1KG Coffee Beans

Where To Buy 1kg Coffee Beans Online (Espresso, Decaf & Filter)

There you are, sitting at your kitchen counter, scanning countless online tabs on your smartphone or laptop. All you want right now is the best place to buy a 1kg bag of coffee beans

Espresso, decaf, filter—you crave them all, just like I do.

It's a jungle out there though, with hundreds of options just a click away. But don't sweat it! I'm here to guide you. 

As a barista with over a decade of taste testing and buying different coffee beans, I've brewed and tasted my way through the online coffee marketplace to save you the hassle. 

So, ready for a wild coffee journey without even leaving your chair? Excellent! 

Dive into this article, and let's uncover where you can buy exceptional 1kg coffee beans online. The aroma of the perfect brew is just around the corner. 

What Is A 1Kg Coffee Bean?

A 1kg bag of coffee beans is roughly 60 cups of coffee. It's a guarantee that many mornings are kicked off with a smile, courtesy of a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

This isn't merely a bag of beans - it's your private cafe, right on your kitchen counter.

Buy 1kg Coffee Beans Online

Every single bean tucked inside this substantial 1kg bag carries the promise to revamp your mornings, inject a surge of energy into your afternoons, or deliver a tranquil finish to your day.

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This, my friends, is the power and allure of a quality cup of coffee, and it's all yours to command.

Where To Buy 1KG Coffee Beans (3 Trusted Brands)

Looking for good places to get 1kg coffee beans in the UK? Let me point you to three great brands: Balance, Volcano, and Assembly Coffee.

These are trusted names and the coffee tastes really good - trust me.

Balance Coffee

Balance Coffee is committed to providing only healthy coffee beans to caffeine lovers in the UK. And that extends to the 'healthiest 1kg bag of coffee beans you've ever heard of. 

We're picky - and for good reason.

Balance 1KG Bag of Coffee

Table 1
Balance Coffee Benefits
✅ Healthy Coffee (Free from Mould & Mycotoxins)
✅ 1000+ Antioxidants - your daily wellbeing boost 
✅ Taste - Delicious unique flavours in every blend. 
✅ Good Value - From just £60p per cup you can brew barista coffee at home.
✅ Sustainable - We plant trees every month and use Recyclable packaging. 

We source exclusively from the global top 5% of coffee producers. So, yes, we shell out 25% more for our raw coffee, but the payoff is massive. 

Subscribe and save CTA

The incredible health benefits and unparalleled flavour of our coffee? Nothing short of mind-blowing. It's not the easiest route, but it's the Balance Coffee way - and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Don't just tag along with my words - top UK press like "BBCgoodfood" and "Independent" rave about the rich, full-bodied espresso, the smooth and subtle filter coffee, and our soothing decaf that doesn't compromise taste. 

We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with our coffee. At our company, we believe you deserve the best possible coffee experience.

Click here to try out Balance Coffee 1KG beans.

Volcano Coffee

In the realm of coffee connoisseurs, Volcano Coffee has firmly carved its niche. 

With roots in West Dulwich and the guiding hand of Kurt Stewart since 2010, this brand truly excels at creating exquisite coffee. 

Volcano Coffee Works 1KG Bag of coffee

Every 1kg coffee bean volume they produce promises an adventure in taste, a captivating journey from the first aroma to the final sip. Looking for that kick-start espresso? They've got Full Steam Espresso. Seeking a serene decaf moment? They deliver. 

Volcano Coffee's reputation in the coffee community is well-earned and strong, and I can personally vouch for its charm. 

They simply know how to craft coffee that hits the right notes.

Assembly Coffee

Lastly, but by no means least, Assembly Coffee takes its proud place on our list. 

This London-based gem may be small, the brainchild of two coffee-obsessed buddies, Michael and Nick, but it packs a huge punch in the flavour department. 

Assembly 1KG Coffee Bag

Each 1kg bag of their carefully selected and expertly roasted beans leaves an indelible mark on your taste buds.

One customer couldn't help gushing about their Single House espresso beans, "Their vibrant espresso is like a morning pep talk in a cup, awakening my senses and setting me up for a productive day." 

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Another loyal customer swears by their Colombian decaf, saying, "It's wonderfully gentle, yet so satisfying. It's my perfect cup to wind down after a long day."

If you're on the lookout for something different, Assembly Coffee might just be what you're

Where To Buy 1Kg Espresso Coffee Beans UK

Are you looking for the best 1kg espresso coffee beans to purchase in the UK? Well, I can vouch for these two.

Balance Coffee 

Our Rotate Espresso is something truly special. Imagine a medium-dark roast with dark chocolate and cranberries dancing on your palate - an unexpected, delightful combo sourced from Mexico. 

I don't just love our Rotate Espresso; it's also been spotlighted by the BBC, Delish, and The Independent. 

Balance Coffee IKG Rotate Espresso

Now, with a 1kg bag of this delightful roast, you'll be brewing up to 60 cups of this incredible espresso. That's 60 mornings, afternoons, or evenings made better with Balance Coffee.

Join hundreds of our satisfied customers by trying our Rotate Espresso.

 Pact Coffee 

Pact Coffee is a standout brand with a firm spot in the espresso scene. 

Their House Espresso is a dark roast, harbouring a gentle acidity and a flavour profile that reminds you of a comforting bar of milk chocolate. 

Pact 1KG Coffee Beans

From just one 1kg bag, you can get around 60 cups of their tasty coffee. Many good mornings are waiting for you. 

1KG Filter Coffee Beans UK (Where To Buy) 

Searching for the perfect filter coffee? It's all about the beans. Let me show you two superb spots in the UK to bag yourself a 1kg pack of the best filter coffee beans. 

Balance Coffee

Our Stability Blend leads the way if you want to buy filter coffee beans 1kg in the UK. 

It's a medium roast from the heart of Uganda and Mexico - two regions renowned for their quality coffee. 

Stability Blend 1

Unravel the flavours of milk chocolate, hazelnut, and a finishing touch of fig. We've taken the extra step to test for mould, mycotoxins, and pesticides, ensuring you're savouring a clean cup free from unwanted surprises and harmful chemicals that lead to long term health issues. . 

Each 1kg bag of our Stability Blend paves the way for up to 60 extraordinary cups of coffee.

Click here to try out our Stability Espresso Blend

Origin Coffee

Origin Coffee takes it to another level with its La Conchita. Daniel Cardona and his team meticulously craft this Colombian treasure. 

La Conchita is fermented for approximately 240 hours, producing a wildly unique coffee. Each sip introduces you to a symphony of flavours featuring mango, pineapple, and molasses notes. 

Origin 1KG Coffee

La Conchita is your perfect match if you're seeking a taste of adventure. Let these carefully curated beans take your filter coffee experience to a new horizon.

Click here to try out Origin's Coffee La Conchita

Where To Buy 1KG Decaf Coffee Beans UK

You love coffee but don't need too much caffeine? Not a worry, mate! Here are the best places in the UK to find decaf coffee beans. They’ve got full kilos, so you're sorted.

Balance Coffee

Our pride is at the core of our offerings, the Halcyon Decaf Coffee, a medium roast procured directly from Guatemala. 

But, of course, I'm talking about hints of chocolate, brandy snaps, and pecans — a symphony of flavours dancing on your taste buds. 

Halcyon Decaf 1KG Coffee

We deliver not just a 1kg decaf coffee bean but a premium-quality Arabica bean brimming with antioxidants. It's more than a brew; it promises a healthy and delightful coffee experience.

Our Halcyon Decaf isn't just another decaf. It's the best decaf coffee bean in the UK and has won over countless coffee aficionados. Just ask Lorie K, who vouches, "The taste is exquisite! It lacks the bitterness I've found in other decafs. It's become my morning muse, making me eager for that first cup of the day." 

Then there's Lucy, who confesses, "I'm obsessed with our decaf coffee. Initially, I was sceptical, but it tasted so decadently chocolatey when I brewed it a tad longer - around 8 minutes in my cafetière! So now, I simply can't resist it!"

We go beyond providing you with top-tier decaf beans. We're also proud to offer our finest coffee brewing equipment

This includes the likes of our espresso coffee machines, like our Sage Barista Touch Espresso coffee machine, which is a perfect addition to any coffee lover's arsenal.

Click here to order a pack of our Halcyon Decaf while it's still in stock

Pact Coffee

A name synonymous with exceptional coffee for the past ten years is Pact Coffee. A dream nurtured in the homely kitchen of founder Stephen Rapoport, Pact Coffee has since brewed into one of the UK's top-notch coffee brands.

Their promise is simple yet profound: to serve the UK with remarkable coffee in a way that respects coffee producers and the environment. Their decaf coffee line-up showcases this commitment brilliantly, presenting three extraordinary options, each with its place on this list for a reason.

Pact 1KG Coffee Beans 2

I love their La Providencia Decaf, a Colombian medium-dark roast from the diligent Jose Ramon Collazos and Maria del Rosario. This gem gives you the joy of dark chocolate and raisin flavours dancing on your palate.

For those drawn to milk chocolate nuances, their Decaf Casa Loma, another Colombian medium roast, entices hints of dates and milk chocolate.

Pod coffee lovers aren't left out. Pact's Bourbon Cream Decaf caters just to you. You'll receive a generous box of 56 pods, all capturing the flavour of delicious Bourbon cream biscuits.

An added perk is that these guys use sugar-cane decaffeination, ensuring decaf coffee that's uncompromising on quality.

Click here to get a bag of Pact's Decaf Buenos Aires

Where To Buy 500g Coffee Beans 

Think a kilo of coffee is a bit much? No stress! Here are two online coffee store to pick up 500g bags of quality coffee beans right here in the UK.

Balance Coffee

Having dedicated years to mastering the coffee craft, I can confidently affirm that our 500g coffee beans are the best you can get online in the UK. 

For coffee enthusiasts like you, who can't imagine a morning without that rich, aromatic brew, our coffee bean 500g  option is a blessing.

Agata Single Origin

The joy we feel from the positive responses we've received from our dear customers is immeasurable. 

Nutritionist Clementine is all praises for our 500g Stability Blend. She writes, "I'm a nutritionist and swear by Balance. Stability is my fave."

And Tom? He's a loyalist who loves our coffee subscription. 

He shares, "Cheers to a new year of fantastic coffee! I've had multiple coffee subscriptions, and none have been as consistently good as this. Yes, delivery might take a while, but all minor issues are forgotten once this coffee hits your tastebuds."

Click here to grab a bag of our 500g speciality coffee bean.

Ozone Coffee Roaster

Ozone Coffee is another brilliant UK brand that's serious about its responsibility. 

Embracing the "continuous improvement" mantra, their actions and impacts are always forward-looking. 

Their commitment to building strong relationships with suppliers and maintaining ethical standards ensures that every cup you enjoy results from a fair and transparent process.

Ozone 1KG Coffee Beans

To reduce waste, they use recycled and recyclable packaging. Their innovative sustainability efforts also include fermenting food waste for better gut health.

And did you know the chairs in their London Fields coffee shop are made from fishing nets and ropes by Snohetta? Sustainability truly seeps into every aspect of their operation.

And yes, you can enjoy their 500g filter, espresso, and decaf coffee beans to your heart's content!

Click here if you'd like to try Ozone's 500g coffee bag

Where To Buy 250g Coffee Beans 

Now, for those of you who prefer coffee in smaller quantities, there's something special. Take a look at these two fantastic UK brands to buy 250g coffee beans.

Balance Coffee

As you already know by now, we're in the business of crafting speciality coffee beans, and of course, we also do this by providing a light 250g coffee bag

Our broad range has something for every coffee lover, and if you're wondering where to start, our popular choices include the Stability Blend, Rotate Espresso, and the Level Up Blend.

Stability Blend

Each of these products boasts distinct and robust flavours. However, coffee for us isn't just a product; it's an experience, a journey of flavours we're thrilled for you to explore.

Click here to purchase a  250g coffee bag of our Stability Blend.

Redemption Roasters

Redemption Roasters has made headlines as the pioneers of the world's first prison-based coffee roastery. This is more than cool; it's a cause that speaks volumes about their values.

Their mission is inspiring - leveraging the art of coffee roasting to decrease recidivism rates. This is a clear case of an enterprise valuing humanity above profit margins.

Redemption Coffee beans 1KG

Whether you're a filter, espresso, or decaf enthusiast, Redemption Roasters has sorted you with their 250g coffee bean packs. But this isn't just about coffee; it's about being part of a movement that positively impacts society.

So, your coffee purchase contributes to a much bigger picture, whether it's us at Balance Coffee or the innovative Redemption Roasters.

Click here to purchase a  250g coffee bag from Redemption.

Where To Buy 5Kg Coffee Beans

Now, are you one of those coffee nerds who can't get enough? Perfect! Below are two reliable online coffee stores here in the UK where you can buy a whopping 5kg of coffee beans.

Balance Coffee

Have you ever found yourself savouring our coffee at Balance Coffee and pondering if we offer anything beyond the regular 250g, 500g, and 1kg bags you typically spot on our online store?

Well, let's put that mystery to rest. We certainly do cater to those wishing for larger sizes. 

Balance Healthy Coffee Beans

For those yearning for a substantial 5kg bag of any of our coffee choices, simply leave us a line, and we'll ensure it arrives straight to your doorstep.

This offer is, without a doubt, made with individuals like you in mind, those who consider a morning bereft of the rejuvenating scent of coffee simply incomplete.

Click here to order our 5kg coffee beans

Assembly Coffee

Our comrades at Assembly Coffee, much like us here at Balance, view coffee as a communal heritage rather than an isolated tradition. 

Sharing our philosophy that a scarcity of coffee should never be a cause for worry, Assembly also proffers a 5kg bag of coffee beans, ensuring your family's fondness for coffee is continuously catered for. 

Assembly Coffee 5KG

However, you'll need to make a special request to their customer support for this tailored order, as their standard offerings range from 200g to 2kg coffee bags.

Moreover, they offer a delightful coffee subscription, and on their online store, any purchase worth £40 or more comes with complimentary delivery!

Click here to get 5Kg coffee beans from Assembly

Where To Buy 2Kg Coffee Beans

Looking for a middle ground? A kilo not enough but 5kg is too much? Gotcha! Let's check out some spots where you can find brilliant 2kg coffee beans in the UK.

Balance Coffee

Remembering back to when I was just a youngster of 15, our kitchen was never without this enormous coffee tin - a whopping 6kg of coffee beans. 

It seems unbelievable, but my family used to finish it in two months! You're probably wondering how? Well, it's simple. We're just crazy about coffee!

2KG Level Up Blend

Do you recall me saying something about our 5kg coffee offering earlier? Are you wondering if we have something a bit smaller, perhaps a 2kg bag? 

Well, your coffee dreams just came true! At Balance Coffee, we've pondered the same question. So I'm excited to inform you that we have 2kg coffee bags.

Volcano Coffee

Volcano Coffee is a brand that echoes our sentiment and passion for coffee to the core. 

Like our family's love for coffee, the folks at Volcano take coffee to a new level - seeing it more as a lifestyle and less as a beverage.

2KG Volcano Coffee

Recalling their offer, they also have a 2kg coffee bean bag you'd surely appreciate. Their coffee beans promise to keep your coffee cup full, ensuring you never run low on your favourite brew.

With an ethos rooted in sustainability and journey-packed coffee in each cup, Volcano Coffee's 2kg offering is a crowd-pleaser. 

Where To Buy 6Kg Coffee Beans

Are you looking for something bigger? Maybe for a family gathering or a busy workplace? Well, these are the two trusted UK brands offering an enormous 6kg of coffee beans.

Balance Coffee

At Balance Coffee, we're all about catering to your coffee cravings, no matter how grand they might be. Wondering about getting 6kg coffee beans? Yes, you read that right, 6kg! 

You might be scratching your head, thinking, "Who on earth needs that much coffee?" Well, meet Nathan, one of our valued customers. He opts for this volume simply because he has a big, beautiful family of six.

Mushroom Balance Coffee

Balance Coffee ensures that no coffee lover feels left out. We offer 6kg coffee beans, perfect for coffee-loving families like Nathan's. This way, you're confident that at least your coffee jar remains brimming for a month.

So, what about our favourite options like Stability or Rotate Espresso? Can you get these in 6kg packages? You bet! Moreover, we extend this offering to our distinctive mushroom coffee range too.

Speaking of mushroom coffee, have you given our Lion's Mane mushroom coffee a try? If not, it's about time you did. Trust me. You won't regret it!

Click here to order our 6kg coffee bean

Volcano Coffee 

You might have thought for a moment that we're the only game in town for 6kg coffee beans in the UK, but we've got some company.

Of course, it'd be neat if we were the solo stars, but the folks at Volcano also have this bag size up for grabs.

Volcanica Coffee 6KG

Fancy their Full Steam Espresso? Or you're more into the smooth vibes of their FireHouse Blend. 

All you need do is contact their customer support about your particular 6kg order, and before you know it, your massive bag of beans will be showing up on your doorstep.

Remember, the coffee world is vast and varied. So it's always fun to explore what other roasters have to offer.

Click here if you'd like to order Volcano's 6kg coffee beans

Benefits of Purchasing 1kg Coffee Beans Online vs Offline

Are you considering where to buy your next 1kg bag of coffee beans? I can tell you why buying online with Balance Coffee might be your best choice.


The biggest reason is how convenient it is. Imagine picking out your coffee without leaving your couch any time you like.

You're in your comfiest clothes, a warm mug in hand, looking through all our wonderful coffee beans online. No more worries about the store closing time or holiday hours!


Next is the choice you get. On our website, you have loads of options. You can find any 1kg coffee bean you want, just a click away. Dark, medium, or light roast? We've got them all.

Save Money

Buying online can also save you money. You can find deals that aren't in regular stores. Plus, you're not spending on petrol or bus fare. Saving money and helping the planet? Sounds good to me!

Customer Reviews 

Reading reviews from other coffee fans is another great thing about buying online. It helps you choose the right beans and makes you feel part of a big coffee-loving family.

Emily, who loves Balance Coffee, says: "Buying online has changed everything for me. I love the ease and the choice. It's made my coffee ritual even more special."

So next time you need a new bag of 1kg coffee beans, consider all these great reasons to shop online with Balance Coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You have questions and I have got the answers so let’s get into it, shall we?

What’s the Cost of 1 kg of Coffee Beans?

The price of 1kg coffee beans in the UK isn't set in stone. It can fluctuate based on several aspects, such as the brand, the beans' geographical origin, and their quality. Generally, you might spend between £15 to £35 per kilogram. However, if your preference leans towards the more unique, top-grade or scarce coffee beans, be prepared to shell out a tad more.

How Much Coffee Can 1 kg of Coffee Beans Brew?

A standard cup of coffee typically demands about  15-18grams. A swift calculation indicates that 1kg of coffee beans can yield roughly. However, if your taste buds favour a more robust cup of joe, you may end up with a bit less.

How Many Single Shots in 1kg Coffee Beans?

Did you ever hold up your 1kg bag of coffee beans and think, "How many single espresso coffee shots is this gonna give me?" Well, each shot typically needs around 18 grams of coffee. So a quick calculation tells us you'll get roughly 60 cups from your 1kg bag. Of course, this could vary slightly, depending on how much coffee you prefer in your shot.

How Many Coffee Beans Are in 1kg?

This hinges on each bean's size. But typically, you'd be dealing with a jaw-dropping 15,000 coffee beans. Remember that this could shift depending on the bean's type and origin. That's quite a lot of coffee power packed into one bag!


We've had a great journey exploring where to buy 1kg of coffee beans online, haven't we? 

We've seen how it's not just about getting our caffeine fix but also about the adventure of variety, the comfort of convenience, and the joy of snagging a great deal. 

Balance Coffee takes that experience a notch higher, offering the finest espresso, decaf, and filter coffee varieties. So yes, whether a 200g coffee bag or a 6kg bag, your healthy coffee needs are fixed. 

So why not bring this coffee ritual delivered to your doorstep? Come join the Balance Coffee family and indulge in the best coffee subscription in the UK. This isn't just any coffee experience. It's YOUR coffee journey. 

Remember, every good day starts with coffee and a smile. Cheers!