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Best Coffee Roasters Belfast UK 2024 (New Picks)

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What are some of the best coffee roasters Belfast UK?

As a professional coffee barista for years, I've been on an exhilarating journey across the UK, tasting, learning, and soaking up the joy of the nation's most exquisite brews. 

Trust me. It's been a taste-test odyssey - an enchanting exploration.

Belfast, this pulsating beacon of arts and innovation, is a veritable treasure chest in the vast terrain of UK coffee roasting. 

This city is a sanctuary for superb coffee roasters, each bringing their magic touch to the coffee experience, each deserving applause. 

These brews turn your mornings into a delightful experience and make your coffee breaks a daily highlight. 

But today, we're not just meandering through Belfast coffee territory; we're on a quest to find the best coffee roasters UK in 2024. 

Shall we?

Picking Each Roaster Criteria

Choosing the best Belfast coffee roasters from the buzzing coffee scene of Belfast was no small task. It required a thoughtful process driven by specific criteria I've honed over years of coffee tasting here in the UK. Here's what made the coffee roasters in this list stand out in my book:

Years of experience 

Experience often equates to expertise. Roasteries with a long-standing presence in the coffee world have invariably mastered the delicate nuances of roasting.

Best Coffee Roasters Belfast UK (New Picks)

They've innovated, grown from feedback, and, over time, honed their artistry. 

Hence, longevity was a prime factor - those who've braved the challenges and emerged triumphant usually have a good grip on creating splendid coffee.

Customer satisfaction 

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy. The satisfaction of the customer often reflects the quality of a brand. 

I dove deep into customer reviews, feedback, and ratings. They unveiled crucial aspects of the coffee's quality, the customer service, and the all-around experience each brand proffers.

Quick Delivery 

We value prompt, efficient services in this time of instant gratification and speed. Fast delivery signifies you'll be relishing your delectable, freshly roasted coffee beans in a jiffy. 

This factor is crucial for coffee, where freshness is the key to flavour.


Trust is earned, not bestowed. I evaluated each brand's transparency, dedication to ethical procurement and fair trade, ties with farmers, and environmental influence. Brands conscious of their impact are likelier to take their product and patrons seriously.

Range of coffee

Variety, they say, is the spice of life, and in the coffee world, it's the lifeblood. An expansive range of coffee breeds, origins, roasts, and flavours indicates something for every palate. 

It also demonstrates the brand's understanding of the diverse preferences of coffee lovers. I also considered the variety of coffee equipment, like the coffee grinders these roosters offer.  

Best Coffee Roasters Belfast

These criteria ensured that the roasters on this list are more than just good; they're Belfast's finest in 2023. They signify quality, delight, dependability, integrity, and diversity in coffee.

Which Is The Best Coffee Roaster in Belfast UK

As the founder of Balance Coffee, we are crafting some of the finest low-caffeine coffee experiences in Belfast, UK. Thousands of coffee lovers can back our claim of being the best coffee roaster in Belfast

As a speciality coffee brand, we provide nothing but healthy coffee free from mould, pesticides and mycotoxins in each roast, and that passion makes our coffee stand out.

Balance Coffee Espresso Taster Pack

I'm particularly proud of our Espresso Taster Pack. It encapsulates the essence of Balance Coffee – a carefully curated journey through our finest 1Kg coffee bean. It's an experience I would love for you to enjoy, capturing the essence of what we do best.

Then there's our Lion's Mane Coffee. It's a unique mushroom coffee, something a bit off the beaten track, combining the robustness of coffee with the health benefits of Lion's Mane mushrooms. 

It's one of our more innovative blends, one we're particularly proud of, being the only independent coffee roaster in Belfast to offer mushroom coffee. 

7 Best Coffee Roasters In Belfast UK

Let's head straight to why I still have your attention. Yeah, the best coffee bean roasters in Belfast you can buy speciality coffee. 

Over the years, I have enjoyed trying coffee beans from some of Belfast's best twelve coffee roasters. You should check out this article on the best place to buy coffee beans in London

So, I've done the homework to present the seven best coffee roasters in Belfast. 

Balance Coffee Roastery 

Thinking about where to buy coffee beans? You're likely looking for a coffee that boosts your energy and helps you smash your life goals. If so, you'll be satisfied with what Balance Coffee offers.

At Balance Coffee, we're dedicated to delivering coffee that's not just delicious and of premium quality but also packed with health benefits.

Balance Coffee Roastery

I am talking about sourcing 100% Arabica, speciality-grade coffee from the world's finest coffee-growing regions. 

The best part? 

Our freshly roasted beans are brimming with over 1000 antioxidants and a good dose of Vitamin B3. 

And if you're wondering whether our coffee stands up to the hype, ask BBC Good Food and The Independent. They've given us rave reviews because we offer some of the best coffee drinks in the world

The Independent even recommends our coffee to anyone who's health-conscious. Plus, we're so confident in the quality of our coffee that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. There's nothing to lose.

Our standout products are the Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee and the Espresso Taster Pack. Both promise a flavoursome cup that wakes you up and is an antidote to stress and fatigue.

Lions Mane Coffee

I could go on about the technical stuff that makes our coffee so special, but why not let our work speak for itself? Check out our customer reviews and see why people can't get enough.

Don't forget to check out our coffee brewing equipment, too. We have some of the best sage coffee machines at the best price. 

Click here to try Balance Coffee roastery.

Established Coffee 

The first time I visited Established Coffee, I knew this wasn't the regular run-of-the-mill coffee shop. 

You can feel the passion for coffee right through the roof. They've crafted something special here, and it's not just the way they present their beans.

Established Coffee

Are you a fan of third-wave coffee? Believe me. You'll be won over even if you're not. They've got this Ethiopian blend with this perfect fruity, smooth taste, and you need to try it.

Now, about their subscriptions. They've got a Barista's Choice, a Roaster's Choice, and even a decaf option. And you choose the size, either a neat 250g or a generous kilo. 

Even online, you can tell they care. Have you got questions? They've got answers. And they're eager to help you find that perfect cup, whether you're a long-time coffee lover or a newbie looking for that ideal brew.

Established Coffee is more than an online coffee shop where you order a coffee bag.

It's an online experience brimming with knowledge, passion, and a touch that makes you feel part of the coffee community. 

It is not just a click-and-buy; it's a journey through what coffee can be. It's part of Belfast's heart wrapped in a coffee cup.

Click here to try Established Coffee Roastery.

Drop Hopper Coffee Roasters 

Now, this is a place that knows its beans. Tucked away in George's Market, this spot is a hidden gem. As someone always hungered for that perfect cup of joe, stumbling upon Drop Hopper felt like striking gold.

You walk in, and boom – friendly faces and warm smiles. They don't just serve coffee here; they welcome you into a little community.

Drop Hopper Coffee Roasters

What grabs me about Drop Hopper is the freshness. Fancy grinding those beans at home? They've got you covered. Grabbing a bag of rich and inviting coffee becomes a monthly ritual if you're a coffee enthusiast like me. You taste the quality in every sip.

And talk about dedication – their stall at George's Market is like a showcase of coffee artistry. Two baristas, masters of their craft, are always there, ready to whip up a cuppa that dances on your taste buds. 

You can also find them at East Bridge Street and Kilmore Village. Here's a curious thing: they don't do the typical coffee subscription. Instead, they have this unique offer where they change their coffee beans weekly. Three different types, just to keep things exciting.

Click here to try Drop Hopper Coffee Roasters.

Root and Branch 

Nestled in an atmospheric old linen mill in Belfast, you'll stumble upon Root and Branch, a top-notch coffee roastery. It's a buzzing hub, with a microbrewery right next door and a smattering of indie businesses nearby. 

This collective gives off such a unique vibe – if you're ever around Northern Ireland, you simply can't miss it! The place evokes a familiar charm reminiscent of Manchester's vintage mills. 

Coffee Roasters Belfast UK

And, you know, there's this common thread between the two cities – our shared love for a good brew.

Their packaging is a nod to this affinity; not only is it catchy and stylish, but it's also fully recyclable, Eco-friendly and eye-catching. 

One of their signature coffees that always reels me in is the Bale Mountain, straight from Ethiopia. Whenever I'm in Belfast, I pick up a bag to check if they maintain their usual high standards. 

Don't get me wrong. I'm loyal to my Balance Stability Blend. But who can resist sampling other brands? Variety is the spice of life, after all.

You're hit with this deliciously sweet aroma when you open that bag. It's got this slightly hoppy undertone – it makes you want to jump straight to brewing instead of just whiffing it. 

Once brewed, it's a delight. The coffee is bright, with a harmonious blend of the initial aroma that slowly morphs into a gentle, fruity touch.

Root and Branch offers great coffee. The edgy packaging perfectly mirrors the quality of the brew. It might be a tad intense if you're new to speciality coffee, but they have a range of single origins for you to explore.

Click here to try Root and Branch Coffee Roasters.

Belfast Coffee Roasters 

Situated right in Belfast's bustling centre since 2018, the Belfast Coffee Roasters isn't just another coffee place. They're on a mission: bringing ethically sourced, top-notch coffee from every coffee-loving corner of the globe straight to you.

Now, these folks aren't playing games when it comes to quality. They roast in small, loving batches, ensuring the coffee landing in your mug is as fresh as the morning breeze.

Belfast Coffee Roasters

Ever thought of upping your coffee game? These chaps have teamed up with various coffee equipment brands, ensuring you've got the right gear.

Hop onto their website, and boom! A staggering 20 coffee varieties instantly surround you. Yep, 20! It's a little overwhelming. It took me back to when a mate first introduced me to them. The choices had me spinning.

But hey, if you need a nudge in the right direction, their Kenya Vava is a solid shout. Sure, the name raised my eyebrows at first, too. However, one sip and I nodded in agreement. 

It's a symphony of flavours - think vibrant floral notes, a hint of jasmine when it's piping hot, transitioning to warmer hues of red and yellow blooms as it cools. And let's not forget that zesty punch of lime and lemon that leaves a crisp aftertaste.

Their coffee bags? Available in a handy 250g or a generous 1kg. And if you're always running low, they've covered you with their coffee subscription service. Always fresh, always timely. 

Click here Belfast Coffee Roasters.

Bailes Coffee Roasters

Two decades ago, Russell Bailie had a vision. Tucked away in Belfast, he set out to ensure coffee lovers experienced the drink in its purest, most holistic form. 

Bailies Coffee Roasters was born, and from day one, Russell's mantra was clear: it's not just about the final brew; it's about every step the coffee bean takes, from the soil to your favourite mug.

Bailes Coffee Roasters

Beyond just roasting beans, Bailies made it their mission to empower cafes and clients. They dived deep into training, shared insights, and offered engineering wisdom.

As they spread their wings, so did their commitment, reaching out directly to coffee producers across the globe.

Let's pause and appreciate the effort here. For 20 years, Bailies has travelled, met with producers, and built relationships based on ethics and mutual respect, bringing home the world's best coffees.

Now, the folks at Belfast Coffee Roasters offer quite a variety with their extensive collection. But hold onto your mugs because Bailies has a whopping 22 coffee options. And trust me, it's not just quantity; the quality is spot-on.

From the lush landscapes of Honduras, Brazil, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Rwanda to the highlands of Colombia, their beans have stories to tell. They offer an array of blends and even a rotating Single Origin Subscription. Oh, and a little tip? If you rack up more than £10.50, delivery is on them.

I've dipped into seven of their aromatic coffee bags. But if you want a recommendation? Go for the Ethiopia Gerbicho Kila. With a scent reminiscent of toffee apple and notes of dried apricot, almond, and a hint of earl grey, it's an experience in every sip.

Click here to try Bailes Coffee Roasters.

SD Bell & Co.

When tracing the roots of Belfast's coffee scene, SD Bell & Co Ltd is a name you can't skip. Established in 1887, they're not just roasters but historians preserving the art of coffee and tea brewing. 

Tucked away in Belfast, their legacy stretches over four generations, making them the city's oldest independent tea merchant and coffee roaster.

SD Bell & Co

Every time I delve into their offerings, I'm whisked away on a journey - from the aromatic estates of Darjeeling to the robust coffee farms of Africa. They've witnessed the evolving tastes of centuries and have seamlessly blended tradition with innovation.

Their Blue Mountain Jamaica is a must-try if you're ever in the mood to sip on history. And for tea lovers? Their Natural Leaf Breakfast Tea is sheer poetry. SD Bell & Co Ltd isn't just about beverages; it's about celebrating a timeless legacy.

Click here to try SD Bell & Co.

People Also Ask Questions (FAQs)

Do you have questions? We have answers!


What is the best coffee in Belfast?

As someone deeply ingrained in Belfast's coffee scene, I wholeheartedly believe Balance Coffee is the best coffee roaster in Belfast UK. The seamless blend of diverse, carefully curated beans and an unmatched roasting process that produces rich, healthy flavours put Balance Coffee in a class of its own.

Where to buy coffee beans in Belfast?

If you're looking for where to buy fresh coffee beans in Belfast, I will point you towards our doors at Balance Coffee. Not only do we offer a broad range of premium beans, but we also pride ourselves on our warm customer service and knowledge sharing. You're also able to order online if popping in isn't convenient.

How Much Does a Bag of Coffee Cost in Belfast?

The price of coffee beans in the Belfast coffee roastery can vary, typically based on quality and origin. However, you can generally expect to pay between £8 to £30 for a bag of high-quality coffee beans like those at Balance Coffee.

Are coffee roasters in Belfast involved in sustainable practices?

Indeed, many top Belfast coffee roasters, including Balance Coffee, prioritise sustainable practices. We strive to source our beans from farmers who share our environmental commitment. We're passionate about leaving as small a footprint as possible on our beautiful planet.

Do coffee roasters in Belfast offer tours or coffee-tasting experiences?

Several coffee roasters in Belfast offer enlightening tours and tasting experiences. These sessions can offer you an inside look at the coffee-making process and allow you to savour an array of coffee blends.

Can I buy coffee beans directly from coffee roasters in Belfast?

You can! Some of the best speciality coffee roasters in Belfast, like Balance Coffee, welcome direct purchases from customers. You can buy straight from our roastery or online store, ensuring you get our beans at their freshest.

How do I choose the right coffee roaster in Belfast?

Selecting the right or fresh roasted coffee beans in Belfast requires considering the variety of coffee they offer, their commitment to sustainability, the quality of the beans, reviews from other customers, and your taste preferences. 

What are some popular coffee roasters in Belfast?

Some well-loved coffee roasters in Belfast include Balance Coffee, Root & Branch, and Established Coffee. Each roaster brings a unique flavour and ethos to Belfast's coffee scene, creating a truly diverse and exciting coffee culture.


If you're hunting for the best coffee in Belfast, you're spoiled for choice. From the expertise of Balance Coffee to the ever-evolving variety at Belfast Coffee Roasters, there's a perfect blend for everyone. 

I've done the legwork for you, exploring these hidden gems, and trust me, they don't disappoint! Whether you prefer the fruity notes of Ethiopia Gerbicho Kila from Bailies or you'd prefer to plug into our coffee subscription service, you're in for a treat.

And, the best part? These roasters care about their beans and the people who grow them. So, next time you sip your brew, know you're supporting ethical sourcing and quality roasting. 

Now, explore these best online coffee roasters in Belfast UK.  And if you have family or friends in London, refer them to our best coffee roasters London guide.