What is the best mushroom coffee

What Is The Best Mushroom Coffee (100% Tested & Proven)

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What is the best mushroom coffee? The best mushroom coffee you can buy, make, and drink is the Balance Lion’s Mane coffee. It contains high antioxidants and vitamin B3, combined with a Lion’s Mane mix, to boost brain function and memory without the jitters and brain fog.

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself!

Here is what Sabrina A. said after drinking this Lion’s Mane coffee:

I've tried a few out there, so didn't have my hopes up. But, decided to try the Balance Lion's Mane coffee, and now I'm hooked! A really delicious coffee. I look forward to that first sip of the morning!

Below is a screenshot of her verified testimonial!

Sabrina A Testimonial

But wait, there is more!

Here is what Nicola L. said as a repeat customer:

As a repeat customer of Balance, and in particular their amazing and substantially superior mushroom coffee, I can honestly say this coffee is by far and above not only the nicest tasting coffee but also leaves no low after a high and actually makes the brain function at a much higher level.

Nicolas L Testimonial

It gets even better when he adds the next line of the sentence; see it below:

Literally, the first time I drank this coffee, I noticed my cognition become clearer, and I hadn’t even really given it a thought. It just sort of happened! Balance themselves have great customer service and fast, efficient delivery.

Below is a screenshot of his verified testimonial!

The bullet points below contain the benefits of using it for the first 30 days.

  • Improved cognition
  • Sharper memory
  • Stellar focus
  • Zero brain fog

Even if you are a sceptic, all you have to do is try it. If it doesn’t fulfil the above promise, you can request your money back with the product’s 30-day money-back guarantee.

But it is one of the best Lion's Mane supplements in the UK, so I am positive you will love it.

Click here to try it out for yourself.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of this rare earth’s superpower mushroom, I suggest you read this article here.

And with that said, this gold is gaining momentum and popularity, so let’s touch on that briefly.

It Is Gaining Massive Popularity Globally

Mushroom coffee is becoming a big deal. People are talking about it because it's not just organic coffee. It's coffee mixed with mushrooms.

While I have previously written about the best mushroom coffee in the UK, I wanted this to address any specific questions you may have because of the growing popularity and concerns about whether it’s healthy to drink.

What is the best mushroom coffee

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), these mushrooms can be used to treat cancer.

In addition, PubMed also cites the bioactive compounds of the Lion’s Mane and its role in improving memory.

But what do both scientific research prove? Well, it proves you can drink mushroom coffee without worrying.

So, what is the best mushroom coffee to buy? We're going to find out.

Note: I have 10+ years of experience and expertise working as a professional barista and coffee trainer, and I have been drinking coffee infused with mushrooms for 18 months and 25 days. You can read about me and my journey as a coffee expert here.

But why mushroom coffee? Continue reading, and I will touch on it below.

Why Mushroom Coffee?

When I wrote about what is the best mushroom supplement UK, part of my goal was to show how coffee and shrooms can be combined as supplements for healthy living.

Today, people are choosing mushroom coffee for many reasons. Some say it's better for your stomach than regular coffee, and others believe it helps them think clearly. 

What is the best mushroom coffee Chaga

But what do doctors say about mushrooms? They think they have potential, especially for boosting brain health and keeping the heart healthy. 

And what is the best mushroom coffee UK? This is a good question that ties into the bigger picture of choosing healthier options.

Choosing the Best Mushroom Coffee

When trying to pick the best shroom coffee, you have a few things to consider. 

Questions like what is the best mushroom coffee for weight loss will pop up, or if you're looking for health benefits, you would ask what is best for health benefits.

What is the best mushroom coffee Reishi

Depending on your goal, here are the types your choice will fall into:

  • Chaga mushroom (for immune system support)
  • Lion’s Mane mushroom (for improved focus and higher cognition)
  • Reishi mushroom (for relieving stress)
  • Cordyceps mushroom (for athletic performance and heart health)

It is not just about the coffee itself but also what kind of mushroom is mixed into it. Lion's Mane, for example, is a popular choice for brain health. 

If you asked what is the best mushroom coffee alternative, mushroom tincture drops would be my answer because they are the easiest for the body to absorb and take less time to see results.

If that’s something you would like also to explore while reading this article, then make sure to check these out:

I won’t discuss shroom drops in this article since it's beyond the scope, but if you are curious, check out these two blogs I have written previously on the topic.

And now, let’s get back on track, shall we?

But why do people drink Mushroom Coffee? I will answer that in the next section below, so continue reading to find out.

Why Do People Drink Mushroom Coffee

People drink mushroom coffee for its unique health benefits and distinctive taste. This innovative beverage blends traditional coffee with medicinal mushrooms, offering a healthier alternative to regular coffee.

Here are the highlights of why people are drawn to mushroom coffee:

What is the best mushroom coffee Cordyceps
  • It helps them improve mental clarity and performance
  • It strengthens the body’s defence mechanism
  • Contributes to better skin health and lower blood sugar
  • It enhances physical performance and increases energy levels
  • It reduces jitters, anxiety and sleep disturbance due to having lower caffeine

So, we know mushroom coffee can be good for weight loss and brain health, but what else? 

Is mushroom coffee good for you? Yes, it can be. 

It's packed with antioxidants and other good stuff to help your body fight sickness.

 It's not just a trend. You will feel better when you drink it. 

In addition, it will make you feel less jittery, and the added health benefit makes it worth it.

What is the best mushroom coffee to drink

The best mushroom coffee to drink, especially for those looking to balance cognitive benefits with a smooth, enjoyable taste, is Lion's Mane mushroom coffee.

It is a good choice for a couple of compelling reasons:

James bellis With Lion's Mane Coffee Bag
  • The Lion’s Mane contains compounds that increase brain cell growth, which helps in improving focus and memory.
  • It impacts mood positively and reduces anxiety, according to this article by WebMD.
  • It has a smooth taste
  • It provides a balanced energy boost

The answer can also depend on your goal of consuming mushroom coffee. 

Some are perfect for energy, while others may be good to consume before bed.

And yes, you can drink it before bedtime, especially if it's a type that helps with relaxation. 

Below is an image of myself with a bag of Lion’s Mane coffee while working on my business, Balance Coffee.

You can pair it with some of the best mushroom supplements in the UK to get an even greater health benefit.

What is the best mushroom coffee brand?

The best mushroom coffee brand in the UK is Balance Coffee. The brand makes a special kind of coffee mixed with mushrooms that's good for your brain and gives you a nice energy boost without making you feel jittery.

Plus, its smooth milk chocolate flavour tastes great and is perfect for you who want to try something new with your coffee experience.

The reviews for Balance Coffee mushroom have also been positive. Below are what customers who have used the product say:

Daisy M, Said:

I love this coffee so much. Great flavour, experiencing sharper concentration without afternoon headaches at work.

Here is a screenshot of her verified testimonial:

Daisy M Testimonial

Tony L. Said: 

I love this blend of coffee. I drink a lot of coffee during the day, and it is wonderful to enjoy my favourite energy boost without getting the jitters and the metallic tang in the mouth. This mushroom coffee blend is smooth with subtle undertones of something I can't quite name. Don't be put off by the name; there isn't a hint of mushrooms in the taste.

Here is a screenshot of his verified testimonial:

Tony L Testimonial


Mathew H. Said:

Making coffee for two is simple: 30g coffee is put into the cafetière, 500g water is added, and it is left for 10 mins. Drinking this coffee every day has definitely improved my concentration. It’s not the strongest coffee, but it's great for a lunchtime pick-me-up and, I promise, absolutely no mushroom flavour. Balance has been delivered yet again. Their coffee is the best on the market.

Here is a screenshot of his verified testimonial:

Mathew H Testimonial

There are many brands out there, but the best ones I have seen focus on quality and health benefits.

Here are a couple of others you can try if you want to investigate customer feedback more thoroughly before making a decision.

So the question becomes, is this good for you?

Is mushroom coffee actually good for you?

The short answer is YES. Because it can lower stress, boost your brain, and even help your heart.

However, if you are considering the health implications, I suggest you read the scientific research biomedical literature available at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).

It is linked to peer-reviewed journals that have conducted deeper research on whether mushrooms are safe for consumption.

Are there any risks? I have covered this in the next section below, so continue reading to find out.

What is the risk of mushroom coffee?

Mushroom coffee side effects can vary from one individual to the other. Below are some side effects:

Side Effects Explanations
Digestive challenges Although this is rare, if you're new to it, you can experience an upset stomach and bloating.
Interactions with Medications Some mushrooms, such as the reishi mushroom, contain blood-thinning effects that may interact with blood-thinning medications.
Caffeine Content Shroom coffee generally has less caffeine. But if you are caffeine-sensitive, you may experience jitteriness and insomnia.
Pregnancy and Breastfeeding There is almost zero study on the effect of mushrooms on pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. So consult your doctor before adding it to your diet.
Allergic Reactions I have not seen anyone who used Lion’s Mane coffee complain about allergies, but reactions like hives, itching, difficulty breathing, and others are possible.

Note: It's important to start slow and see how your body reacts to mushroom coffee. If there is a negative reaction (not that I have seen), you should quit it altogether.

But it would be interesting to know what doctors think.

What do doctors say about mushroom coffee?

Doctors and experts say that even though mushroom coffee might be good for your health in some ways, you should be careful because it is made from mushroom parts, not the whole mushroom. Experts like registered dietitian Beth Czerwony, while talking with Cleveland Clinic think eating the whole mushroom is the best way to get all its good stuff.

While there are many studies on the benefits of mushrooms, there isn’t one for mushroom coffee.

But this has not stopped people from testifying about the benefits of using coffee infused with shrooms.

For example, this YouTube video titled “VERIFY: Fact-checking the benefits of mushroom coffee" tried to debunk the claim it works.

See the video below!

However, the video's comment section has more people testifying about the benefits of using shroom coffee.

See the screenshot below!

The good news?

A lot of people are optimistic. They see the benefits, but it also reminds us to be smart.

Regarding being smart, don't replace all your meals with mushroom coffee; it can be a good addition to a healthy diet.

But wait, can you even take it before bedtime? Continue reading to learn more in the next section.

Can I drink mushroom coffee before bed?

Yes, if you choose the right type. Some mushroom coffees are made to help you relax and get ready for sleep. It's all about knowing which mushroom coffee to drink just before bedtime to reap the benefits. 

How do you drink mushroom coffee?

You can make it just like regular speciality coffee using the cafetiere brewing method. Some people like to add milk or sugar, while others enjoy it black. Once you are done making it, pour it into a mug and sip on it.

I wrote an entire article on how to make mushroom coffee. In there, I outline the entire process step by step.

If you have a Lion’s Mane, I also wrote an article on how to brew Lion’s Mane coffee.

But wait!

How often can you drink mushroom coffee? Let’s find out below, shall we?

How Often Can You Drink Mushroom Coffee?

You can drink mushroom mix coffee twice daily—one cup in the morning and one at night to get the maximum health benefits.

However, drinking it may also be tied to certain questions like:

How Often Can You Drink Mushroom Coffee
  • What’s your caffeine sensitivity
  • Do you have any health condition
  • The types of mushrooms used

Stay with me. Let’s address each bullet point together.

While mushroom coffee mix generally has low caffeine, reduce it to just one cup daily if you are very sensitive to it. The idea is to listen to your body and adjust your intake accordingly.

Consequently, if you have any underlying health issues or are on meds, you should consult your healthcare professional.

This way, you have a fine knowledge of the state of your body before incorporating it into your diet.

Lastly, different shrooms have different effects. For example, Reishi is commonly used for relaxation, while Lion’s Mane is for better cognition.

The effect will largely be tied to the type of mushroom used in the coffee.

But how does it affect sleep? 

How does mushroom coffee affect sleep?

Mushroom coffee can have various effects on sleep, depending on the type of mushrooms used in the blend and the amount of caffeine in the coffee.

For example, coffee with Reishi mushrooms would reduce the effect of caffeine content in the coffee.

Reishi is generally used as a nighttime supplement: it supports sleep.

Does mushroom coffee raise blood pressure?

For most people, the answer is NO. It helps keep your blood pressure in check, thanks to the natural properties of some mushrooms that aid in heart health.

To learn more about this, you can read this article by ZOE, “Can mushrooms protect heart health?”


So there you have it — everything you need to know about the best mushroom coffee in the UK.

Mushroom coffee is more than just a trend. It's a healthier choice for coffee lovers.

It offers many health benefits, from weight loss to improved brain function. 

And if you pair it with mushroom tinctures, the benefits you can get simply triples.

I have been using the Lion’s Mane mushroom coffee, and the positive effect on my focus and cognition has been mind-boggling.

I strongly recommend you try it for yourself as well so you can confirm it. You can get it here.