Best Coffee Roasters Manchester UK

Best Coffee Roasters Manchester UK 2024 (Quick Expert Pick)

Which are the best coffee roasters in Manchester UK?

It’s no secret that I have spent more than a decade in the coffee industry, but let me tell you this; it’s been quite the love story. Every sip and aroma from perfectly brewed coffee feels like meeting an old friend. 

And taste-testing coffee roasters in Manchester UK? It felt like I had entered a coffee lover’s paradise.  So whether it's single origin or blend, I tasted them all. You can read my post on the best single origin coffee beans here.

Imagine, over ten coffee roasters, each promising a brew that's the best thing you've ever tasted. How could I resist?

So, I rolled up my sleeves and dived in, cup after cup, roast after roast, searching for the ones that stood out. And oh boy, did I find some gems!

And now, it’s time for me to introduce you to the big hitters, the best coffee roasters in Manchester, that made my heart skip a beat. It's a cheat sheet for the Manchester coffee scene I made for you.

So come on, grab your mug. The best coffee roasters in Manchester are waiting for you. Cheers!

P.S: Not all of the roasters on my list are located inside Manchester, but they deliver nationwide!

Criteria For Picking Each Brand

Before I share my cheat sheet with you, I need you to know that each brand on this cheat sheet of Manchester coffee roasters list went through a rigorous screening process. 

And I mean it. 

But will not bore you with the details, so here is a quick snapshot of how I picked the five best coffee roasters in Manchester after testing more than ten. 

Best Coffee Roasters Manchester

And while we’re talking about Manchester coffee roasters, I think you’d be interested to know that I have also done comprehensive guides on:

So check these guides out to give your coffee journey a much-needed and delicious upgrade. 

Here’s a snapshot of the criteria that I used to identify the best coffee roasters in Manchester.
Table 1
Grading Factor Explanation How I Judged It
Coffee Quality The quality of coffee beans dramatically affects the taste of the coffee. I considered beans' freshness, origin, and type (Arabica, Robusta, etc.). Did the coffee taste fresh and flavourful?
The Freshness of the Beans Beans that are freshly roasted in small batches, ideally as the orders come in, are of higher quality and taste more flavoursome. Does the roaster roast the beans in small batches?
Selection Variety A wide range of coffee types (espresso, filter, etc.) and blends gives diverse coffee experiences. Did the roaster provide a good variety of coffee options? Were different tastes and preferences catered to?
Sustainability Many consumers value ethically sourced and environmentally friendly coffee. Did the roaster provide information on their sourcing and sustainability practices? 
Online Presence A user-friendly website and strong online presence facilitate easy ordering and enhance customer experience. Was the roaster's website easy to navigate? Did they have a strong, engaging online presence?
Customer Reviews Reviews from other customers can provide valuable insights into the coffee's taste and quality. Did the roaster have positive reviews? Were there any recurring issues mentioned by multiple customers?

The roasters that scored the highest across all categories reached the top of my best coffee roasters in Manchester list

Which Is The Best Coffee Roasters in Manchester, UK?

Balance Coffee is the best coffee roaster in Manchester, UK, not because I own it. Our speciality-grade and 100% Arabica beans are free of mould, mycotoxins, and pesticides. 

The Espresso Taster Pack and Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee are our bestsellers and are delicious, freshly roasted in small batches, and provide powerful health benefits. 

The 5 Best Coffee Roasters In Manchester UK

Are you ready, coffee lovers? I’m finally spilling the beans on which roasters manage to breeze through my extensive screening process and make it to the top of the best coffee roasters in Manchester

So sit back, relax, and meet the five champions redefining the coffee scene in Manchester, UK, in 2023. Hold on to your cups; it will be a thrilling ride!

1. Balance Coffee UK 

At A Glance

Table 2
Grading Criteria Judgement 

Coffee Quality 

100% premium Arabica and speciality coffee 
The Freshness of the Beans  Beans are freshly roasted following customer orders
Selection Variety  Wide selection of blends and single-origin coffee beans
Sustainability Strong emphasis on the sustainability of the coffee industry
Online Presence User-friendly and intuitive website for ordering your beans in a few clicks, comprehensive and free coffee blog
Customer Reviews Positive customer ratings; no recurring coffee issues reported

You know those weeks with so much to do, such little time, and you’re holding on for dear life? That used to be me before I set up Balance Coffee in 2020, which by the way, is an actual labour of love. 

And while coffee was my daily fuel, I felt it only got me halfway there. That’s because most roasters sell commercial coffee, which is unhealthy (it contains some nasties) and doesn’t give a lasting energy boost. 

After some intense groundwork, I set up Balance Coffee, sourced the finest, freshest, speciality-grade coffee beans, and turned them into powerful blends.

best Manchester coffee roasters 

And that’s not all, my fellow coffee lovers. Each blend gives you a unique healthy boost and benefit, apart from incredibly delicious coffee, obviously!

Allow me to explain why our healthy coffee has earned its top spot among the best coffee roasters in Manchester

What truly sets Balance Coffee apart is our unwavering commitment to your health. Our delicious coffee is 100% free of mould, mycotoxins, and pesticides.

Balance Coffee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Balance Coffee is your go-to roaster for a coffee boost that tastes good and makes you feel good - that’s what the statistics and customer reviews say!

For example, our Espresso Taster Pack is a godsend for every coffee lover battling low energy, stress, fatigue and hangovers. It gives you an energy boost and laser-sharp focus to power you through those never-ending days at work. 

Hence, it should come as no surprise that Balance Coffee is at the top of the list of best Manchester coffee roasters.

And here’s the BEST news for you ever; our Lion’s Mane Mushroom coffee is the perfect combination of healthy coffee and the many benefits of medicinal mushrooms. 

Balance Lion's Mane Coffee

It’s a game-changing coffee that boosts your brain power, helps you de-stress, strengthens your immune system, and much, much more. 

Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself at NO RISK because we have a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

But that’s far from all, guys. Our coffee is rich, tastes mouthwatering, and contains the power of more than 1000 antioxidants and Vitamin B3. 

In addition, here is what platforms like BBCGoodFood and the Independent. 


The above statement is directly from UK's trusted food brand. And as if that's not enough, The Independent gave their own vote of confidence too.

Here’s what The Independent said:

The Independent gave their own vote of confidence

What’s more? It’s not just companies like these that enjoy our coffee, but everyday coffee lovers looking for healthy and delicious coffee, such as yourself, have fallen in love with Balance Coffee too. 

Tell you what! You can buy coffee beans in Manchester easily and over 20,000 happy customers sing the praise of Balance Coffee.

Below is what Charlin F who is one of many customers that love our healthy coffee and continue to order over and over again said:

Charlin F Review

What do you think?

But let me blow you away with another amazing review by Felicity C.

Felicity C Review

See? Balance Coffee is genuinely one of the best coffee roasters in Manchester. So what are you waiting for? 

Click here to explore Balance Coffee’s Award-Winning, Healthy Coffee 

2. Assembly Coffee

At A Glance 

Table 3
Grading Criteria Judgement 
Coffee Quality  High quality and speciality grade coffee, Arabica    
The Freshness of the Beans  Beans are freshly roasted with care and precision
Selection Variety  Wide selection of blends and single-origin coffee beans
Sustainability Has value creation and sustainability initiatives
Online Presence Comprehensive website and online store, convenient online ordering process
Customer Reviews Many positive customer reviews on various forums

I have to be honest here; I have a long-standing relationship with Assembly Coffee, and rightfully so. The brand is known for supplying high-quality and freshly roasted coffee.

Although Assembly Coffee’s roastery is in Brixton, they also deliver their exotic and freshly roasted beans in Manchester. 

They deliver nationwide and are among the best coffee roasters UK, so I made it a point to try them for my list of the best coffee roasters in Manchester. 

They also have higher prices, reflecting their high-end quality. But boy, are their coffee beans worth the money!

They also have the perfect assortment of coffee beans, but the Assembly House Espresso, the Assembly Blend and our Decaf coffee are some of my favourites.

Assembly House Espresso 

I taste-tested their House Espresso once again when I was in Manchester after ordering it online from their official store. 

The beans arrived carefully packaged in a few days, and the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans greeted me as soon as I opened the pack. 

I brewed a classic Espresso coffee from the beans and was again reminded of Assembly’s exceptional quality of beans. It was reflected in the rich taste, aroma and the way the beverage perked me up for the day. 

Assembly is also an award-winning coffee roaster and has earned the love of many coffee lovers. 

It’s no wonder Assembly is one of the best coffee roasters in Manchester UK.

Click here to try out Assembly Coffee

3. Grindsmith Coffee Roasters

At A Glance

Table 4
Grading Criteria Judgement 
Coffee Quality  High-quality and speciality coffee, locally sourced
The Freshness of the Beans  Roasted and brewed fresh in front of your eyes if you visit the cafe
Selection Variety  Limited but a premium quality variety of beans
Sustainability All their beans are ethically sourced
Online Presence User-friendly online store with next delivery
Customer Reviews Many positive customer reviews and ratings, no recurrent issues

It’s hard not to come across Grind Smith during a conversation about the best Manchester coffee roasters UK

So naturally, when I was in Manchester putting together this list, I had to test out the coffee for myself. This was my first experience with Grindsmith, and they did not disappoint. 

I took the next-day delivery option, which was true to their promise; freshly roasted, top-tier, speciality-grade coffee arrived at my AirBnB the next day. 

And now that we’re talking about freshly roasted coffee, I think you’ll enjoy another gem from my blog, a guide on where to buy fresh coffee beans.

Grindsmith Coffee Manchester

Anyway, I opted for their Sixth Day Espresso Blend; you know me, I love a perfect espresso. The flavour and roast profile of the beans boasted a sweetness and balance that just made my day!

The espresso was sweet, nutty, caramelised, and the perfect start to my day. 

And do you know what I love about this Manchester coffee roasteryThey only source quality local produce to give you the best coffee experience.

So make sure you give them a shot!

Find out more about Grindsmith Coffee Roasters.

4. Blossom Coffee

At A Glance

Table 5
Grading Criteria Judgement 
Coffee Quality  High-quality and speciality coffee 
The Freshness of the Beans  Roast fresh coffee beans in small batches on the loring S35
Selection Variety  It has a decent variety of filter and espresso roasts
Sustainability Transparent and equitable supply chains
Online Presence User-friendly online store with convenient delivery options, including coffee subscriptions
Customer Reviews Happy and positive customers, no recurrent issues 

When I researched this post, I was overjoyed at the realisation that Manchester is pulsing with many quality coffee roasters.

Although this made finding the best coffee roasters in Manchester harder, competition means better quality in the coffee market.

Blossom Coffee is a relatively new player on the curb and started operations in 2020; however, like Balance Coffee, it has quickly become popular and is often touted as one of Manchester's best online coffee roasters.

Blossom Coffee Manchester

The brand was founded by Josh and Oli, a qualified AST and a former UKBC finalist, respectively. 

Since I am also a fan of filter coffee, I ordered their Mártir whole coffee beans. It arrived promptly and brewed a clean, soft and sweet coffee. 

I absolutely loved it; it’s now one of my favourite Manchester coffee roasters!

But if you have family or friends living in Brighton, I recommend you introduce them to our best coffee roasters Brighton guide.

Finally, let's dive into the last brand on this list, ManCoCo.

5. ManCoCo

At A Glance

Table 5
Grading Criteria Judgement 
Coffee Quality  Organic, high quality, speciality grade and artisan coffee
The Freshness of the Beans  Freshly roasted coffee beans; small batches
Selection Variety  Huge variety of coffee blends, including various flavour and roast profiles
Sustainability Sustainable and ethical sourcing
Online Presence User-friendly online store
Customer Reviews Happy and positive customer reviews, no recurrent issues 

In my decade-long experience in the coffee industry, I have seen brands genuinely passionate about their work produce the best coffee. 

And I have been right every time. 

ManCoCo is one of them and also one of the best coffee roasters in Manchester. I opted for their classic Mancoco Manchester Blend, which was incredible and completely delicious. 

It’s a lively, all-day coffee ‘born and brewed in Manchester’. It packed delicious-tasting notes of cocoa and a hint of citrus and nuttiness. This also makes it ideal for filter or cafetière.


I also love the coffee variety in their online store, which has a convenient and efficient delivery system. 

Ultimately, their mouthwatering, high-end and speciality coffee beans make ManCoco one of the best coffee roasters in Manchester.

Did I mention that they also have a cosy coffee bar? Although I know there’s nothing like brewing steaming hot and rich coffee at home, you can give the bar a shot when you’re on the go. 

I tasted and tried some of the best coffee drinks in the world in the cosiest coffee bars, and the experience is truly unforgettable. 

People Also Ask Questions (FAQs)

Let’s answer some of the questions you may have quickly.

What Is The Best Coffee in Manchester? 

The best coffee in Manchester can be found at Balance Coffee, a brand with an unshakeable commitment to premium quality, health-friendly, and sustainably sourced beans that promise an exceptional taste experience with each sip. The coffee beans are freshly roasted in small batches and have over 1000 antioxidants.

Where To Buy Coffee Beans in Manchester? 

To buy top-quality coffee beans in Manchester, you should visit the online stores of Balance Coffee, Assembly Coffee Roasters, Grind Smith Coffee Roasters, Blossom Coffee and ManCoCo. 

Is There Coffee Cupping in Manchester? 

Yes, coffee cupping is available in Manchester, but it is occasional. Top Manchester coffee roasters like Grindsmith, Ancoats, Mancoco, Heart and Graft, and Blossom usually host most of the coffee cupping sessions.

How Much Does a Bag of Coffee Cost in Manchester? 

A bag of coffee in Manchester typically costs between £7 to £15, depending on the brand and quality. However, brands that offer more premium quality coffee beans have higher prices. Single-origin coffee beans, for example, are usually priced higher for their rare and exotic flavours. 

What is the Best Coffee in Manchester City Centre?

Idle Hands has the best coffee in the Manchester city centre. With a focus on sourcing high-quality beans, Idle Hands has a rotating menu of brews that gives coffee enthusiasts a chance to explore an array of flavours. Their baristas are highly skilled, ensuring each cup is brewed to perfection.


And that’s a wrap, guys! I hope you enjoyed my list of the best coffee roasters in Manchester because I sure did. 

The Manchester coffee roasters listed in this guide have made a name for themselves in the world of coffee through their unshakeable commitment to quality coffee. 

Make sure you check them out to elevate your coffee game! And if you are truly a coffee lover, then, it’s time to try out our coffee subscription.

Even better is the fact you will save 15% on every order once you opt for an Espresso subscription today.

Thank you very much and bye bye for now.