Sage Oracle Touch Review

Sage Oracle Touch Review (After 7 Months Use)

If this is your first time here, I'm glad you've joined me for this Sage oracle touch review. And I promise to make the next few minutes worth your while.

I'm James, a coffee nerd always looking for the best equipment to brew one of my favourite drinks. And that's either a good espresso or a silky flat white. 

Seven months ago, I got my hands on the Sage Oracle Touch coffee machine. I wanted to specifically craft that ideal espresso at home every single  time. 

Specialty Coffee

My journey with this machine has been exciting and insightful. And I'm eager to share my experiences with you, highlighting the ups and downs of using the Sage Oracle Touch.

If you're considering getting one, this Sage the Oracle Touch review  is the only guide you need to know what it's like to use this machine daily. 

Let's dive right in, shall we? 

Unboxing The Sage Oracle Touch (What I Found Inside)

I still remember the morning my Sage Oracle Touch arrived at my doorstep. Even though I'm not new to coffee machines, I was still excited as I carefully unboxed this one, eager to explore its features and capabilities. 

As I removed the packaging, I found everything neatly arranged and secured, ensuring the machine arrived pristine.

Inside the box, my eyes were fixed on the Sage Oracle Touch machine, boasting a sleek design and sturdy build quality. 

The stainless steel finish gave it an elegant, professional appearance. Which would fit seamlessly into any kitchen setting and in particular mine. 

Alongside the machine, I found the following accessories:
  • A 58mm stainless steel portafilter with single and double-wall filter baskets for varying coffee strengths and preferences.
  • A stainless steel milk jug, perfect for steaming and frothing milk to create velvety textures for your lattes and cappuccinos.
  • A tamper is crucial for achieving consistent pressure when packing the coffee grounds into the portafilter basket.
  • A cleaning kit included cleaning tablets, a cleaning disc, and a cleaning brush, all essential for maintaining the machine's performance and longevity.
  • A water filter with a holder ensures that the water used for brewing is clean and free of impurities, ultimately enhancing the taste of your espresso.
  • An instruction manual provided step-by-step guidance on setting up, using, and maintaining the machine.

I took my time to unpack each item carefully and was impressed with the attention to detail and the quality of the accessories. 

Sage had truly considered every aspect of the coffee-making process, providing the necessary tools to make the experience good. 

They had put great thought into designing the Oracle Touch, and I couldn't wait to put it to the test. But, unfortunately, that had to wait another day because I was about to leave when the delivery man came.  

Sage Oracle Touch Important Features Discussed

Over the past seven months, I've grown to appreciate the Sage Oracle Touch specs and its impressive features. 

I've used several espresso machines, but this one has gone above and beyond. 

  • Automated Tamping

I don't have to struggle to apply consistent pressure while tamping the grounds. The Oracle Touch's automated tamping mechanism has been a game-changer for me. Because it ensures an even and perfectly compressed puck every time. 

This feature has streamlined the process and improved my espresso shots' every time. Why? Because manual espresso making can cause an uneven distribution of tamp pressure which causes ‘channelling’ in the coffee puck - the result of this is negative flavour such as increased bitterness. 

  • Touchscreen Interface

As a barista who appreciates user-friendly coffee equipment, the intuitive touchscreen interface has been a delight. It offers easy access to various settings and customisations, allowing me to adjust the grind size, temperature, and extraction time to suit my preferences. 

The interface also guides me through cleaning and maintenance, making the overall experience straightforward.

  • Conical Burr Grinder

I love the built-in, conical burr grinder, as it ensures that my coffee beans are ground to the optimal size for maximum flavour extraction. With 45 grind settings, I can fine-tune the grind size. The adjustable grind amount feature also helps me control the dose of coffee for each shot.

  • Dual Boiler System

The dual boiler system is a time-saver as one can extract espresso and steam milk simultaneously. 

This speeds up my coffee-making process and ensures that both the espresso and milk are at their optimal temperatures when combined, resulting in consistently delicious speciality  coffee.

  • PID Temperature Control

The PID temperature controller helps maintain a consistent brewing temperature throughout the extraction process. This has led to balanced and flavourful shots, free of bitterness or sourness.

  • Auto Frothing and Milk Texturing

If you struggle to achieve the perfect milk texture, Oracle Touch's automatic milk frothing and texturing system makes a difference. 

You can choose your desired milk temperature and texture, and the machine takes care of the rest. And the result is a creamy, velvety milk for my coffee.

  • Customisable Profiles

Creating and saving up to eight personalised coffee profiles makes storing my preferred settings for each type easy. This makes it easy to replicate the shots I enjoy with just a few taps on the touchscreen, and you can do the same too.

  • Self-Cleaning and Maintenance

The Oracle Touch's automated cleaning cycle and maintenance reminder make keeping the machine in top condition much easier. In addition, the prompts for descaling, water filter replacement, and other necessary tasks have also been incredibly helpful.

Sage Oracle Touch Pros and Cons

I understand you might be curious if my experience with this espresso machine has been beautiful. Unfortunately, while it's been a fantastic journey, it hasn't been without a few hiccups.

As the saying goes, would you prefer the good or bad news first? I'll begin by sharing the positive aspects of my experience, followed by a few less-than-perfect moments.

So, the PROS: 


The Oracle Touch consistently produces quality espresso thanks to its automated tamping, precise temperature control, and conical burr grinder. As a coffee lover, it's been a relief knowing that every shot I pull will be up to my standards.

Ease of Use

The touchscreen interface and automated features have made the Oracle Touch a breeze for anyone who values convenience. For example, I can make my favourite coffee drinks without hassle with just a few taps. And if you're new to espresso-making, you'll appreciate how user-friendly this machine is.


I love having the flexibility to tweak various settings to suit my taste preferences. The Oracle Touch allows me to adjust the grind size, extraction time, milk temperature, and texture, giving me full control over the final product. So if you enjoy tailoring your coffee to your liking, this machine won't disappoint.


The dual boiler system has been a significant time-saver, enabling me to extract espresso and steam milk simultaneously. This feature has reduced my coffee-making time and allowed me to enjoy my favourite beverages faster.

Built-In Grinder

A built-in, coffee bean grinder has eliminated the need for a separate grinder, saving space in my kitchen and streamlining the entire brewing process. The adjustable grind size and amount features ensure I always get the perfect grind for my espresso.

Personalised Profiles

The ability to save up to eight customisable coffee profiles has been a game-changer for me. It's made replicating my favourite drinks a breeze, and you can easily switch between different coffee types and preferences.

Now, the CONS: 

Size and Weight

There's no denying that the Sage Oracle Touch is a substantial machine. Weighing in at over 20 kilograms, you'll likely need assistance setting it up. While this might be fine for some, those with limited kitchen space may find it too large and cumbersome for their countertops.

Slow Warm-Up Time

The warm-up time is surprisingly long for a machine designed to simplify life for busy people. It takes around four minutes to heat up, so you might wait a bit before enjoying your coffee. Although you can program it to warm up at specific times, that requires some foresight.

Adjusting the Coffee Dose Can Be Tricky

One clear drawback I noticed during my Sage Oracle Touch review is the difficulty in adjusting the coffee dose. Despite Sage claiming the machine automatically grinds 22g of coffee, it delivers 25g. 

This is more than the ideal amount for a double shot, which should be between 18g and 21g. The real issue lies in how challenging it is to change the dose.

You must remove the tamper base and the pin above it to do so. Then, you can adjust the pin length by loosening a screw using the provided Allen key. Once you've set your desired dose (I recommend 18g or 19g), you're all set.

However, I didn't expect to fiddle with pins and Allen keys for a premium machine marketed for its ease of use. So this aspect loses a point in my book.

Sage Oracle Touch Set Up

When I first got my Sage Oracle Touch, I found the setup process relatively straightforward. If you're considering getting one yourself, here's an overview of the processes I followed to get my machine up and running.

First, I removed all the labels and packaging materials from the machine, followed by the water filter and tank that came in separate plastic bags. It's essential to ensure that all these materials are disposed of properly.

Before using any new machine, cleaning the washable parts and accessories is always a good idea. So, I rinsed them thoroughly in warm water with some dishwashing liquid. Once they were clean, I patted them dry and reassembled the machine.

Finding the perfect spot for the Sage Oracle Touch was my next task. I placed it near a socket for easy access to power. One helpful tip I discovered for moving the machine was to unlock the brakes by turning the wheel under the drip tray. This allowed me to manoeuvre the hefty machine on its wheels easily.

With the machine in place, I soaked the water filter and tank in cold water before patting them dry. After that, I filled the tank with water and locked it into position.

I filled the hopper with our Rotate Espresso to ensure I used only the freshest coffee. Fresh beans make a huge difference in the flavour of the espresso, so it's crucial to pay attention to this detail.

The touch screen on the Sage Oracle Touch was quite user-friendly and guided me through the entire setup process. It instructed me to flush the system and prime the machine to prepare it for use.

Once the initial setup was complete, I could start playing with the settings and customising my drinks. The machine even allowed me to add custom drinks by selecting the "create new" option on the screen and adjusting the settings to match my preferences.

Setting up the machine took some time, but it was well worth it. The machine has been essential to my daily coffee routine ever since, and I'm happy with my decision. 

Brewing A Cup With The Machine

Brewing coffee with the Sage Oracle Touch is a delightful experience. The process is straightforward, and the results are consistently satisfying. 

Here is what I normally do when brewing a fantastic cup of joe using this machine.

First, I select the drink I want to make using the intuitive touch screen. The Oracle Touch can brew two cups of coffee at once, perfect for those mornings when my girlfriend and I need our caffeine fix simultaneously. This feature is incredibly convenient, especially when we are both in a rush.

As I mentioned earlier, I use our Espresso Taster pack, a medium roast that combines three of their speciality coffees: Level Up Blend, Stability Blend, and Rotate Espresso. 

This blend is one of the best coffee beans for espresso with delightful notes of chocolate and berries. Once the beans are in the hopper, the machine grinds the right amount of coffee and tamps it with the appropriate pressure. 

The Oracle Touch's automatic features make the brewing process a breeze, allowing me to focus on enjoying my coffee.

The extraction time is crucial for a well-balanced espresso, and the Sage Oracle Touch does an excellent job of maintaining consistency. It takes around 25-30 seconds from start to finish, producing a rich and flavourful espresso shot with a lovely crema.

After brewing the espresso, I use the machine's steam wand to froth milk for lattes. The Oracle Touch's automatic steam wand makes achieving the perfect milk texture for my drinks easy, giving me barista-quality results every time.

Sage Oracle Touch Problems & How To Fix Them

There are some issues you might come across when using this coffee brewing equipment.   

Whilst they aren't deal-breakers, sharing these issues and their solutions is important so you know what to expect and how to fix them if you get this espresso machine.

  • Inconsistent Extraction

Sometimes, your espresso shots could have been more consistent than they were. For example, the flavour profile varied, and the extraction time sometimes fluctuated. 

To fix this, use freshly roasted coffee beans and regularly clean the grinder and brewing components. By doing this, I've noticed a significant improvement in the consistency of my espresso shots.

  • Grinder Jamming

On occasion, the grinder would jam or struggle to grind the beans. This issue can be caused by using beans that are too lightly roasted (the bean is too hard), or on the flip side the beans are roasted too dark and are overly oily. Finally, foreign objects entering the grinder can cause blockages

To resolve this, make sure to use fewer oily beans and to clean the grinder periodically. If you encounter an endless jam, it's essential to contact Sage customer support for assistance.

  • Difficulty Frothing Milk

Sometimes, you can have trouble achieving the perfect froth. This problem often stemmed from improper milk steaming technique or a dirty steam wand. 

To improve your milk frothing, focus on using the correct technique and make sure to clean the steam wand after each use. This has helped me achieve consistently excellent milk froth.

  • Water Tank Leaks

I once experienced a minor water leak from the water tank caused by an improperly seated water filter. 

To fix this, I removed the water filter, soaked it in cold water, and then reseated it correctly before reinserting the water tank. This resolved the issue, and I haven't experienced any leaks since.

  • Error Messages

A few times, the machine may display error messages, such as "Heating" or "Service". Various factors, such as blocked vents or malfunctioning components, can cause these issues. 

You can consult the user manual and follow the troubleshooting steps to address these problems. In most cases, this resolved the issue. 

However, if you continue to experience persistent errors, it's essential to contact Sage customer support for further assistance.

Who is The Sage Oracle Touch for (Intermediate or Experienced Users)?

During my first two months of using this machine, It was crystal clear that this espresso machine caters to both intermediate and experienced coffee lovers. 

The reason for this is its combination of automated features and manual controls, which allow users of varying skill levels to enjoy and customise their coffee-making experience.

For those who know their way around a coffee machine, Sage Oracle Touch's automated grinding, tamping, and milk frothing make it easy to create consistently excellent espresso shots and milk-based drinks without requiring advanced barista skills. 

The touchscreen interface is also user-friendly, guiding you through the process and offering preset options for various coffee beverages.

On the other hand, experienced baristas can appreciate the machine's customisability. The Sage Oracle Touch allows you to manually adjust grind size, extraction time, milk temperature, and froth texture to fine-tune your coffee to your preferences. 

This level of control is a real advantage for those passionate about creating the perfect cup of coffee and experimenting with different brewing techniques.

So, whether you're just starting your espresso journey or have years of experience, the Sage Oracle Touch could be a fantastic addition to your coffee routine.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

Okay, I know you must have some burning questions right now. So feel free to drop those questions in the comment. I'll address each one of them. 

In the meantime, I've received some inquiries about the Sage Oracle Touch. So, to help you, I'll share the answers to those questions here.

Is Sage Oracle Touch worth it?

The Sage Oracle Touch is worth the investment if you're a coffee enthusiast looking for a convenient, high-quality espresso machine. Its automated features, customisability, and user-friendly interface make it a versatile choice for intermediate and experienced users.

How good is the Oracle Touch?

The Oracle Touch is a great espresso machine that consistently offers great coffee with various customisable settings. Its automated grinding, tamping, and milk frothing simplify the process while still allowing for manual adjustments to fine-tune your coffee experience.

Can you manually steam milk with Oracle Touch?

Yes, the Oracle Touch allows for manual milk steaming. While it has an automated milk frothing feature, you can steam your milk manually by adjusting the steam wand position and controlling the steam pressure using the intuitive touchscreen interface.

What is the best grind setting for Oracle Touch?

The optimal grind setting for the Oracle Touch depends on factors like the coffee bean type and freshness. As a starting point, I recommend using a medium-fine grind for espresso. However, it's essential to experiment with different grind settings to find the one that produces the best extraction for your coffee beans.


Alright, we’ve come to the end of our Sage Oracle Touch espresso machine review. My seven-month journey with the Sage Oracle Touch has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows. 

Nevertheless, the machine offers many features, making it the perfect coffee gift for intermediate and experienced users. 

It may have cons, but you can easily brew fantastic espresso shots and milk-based drinks at home.

As a coffee barista, I can't stress enough the importance of using high-quality coffee beans to maximise your Sage Oracle Touch experience. 

To ensure you always have the finest beans for your machine, consider subscribing to the best coffee subscription in the UK – Balance Coffee. 

With our coffee subscription, you'll receive a steady supply of freshly roasted, speciality-grade coffee delivered right to your doorstep.