What Is The Best Lion's Mane supplement UK

What Is The Best Lion's Mane supplement UK (2024)

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Are you on the hunt to discover what is the best Lion's Mane supplement UK?

Allow me to share my personal journey that led me to find a groundbreaking 100% natural solution for improving my mental clarity and eliminating brain fog (the unwanted side effects of my favourite habit ‘coffee’). 

Note: I have 10+ years of experience and expertise as a professional barista and coffee trainer. You can read about my background here.

In 2022, my love for espresso coffee  was tainted by the unpleasant jitters it caused.

My nervous system wasn’t responding so well to my beloved morning cup of coffee. I found this frustrating, to be honest with you. Why?

Because it tastes so good and adds joy to my morning routine.

I decided to meet with Clemmie Rose, a well-established nutritionist based in London

Together, we carried out tons of research into the latest adaptogenics and nootropics and then developed a mushroom coffee blend that transformed my mornings.

Man sipping coffee infused with Lion's Mane

Having used this mushroom supplement consistently for 18 months before I decided to launch the product to the market, I found the benefits game-changing for my productivity, focus and ultimately, how sipping on coffee makes me feel.

If you’re like me, and you desire to boost your cognitive abilities and naturally maintain sharpness, pick one option from the table and start experiencing superior brain power.

Product Benefits where to buy
Best Coffee Lovers Lion's Mane Coffee
  • Better Cognition & Memory
  • Improved Focus & Productivity
  • Calm & Sustained Energy
Shop & Save 15%
Love Multiple Beverages Lion's Mane Drop
  • Sharpened focus
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Zero Brain Fog
Shop & Save 15%
Versatile Use Mushroom Drop
  • Zero Brain Fog
  • Fast thinking ability
  • Improved Focus
Shop & Save 15%

Before we dive deeper into what is the best Lion's Mane supplement UK, let's take a moment to understand this nature’s gift to humans.

Lion's Mane Overview (Understanding It)

Lion’s Mane is a brain booster from nature. It is special because it can make your brain work better, help you pay attention, and keep your nerves healthy.

For a long time, cultures around the world have used Lion's Mane mushrooms to boost brain functionality. Now, in the UK, it's getting popular for the same reason.

Granda pa enjoying beverage with a mushroom tincture drop

According to WebMD Lion’s Mane contains oligosaccharides which is a powerhouse for so many biological functions.

So when I talk about what is the best Lion's Mane supplement UK, I am looking at how this mushroom can help you today.

Quickly, I will walk you through the criteria you should use to pick this supplement in the next section below.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Use These Criteria For Choosing the Mushroom Supplement

To choose a Lion's Mane supplement in the UK, you should consider the following criteria in the table below.

Here is the table:

Criteria Description
Purity The supplement should be free from contaminants and additives, ensuring it is as close to its natural form as humanly possible.
Sourcing High-quality Lion's Mane supplements are sourced from reputable growers who use sustainable and ethical practices and ingredients.
Extraction Methods The method used to extract the active compounds from Lion's Mane can affect its potency. Look for supplements using water or alcohol extraction for high bioavailability.
Bioavailability Supplements should be in a form that the body can easily absorb and utilize to ensure maximum benefits. Liquid works best than powder due to faster absorption.
Certifications Look for products with certifications (e.g., organic, non-GMO) that validate their quality and purity.
Lab Testing Independent lab testing for safety confirms the supplement's quality and effectiveness.
Consumer Reviews Positive feedback from users provide insights into the supplement's benefits.
Expert Recommendations Endorsements by health professionals or experts in the field add credibility to the supplement's quality and effectiveness.

If you believe the brand checks most of these boxes then go ahead and try it out for yourself today. 

Luckily, this is where Balance Coffee mushroom products shine. It checks the criteria in the table above.

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Now that you have the criteria, please allow me to introduce you to two products in the UK that demonstrate a superior Lion’s Mane dual-extract.

What is the Best Lion's Mane Supplement in the UK?

Balance Coffee's Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee is the best supplement in the United Kingdom. It mixes the brain-boosting power of Lion's Mane with the natural superfood of Balance speciality coffee.

A lot of people like it, and it shows Balance Coffee is a leader for those looking for best shrooms.

Another strong contender for the best UK Lion’s Mane supplement is the Balance Lion’s Mane Elixir.

Let’s discuss how each product helps you perform at your absolute best without compromising your health.

As a side note, I have written about Lion’s Mane coffee benefits in a previous article, you can read about it here.

Now, let’s dive further down the rabbit hole, shall we?

Balance Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Supplement (Rate 4.9 stars)

At the beginning of this post, I told you I have used this specific product for 18 months.

So be rest assured I put it to the test for 557+ days before reaching my conclusion on the benefits I got from using it.

+ Better Cognition & Memory

+ Improved Focus & Productivity

+ Calm & Sustained Energy

Upon concluding how incredibly this worked, I wrote a research piece on the best Lion’s Mane coffee brands. It is worth every minute of your time if you’re a coffee fan like me.

Quick Note: I experienced a significant improvement in my cognitive ability within 7 days. I was also free from the coffee jitters I suffered from back in 2022.

I was super thrilled because the results were staggering and far from what I could have imagined. That’s why I needed to write this blog and share this product with the world. 

But that’s just my testimonial which you may argue is biassed. 

So Below I have compiled testimonials from people who have used the Lion’s mane mushroom coffee supplement.

Mushroom and coffe

I would add that these reviews are 100% verified / honest reviews from our community. 

With that said, here is what each person said: 

Sabrina A. Gave It 5 Star Rating 

I've tried a few out there, so didn't have my hopes up. But, decided to try the Balance Lion's Mane coffee, and now I'm hooked! A really delicious coffee. I look forward to that first sip of the morning!

Here is the screenshot of her review.

Lion's Mane Mushroom Testimonial

Maria D. Gave It Mind Blowing 5 Star Rating

It actually works. I feel more energised,  more focus after a cup of this mushroom coffee. My test subjects confirm the same 🙂 And the taste is perfect as with all you coffees.

Here is a screenshot of her review:

Maria D. Gave It Mind Blowing 5 Star Rating

Nicola L. Recorded A Video & Rated It 5 Stars

As a repeat customer of Balance and in particular their amazing and substantially superior mushroom coffee I can honestly say this coffee is by far and above not only the nicest tasting coffee but leaves no low after a high and actually makes the brain function at a much higher level..  Literally the first time I drank this coffee I noticed my cognition become clearer and I hadn’t even really given it a thought it just sort of happened!  balance themselves have great customer service and fast efficient delivery.

Daisy M. With A 5 Star Review

Loving this coffee so much. Great flavour, experiencing the sharper concentration without afternoon headaches at work.

See the screenshot of the original review below:

What Is The Best Lion's Mane supplement UK Now

Just in case you are wondering how you can use it, I wrote about how to brew Lion’s Mane coffee here.

Lion’s Mane Coffee Pros & Cons

Before buying the Lion’s Mane coffee, here are the pros and cons you should bear in mind.

Here we go:

What You Would Like What You Won't Like
Lion's Mane coffee tastes like regular coffee but with extra health benefits. This coffee can be pricier than regular coffee because of the added Lion's Mane. Starts at £19.99 but worth the extra if you care about health.
Drinking it can help your brain function  better, making you feel more focused. You must make this product in a cafetiere coffee maker, so if you prefer espresso coffee or V60 this might not be suited to you.
Just like making regular coffee, it's easy and quick to prepare. If you're trying to cut down on caffeine, this coffee still has it, just like any other coffee.
Along with better brain function, it might also help your immune system. There aren't as many flavour choices as there are with our regular speciality coffee.

Click here to try out the health benefits for yourself.

Quickly, let me introduce the second mushroom product that’s more fluid in comparison with the Lion’s Mane coffee.

Balance Lion’s Mane Elixir (Versatile Use For Different Beverages)

After the success of the above product, Balance Coffee launched the mushroom tincture drops focused on easy-to-use mushroom consumption & flexibility. Along with a wider variety of mushrooms providing even more benefit to customers. 

These are the products that made up this new launch:

Each of these mushroom drops works to boost specific health functions but for the sake of this article, I will only touch on the first bullet point. However, I wrote an article on the best mushroom supplements UK, you should check it out.

Before I dive in, these are the benefits I got from using it for 90 days, but I noticed a significant boost in my cognition within 7 days:

  • Sharpened focus
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Brain Fog was gone

The Lion's Mane mushroom is known for its ability to sweep away brain fog, and drastically improve cognition.

So how does the Lion’s Mane Elixir work?

It is made from mushroom dual extracts (water and alcohol) and is readily available in forms which your body can easily digest. 

What Is The Best Lion's Mane supplement UK Today

P.S: The alcohol content is low based on the recommended daily dose so you don’t have to worry about that. It’s also vital for extraction of the beneficial healthy compounds.

It comes with a pipette for measuring the dosage that should be added to drinks like coffee or tea.

To find out more about beverages you can add mushroom tinctures too, read the Forage Hyper Food article on the topic here.

Preferably, add two drops of tincture to any of the drinks or foods you wish to consume.

I also wrote an article on mushroom tincture benefits, if you have some time to spare, do read it, please. It is very eye-opening, to put it mildly.

Finally, read my blog post on the best Lion's Mane supplements if you are the type that loves to hunt a bit before making a decision.

Quickly, here are the pros and cons of using the Lion’s Mane Elixir.

Lion’s Mane Elixir Pros & Cons

What You Would Like What You Won't Like
It is easily absorbed by the body, ensuring quick and effective delivery of Lion's Mane benefits. You may find it to be strong or unpleasant, although this can often be masked when mixed with other beverages.
It is easy to use and can be added to drinks or taken directly, making it a convenient option for daily supplementation. It is more expensive than other forms of Lion's Mane supplements, such as powders or capsules. Starts at £36.99. This is because the potency is very high of our elixirs.
The dropper included with this tincture allows for adjustable dosing, enabling you to tailor intake to your specific needs. This elixir is alcohol-based, which might not be suitable for you, including those avoiding alcohol for health or personal reasons.
It has a long shelf life, making it a durable option for those looking to stock up. The potency of this elixir can vary making it important to choose a reputable brand like Balance Coffee.
Due to its liquid form and high bioavailability, it can offer quicker effects compared to capsules or powders. Glass bottles used for this tincture can be fragile and less convenient for travel compared to other supplement forms.

Click here to try it out for yourself to discover its health benefits.

What Brand of Lion's Mane is Best?

When digging into what is the best Lion's Mane supplement UK, Balance Coffee shines. The Lion's Mane Elixir and Mushroom Coffee are top-notch.

Balance also has other mushroom tinctures that are good for you, showing the brand’s seriousness about making high-quality, healthy products.

But if you value a bit of research before making a decision, I suggest you look at Amazon, Dirtea and London Nootropics as well.

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All pretty good brands where you can scoop this mushroom supplemental brain power.

Who Cannot Take Lion's Mane?

Not everyone should take Lion's Mane. If you're allergic to mushrooms, pregnant, breastfeeding, or on certain medications, you should talk to a doctor first.

Note: Always talk to a doctor if you have concerns before buying any product. While there are many scientific journals on mushroom’s benefits, it is still important to talk to a doc.

Should I Take Cordyceps or Lion's Mane?

It depends on what you need. Balance Coffee's Cordyceps Elixir is for energy and sports, while the Lion's Mane is for your brain and nerves.

Knowing this helps you pick the right one when you wonder, what is the best Lion's Mane supplement UK?

Should You Take Lion's Mane at Night or Morning?

Balance Coffee suggests their Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee for the morning. It helps you think clearly and stay focused all day.

But its Lion's Mane Elixir can be taken anytime, giving you flexibility in how you use it.

Can You Drink Lion's Mane Every Day?

Yes! Balance Coffee's Lion's Mane products are made for daily use. Drinking the Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee or Elixirs every day helps keep your brain sharp and supports your overall health.

What is the Downside of Mushroom Coffee?

Mushroom coffee, like Balance Coffee's Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee, is mostly great. However, some people might not like the taste or how it makes them feel because of the caffeine.

Balance Coffee works hard to make its coffee delicious and healthy for everyone.

How Do You Pick a Good Mushroom Coffee?

Look for quality, clear ingredients, and happy customers. Balance Coffee does all this well with its Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee, making it an easy choice for those asking, what is the best Lion's Mane supplement UK?

You should read my article on the best mushroom coffee brands. There is a plethora of brands to pick from if you fancy getting in the mud.

Is Mushroom Coffee Better for You Than Regular Coffee?

Mushroom coffee, like what Balance Coffee makes, adds mushroom benefits to regular coffee. This mix could be a smarter choice for those wanting to boost their brain power and health.

Does Lions Mane Coffee Work?

Yes, Balance Coffee's Lion's Mane coffee is loved by many. Studies and happy customers back up how good it is for your brain, making it a top pick for what is the best Lion's Mane supplement UK.

How Much Lion's Mane Coffee Per Day?

One cup of their Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee each day is good. This helps you get all the brain-boosting benefits safely.

How Long Does It Take to Feel Benefits of Lion's Mane?

You might start feeling sharper and more focused in a few weeks with Balance Coffee's Lion's Mane products. But everyone is different, so sticking with it is key.


Looking for what is the best Lion's Mane supplement UK? Balance Coffee's Lion's Mane coffee and elixirs are great choices.

Balance Coffee cares a lot about making natural, effective products for your brain and health.

Whether it's the coffee, elixirs, or other mushroom goodies, the brand has the answers for boosting your brain and feeling great.

To boost your brain power for better focus and great energy click here to get the Lion’s Mane mushroom coffee supplement or here for the Lion’s Mane elixir drop.