Lion’s Mane Coffee Science-Backed Research

Lion’s Mane Coffee: Science-Backed Research Study (Beans to Brain)

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What are our Lion's Mane Coffee health benefits? Today, you will discover the complete benefits of our new Lion's Mane coffee. Let's dive in.

Are you tired of feeling like your morning coffee only gets you halfway there? Well, you're not alone.

Many of us rely on that first cup of joe to kickstart our day, yet we still battle the downsides to coffee, including mid-morning slumps and brain fog.

Raw Unprocessed Lion’s Mane Coffee

And that’s not all; here are some common issues with regular coffee:

  • High Peaks & Low Crashes
  • Anxious Jitters
  • Brain Fog / Headaches 

It's frustrating, isn't it? 

We're left yearning for something that doesn't just wake us up but keeps us alert, focused, and performing at our best. And Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee does that and more!

Today, I’ll walk you through the scientific evidence behind Lion’s Mane Mushrooms and how our combination of this medicinal mushroom ingredient and healthy coffee is a game-changer for your morning routine.

What is Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee?

I often get a double-take when I tell people about Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee. "Mushrooms? In coffee? You're joking!" 

Our specifically formulated Lion’s mane mushroom coffee combines healthy coffee beans with Lion’s mane mushrooms (medicinal mushrooms) to bring health benefits like increased mental and physical energy you don't get with regular coffee.  

What is Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee?

But if you’re still wondering why we added mushrooms to coffee, it's simple. 

In addition to its mild taste that pairs perfectly with our healthy coffee, we used mushrooms containing bioactive ingredients with powerful benefits for your health. 

Intrigued? Then keep going to learn how our Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee can transform your life (and I’m not kidding!). 

Decoding the Science: Lion's Mane Coffee's Health Benefits

At Balance Coffee, we bring the healthiest coffee products to the UK market. So before I added Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee to our range, I studied all the science and evidence behind its alleged benefits. 

And I have the results right here. A growing body of contemporary scientific research shows that functional mushrooms like Lion’s Mane in coffee have healthy-boosting properties.

Lion's Mane Coffee's Health Benefits

But here’s the catch; the quality of the fruiting body is critical for obtaining these benefits. In fact, most clinical studies on the benefits of Lion’s mane mushrooms are on the fruiting bodies only. 

This is why we chose the finest Lion’s mane fruiting bodies for our coffee! 

1. It Boosts Your Brain Power

According to a study published in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, participants reported enhancements in visual recognition and short-term memory after consuming lion’s mane extract for four weeks.

Another study by the Queensland Brain Institute concluded that compounds found in Lion’s Mane mushrooms might improve memory and boost brain cell growth.

Picture sipping your coffee and watching your brainpower rise. With Balance Coffee's Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee, this can be your everyday reality (that’s what the research says!).

Imagine what it can do for your brainstorming sessions or your daily problem-solving tasks!

2. It Helps You De-stress

According to Dr Alex Dimitriu, a double board-certified psychiatrist and the founder of Menlo Park Psychiatry & Sleep Medicine, Lion’s Mane mushrooms have been found to have inflammatory properties that help with stress and work as an antidepressant. 

There is also a growing body of research that supports Dimitriu’s analysis. 

Morning coffee

A study published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences concluded that lion’s mane extracts normalised behavioural changes, such as loss of appetite, nervous behaviours and procrastination, frequently triggered by high stress.

The study also says that ‘this offers new pathways into depression treatment, and lion's mane may constitute a strong alternative therapy for depression."

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So what does that mean for you? 

Balance Coffee's Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee will be your mug full of tranquillity, helping to relieve stress and lighten your mood.

3. It Strengthens The Immune System

Having just passed a pandemic, we know that strong immune systems are all too important. 

So can Lion’s Mane Mushroom coffee really help? According to various animal studies conducted to probe into Lion’s Mane Mushrooms’ immune system effects, it can enhance your immune system’s function. 

Researched Benefits Of Drinking Lion's Mane Coffee

Lion's mane extracts can contain immunomodulatory effects that help keep your immune system in check.

In an animal study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, mice given this extract showed improved immune function.

Studies on animals also suggest that Lion's Mane mushroom enhances immunity by boosting the intestinal immune system, which guards against pathogens entering the mouth or nose.

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This means that with our Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee, you’re not just enjoying a delightful brew but fuelling your immunity. And given the recent pandemic, I am sure we all appreciate the need for a strong immune system.

4. It Boosts Heart Health

As you might already know, some of the most common culprits behind heart diseases are obesity, high triglycerides, and high cholesterol. 

And research shows that Lion’s Mane extract can reduce the risk of heart disease by influencing some of these factors. 

It Helps You De-stress

Animal studies on rats and mice have shown that this extract improves fat metabolism and lowers triglycerides. 

Since both are risk factors for your heart health, this is how lion’s mane can improve your health. 

What’s more?

Research shows that Lion's Mane mushrooms are rich in a compound known as hericenone B, which may slow down blood clotting and potentially reduce the chances of heart attacks or strokes.

Hence proven; Balance Coffee's Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee should be your next heart-friendly addition to your diet.

5. It Has Cancer-Fighting Properties

As per a study published by the International Journal of Oncology, Lion’s Mane extract slows the spread of human leukaemia cells; other studies also point towards the fact that this extract has potential anti-cancer properties. 

So, while you enjoy your daily coffee ritual, you can nourish your body with cancer-fighting ingredients by regularly consuming our Lion’s Mane coffee.

6. It Supports Healthy Digestion

Research has shown that extracts from Lion's Mane mushrooms could potentially aid in maintaining a healthy digestive system. 

For example, a study in Frontiers in Immunology highlighted that a protein derived from Lion's Mane might enhance gut health by modulating gut bacteria. 

It Supports Healthy Digestion

Another study in Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry showed that a mix of Lactobacillus fermentum and Lion's Mane extract improved hypoxia tolerance in mice, indicating possible advantages for gut health.

Do you see? With your gut health in mind, we've brewed our Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee, so make sure you don’t skimp on it. 

7. It Assists in More Effective Management of Diabetes

Lion's Mane mushroom can help you manage diabetes by improving blood sugar control and mitigating associated side effects.

Multiple animal studies have indicated that Lion's Mane can considerably decrease blood sugar levels in healthy and diabetic mice, even at daily dosages as modest as 2.7 milligrams (mg) per pound (6 mg per kg) of body weight.

Quality of Lion's Mane Extract:

Other studies also support this, so we recommend you try our Lion’s Mane Mushroom coffee. 

8. It May Repair Damaged Nerves Faster

A Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry study suggested that extracts from Lion's Mane might potentially heal and protect our nerves. 

When the researchers gave this extract to mice, they observed a boost in nerve regeneration. 

Choose The Right Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee

It's time to put your health first. With Balance Coffee's Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee, you might be helping your body repair and protect its nerves, so give it a shot. 

ℹ️ Key Takeaway: Consuming our Lion’s Mane Mushroom coffee can boost your brain power, improve digestion, repair your nerves faster, keep depression at bay, and help you fight diabetes and cancer. 

Connecting The Dots: Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract and Coffee

Coffee, the world's favourite stimulant, has been extensively studied for its health benefits, including improved mental alertness, mood enhancement, and potential protection against certain diseases. 

But to tap into coffee’s health benefits, you must consume coffee free of nasties like mould, mycotoxins, and pesticides.

At Balance Coffee, we have a research and evidence-backed approach to healthy coffee. You can dive into our research study on the connection between coffee, health, and science here. 

Combining coffee optimised for health with Lion’s Mane Mushroom extracts brings its own set of health benefits to the table.

Combining these two gives you Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee - a brew that energises and supports overall wellness. 

By drinking our blend, you're kick-starting your day and nourishing your body and mind with a cup rich in antioxidants, brain-boosting compounds, and gut-friendly elements.

ℹ️ But not all extracts are created equal; keep going to uncover how choosing the right Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee can help you enjoy these health benefits.

Choose The Right Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee

And now, for the question at the back of your mind, where can you get the right Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee for your body?

Enter Balance Coffee.

After spending a decade in the coffee industry and years researching Lion’s Mane Mushroom, I finally launched Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee.

It May Repair Damaged Nerves Faster

You probably want to know what makes my Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee at Balance so special, so let’s get into it. 

✅ Healthy coffee, free of the nasties: I source my coffee from the top 5% of farmers worldwide who hand-pick the ripest coffee cherries at the highest altitude. I also use clean coffee processing and storage techniques. This ensures that all our coffee is speciality-grade and is free of nasties like mould, mycotoxins and pesticides and is speciality-grade. 

✅ Speciality grade, premium Arabica: To ensure you get nothing less than the best, I source the top 5% of coffee at a price 25% higher than the market rate. All the coffee beans are speciality-grade and 100% premium Arabica.

✅1000+ Antioxidants and Vitamin B3: The coffee contains over a thousand antioxidants and Vitamin B3 for added health benefits.

✅ Quality of Lion's Mane Extract: For our coffee, we only source high-quality Lion's Mane extract fruiting bodies grown in a pure environment.

✅Taste: Taste matters! Our high-quality Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee has a rich, smooth flavour that's a pleasure to drink and has no mushroom taste.

✅ Sustainable Sourcing: Balance Coffee is committed to sustainability, ensuring that the coffee and the Lion's Mane mushrooms are ethically and sustainably sourced.

By buying from Balance Coffee, you can ensure you're choosing a Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee that's good for you and the planet.

The Final Word

Lion's Mane Mushroom coffee should be on your radar if you’re looking for a coffee that’s more than just a caffeine fix and become a morning ritual. The science behind our Lion’s Mane Mushroom extracts and coffee shows that both have numerous health benefits. 

From the cognitive-enhancing potential of Lion's Mane, its potential aid in gut health and immunity, to the energy-boosting and antioxidant-rich properties of coffee, the union of these two delivers more than what they could offer individually.

But to truly experience the potential benefits of this blend, you need a thoughtfully crafted coffee with quality and health in mind. That's where Balance Coffee's Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee comes in. 

We're committed to providing you with a brew that's not just a pick-me-up but a holistic experience - a way to nourish your body, boost your cognitive function, and enjoy an exceptional coffee experience, all in one cup!