Mushroom Supplement Benefits

Mushroom Supplement Benefits (17 Nature's Secret Ingredients)

You have heard about the benefits of mushroom supplements, but they sounded too good to be true. 

Stronger health, better stamina, improved cognition, immune system boost, productivity, is there anything mushrooms can't do, you muttered to yourself. 

To further confirm everything you have heard, you pick up your phone and head straight to Google search to read more. 

What are the benefits of using mushroom supplements? You asked using voice search.

Mushroom Supplement Benefits

After going through the first page, you clicked this search result and landed here. So, now what?

In today's post, you will discover all there is to know about the benefits of mushroom supplements, backed by reliable scientific research and expert opinions. 

So, let's dive in, shall we?

Types of Medicinal Mushroom Supplements

It's important to note that mushroom supplements differ from other forms of mushroom consumption, such as eating mushrooms in meals. 

Mushroom supplements are concentrated forms of specific mushroom species designed to provide higher doses of beneficial compounds.


The fuzz is building around these ancient medicinal supplements in the West. And the reason is simple: modern science is beginning to catch on.

Mushroom supplements have a long history of use in traditional medicine, particularly in Asia.

Understanding their cultural significance can provide a deeper appreciation for their potential health benefits.

The benefits of mushroom supplements should be considered since research shows promising health benefits. 

For instance, a study published in Pubmed found that Lion’s Mane can improve brain cognition. This scientific evidence adds credibility to the claims about mushroom supplements.

But what types of mushroom supplements hold all these powerful health-boosting compounds?

The shroom supplements that hold these wonderful health benefits are: 

  • Lion's Mane 
  • Chaga
  • Reishi 
  • Turkey tail 
  • Cordyceps 

These medicinal supplements perform specific functions to help keep the body healthy.

However, it's important to note that they may interact with certain medications or health conditions.

If you're taking any medications or have any health conditions, it's best to consult with a healthcare professional before adding mushroom supplements to your routine.


For example, Lion's Mane is the brainchild for focus and productivity. 

Chaga, on the other hand, reduces inflammation and keeps the immune system strong.

What about Reishi? Well, it is a powerful de-stresser and can aid sound sleep. 

Next is Cordyceps, which improves energy and can aid faster muscle recovery.

I will dive deeper into the potential benefits in the next section below.

By doing so, I will tell you about the benefits of using different mushroom supplements. 

As I examine these mushrooms, you will see that each type has its special way of boosting your health. 

Let's explore the amazing benefits these mushroom supplements can bring, shall we?

Potential Benefits of Mushroom Supplements

Mushroom supplements offer many mind-blowing benefits that can help improve your health and happiness.

As it becomes prevalent in the UK, you must be ahead of the curve.

Let's see what each type can do for your body and overall health without further ado. 

Lion's Mane Mushroom Supplement Benefits

The first on the list is the Lion's Mane. The benefits packed in this mushroom cannot be understated.

This was the first shroom supplement I ever tried. 

After using it for 18 months and 25 days, I was amazed by its potency. This led me to develop a product with the help of my friend and nutritionist expert, Clemmie Rose.


The result was so good that even customers cheered at how the supplement improved their cognition. 

For example, here is what Daphne T said after he used this specific product. 

Daphne Said:

I've tried mushroom coffee before, and to be honest, I was not a fan. It didn't taste great and wasn't a good substitute for my morning brew.

So I was sceptical about trying a new one, but having loved the rest of Balance's healthy coffee range, why not?

And I'm in love now. It tastes incredible, the delicious coffee taste with a slight twinge of the creamy chocolateyness of hot chocolate.

My biggest challenge is choosing between making an oat cappuccino with the Rotate blend or the Lion's Mane.

In January 2024, the product had sold over 10,000 units and continues to be our best-seller.

Try out the Lion's Mane mushroom coffee, and I promise you will thank me later.

You will even GET 15% OFF your first order when you act right now.

Click here to try the Lion's Mane mushroom coffee and GET 15% OFF your order.

While that was my and Daphne's experience, I encourage you to try it and share your story. Your feedback is valuable to us and can help others make informed decisions. 


Now, back to Lion's Mane supplement benefits…

Lion's Mane supplements are amazing for your brain!

There are studies that back up the effectiveness of this supplement.

For example, this study by Pubmed finds it a great supplement for brain health.

It can improve your memory, help you concentrate more, and even encourage your nerves to grow.

Lion's Mane is a top choice for people who want to stay sharp and protect their brains as they age.

Here are the benefits:

  • It enhances memory and cognitive function.
  • It improves concentration and focus.
  • Lion’s Mane Stimulates nerve growth factors, which are crucial for brain health.

Next is Chaga, so let's unravel together, shall we?

Chaga Mushroom Supplement Benefits

During the development stage of our Chaga mushroom Elixir product, I used Chaga every day for 6 months and 12 days.

It is packed full of antioxidants and is very effective at fighting inflammation.


If you truly want to battle oxidative stress, Chaga is the shroom for you.

After all, you and I already know stress isn't good for the human body because It leads to long-term health challenges. 

It is also a strong mushroom that keeps your immune system healthy. 

Below are bullet points to ease your brain when reading the benefits:

  • It offers significant anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It fights oxidative stress, which is linked to many chronic diseases.
  • Boosts immune function, enhancing overall health resilience.

Next is Reishi, so let's see how good it is, shall we?

Reishi Supplement Benefits

When I tested the effectiveness of the Reishi on my health back in April 2023, I was amazed.

It helped me decouple from a long, winding workday and made all the difference in my life.

I realised I slept better at night upon adding it to my beverage.

I shared this experience with my girlfriend Mel, who urged me to create a product based on my first-hand experience using this mushroom.

After listening to my girlfriend's suggestion, I revealed Reishi as part of my mushroom tincture drop collection when I wrote about the best mushroom tinctures.

But wait, there's more!

Reishi is also good for improving your immune system, just like Chaga. 

So, below, I have made it easy to comprehend the benefits of Reishi mushroom supplements;

  • It enhances immune system function.
  • Reduces stress and promotes relaxation.
  • Improves sleep quality, supporting overall health and wellness.

Turkey Tail Supplement Benefits

I haven't tried Turkey Tail, but while reading and researching for this article, I came across this Pubmed journal.

I read it thoroughly and realised it is a must-add to this blog post because it was corroborated by the National Institute of Health, the primary federal agency for medical research in the USA.

Turkey tail mushrooms are great for strengthening your immune system.

According to NCBI, it contains special polysaccharides, like PSK and PSP, which help in cancer and infectious disease treatments. 

It makes chemotherapy work better and lessens its bad side effects.

Below is a much-simplified form of the benefits for easy reading:

  • Enhances immune system health.
  • It contains polysaccharides like PSK and PSP, which are known to boost immunity.
  • Supports cancer treatment by enhancing chemotherapy efficacy and reducing side effects.

Next, you and I will dive into the benefits of using Cordyceps 

Cordyceps Supplement Benefits

As a former soccer player, I often used Cordyceps for muscle recovery before diving into business. 

Eden’s Gate Cordyceps was my go-to brand to get that extra energy needed for pre- and post-workouts.


I usually add it to my cup of coffee to get all the health benefits.

Also Read:

Cordyceps supplements are great for giving you more energy.

It helps your body make more Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), keeping you strong.

If you are an athlete, I urge you to try our Cordyceps mushroom Elixir drop.

It will double your energy, directly influencing your performance during track and field events.

Finally, below are the benefits you will get using a Cordyceps Supplement:

  • Boosts energy production and increases ATP levels.
  • It improves stamina and fights fatigue.
  • It enhances athletic performance and supports respiratory health.

In the next section below, I will share scientific research that's been conducted on mushrooms.

Let's dive in!

Scientific Evidence and Research

These supplements are gaining momentum in the UK because studies show they can improve health.

For example, many studies show that Lion's Mane mushrooms can boost brain power by helping nerve growth.

Reishi has also been studied extensively.

These studies show they help your immune system and reduce stress.

Research on Brain Health

Studies say that Lion's Mane can make your brain work better and protect it, too.

You can read the Begell House Digital Library article on the topic; it covers extensively.

Research on the Immune System

Another research that looks promising is that of Turkey Tail and Reishi mushrooms.

Since they can help boost your immune system and even support cancer treatments, it is worth reading about them in depth. 

To do that, here is an article by MDPI that covers it better. 

Research on Energy and Stamina

Studies show that Cordyceps can increase your energy and help your performance, which is why athletes love it.

You can read more about it in this article by Research Gate.

Important Considerations

It is imperative to understand research on these supplements is still ongoing. 

While mushrooms have been used in ancient times as medicine, mainstream science is only beginning to catch on.

Well Being

This means more research needs to be conducted, as is the case with anything science-related.

Although there have been positive results, there is still time to tell all the benefits conclusively.

This means we need to think carefully about how we use these supplements:

Ongoing Research

Scientists are still learning new things about mushrooms. 

They find good and sometimes not-so-good effects.

Mixed Results

What helps one person might not help another.

This is because everyone has different health and body types.

Talk to Doctors

While this may seem obvious, I must stress it.

You should always talk to a doctor before taking any supplement.

It is even more important for anyone pregnant, on medication, or has any health challenges.

Possible Side Effects

While side effects have been relatively Diarrhea may have some side effects as a result of taking mushroom supplements. 

Some of the most common ones include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Allergins
  • Itch
  • Gastrointestinal.

How to Choose and Use Mushroom Supplembenefits

Let's talk about how to choose and use supplements, shall we?

Choosing the Right Supplement

I have written an entire article on how to choose a mushroom supplement.

It makes for an interesting article, and it's a must-read.

However, I will cover part of it here; click the link above to read the entire thing. 

Extraction Methods

The way mushrooms are processed is very important.

Good methods ensure your body can absorb all the helpful stuff in mushrooms.

Purity and Quality

You should always pick supplements without extra fillers or additives.

The label should tell you what kind of mushroom is used, which parts, and how much.


Where the mushrooms come from matters a lot. 

Choose supplements from trusted suppliers who use safe, clean growing practices.

Certifications and Testing

Ensure that brands claiming their mushrooms are third-party tested and provide evidence to support this claim.  

This way, you are sure that it is third-party tested.

Using Mushroom Supplements Effectively

In this section, let's briefly examine how to use it. 

Dosage and Administration

Start with a small dose to see how your body reacts, then follow the label.


Take your mushroom supplements regularly to get the best results while staying healthy.

You can add to beverages such as coffee or tea. 

And speaking of coffee, you will find the best coffee beans in the UK here.


Consider how the supplement fits with your diet and health needs.

Some work better with food, others with beverages.

Monitor Effects

Watch for changes in your feelings or health after taking the supplement.

Adjust as Needed

If you don’t feel good or see no improvement, talk to your doctor about changing the amount you take or trying something else.

People Also Asked (FAQs)

I will answer some questions that you may have. So, let's dive in, shall we?

What are mushroom supplements good for?

Mushroom supplements are really helpful for lots of health stuff! They can strengthen your immune system, help your brain work better, give you more energy, and help you feel less stressed. Each kind of mushroom has special benefits:

  • Reishi is great for boosting your immune system and calming you down.
  • Lion’s Mane helps make your brain sharper.
  • Cordyceps gives you a big energy boost and helps you keep going longer.

What are the benefits of taking mushroom supplements?

Taking mushroom supplements can bring you lots of awesome benefits! Here’s what they can do:

Immune System Support

Mushrooms like Turkey Tail and Reishi help your body fight sickness by strengthening your immune system.

Cognitive Improvement

Lion’s Mane mushrooms are great for your brain! They can help you remember better, stay focused, and think clearly.

Energy Boost

Cordyceps mushrooms can give you more energy if you need a lift. This is super helpful for doing sports or just feeling more lively.

Stress Reduction

Reishi mushrooms are amazing at helping you relax. They help your body handle stress better so you feel calmer.

Antioxidant Properties

Chaga mushrooms are packed with antioxidants. These protect your cells from damage and keep you healthy.

How does Lion's Mane make you feel?

Lion's Mane mushrooms can help your brain feel sharper and clearer. Many say they can think better, focus more, and feel happier after taking it. It can even help some folks feel less anxious and sad. But remember, everyone is different, so it's important to see how it works for you. Always pay attention to how you feel when taking a new supplement.

Is it safe to take mushroom supplements every day?

Yes, you can usually take mushroom supplements every day. Just make sure to follow the recommended doses. If you have allergies or health issues, you should be extra careful. Always talk to a doctor before starting any new supplements. This is important if you're pregnant, nursing, or taking other medicines. Keep track of how you feel when taking them, and talk to your doctor if you notice anything unusual.


Mushroom supplement benefits are enormous, especially if you have different health goals.

They boost your immune system, sharpen your brain, give you more energy, and help you handle stress better.

Each works for specific health goals and, when combined, can deliver great results. 

But to get the most from mushroom supplements, you need to choose carefully.

Make sure you pick high-quality products from trusted sources.

Also, it's super important to follow the suggested dosage.

Remember to see how your body reacts to the one you tried.

Before you start any new supplements, especially if you have health issues or take other medicines, you should talk to a doctor.

This helps you stay safe and get the most benefit from your supplements.

Finally, if you want to start reaping the benefits of mushroom supplements, start here today.