Precision scale

A scale is something that I like to have at arm's length anytime I want to brew a bag of Stability Blend. It helps me keep the water-to-coffee ratio in check. You must have one of these at home if you want consistency in flavour.  

Gooseneck kettle

If you enjoy pour-over like I do, you must get a Gooseneck kettle. Trust me when I say this little kettle gives you more precision over the water flow. Besides, it also plays a good role during extraction. However, you don't have to get this if filter coffee is not your go-to method.

How is Low Caffeine Coffee Made?

So, I understand you are curious about how these coffee beans are made. Well, it's much simpler than you think. Low caffeine coffee can be gotten in two ways, and I'll walk you through both.

First, there are naturally low caffeine coffee bean varieties. These beans have a lower caffeine content right from the start, thanks to their genetic makeup. One well-known example is the laurina coffee variety I mentioned before now, which has about half the caffeine of a typical arabica bean. 

How is Low Caffeine Coffee Made

These beans are grown, harvested, and processed like any other coffee bean, but they give you a milder caffeine kick in your cup.

The second method involves treating regular coffee beans to lower their caffeine content. Unlike decaffeinated coffee, which removes about 99% of the caffeine, these beans are subjected to a lower level of decaffeination. 

The process often involves using water or a natural solvent like ethyl acetate (derived from fruits) to extract some caffeine while leaving most flavour compounds intact. The result is a coffee bean with reduced caffeine content but retaining most of its original taste and aroma.

How is Low Caffeine Coffee Made 2

So, when you sip a delicious cup of low caffeine coffee, it's either made from a naturally low caffeine bean variety or a bean that has undergone a gentle decaffeination process. 

Either way, you can enjoy a fantastic cuppa without the full caffeine buzz.

Health Benefits of The Low Caffeine Coffee UK

You might be curious why you'd want to swap your regular cuppa for a low-caffeine option. There are several reasons why low caffeine coffee can be a better choice, which I'm about to share with you.

Reduced Jitters and Anxiety

Suppose you're like most folks who get a bit jittery or anxious after having too much caffeine, low caffeine coffee could be the missing piece in the puzzle. When you reduce the amount of caffeine in your daily cup, you're less likely to experience these unwanted side effects while still enjoying the taste of coffee.

Better Sleep

We know that too much caffeine can mess with our night's rest. When you switch to low caffeine coffee, you can reduce the risk of sleep disturbances, especially if you're sensitive to caffeine and like to enjoy a cup in the evening.

Less Acid Reflux

High caffeine intake can sometimes trigger acid reflux in specific individuals. If you've noticed that your regular coffee gives you heartburn or discomfort, trying a low caffeine option might help alleviate those symptoms.

Easier on the Stomach

Some people find that caffeine can irritate their stomachs, causing discomfort or digestive issues. Low caffeine coffee can be a gentler option for those with sensitive stomachs, allowing them to continue enjoying their daily brew without the unpleasant side effects.

Suitable for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, it's generally recommended to limit caffeine intake. However, low caffeine coffee can be an excellent alternative for pregnant and nursing mothers who still want to savour a delicious cup without overdoing it on the caffeine.

So, a handful of health benefits to choosing low caffeine coffee exists. But, of course, everyone's different, and listening to your body and needs is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm sure you have some questions running through your mind right now. Don't worry, I'll answer them, just do well to leave them using our contact form. Meanwhile, here are some great questions I've been asked about low caffeine beans over the years. 

What Are the Best Low Caffeine Coffee Beans UK?

Balance Coffee Lion's Mane Coffee  is the best low caffeine coffee bean in the UK. It's got everything you could ask for – amazing flavour, ethical sourcing, and just the right amount of caffeine.

What Brand Has The Best Low Caffeine Coffee Beans UK?

Look no further than Balance Coffee for the best low caffeine coffee UK. They're committed to quality, sustainability, and delivering a top-notch cup of coffee you'll enjoy.

Can You Get Whole Bean Low Caffeine Coffee?

Absolutely! You can find whole bean low caffeine coffee on the market. It's a great option if you prefer grinding your beans fresh at home for maximum flavour. Balance Coffee offers the best low caffeine coffee whole beans in the UK. 

Are Low Caffeine Coffee Beans Good?

Yes, low caffeine coffee beans can be fantastic. They provide a delicious coffee experience with a reduced caffeine content, which can reduce their intake.

Does low acid coffee have less caffeine?

Not necessarily. Low acid coffee refers to the acidity levels in the coffee, not the caffeine content. So while some low-acid coffees might also have lower caffeine levels, it's not a given. Check the specific details of a coffee if you're after a low caffeine option.


So, you've reached the end of this piece, and I bet you're as thrilled as I am, right? 

I've got to say that diving into the world of low caffeine coffee has been an eye-opening experience, and it's incredible to see these brands offering these options. 

Now, I'm sure you're craving a fantastic cuppa, and guess what? We've got the perfect solution for you.

We offer the best coffee subscription in the UK, and I'm not just saying that – our customers love it.

If you're eager to try low caffeine coffee without hassle, our subscription service is the way to go.