Best Mushroom Coffee Brands UK

Best Mushroom Coffee Brands UK (After 107 Days Spending £583)

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Forget what you’ve heard; mushroom coffee doesn’t taste half as bad as you think. It doesn’t taste bad at all. 

It has the familiar taste of your usual brew with the added goodness of mushrooms like lion’s mane, known for its cognitive benefits, chaga, a powerful antioxidant, and cordyceps, which can boost energy levels. 

And if you like to drink coffee daily and care about your health, mushroom coffee is the perfect option. But there’s just one problem. And it’s a big one!

The UK has many coffee brands, each claiming they’re the best. It’s tough to find one that gets the balance right: a coffee that not only tastes good but also packs in the health benefits of mushrooms.

The three (3) brands products below are my personal favourites in terms of FLAVOUR + GOOD TASTE + HEALTH COMBO:

You might end up with a mushroom coffee that's great for your health but doesn’t satisfy your taste for good coffee, or vice versa. Trust me, I’ve been there, so I know. And it's sad to see your money, time, and a bag of coffee go into the waste bin.

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That's why I took on the challenge. I spent 107 days and £583 testing many mushroom coffee brands in the UK. I brewed each brand’s product multiple times, considering factors like brewing method, water temperature, and grind size. My goal was simple: find the ones that offer the best quality, taste and health benefits.

Note: I have 10+ years of experience as a professional barista and coffee trainer. You can be confident you’re getting the best insight from my experience over the last decade. Find out more about me here.

So I tried each one, evaluating flavour, how well the mushrooms worked, and their overall health impact. Now, I’m finally ready to share what I’ve found. 

So whether you’re new to mushroom coffee or a fan already, you’ll find the best mushroom coffee in the UK here.

Where To Buy Mushroom Coffee: At A Glance

My 107 day search for the best mushroom coffee UK was quite an adventure.

Just like my decade-long coffee industry experience, I came across all sorts of mushroom coffee.

Investigating Mushroom Coffee

I tried ones that were a complete letdown to others that stood out.

However, I was strict in my testing and only picked the best in taste, aroma, and health benefits.

It is the exact same criteria I used when I wrote about the best coffee beans UK.

Each of the top 3 brand offer FAST delivery and in some special cases brand like Balance Coffee offer new customers FREE shipping.

Plus due to my 107 days of testing, I was privilege to use these brands personally.

Limited Time Offer: If you place an order with Balance Coffee now, you will GET 15% OFF to relish in mushroom coffee specially crafted to enhance your vitality and increase your productivity by 100%.

Product Benefits where to buy
Focus & Productivity Lion's Mane Coffee
  • Improves Focus
  • Improves Memory
  • Energy Boost
  • Rated 4.8 stars
  • 100% Arabica beans (speciality coffee)
  • Contains 1000+ Antioxidants
  • Rich in vitamin B3
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Best For Productivity Nutrilic 10
  • Improves Productivity
  • Improves focus
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Best For Wellness Laird Superfood
  • Improves Overall wellness
  • Improves energy
  • Rated 4.7
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 What Is Mushroom Coffee? 

Mushroom coffee is a health-focused blend of regular coffee and medicinal mushroom extracts, like lion's mane and chaga.

It gives you the traditional coffee taste with the added benefits of improved focus, immune support, and energy.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Grounds

This innovative drink is increasingly popular among those seeking the rich flavour of coffee and enhanced wellness benefits.

But you must buy from the best mushroom coffee brands to enjoy a delicious taste and get those wellness benefits.

And if you are the type that's into Lion's Mane coffee, I wrote about the best Lion's Mane coffee brands in my latest article. And I also covered the best mushroom supplements UK in another. You don't want to miss them.

With that out of the way, let's dive into the criteria I used to pick each mushroom coffee brand. Let's dive in, shall we?

Criteria Used To Pick Each Mushroom Coffee Brand

So, why did it take me 107 days to test these mushroom coffee brands? Here’s a quick behind-the-scenes action for you: 

Initial 7 Days: I spend these days researching and shortlisting brands to try based on popularity in online reviews and finalising the evaluation framework.

100 Days: For 100 days, I rigorously tested ten different mushroom coffee brands, spending ten days on each. The ten days per brand helped me analyse their health effects and watch out for any side effects. 

This way, I could comprehensively test each brand. I also observed and recorded the nuances in flavour, benefits, and overall experience using this approach.

Criteria How I Judged It
Mushroom Quality and Variety Researched mushroom types for health benefits and potency and looked for quality certifications or lab tests.
Coffee Taste and Aroma Conducted blind taste tests and noted aroma, aftertaste, and flavour notes compared to standard coffee.
Organic and Sustainable Practices Verified organic certifications, researched sourcing practices and evaluated commitment to sustainability.
Health Benefits Reviewed scientific literature and testimonials and monitored personal physical and cognitive responses.
Customer Reviews and Feedback Scoured online reviews and forums and looked for recurring themes in customer feedback.
Brand Reputation and Transparency Researched brand history and transparency and considered awards and endorsements.

Now you see why it took me 107 days and a budget of £583? There was lots to be done and judged!

10 Best Mushroom Coffee Beans Brands UK

For 107 days, I tested the best mushroom coffee UK brands and jumped into their stories, sourcing practices, and blends of flavours.

After comparing the mushroom coffee brands, I’d say these ten brands reflect the best of what mushroom coffee London has to offer. 

Even better is the fact that brands like Balance coffee have some of the best mycotoxin mould pesticide free coffee beans.

1. Balance Coffee [Overall Rating: 4.89/5]

Okay, so first things first. I own Balance Coffee. But that’s certainly not why it came on top, or I tested it in the early days of my experiment. 

During my preliminary research, I saw Balance Coffee frequently listed as one of the best UK brands of mushroom coffee. Other coffee websites have reviewed it and have stellar reviews.

And, of course, as the founder, I know that the sourcing from our mushroom coffee is top-notch. It’s Lion’s Mane mushroom coffee, and studies have shown it to have many health benefits.

But read on to learn why it made it to the top.

Criteria Performance
Mushroom Quality and Variety High-quality, science-backed, organic lion's mane with noticeable benefits.
Coffee Taste and Aroma Rich and delightful, with no hint of mushroom taste.
Organic and Sustainable Practices Fully organic, with a focus on sustainability.
Health Benefits Delivered on its promise of improved focus and energy.
Customer Reviews and Feedback Highly positive feedback, especially on taste and benefits.
Brand Reputation and Transparency Strong commitment to quality, transparency, and sustainability.

Story of Testing

On the 8th day of my 107-day mushroom coffee journey, I bought myself a bag of my Lion’s Mane Mushroom coffee. Obviously, I’ve tried it before, but this time, I was analysing it from a different lens. 

I bought it from the official store like a regular customer to test and review it critically. 

My Ordering Experience:

The best part about this coffee is its sheer value for money. I didn’t have to spend too much; just £19.99 for one bag.

There’s also an option to buy it using a coffee subscription that can help you save three pounds. And this way, you never have to experience the ran-out-of-coffee moment on chilly mornings.

Mushroom Coffee Ground UK

The ordering experience was super smooth. It took me just a few minutes to buy it from the official store, and my mushroom coffee arrived in a few days.

The Brand’s Promise:

I founded Balance Coffee in 2020 to bring healthy coffee, free of mould, mycotoxins and pesticides, to all coffee lovers. To do this, I extensively studied the science behind healthy, sourced premium, speciality coffee.

Balance Coffee Lion’s Mane promised a significant boost in memory, focus, and energy, thanks to the organic lion’s mane infusion.

Making and Drinking:

Regarding brewing equipment, I turned to my trustworthy French Press to make myself a mushroom coffee. You can find more details on how to brew mushroom coffee here.

And brewing this coffee was a truly delightful experience. The aroma of milk chocolate, hazelnut, and fig filled the air. Tasting it, the absence of any mushroom flavour impressed me. It tasted just like a regular mouthwatering coffee with hints of milk chocolate, hazelnut and fig.

So, if taste is a big factor, this coffee is for you. It's the strongest contender in the game for the best tasting mushroom coffee.

Afterall according to Clevelandclinic,there are so many benefits tied to it.

Early Benefits:

Within the first few days, I noticed a subtle yet noticeable increase in my focus and energy levels during work hours. It lived up to its promise of enhancing cognitive functions.

Customer Reviews:

The customer reviews for my London mushroom coffee have been amazing. See for yourself:

Matthew H. 

Review: Making coffee for 2 is so simple - 30g coffee into the cafetière, 500g water, and leave for 10 mins. Drinking this coffee every day has definitely improved my concentration. It's not the strongest coffee, but it's great for a lunchtime pick-me-up and, I promise, absolutely no mushroom flavour. Balance has been delivered yet again. Their coffee is the best on the market.

Ellie W. 

Such a great way to be able to drink all the coffee you want without worrying about caffeine. Really tasty!

Jennifer T.

Exactly what it says on the tin: I feel more focused and in a calmer state whenever I drink it - it's magic! Well done Balance.

Feedback: Please bring out more healthy varieties soon


  • Excellent Taste: Balance Coffee Lion’s Mane is known for its outstanding flavour.
  • Cognitive Benefits: Enhances mental functions, making it ideal for cognitive improvement.
  • Health-Enhancing Blend: Perfect for those seeking to boost their coffee experience with added health benefits.
  • Mouthwatering Flavour: Offers a delicious taste without any mushroom flavour.
  • Boosts Energy and Concentration: Improves energy levels and sharpens focus.
  • Top-Quality Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee: Ranked as one of the best in its category.
  • Satisfaction from Customers: Many have incorporated this delicious chocolate-tasting mushroom coffee into their daily health routine.

2. Nutrilic 10 Mushroom Coffee [Overall Rating: 4.7/5]

Criteria Performance
Mushroom Quality and Variety Offers a diverse range of mushroom types with various benefits.
Coffee Taste and Aroma Rich and enjoyable, well-balanced without a mushroom aftertaste.
Organic and Sustainable Practices Not organic but includes biodegradable packaging.
Health Benefits Delivered on enhancing focus and potentially other health areas.
Customer Reviews and Feedback Strong positive reviews for taste and effectiveness.
Brand Reputation and Transparency Good reputation for variety and eco-conscious packaging.

Story of Testing:

Around the second week of my expedition into the best mushroom coffee in the UK, I tested the Nutrilic 10 mushroom coffee. Again, this coffee has done various rounds on the internet, and I found many people raving about it.

So, naturally, I had to test it out for myself. 

My Ordering Experience:

Purchasing Nutrilic 10 was straightforward but expensive, especially considering the variety of mushrooms in each pack. It's priced at £20.99, which does seem high initially. 

Brand Promise:

Nutrilic 10's promise was impressive: enhanced focus, concentration, and additional health benefits like reduced inflammation and improved sleep.

This brand also promises a robust experience in productivity and focus enhancement with its unique blend of nine mushrooms plus ginseng.

Making and Drinking:

Thanks to its mix of instant and micro-ground coffee, preparing a cup of Nutrilic 10 was a breeze for me.

I also found the rich, full-bodied flavour a pleasant surprise. Lastly, I absolutely loved that there was no overpowering mushroom taste.

Nutrilic 10 Mushroom Coffee

Early Benefits:

Within the first few days, I felt a noticeable uptick in my concentration and productivity levels, aligning well with the brand's promise of enhanced focus.

Customer Reviews:

Here is what customers are saying Nutriic 10:

Mrs. Susan Moxom

A very tasty coffee and good value for money.


Nice but expensive.


I liked this a lot, although it might not be for everyone as it has a pleasant but distinct earthy flavour. It's great that it's instant, and you can use as much or as little as you want. I wouldn't drink it across the day, personally, but I found it gives me a good pep up as a first cup in the morning. Much more subtle buzz than straight forward caffeine coffee. A bit on the pricey side but worth it.


  • Great Taste and Health Benefits: Nutrilic 10 is ideal for those seeking a mushroom coffee that offers both delicious flavour and various health advantages.
  • Easy Preparation: Its convenience in preparation adds to its overall appeal.
  • Higher Price Point: The only drawback is that it is priced higher than typical mushroom coffees.

3. Laird Superfood Ground Dark Roast [Overall Rating: 4.7/5]

Criteria Performance
Mushroom Quality and Variety High-quality organic mushrooms offer a range of benefits.
Coffee Taste and Aroma Exceptionally rich and bold, with pleasing low acidity.
Organic and Sustainable Practices Certified organic, eco-friendly, and mindful of dietary needs.
Health Benefits Delivers on its promise for overall wellness and increased energy.
Customer Reviews and Feedback Overwhelmingly positive reviews, especially on taste and health.
Brand Reputation and Transparency Renowned for quality and transparency in its products.


Story of Testing:

As the second week of my 107-day mushroom coffee exploration ended, I tried the Laird Superfood Ground Dark Roast. Many people I spoke to called this one of the best mushroom coffee grounds

I decided to put it to test and see for myself.

Ordering Experience:

Overall, I’d say that ordering Laird’s mushroom coffee is an investment in quality. The £20.89 cost price tag reflects its premium organic status and the promise of top-notch ingredients.

Brand Promise:

I’d heard about Laird for its functional foods but found its entry into mushroom coffee intriguing. I couldn't overlook it with its ambitious promise for overall wellness and energy. 

Laird Superfood also commits to improving your overall wellness and energy using the benefits of Chaga, Lion’s Mane, and Cordyceps.

Making and Drinking:

I’d say brewing this coffee was quite an experience. Since it's ground coffee, I didn’t have to spend any time grinding the beans, which is a huge time saver. Your coffee grinders can sit this one out.

This dark roasted coffee’s rich, bold aroma, complemented by its low acidity, made each cup luxurious. Also, I found the taste was deep and satisfying, with no hints of bitterness.

Laird Superfood Ground Dark Roast

Early Benefits:

In the first few days, I noticed an uplift in my energy levels and a general sense of well-being, in line with the brand's wellness promise.

Customer Reviews:

Here is what customers are saying about Liard Superfood Ground:


The coffee taste is like normal ground coffee flavour with a good strength and additional benefits of the mushrooms. Will buy it again.


Love the flavours.

Chris Hiew

I usually drink Four Sigmatic coffee but fancied a change; this brand tastes just as good and is also a little bit cheaper. Would recommend.


  • Exceptional Quality: Laird Superfood Ground Dark Roast is known for its high-quality standards.
  • Organic Ingredients: Committed to using organic components, ensuring a healthier choice.
  • Ideal for Health-Conscious Coffee Lovers: Perfect for those prioritising health, taste, and sustainability in their coffee selection.

It's also one of the best mushroom coffees in the UK for 2024.

4. Vivo Life Magic [Overall Rating: 4.6/5]

Criteria Performance
Mushroom Quality and Variety Lion’s Mane extract enhances focus, though not organically sourced.
Coffee Taste and Aroma Exceptionally full-bodied, reflecting its premium bean quality.
Organic and Sustainable Practices Primarily organic, with a strong commitment to sustainability.
Health Benefits Effective in boosting energy and focus, as promised.
Customer Reviews and Feedback Consistently positive feedback on its taste and health impact.
Brand Reputation and Transparency Commendable for its ethical sourcing and environmental focus.

Story of Testing:

As I head into the fourth week of my 107-day exploration into mushroom coffees, my notes said Vivo Life Magic was next on the list.  And I have to be honest, I was expecting some magic.

This brand emerged as a promising candidate, combining the allure of high-quality Ethiopian coffee with the cognitive enhancement of Lion’s Mane.

QUICK READWhat Is The Best Mushroom Coffee (100% Tested & Proven)

It promised a fusion where health benefits and premium coffee taste coexist.

Ordering Experience:

Ordering this blend felt like an investment worth making. I ordered it on Amazon and got it for £17.95. It is slightly expensive, but if you compare it to the other best mushroom coffee UK brands on here, it seems like the best value mushroom coffee

Brand Promise:

Like many others in my experiment, the Vivo Life Magic aims to boost your energy and focus, capitalising on the cognitive properties of Lion’s Mane mushroom.

Making and Drinking:

I found this coffee's making and drinking to be soothing and easy. 

The full-bodied flavour danced on my tongue when I drank it, which affirmed its quality. It gives a rich and enjoyable drinking experience. 

Vivo Life Magic

But the mushroom extract's non-organic status slightly tempered with my experience. That’s the main downside of this mushroom coffee review

Early Benefits:

Within 3-5 days, the promise of increased focus and energy materialised, matching the brand's claims. Although the jump wasn’t too big, I felt better and more focused. 

Customer Reviews:

Here is what customers are saying about Vivo Life Magic:

Laura J.

We found this coffee at Walmart and have enjoyed it so much for its healthy ingredients and great coffee. It is less expensive, so we do auto-ship and save a little. Good to know you're drinking a healthy cup of joe each day. 

Adam M.

Kinda changing my life...

Kathleen N. 

Great coffee


  • Rich Coffee Experience: Vivo Life Magic is ideal for those who enjoy full-bodied coffee.
  • Cognitive Benefits: Offers mental enhancement alongside its rich taste.
  • Available on Amazon: One of Amazon's top choices for mushroom coffee.
  • Non-Organic Mushroom Extract: Although the mushroom extract is not organic, the balance it offers is noteworthy.

It is among the best mushroom coffees in the UK.

5. Four Sigmatic Think [Overall Rating: 4.5/5]

Criteria Performance
Mushroom Quality and Variety High-quality Lion’s Mane and Chaga mushrooms, organically sourced.
Coffee Taste and Aroma Rich and smooth, offering a satisfying coffee experience.
Organic and Sustainable Practices Committed to fair trade and organic practices.
Health Benefits Delivers effectively on its promise of mental boost and focus.
Customer Reviews and Feedback Strong positive feedback for its mental clarity benefits and taste.
Brand Reputation and Transparency Known for quality and a diverse range of functional coffees.

Story of Testing:

My research brought Four Sigmatic Think on my radar for the fifth week of the experiment. 

They’re known for their diverse range of mushroom coffee and promise to enhance focus, creativity, and productivity using a blend of Lion’s Mane and Chaga.

Ordering Experience:

Ordering Four Sigmatic Think was an easy choice, especially given its commitment to fair trade and organic practices. I ordered it on their official website, and it took a few days to arrive, but it surely and slowly did. 

However, this also gave my budget a big hit. It's priced at  £58.10 and surely not for the faint-hearted. 

But you should know that this price reflects its premium status in the mushroom coffee market.

Brand Promise:

Four Sigmatic Think was designed to stimulate the mind and enhance productivity, harnessing the natural benefits of its chosen mushrooms for an optimal mental boost.

Making and Drinking:

The process of making this coffee was as smooth as its taste. The rich flavour, free of any harshness, made each cup a pleasurable experience for me.

The taste and aroma of an espresso from this coffee embodies the blend's high quality.

Four Sigmatic Think

Early Benefits:

Within the first week, I could feel a slight increase in my mental sharpness and productivity. However, I didn’t experience any increased creativity like I’d hoped. 

Customer Reviews:

Here is what customers say about Four Sigmatic Think:

Lynsey G.

The best one I've tried so far.

Kindle Customer

Really nice tasting coffee and felt much nicer than after drinking regular coffee.

R. Sinclair

I've been on this earth for many years, and although I have always loved the smell of coffee, I have never liked the taste of it... until this came along. It's soooo tasty, really wakes you up, and actually fills me up, too. When I fancy a snack, I have this instead, and I'm full for 2.5 hours. Personally, I couldn't recommend it enough (the only downside is that it is expensive...).


  • Enhances Mental Acuity: Four Sigmatic Think is notable for improving mental sharpness.
  • Rich Coffee Experience: Provides a deeply satisfying and enjoyable coffee taste.
  • Top Choice in the UK: Recognized as one of the best mushroom coffees available in the UK.
  • Premium Pricing: A higher price tag reflects its quality and benefits.

6. Time Health Decaf [Overall Rating: 4.5/5]

Criteria Performance
Mushroom Quality and Variety It's a diverse blend of Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Chaga, and other boosters.
Coffee Taste and Aroma Nutty, malty, and full-bodied; excellent for a decaf coffee.
Organic and Sustainable Practices It is not entirely organic but uses high-quality Arabica beans.
Health Benefits Effective in boosting mental focus and energy without caffeine.
Customer Reviews and Feedback Positive feedback for its unique blend and decaf quality.
Brand Reputation and Transparency Innovative in its approach to decaf coffee and wellness.

Story of Testing:

Time Health Decaf emerged as a unique contender on day 64 of my comprehensive mushroom coffee journey. By the sixth week, I was a little bored from the experiment and wanted to mix things up. 

And what better to do that than to see if decaf mushroom coffee lives up to its name? And so, ladies and gentlemen, I took the plunge.

Ordering Experience:

Ordering this blend was intriguing, particularly for its unique composition. I ordered this from their official store, and the price wasn’t too bad, considering its ingredients. It's priced at £20.99, and while I won’t say it's the best budget mushroom coffee, it's worth it.

Brand Promise:

Time Health Decaf aims to enhance mental focus and energy without caffeine. It combined Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Chaga, and other mental boosters like Red Maca and L-Theanine.

Making and Drinking:

Since it's instant coffee, the brewing process is as simple as possible. This mushroom coffee is perfect for quick, hassle-free preparation.

Once done, I relished the nutty, malty taste. It also gave me a rich and fulfilling coffee experience without the caffeine.

Time Health Decaf

Early Benefits:

I noticed increased mental clarity and sustained energy levels, without the usual caffeine induced alertness, within the first few days of consumption.

Customer Reviews:

Here is what customers say about Time health decaf:


After the first steaming mug of this delicious coffee, I felt like I was able to use more of my brain than before.


Second purchase. I ordered two. Just loving it.


I’m loving this product. It tastes really great. I wasn’t too sure when I bought it but wanted to drink coffee with added health benefits.


  • Innovative Blend: Time Health Decaf offers a unique combination of ingredients.
  • Cognitive Benefits in Decaf: Provides the mental advantages of mushrooms and other natural boosters without caffeine.
  • Top-rated in the UK: Recognized as one of the best mushroom coffees in the UK.
  • Rich Flavor with Health Benefits: Delivers a deep coffee taste and added caffeine-free health benefits.

7. Solve Labs Mushroom Coffee [Overall Rating: 4.4/5]

Criteria Performance
Mushroom Quality and Variety Offers a choice of Lion’s Mane or Chaga, both with additional adaptogens.
Coffee Taste and Aroma It is pleasant and familiar, blending with the mushroom flavours.
Organic and Sustainable Practices It is not specified as organic but uses quality arabica beans.
Health Benefits Delivers cognitive efficiency or stress adaptation as promised.
Customer Reviews and Feedback Positive reception for both taste and functional benefits.
Brand Reputation and Transparency Innovative in their approach to functional coffee blends.

Story of Testing:

Solve Labs was one of the first brands I encountered in my 107-day experiment to find the best mushroom coffee in the UK

Their approach to integrating functional mushrooms into a traditional coffee-drinking experience was intriguing. 

This brand offers two distinct blends:

  • One with Lion’s Mane and Rhodiola Rosea for cognitive efficiency
  • One blend with Chaga and Ashwagandha for stress adaptation. 

Both promise many health benefits, so I wanted to see what they offer. 

Ordering Experience:

The price point was relatively appealing in my mushroom coffee comparison. It's a cost-effective option at £0.57 per coffee. But it also depends on which blend you opt for.

Brand Promise:

As a brand, Solve Lab promises to give natural and performance-focused solutions. 

In terms of mushroom coffee, it promises a mouth-watering cafetiere taste and enhancement of cognitive functions or stress management, depending on the chosen blend.

Making and Drinking:

Brewing this coffee was a familiar and comforting process. It fitted easily into my daily routine.

The taste was delightful, with the unique flavour profiles of the mushrooms subtly enhancing the Brazilian arabica coffee.

Solve Labs Mushroom Coffee

Early Benefits:

I opted for the Lion’s Mane blend and noticed an improvement in my focus and mental clarity within the first few days. But then again, I’ve had better focus since I started testing so much mushroom coffee for this experiment. 

I didn’t notice any other cognitive enhancement in the 7-day testing period.

Customer Reviews:

Here is a review by Jack: Very good, low acidity.


  • Unique and Effective: Solve Lab's coffee stands out as a distinctive and effective way to combine mushroom benefits with daily coffee.
  • Well-Crafted Blends: Both available blends are skillfully created, offering varied health benefits.
  • Choice Based on Needs: Selection should be based on personal health goals, whether it's for cognitive support or stress relief.

8. London Nootropics Mushroom Coffee [Overall Rating: 4.3/5]

Criteria Performance
Mushroom Quality and Variety Offers a choice between Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps, both effective.
Coffee Taste and Aroma Surprisingly good for an instant blend, especially with milk.
Organic and Sustainable Practices Not specified as organic but focuses on quality ingredients.
Health Benefits Delivers effectively on promised focus and energy benefits.
Customer Reviews and Feedback Highly praised for convenience and effectiveness.
Brand Reputation and Transparency Known for elevating the instant coffee experience with functional blends.

Story of Testing:

London Nootropics emerged as a fascinating find during my initial research, especially on day 70. I was tired of trying the same old coffee and was now searching for nootropic mushroom coffee.

Ordering Experience:

At £1.25 per coffee, the price was reasonable for the convenience and quality promised.

The ordering process was also quite simple and convenient, and my coffee arrived in a few days. 

Brand Promise:

London Nootropics aimed to elevate the instant coffee experience with mushroom blends. They do this by focusing on either mental sharpness or energy enhancement.

Known for their instant coffee blends, they offered a convenient and tasty solution. With options of Lion’s Mane for focus and Cordyceps for energy, these blends promise to cater to different needs.

Making and Drinking:

Preparing the coffee was incredibly easy, thanks to the individual sachets. The flavour was surprisingly enjoyable for an instant coffee. I blended it well with vegan milk to make myself a satisfying latte. Trust me, the result was incredible. 

I loved the rich taste of the coffee. In fact, it reminded me of the coffee I had brewed from the best coffee beans in the world.

London Nootropics Mushroom Coffee

Early Benefits:

I alternated between the two blends and found both to be effective. The Lion’s Mane blend enhanced my focus, while the Cordyceps blend provided a noticeable energy boost.

Customer Reviews:

Here is what customers say about London Nootropics:

Tanya M.

I originally tried this in hopes to help with my neuro-diverse symptoms after studying mycology, and it did not disappoint. I've been taking a mix of half magic and flow in the morning for a few months now. Honestly and gratefully, feel a lasting difference in my motivation, mental clarity, and my memory as well as overall energy levels. 

Rachel W

Loving my first box of Nootropics - I have renewed focus and energy without the caffeine jitters - for someone who doesn't usually drink caffeine this is unheard of! The presentation box is brilliant too and would make a great gift.

Sian M.

Loved the taste. It really put a spring in my step for the day.


  • Transformed Instant Coffee: London Nootropics has revolutionised the instant coffee experience with its mushroom coffee blends.
  • Tasty and Effective: Known for both delicious taste and effectiveness.
  • Top Nootropic Choice: Many customers consider it the best nootropic mushroom coffee they have tried.
  • Convenient Sachets: Ideal for on-the-go moments or busy office days, thanks to their handy sachet packaging.

9. No Ordinary Moments Decaf Coffee [Overall Rating: 4.3/5]

Criteria Performance
Mushroom Quality and Variety Diverse range of adaptogenic mushrooms offering various benefits.
Coffee Taste and Aroma Unique chai flavour, well-suited for decaf and adaptable with milk and sweeteners.
Organic and Sustainable Practices Not specified as organic, but focuses on quality and adaptogenic ingredients.
Health Benefits Provides energy and mental clarity without caffeine.
Customer Reviews and Feedback Positive feedback for its unique flavour and health benefits.
Brand Reputation and Transparency Known for its innovative approach to decaf and adaptogenic blends.

Story of Testing:

I was 90 days into my experiment when No Ordinary Moments caught my eye. 

Their unique instant decaf blend, infused with a variety of mushrooms and chai spices, stood out as a compelling contender for the best mushroom coffee in the UK. People who’ve reviewed it also say that it's the best adaptogenic coffee UK they’ve tried in a while.

But does it live up to those lofty claims? I was about to find out.

Ordering Experience:

As with most brands, I had an easy, breezy online ordering experience. I ordered it from the official store.

At £0.72 per coffee, this blend offered reasonable value for money, considering its adaptogenic mushroom coffee with added chai spicing. 

Brand Promise:

This blend promises an energising lift without caffeine. It leverages the power of Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, and Chaga, all known for their adaptogenic properties, to do so.

Making and Drinking:

Preparing this coffee was a breeze. But then again, brewing most coffee is easy for me since I have a decade-long coffee industry experience. 

Anyway, the chai spicing added a much-needed twist to the decaf coffee. To make my experiment more interesting and healthy, I added oat milk and agave syrup, which made it a comforting, energising afternoon latte.

No Ordinary Moments Decaf Coffee

Early Benefits:

The adaptogenic effects were noticeable. I saw a gentle boost in energy and mental clarity. It's perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up without the caffeine jitters, which is what I prefer. 

Customer Reviews:

Here is what customers say about No Ordinary Moments:

Hallie P.

Very happy with Moksha feeling the promised focus and alertness without feeling that overly stimulated coffee feeling. I often have a cup in the morning with breakfast. And a cup in the afternoon if I feel the need for an afternoon boost 😊

Anonymous Customer

Honestly since started drinking moksha my days have been so different. 1. I am calmer, 2, I am more productive, 3, I feel like I can focus, 4, I don't think like an anxious jittery overwhelmed mess all day. I can't thank you enough I love my moksha and I highly recommend anyone else who is addicted to caffeine to try as well.

Anonymous Customer

I take it everywhere! On family holiday and I take my Moksha with me. Do not feel the same without it. My energy levels, happiness and health are so much better since reducing my caffeine and a normal cup of joe. Highly recommend. I have two a day. One in the morn, one around 3pm with Oatly. It just perfect.


  • Unique Decaf Option: No Ordinary Moments provides a distinctive decaf choice with added benefits.
  • Adaptogenic Mushroom Benefits: Features the advantages of adaptogenic mushrooms, ranking it among the best in the UK.
  • Chai Spicing for Enhanced Flavour: The inclusion of chai spices adds a delightful flavour.
  • Ideal for Health-Conscious, Caffeine-Free Preferences: A top pick for those seeking a caffeine-free, health-enhancing drink.

10. DIRTEA Mushroom Coffee [Rating: 4.2/5]

Criteria Performance
Mushroom Quality and Variety High-quality organic mushrooms, though not locally sourced.
Coffee Taste and Aroma Typical instant coffee flavour blends well with milk.
Organic and Sustainable Practices Commendable use of organic mushrooms.
Health Benefits Effective in providing a boost in energy and mental clarity.
Customer Reviews and Feedback Generally positive, especially for its value and convenience.
Brand Reputation and Transparency Known for its affordable and health-focused blends.

Story of Testing:

On day 103RD of my mushroom coffee exploration, I decided to test DIRTEA. The option seemed cost-effective, and since it promises value, I wanted to see if it lives up to its claims.

Ordering Experience:

I ordered one coffee bag from them online.

The price was impressive, starting at just £0.40 per coffee with a subscription. Even though the cost increased for singular bag purchases, it still represented good value.

Brand Promise:

DIRTEA promised a potent blend of Lion’s Mane, Chaga, and Cordyceps in an instant coffee format, aiming to deliver health benefits in a convenient form.

Making and Drinking:

Making the coffee was simple. It blended smoothly with hot water and a dash of oat milk.

The taste was reminiscent of instant coffee, which might not appeal to everyone.

DIRTEA Mushroom Coffee

Early Benefits:

I noticed a gentle yet effective boost in energy and mental clarity from the adaptogenic mushroom blend, which fits well with the brand’s health claims.

Customer Reviews:

Here is what customers say about DIRTEA:

Sarah Y.

This is my 4th delivery, I have notice a difference within myself.

Amy S.

Tastes delicious & I feel noticeably more alert and 'with it'. I'm a convert! I start each day with a cup on my morning dog walk 😊

Helena A.

Health & Vitality improving with my go to range of DirTea. I took the coffee blend & reishi pack with me on my glamping holiday in Wales as a balanced breakfast drink so that I didn't have to pack the individual range. My body complains if I miss a day as a reminder of its potency.


  • Value for Money: DIRTEA is recognised for offering good value in the mushroom coffee market.
  • Not for Instant Coffee Detractors: This may not appeal to those who are not fans of instant coffee's taste.
  • Affordable Health Boost: An excellent option for those seeking an economical, health-enhancing coffee alternative.
  • Accessible Price Point: Its affordability makes it one of the best mushroom coffee options in the UK.

Types of Mushroom Coffee Grounds

If you’ve made it this far, you now know the many health benefits of consuming mushroom coffee. But like other things in life, not all mushroom grounds are equal. 

There are different types of mushroom grounds, each with its unique characteristics. And if you want to get the best mushroom coffee in the UK, it's worth knowing more about these types. 


Choosing the right mushroom grounds, like mushroom tinctures, will help you get your desired health benefits. 

1. Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Grounds 

Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee is a popular choice due to its neurotrophic factors, which encourage the growth and differentiation of neurons. 

Basically, this type of mushroom coffee grounds reduces brain inflammation while enhancing your clarity and mental focus. 

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Grounds (2)

But that’s not all. Lion's Mane also supports your gut, metabolic, heart, and sleep health and may alleviate symptoms of brain-related disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. 

With so many health benefits, is it any wonder that I chose it as the top choice for Balance Coffee’s mushroom coffee?

What I Like 

  • Cognitive enhancement, particularly the increased mental. clarity and focus.
  • Its contribution to overall health, including gut, heart, and sleep wellness.
  • Potential to alleviate symptoms of brain-related conditions

What I Don’t Like 

  • Mushroom flavour is subtle and may be too mild for those seeking a pronounced mushroom taste

2. Reishi Mushroom Coffee Ground

Reishi Mushroom is a common ingredient you’ll come across in many mushroom coffee blends. Basically, it is renowned for its therapeutic potential. 

Research suggests it may benefit neurodegenerative disorders, cancer, heart disease, liver disease, mood disorders, and metabolic conditions. However, more research is needed to understand this in detail. 

Reishi Mushroom Coffee Ground

What I Like:

  • Potential health benefits, especially for serious conditions like heart and liver diseases.
  • Capacity to possibly aid in mood regulation and support mental health.
  • The depth it adds to the coffee’s flavour profile

What I Don't Like:

  • Slightly bitter undertone might not suit everyone’s palate, especially if you prefer sweeter coffee
  • Strong earthy flavour could potentially overpower the traditional coffee taste

3. Cordyceps Mushroom Coffee Ground

Cordyceps Mushroom is another valuable addition to coffee blends and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Beyond this, Cordyceps is associated with respiratory health improvement, blood sugar regulation, and potential protection against several types of cancer. 

Cordyceps Mushroom Coffee Ground

It is also effective against viruses and exercise fatigue. This makes it a great choice for your post-workout recovery.

What I Like:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial for overall bodily health.
  • Supports respiratory health and blood sugar regulation.
  • Effective for post work out recovery and fights fatigue.

What I Don't Like:

  • Specific taste of Cordyceps might not appeal to all, especially those unfamiliar with its unique flavour

4. Chaga Mushroom Coffee Grounds 

Chaga mushroom, commonly found in mushroom coffee blends, grows on trees and resembles bark. Like other coffee grounds on this list, it has many health benefits, like improving heart, gut, brain, and metabolic health. 

It is also known for its effectiveness against viruses and cancer. However, it contains high levels of oxalates, which can impact kidney health if consumed excessively. 

Chaga Mushroom Coffee Grounds

In practice, you must carefully choose coffee brands that use Chaga responsibly and in moderation.

What I Like:

  • Extensive health benefits, particularly for heart and brain health.
  • Potential effectiveness in combating viruses and cancer.
  • Unique, earthy taste it brings to the coffee that enhances the overall flavour.

What I Don't Like:

  • High oxalate content requires careful consumption to avoid potential kidney health issues.
  • Need for caution in selecting brands that understand and responsibly manage Chaga levels

5. Shiitake Mushroom Coffee Grounds

Shiitake Mushroom coffee grounds are less commonly found but offer unique health benefits.

They are known for their positive impact on heart health and immune system support. 

Shiitake Mushroom Coffee Grounds

What I Like:

  • Health benefits, particularly for heart and immune system health.
  • The rich, umami flavour that Shiitake mushrooms add to the coffee gives you a unique taste experience.
  • Potential for cholesterol management contributes to a healthier lifestyle.

What I Don't Like:

  • Distinct umami flavour might not align with traditional coffee preferences, especially if you enjoy a classic coffee taste.
  • Rarity in coffee blends may make it harder to find for regular consumption.

Health Benefits & Science of Mushroom Coffee Ground UK

You already know that mushroom coffee grounds wield many powerful health benefits. Now, let's look at some of the science behind it.

Health Benefits Scientific Evidence
Enhances Brain Health Some mushrooms contain compounds that stimulate neuron growth and differentiation. [Study]
Reduces Stress and Improves Sleep Adaptogenic properties in mushrooms aid in stress reduction and improve sleep. [Study]
Boosts Energy Certain mushrooms improve exercise performance and energy production. [Study]
Supports Immune System Mushrooms can enhance immune response and have anti-inflammatory effects. [Study]
Rich in Antioxidants High antioxidant content in mushrooms supports cellular health and may combat cancer. [Study]
Supports heart and gut health. Mushrooms have nutrients and compounds beneficial for cardiovascular and gut health. [Study]
Regulates Blood Sugar Levels Mushrooms like Cordyceps help regulate blood sugar levels. [Study]

What Is The Best Way To Brew Mushroom Coffee?

Ready to brew yourself a rewarding and delicious cup of mushroom coffee? Then, let's jump into it!

Here’s my quick guide on the best way to mushroom coffee. After spending so much time perfecting the mushroom coffee brewing process, I learned this. I hope you have as much fun as I did. 

Equipment & Ingredients for Brewing Mushroom Coffee

Equipment & Ingredients

  • Cafetière or French Press: Ideal for immersion brewing, which is the best method for mushroom coffee. It allows for maximum extraction of beneficial compounds.
  • Kettle: For boiling water.
  • Digital Scales: Preferably, for accurate measurement.
  • Timer: Your phone will do just fine.
  • Spoon: For stirring.
  • Cup: Your favourite one, ready for serving.
  • Mushroom Coffee: Choose your preferred blend (Lion’s Mane, Chaga, etc.). I always use Balance Coffee’s Lion’s Mane mushroom coffee

The Recipe

For one cup:

  • 15g of Coffee (2 scoops) of your chosen mushroom coffee blend.
  • 250g of Water: Boiled and slightly cooled.
  • 6-12 Minute Brew Time: Depending on your taste preference. Longer brew times result in stronger coffee.
  • Filtered Water: For enhanced flavour. Consider using a Peak Water Jug for sustainability.

Brewing Mushroom Coffee: Step By Step

I have written about how to brew Lion's Mane coffee previously and how to brew mushroom coffee in general.

While I will give you the steps below, you can use the above links to get it detailed.

Measure the Ingredients:

For a standard 1 cup cafetière, use 250g of hot water and 15g of coarsely ground mushroom coffee.

Preheat the Cafetière:

Fill it with hot water to preheat, then discard the water.

Add Mushroom Coffee Blend:

Place the coarsely ground mushroom coffee into your empty cafetière.

Add Hot Water:

Pour hot (preferably filtered) water over the coffee grounds.


Gently mix the coffee and mushroom blend in the cafetière.

Brew Time:

Place the plunger on top, but don’t press down yet. Let it steep for 6-12 minutes, adjusting the time for your desired coffee strength.

Press the Plunger (Halfway Only):

Press the plunger down halfway to avoid disturbing the settled grounds after brewing.

Pour and Enjoy:

Carefully pour your brewed mushroom coffee into your cup.

Clean Up:

Thoroughly clean the cafetière to remove any residue.

Pro Tips To Help You Ace It

  • Don't Rush the Plunge: Avoid plunging and pouring immediately after adding hot water. For speciality coffees, especially those roasted medium or light, longer extraction times are key.
  • Water Quality: Filtered water can significantly enhance the flavour of your mushroom coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do you have questions?

I have the answers below for you.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

What’s the Best Mushroom Coffee Beans UK? 

The best Mushroom Coffee Beans in the UK are Balance Coffee and Nutrilic because they blend high-quality coffee with beneficial mushrooms like Lion's Mane and Chaga. They offer both excellent taste and health benefits in their mushroom coffee blends.

What Do I Need To Brew Mushroom Coffee?

You need a cafetière (French Press), kettle, digital scales for accuracy, a timer, a spoon, a cup, and your chosen mushroom coffee blend to brew mushroom coffee.

Is Lion's Mane Coffee Good?

Lion's Mane coffee is excellent for those seeking cognitive and mental health benefits, such as enhanced focus and brain function, along with the rich taste of coffee.


And there you have it, guys! The official results for the best mushroom coffee in London and the UK, are based on my 107 day test. 

I spent £583 trying mushroom coffee from some of the finest mushroom coffee brands in the UK. 

Some were a complete letdown, but others stood out for the taste, aroma, quality and benefits. 

Now, my personal recommendation is that you try the Balance Coffee Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee.

Because it instantly improves your focus and helps avoid the dreaded caffeine crash.

In addition, it is packed full of 1000+ antioxidants that help fight against disease.

It also contains vitamin B3, which is powerful for improving brain function. Click here for a £5 discount on the Balance Coffee Lion’s Mane Coffee beans.

Or if you want more mushroom supplements, read my article on what is the best Lion's Mane supplement UK.