How To Make Latte Macchiato Coffee At Home

How To Make Latte Macchiato Coffee At Home

Have you ever wondered how your favourite cafe makes the perfect Latte Macchiato? You know the one I’m talking about; creamy, velvety, with the perfect balance of espresso and milk. 

Well, guess what? Today you're about to discover the secret.

One of my first jobs in the coffee industry was as a barista trainer for one of the largest coffee companies in the UK. It taught me how minor tips and tricks could massively help elevate your morning coffee to get your Latte Macchiato right.

And with my easy-to-follow guide, you can customise your Latte Macchiato exactly how you like it. Because coffee is personal, right?

Also, learning how to make a Latte Macchiato at home gives you the beauty of freedom. Want it a tad sweeter or slightly stronger? No problem! 

So, are you ready to step into your barista shoes and brew your Latte Macchiato? Then, let's get started on how to make Latte Macchiato at home; I’m spilling beans.

Side Note: I also wrote about how to make a double shot espresso at home, and how to make espresso coffee at home if you have some time, it's a must-read.

What Is Latte Macchiato Drink?

I have over a decade of experience in the coffee industry as a barista, so let me start with this; always learn exactly what a coffee drink is and the recipe before you brew it.

A Latte Macchiato is a coffee beverage that originated in Italy, like most other coffee, and has now, become immensely popular around the globe. We’ll get into its origin and history later. 

What Is Latte Macchiato Drink

So what is a Latte Macchiato, and what does it taste like?

The Latte Macchiato comprises three layers, each important in terms of flavour and experience. 

At its bottom is a layer of hot milk, topped off by a smaller amount of espresso, and finally finished with a layer of frothed milk or foam at the top.

The result? A creamy, indulgent coffee beverage where you get to enjoy the smooth, rich taste of the milk first, followed by the intense, robust flavour of the espresso

Latte Macchiato Ingredients

You must have already guessed the main ingredients by understanding the Latte Macchiato, but let’s see if you got it right. 

So what do you need, apart from channelling your inner barista, to create cafe-quality Latte Macchiato at home? 

Just three key ingredients; espresso, milk and water. 

Yes, that’s it!


First and foremost, you're going to need some good-quality espresso. You can use espresso beans and grind them yourself, or use ready-made espresso grounds. The choice depends on how authentic and fresh you want your espresso shot.

Also, always go for fresh roasted coffee beans for an elevated taste. 

I always grind my beans fresh just before brewing on my espresso machine for optimum flavour.


The goal is to get the espresso shot on the go whilst starting the milk steaming process. 

I use whole or oat milk and recommend it for the best results because it froths up nicely and gives your Latte Macchiato a rich and creamy texture. 

Latte Macchiato Ingredients

However, if you're lactose intolerant or following a dairy-free diet, please substitute with your preferred dairy-free milk.

Fresh and Filtered Water 

Lastly, you'll need water to brew your espresso. Again, it might seem like a no-brainer, but fresh, filtered water can enhance your coffee's taste. So ditch the stale water left over in your machine and replenish when possible. 

And there you have it! You can make your own Latte Macchiato at home with just these three ingredients – espresso, milk, and water. 

It's a simple recipe, but the result is spectacular.

How Do I Make Latte Macchiato Coffee Drink?

And now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for, my step-by-step guide on making the perfect tasting Latte Macchiato.

Follow the steps below to learn how to quickly make a latte macchiato.

Step 1: Brew Your Espresso

Before you brew your espresso, make sure you get the right coffee beans. You can explore the best coffee beans in the world here and take your pick. 

Then you’ll need to grind your coffee beans. 

Lastly, brew your espresso in the machine using ground coffee. 

Step 2: Heat Your Milk

While your espresso is brewing, it's time to heat your milk. Pour the desired amount of milk into a saucepan and heat it over medium heat. 

But make sure to stir it continuously to avoid it burning or sticking to the bottom of the pan. And remember, you want your milk to be hot but not boiling.

Step 3: Froth Your Milk 

Once your milk is heated, it's time to create that lovely micro-foam to compliment the espresso.. 

If you have a frother, use it to froth your milk until it's creamy and has soft peaks.


If you don't have a frother, don't worry. You can also use a whisk or a hand blender to create the foam.

Step 4: Layer Your Drink

Now comes the fun part: layering your Latte Macchiato. Start by pouring your hot milk into a tall glass, leaving space at the top for your espresso and foam.

Step 5: Add Your Espresso

Slowly pour your brewed espresso coffee into the glass. You want to do this carefully to maintain the layers. If you pour too quickly, the espresso will mix with the milk, and you won't get that classic Latte Macchiato look.

And we don’t want that now, do we? So make sure you go slow and steady. 

Step 6: Add The Frothed Milk

Finally, spoon your frothed milk on top of the espresso. This gives you that beautiful, frothy top layer that makes a Latte Macchiato visually appealing.

And voila! You've just made your very own Latte Macchiato at home. It's a beautiful sight, isn't it? 

Wait till you see what more I have in store for you!

Latte Macchiato Origin & History

You know what they say; you should know your coffee. But, as a coffee expert, I also understood each beverage’s origin and history. This helps me in mastering it better. So where and how did the latté macchiato originate?

As I touched upon earlier, this beverage originated in Italy. 'Latte Macchiato' translates directly to 'stained' or 'spotted milk' in Italian. 

What Is Latte Macchiato Drink

I find it an apt name because the preparation method involves 'staining' the milk with a shot of espresso, creating a unique layered coffee drink that's not only delicious but also visually appealing.

However, not much is known about the backstory of the Latte macchiate. However, many believe that Italians invented espresso macchiato in the 1980s. This beverage was supposed to identify espresso that contained a small amount of milk. 

The latte macchiato likely arose sometime soon after, also in Italy.

Fast forward to the 21st century, the Latte Macchiato made its way across the Atlantic and into North American coffee culture. Thanks to the expansion of big coffeehouse chains, this beverage has now found a place on menus worldwide.

So, whenever you sip your homemade Latte Macchiato, you enjoy a delicious coffee drink and participate in a tradition that spans continents and centuries. 

Isn't that amazing? I certainly think so!

How To Make Classic Latte Macchiato?

If you’re wondering how to make a Latte Macchiato, keep going because I have just the recipe. 

I’ve already taught you how to make a latte macchiato, but here, I will teach you how to make a Latte Macchiato that tastes classic!

How To Make Classic Latte Macchiato?

It’s still the same beverage, but I like the result of this process, so you should also give it a shot. 


First thing first, round up all the ingredients. Here’s what you will need:

  • 113g of milk (1 or 2% dairy milk for the perfect balance of proteins and fat)
  • 57g of espresso
  • One tablespoon of your favourite syrup
  • Cinnamon and cocoa (optional, but I highly recommend it)


  • Espresso machine with a steam wand (or a milk frother)

The Step-by-Step Guide:

And now for the part you’ve been waiting for - how to make a Latte Macchiato at home!

  1. Froth 113g of milk in a milk frother or use an espresso machine with a steam wand in the steaming pitcher. Begin frothing the milk till it has a light texture with plenty of air bubbles. Pour the frothed milk into your serving glass.
  1. Gently pour your espresso over the frothed milk and wait as the distinct layers develop. You’ll see layers of steamed milk, milk froth, and espresso develop. And when you look down, you’ll notice a spot of brown on the milk foam. This stain gave the drink its name.
  1. Add a dusting of cinnamon or cocoa (depending on what you enjoy more). This adds more flavour to the drink. 

And that’s all for this Latte Macchiato coffee recipe! So sit back, enjoy and sip your beverage as you prepare for your day. 

How To Make Caramel Latte Macchiato?

I’m sure you must have tried out Starbucks coffee. The Caramel Latte Macchiato was the brainchild of a Starbucks barista, and people over the globe have embraced it wholeheartedly. 

Guess what? You can now skip the drive to Starbucks and make this coffee treat at home for a fraction of the cost. All you have to do is keep reading and follow my lead.

How To Make Caramel Latte Macchiato

I love this recipe of Latte Macchiato, primarily when used with the best single-origin coffee beans. So obviously, I had to share it with you too.

I promise it's a treat for your taste buds, and you won’t regret it. 


  • One shot of espresso or 1/2 cup of strong brewed coffee from single-origin coffee beans
  • One cup of milk (whole milk froths the best)
  • Two tablespoons of caramel sauce and extra for drizzling (hey, a little caramel doesn’t hurt anyone!)
  • Fresh water for brewing the espresso
  • Optional: whipped cream for topping


  • Espresso machine or coffee maker
  • Milk frother or whisk
  • Saucepan
  • Tall, clear glass or mug

Now, let's get into the step-by-step process of how to make Latte Macchiato at home with a caramel touch!

The Step-by-Step Guide:

1: As always, begin by brewing your espresso or strong coffee; I recommend speciality coffee beans of single origin for this recipe. Brew the espresso using your espresso machine. A French Press and Moka Pot will work just fine too. 

2: It's time to prepare your caramel milk (yummy!). Pour your milk and caramel sauce into a saucepan and gently heat it over medium heat. Stir it continuously to ensure the caramel sauce fully melts into the milk. Again, make sure it gets hot but doesn’t boil.

3: Now, froth your caramel milk. Remove it from the stove and whip it into a creamy foam with a milk frother. 

4: Pour the hot caramel milk into a clear glass or mug. You should aim to fill about two-thirds of the glass.

5: Now, gently and slowly pour your espresso into the centre of the glass. Remember to create a distinct layer between the caramel milk and the coffee.

6: Spoon the frothy caramel milk on top of the coffee layer, filling the glass almost to the top.

7: Drizzle some extra caramel sauce on top for the final touch. Suppose you're feeling indulgent (don’t we all at times?); add a dollop of whipped cream before adding the caramel drizzle.

And voila! You've just made your very own homemade Caramel Latte Macchiato. 

You know what to do next; enjoy this sweet, creamy, and utterly indulgent coffee treat!

How To Make Hazelnut Latte Macchiato?

Hazelnut latte is a staple in my winter diet; I honestly don’t know how to get through chilly London days without it. So imagine my fascination when I stumbled upon the Hazelnut Latte Macchiato; I was overjoyed!

Fast forward to today, and everyone should know how to make a Latte Macchiato with some hazelnut magic in it. 

 How To Make Hazelnut Latte Macchiato

So let’s get to it, shall we?


  • One shot of espresso or 1/2 cup of strong-brewed coffee
  • One cup of milk (whole milk is best for frothing)
  • Two tablespoons of hazelnut syrup
  • Fresh water for brewing the espresso
  • Optional: whipped cream and chopped hazelnuts for topping


  • Espresso machine or coffee maker
  • Milk frother or whisk
  • Saucepan
  • Tall, clear glass or mug

And now for the step-by-step process, ladies and gentlemen.

Step-by-Step Guide 

1: Start by brewing your espresso in your machine. 

2: While your coffee is brewing, it's time to prepare your hazelnut milk (just like we did for Caramel Latte Macchiato). Pour the milk and the hazelnut syrup into a saucepan and heat it over medium heat. Stir constantly to ensure the hazelnut syrup fully integrates with the milk. 

3: Then, froth your hazelnut milk. Once well mixed and heated, remove it from the heat and use a milk frother to create a creamy foam. 

4: Now gently pour your hot hazelnut milk into a clear glass or mug, filling about two-thirds.

5: Carefully pour your espresso or strong coffee into the centre of the glass, creating a distinct layer between the hazelnut milk and the coffee.

6: Spoon the frothy hazelnut milk on the coffee layer, filling the glass almost to the top.

7: Do you want to go the extra mile? Then top off your Hazelnut Latte Macchiato with whipped cream and sprinkle some chopped hazelnuts.

Now it’s time to enjoy this nutty, creamy, and utterly delightful coffee experience!

How To Serve Latte Macchiato Right?

Take it from a seasoned barista trainer (me); not serving your Latte Macchiato can ruin your coffee experience. 

So how do you do it right? 

My experience has taught me that four main factors go into serving perfect Latte Macchiatos. These include: 

How To Serve Latte Macchiato Right

  • Flavour options
  • Alternative milk 
  • Toppings and decoration
  • Picking the right glass or cup 

Flavour Options

I’ve found the Latte Macchiato to be incredibly versatile. After trying its various flavour options, I saw that the beverage lends itself well to multiple flavours. 

Depending on your taste, you can easily experiment with different syrups, like vanilla, caramel, or hazelnut. It adds a sweet twist to the drink and makes it more enjoyable.

Flavour Options

Spices like cinnamon or nutmeg can also provide a warm, comforting note. 

And for the chocolate lovers among us? (I know I am!) A drizzle of chocolate sauce can turn your Latte Macchiato into a decadent treat.

Alternative Milk

While whole milk is traditionally used in a Latte Macchiato, no rule says you can't mix it up! I’m all for healthier options. 

In addition to being relatively healthier, almond and oat milk can add a delicious nutty flavour, while soy milk brings its unique creaminess. 

Alternative Milk

And here’s a secret tip from my years of barista experience: brewing the drink with coconut milk can give it a tropical twist that shouldn’t be missed. 

Just remember, not all alternative milk froth as well as whole milk, so you might not get as much foam on top.

Toppings & Decoration

This is where you can let your inner barista shine! You would be surprised to know how a simple dusting of cocoa powder or cinnamon can add sophistication. 

Whipped cream also brings a luxurious indulgence to the drink, especially when topped with a drizzle of caramel or chocolate sauce. 

And for a crunchy texture, why not sprinkle some chopped nuts or chocolate shavings on top? Don’t hold back!

Picking The Right Glass Or Cup

I used to spend a good fifteen minutes going through my cupboard, looking for the right glass for my coffee drinks. Do you know why?

It just makes your coffee experience better. And when it comes to this drink, picking the serving vessel is too important to let the coffee layers shine through. 

Picking The Right Glass Or Cup

Traditionally, Latte Macchiatos are served in tall, clear glass to showcase the beautiful layers. 

However, a large ceramic mug can also work if you prefer a warmer touch. Just ensure it's wide enough to hold the frothy milk and deep enough to accommodate the layers.

Ultimately, serving your Latte Macchiato right comes down to your personal taste and creativity. It's your coffee moment, so make it your own! 

Bonus 1: Latte Macchiato Tips and Tricks 

My guide has already taught you how to make Latte Macchiato coffee, but you didn’t think I’d let you go without some secret tips and tricks, right? 

So here’s the deal, just use the following tricks to take your beverage to the next level. I’ve covered some of them in my recipes above, but it doesn’t hurt to do a quick recap, so jump in. 

Toppings & Decoration

  • Quality Coffee: Invest in speciality-grade coffee beans for your espresso. The flavour of your coffee beans significantly impacts the taste of your drink. 


  • Dark-Roasted Beans: this ultimately boils down to your preference, but dark-roasted beans work wonders to make the perfect espresso for the drink. You can learn more about the best dark-roasted coffee beans here. 


  • Freshly Ground Coffee: If possible, grind your coffee beans before brewing. Freshly ground coffee beans give a more aromatic and flavourful espresso shot.
  • Milk Temperature: Don't let your milk boil. Overheated milk can give a burnt taste that can ruin the delicate flavours of the drink. Aim for a temperature around 150-155°F (65-68°C).
  • Frothing the Milk: Spend some time frothing your milk. The froth should be creamy and smooth but not bubbly. If you don't have a frother, you can also froth your milk by shaking it in a jar or whisking it vigorously.
  • Layering: Pour your espresso slowly and carefully into the milk to maintain the distinct layers.

And that’s all, guys! Pair these tips and tricks with my recipe on how to make a Latte Macchiato, and you’re good to go. 

Bonus 2: What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Latte Macchiato?

I have good news. The latte macchiato coffee benefits extend beyond just making your day better with its creamy and delicious taste. 

Here are a few more benefits (read: reasons) to add the drink to your routine:

Benefit Description
Caffeine Boost The espresso in a Latte Macchiato provides a nice caffeine kick which can help to increase alertness and concentration.
Rich in Antioxidants Quality coffee is a significant source of antioxidants, which can help to protect your cells from damage. (Beans at Balance Coffee contain more than a thousand antioxidants)
Potential Metabolic Benefits Coffee may boost your metabolism, potentially assisting in weight management.
Mood Enhancement Drinking coffee can be soothing and enjoyable, contributing to mood improvement.
Provides Calcium If made with dairy milk, a Latte Macchiato can be a good source of calcium, which is essential for bone health.
Hydration While it shouldn't replace water, the water content in a Latte Macchiato does contribute to your daily hydration needs.

Bonus 3: What Are The Side Effects Of Drinking Latte Macchiato?

Yes, coffee drinks like Latte Macchiato have their benefits. But you should know that consuming too much of anything can be harmful. 

Here are the potential side effects of drinking too much coffee, like Latte Macchiato:

  • Digestive Issues: Too much coffee can sometimes lead to an upset stomach or acid reflux due to its acidic nature.
  • Calcium Absorption: High amounts of caffeine might interfere with calcium absorption, affecting bone health over time.
  • Sugar Content: Adding a lot of sugar or using sweetened flavourings in your Latte Macchiato can increase calorie intake and lead to potential weight gain.
  • Sleep Disruption: Drinking this coffee drink late in the day can interfere with your sleep patterns.



And there you have it, a deep dive into the world of the Latte Macchiato. From its rich history and distinct layered beauty to the art of crafting it in your own home, I’ve walked you through the flavour possibilities, milk alternatives, and tips and tricks to enhance your coffee experience.

Ultimately, the world of coffee is broad, exciting, and full of endless possibilities. 

And with a bit of practice and a sprinkle of creativity, you can create a Latte Macchiato that rivals any coffee shop brew. 

So go ahead, give it a shot! You might just surprise yourself. And before you leave, make sure you skip the hassle of ordering coffee beans for your drinks regularly and get a coffee subscription instead. 

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Let's take all the important questions that you have.

What is the Difference between Latte and Latte Macchiato?

A latte is a coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk, with milk being the star. A latte macchiato, on the other hand, is all about the espresso. It's essentially steamed milk 'stained' or 'marked' with a shot of espresso. The preparation method creates distinct layers in a latte macchiato.

Why is it Called Latte Macchiato? 

"Latte Macchiato" is Italian for "stained" or "spotted milk." This name refers to the preparation method - you start with a glass of hot milk and then 'stain' it by adding a shot of espresso. The result is a layered drink with distinct areas of milk and coffee.

Is Drinking Latte Macchiato Healthy? 

Latte Macchiato can have health benefits, like providing antioxidants and a caffeine boost. However, it often contains added sugar and high amounts of milk, which can increase calorie intake. As with any food or drink, moderation is key.