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Looking for a reliable coffee partner to fulfil your wholesale needs? At Balance Coffee, we provide you with a comprehensive wholesale coffee supply catering to your unique needs.

Our Clients

Join our clients helping to nourish caffeine enthusiasts all over London and the UK with invigorating brews packed with 1000+ antioxidants inside every cup.

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James Bellis

Founded in 2020, with a decade of experience working for over a decade in the coffee industry.

Balance Coffee is your go-to for all your coffee wholesale needs to drive your business forward in a competitive coffee market.

Join the healthy coffee revolution

Stand Out From The Crowd

Leading the healthy coffee revolution in the UK, we take pride in delivering premium-quality wholesale coffee beans to businesses who share our passion for health and wellbeing.

At Balance Coffee, we take pride in elevating your business with our supportive wholesale coffee offerings.

Our commitment to quality goes beyond taste making us one of the top wholesale coffee bean suppliers UK. We rigorously test every batch for mould, mycotoxins, and pesticides to ensure the coffee is free from nasties and 100% naturally clean.

With Balance, you can confidently serve your customers a coffee that's not only good for their bodies but also supports a healthier planet.

As one of the top coffee suppliers for business of all sizes, our mission is simple; provide you with healthy coffee.

As a discerning coffee retailer, you understand the importance of sourcing top-quality beans for your customers. 

Our wholesale coffee roasting service ensures that you receive the finest, ethically sourced beans from around the world.

We meticulously roast each batch to perfection, preserving the intricate flavours and aromas that coffee connoisseurs crave.

At Balance Coffee, we offer a diverse selection of wholesale roasted coffee beans, meticulously curated to cater to the distinct preferences of your clientele.

From single-origin delights to expertly crafted blends, our range of premium coffee beans is sure to captivate even the most discerning palates.

Convenience is paramount, which is why we ensure easy accessibility to our wholesale coffee supplies.

With our convenient "wholesale coffee supplies near me" service, you can enjoy swift deliveries that keep your business running smoothly.

We understand that competitive pricing is essential for your success, which is why our wholesale coffee bean prices are designed to offer exceptional value without compromising on quality.

For those seeking wholesale coffee grounds, we provide a variety of grinds tailored to suit different brewing methods.

Whether your customers prefer a fine espresso grind or a coarser option for French press brewing, our wholesale coffee grounds are expertly crafted to unlock the full potential of each cup.

Contact us today to embark on a journey of taste and quality.

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Retail Coffee

Stock your shelves with Balance Coffee and introduce your customer base to a healthy quality coffee offering.

Enjoy wholesale pricing and happy, repeat customers.

espresso machine

High End Coffee Machines

Coffee Equipment

Before starting Balance, James previously spent 6 years working for Sanremo Coffee Machines, a world renowned espresso machine brand, so you're in good hands.

Contact us via the form below to discuss your machine and grinder requirements today.

coffee training

Supporting Quality

Training & Support

James' career in coffee began 10 years ago as a 'Barista Trainer' for one of the UK's largest coffee companies.

James carried across his experience to forge Balance Coffee.

We help enable your team to produce the best standard of coffee available.

Without the correct training, your customers won't enjoy outstanding coffee, and we can't allow that to happen!

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Wholesale Coffee FAQ's

1 - We will review your application. You should hear back in 1-2 business days.

2 - You will then receive an email to activate your account. You just need to set up a password.

3 - You will now have access to our business prices, and have a little gift sat in your inbox.

All of our coffee will be discounted, so shop around and enjoy!

We’re here to help get your business off the ground, so you won’t find any minimum order quantities under Balance wholesale.

You can be a small business making a handful of coffees, or a large retailer wanting thousands of bags, we can fulfil orders of any size.

Buying a few kilo's of coffee before you know what it tastes like could be a recipe for disaster

Feel free to get in touch to request a free sample.

Our commitment to health and wellness sets us apart as a wholesale coffee supplier in the UK.

Relentless about the quality standards of our beans, we guarantee coffee excellence in every cup.

We include a shipping fee within our wholesale prices to ensure you’re always getting the fastest, most reliable delivery possible.

If you are buying a small quantity of 2KG or less, there is no fee.

For larger orders, shipping fees will be based on volume to accommodate the most reliable service.

Absolutely. Our healthy coffee beans and ground are perfect for any business serving coffee to the public.

As coffee suppliers in London, we partner with wide range of companies to help them upgrade their coffee offering.

Coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, artisan deli's, pubs and fitness studios offering coffee to members.

At Balance, we really care about looking after people and our planet.

You can read about our sustainability impact here for more information.

If you are a physical site, we provide full support offering.

This includes, layout suggestions, menu construction, coffee selection, choice of espresso machinery and of course full team training.

We've got you covered!

As one of the best coffee suppliers London, we understand that the success of our customers is the success of our business.

We therefore invest in you to ensure you can deliver the best possible product and experience for your customers - so they keep on coming back.

Our founder James had a very unique position working closely with the top 50 coffee roasters across the UK, gaining incredible insight.

This experience is what sets us apart within the wholesale coffee space, and is vital to you competing in a competitive industry.