Top 11 Best Manual Coffee Grinders in the UK for 2024

Top 11 Best Manual Coffee Grinders in the UK for 2024

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In today's post, we'll review the UK's top 11 best manual coffee grinders.

The Goal? Whether you're a beginner just getting started with coffee or have some experience up your sleeves, you'll be able to pick the best manual coffee grinder to brew sensational coffee every morning. 

I am James Bellis, the founder of Balance Coffee, with over a decade of experience in the coffee industry.

What does this mean? I've got my hands dirty when it comes to coffee, which means I've been lucky enough to test out the leading coffee equipment on the market too.

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Now come, let's dive into the top 11 best manual coffee grinders in the UK list, shall we?

Best Manual Coffee Grinders UK (Expert Selection)

The table below contains some of the best manual coffee grinders that I have personally used in my 10+ years as coffee expert.

Add any of these to your brewing kits and you are sure to brew the best morning cup of coffee.

Product Benefits where to buy
Perfect For Anyone Comandante C40 Nitro
  • Exceptional Grind Consistency & Control
  • Durable & High-Quality Construction
  • Enhanced Flavour Profile
  • Stylish & Ergonomic Design
  • Manual Operation for Full Control
Shop Now
Takes 2nd Spot Javapress Grinder
  • Affordable Quality
  • Adjustable Grind Selector
  • Compact and Portable Design
  • Quiet Operation
  • Durable Ceramic Burrs
Shop Now
3rd Spot 1Zpresso JX Pro
  • Precision Grinding
  • Consistent Grind Quality
  • Durable and Robust Build
  • Efficient Grinding Experience
  • Portable and User-Friendly
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What are Manual coffee grinders?

manual coffee bean grinder is a tool that grinds roasted coffee beans into a fine or coarse grind that you use for making coffee. This style of coffee grinding requires you to turn a handle, which then turns a burr set. 

The beans fall neatly into the burrs when you add coffee beans to your grinder chute, and once the grinding has taken place, a sealed section beneath the grinder will collect the grounds. 

Manual Coffee Grinder

Many manual coffee grinders today are made from wood, plastic, stainless steel, or aluminium for durability. 

Hand coffee grinding machines have some advantages over electric coffee grinders. For example, they do not require power to work, are more portable, quiet, and are usually more affordable. 

How To Decide on the Best Manual Coffee Grinder for You

When choosing a manual coffee grinder machine, there are a few things you have to consider to make sure you're choosing the right grinder for your needs.  

First, consider how much coffee you drink and whether you'll use the grinder often. You might not need a high-end manual grinder if you're a casual coffee drinker. 

Consider Coffee Best Manual Coffee Grinders

Secondly, consider whether you care about maximising the flavour of your morning cup. If that's you, consider one of the top 5 grinders on our list. Why? 

A quality coffee brew starts with ground coffee with the most uniform coffee particles. The burrs are not sharp enough to evenly grind the coffee if you're using a cheaper model. This creates more bitterness in the cup. 

Grind Settings

Secondly, consider what type of grind you prefer. For example, do you like a finer grind for espresso coffee or a coarser grind for pour-over coffee or drip coffee? So, think about the features necessary to your coffee-making routine.  

Grind Settings

It's also worth noting that most manual grinders cannot go fine enough for espresso and require a large enough burr with more settings to get to espresso grind. The one exception is the Commandante which can go incredibly fine for a manual grinder.

There are a lot of manual coffee grinders that come with all sorts of features, like different grind settings and attachments. 


Another thing you'll have to look out for is the material the grinder is made from. 

Stainless steel grinders are always better because they last longer than aluminium or plastic - but you have nothing to worry about if this isn't an issue for you. All the grinders come with a basic warranty, so you know you're covered if there's an issue. Just do the research beforehand. 

What To Look For in a Good Manual Coffee Grinder?

Refrain from investing a little money and time in an excellent hand grinder. It would be best if you considered the importance of the grinding process when trying to achieve the best coffee at home.

A good grinder should last a few years, provided you look after it, maintain it and clean it regularly. At most, the burrs will need replacing periodically as a part without having to buy a whole new unit. 

So now it's time to figure out what distinguishes a good grinder from a terrible one. When purchasing, please keep the following in mind:

1.   Size (Or Lack Thereof)

If you want to grind on the go, consider purchasing a sleek design that's lightweight and easy to use and handle.

Grinder Size

When it comes to portability, less is more. But if you're not concerned about travelling with your manual grinder, any size will do just fine. If you don't have a travel requirement, the heavier options are better since they are made from higher-quality material, and the burr sets are often higher.

2.   Capacity

It would be best to think about how many cups of coffee you drink on average. If you're a daily coffee drinker, you'll want something with a larger bean capacity.

One of the significant downsides of a manual grinder vs an electric coffee grinder is that you need to spend 2-5 minutes grinding the beans. Only the top 5 more powerful options vastly improve the grinding process.  

On the other hand, if you only need enough grounds for one or two cups at a time, then an average capacity will do. 

Capacity Best Manual Coffee Grinders

Another consideration would be whether or not you want the ability to change between coarser and finer settings. It is essential if you care about the quality of your coffee and want to enjoy speciality coffee

Some grinders are designed to accommodate a range of settings, whereas others have fixed settings for either coarse or fine grinds.

Whatever you choose, ensure that there is some compartment or receptacle where excess grounds can accumulate during use, as this prevents mess while making your freshly brewed coffee.

3.   Quality Of Material  

It would help if you also looked into the quality of the material before buying. Whether you opt for stainless steel, ceramic, or plastic materials, try to get something durable and long-lasting. 


You don't want your device to break down on you after just a few months, do you?  

Quality of Material Best Manual Coffee Grinders

Manual coffee grinders typically employ burrs to grind the coffee, so even if you choose a grinder from our list, ranging from entry-level, intermediate and expert level, the quality is already rather good.

For more insights, you can check our guide on the best burr coffee grinders

High-grade espresso hand grinders will have more precise grind level increments and burrs composed of higher-quality material. 

Want my honest recommendation? Invest in a grinder with high-quality burrs. This determines the consistency of your grind and the overall quality of flavour produced inside the cup.

4.   Number Of Grind Settings

How many settings do you have on your coffee grinder, and how easy is it to switch between them? To brew the perfect coffee, you'll need a versatile range of grinding to achieve the best coffee in the UK, rather than merely grinding on one fixed setting.

Number of Grind Settings

This is because coffee is a natural product that changes due to temperature fluctuations and the age of the beans. Having the flexibility to tweak your grind is essential if you consider yourself someone who cares about the quality of the coffee you drink.

A poor-quality hand grinder will not grind uniformly, resulting in over or under-extraction of your brew.

No coffee grinder (manual or electric) is built flawlessly. However, a good quality manual grinder can offer superior results.

How Much Will It Take To Get a Manual Coffee Grinder

While some coffee lovers have discovered ways to grind coffee beans without a grinder, most individuals began their coffee grinding journey with a hand coffee grinder. 

Why? It's a pretty affordable way to kick off your coffee journey. It's also a great coffee gift if you want to treat your loved one. 

How Much Coffee Grinder Best Manual Coffee Grinder

But how much should you pay for one, and how much should you spend to acquire what you need? 

manual coffee grinder machine's price can range from £30 to £350, sometimes more. The build quality, grind consistency, design and speed vary significantly with the price. 

An excellent entry-level hand grinder can be purchased for £30-£100, while a good intermediate hand grinder will go for around £200. 

£50- £100 

This is the most basic unit for a coffee grinder. You could discover something cheaper, but don't spend your time or money on it. The Hario Prism grinder and Javapresse grinders are terrific options that fall under this price range.

50-100 Manual Coffee Grinders

You'll notice a significant difference over brewing with pre-ground coffee; they're durable enough to last a long time. 

In addition, they have ceramic conical burrs, which function well but create less consistent grinds than stainless steel burrs.

£150- £250 

You can find top coffee grinders for home with the superior build quality, consistent grinds, and a better feel in this price range. Some grinders in this price range have stainless steel burrs, but not all of them.

For many coffee lovers, this is a sweet spot for a grinder that is still economical but much better than most entry-level models. The Timemore C2 and the 1Zpresso Q2 are particularly good buys. 

150-250 Best Manual Coffee Grinders

While you can use them for espresso, the adjustment needs to be more accurate to tune your espresso grind like you can with an electric grinder. 

However, the options in this price range are suitable for pour over. If you want to start with something decent but not too expensive, the grinders at this price point are a fantastic choice.

£280- £350 

This is where the fun begins. Depending on your budget, this might be where it ends. These grinders are pricey, but you get value for your money. 

These grinders usually look excellent and are well-built. They can typically perform anything you ask of them, from delicate adjustments for espresso to French press.

280- 50 Manual Coffee Grinder

These grinders have excellent burrs and are among the best hand grinders available. The Comandante C40 and the Kinu M47 are two outstanding hand grinders in this price range.

We can also say the same for some commercial manual coffee grinder machines.

Manual Coffee Grinder Price Where to buy it Company that produces it
Comandante C40 Nitro £245 Balance Coffee Comandante
Javapresse Manual Coffee Grinder £50 Javapresse Coffee Javapresse
1Zpresso JX Pro £180 1Zpresso Coffee 1Zpresso
Timemore Chestnut C2 Manual £99 Timemore Timemore
Zassenhaus Santiago £129 Zassenhaus Zassenhaus
Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Grinder £90 Porlex Grinders Porlex Grinders
Hario Skerton Pro £67 Hario Hario
Akirakoki Manual Coffee Bean Grinder £64 Akirakoki Akirakoki
VSSL JAVA Manual Coffee Grinder £160 VSSL VSSL
Vevok Chef Manual Coffee Grinder £70 Vevok Chef Vevok
The 1Zpresso Q2 Manual Coffee Grinder £160 1Zpresso 1Zpresso


Top 11 Best Manual Coffee Grinders For Beginners, Mid-level & Expert Coffee Lovers

If you're new to coffee grinding, or even a seasoned pro, there's a manual coffee grinder that's perfect for you. 

This guide will look at some of the best manual coffee grinders in the UK for 2023. 

1.   The Comandante C40 Nitro Burr Hand Coffee Grinder

Are you sick of wiggly burrs? Inconsistent grind settings? Poor construction? Unwanted emails from your boss? Lol. 

Comandante, a German producer of high-quality grinders, offers the answers. For everything except your overflowing inbox. The Comandante C40 hand grinders grind capacity is nothing short of astounding. 

This grinder has a stepped grind adjustment mechanism that allows it to grind fine enough for Turkish coffee and espresso. In addition, it is even coarse enough for French press meaning it's one of the only manual hand grinders with the full range of grind setting ability.

The Comandante C40 Nitro Burr Hand Coffee Grinder Best Manual Coffee Grinders


The Comandante burrs are incredibly sharp and genuinely wobble-proof. The middle shaft of the grinder is mounted on double-axle bearings to keep the burrs in place and your coffee tasting superb.

It is worth noting that Comandante refines their manual grinder burrs more than most rivals. The effort in designing and fine-tuning the burrs to excellence is crucial to having a set of high-quality, long-lasting burrs.

This hand grinder is one of the more compact alternatives, comparable to the Hario Slim Mill and even the Porlex. However, despite their physical similarities, the Comandante outperforms both in grinding capacity.

The Comandante C40 can grind up to 40g of coffee, which yields about 3 cups, depending on your preferences. 

While there are better grinders for someone who constantly grinds enough coffee for 6-8 cups at a time, it is surprisingly substantial, given the grinder's small size.

These unique features make it one of the best manual coffee grinders in the UK.


  • Consistent grinds, from fine to coarse
  • A stepped grind adjustment mechanism 
  • Premium build quality
  • Quiet ~Grinding unlike other manual options
  • Smooth gliding grind motion
  • Large (40-gram) capacity


  • It is heavy than other options built for travel
  • The glass grind catcher is fragile

2.   Javapresse Manual Coffee Grinder 

The Javapresse might be the answer if you're seeking one of the best budget manual coffee grinders in the UK

The Javapresse is one of the most popular manual coffee grinder machines on Amazon and has also been featured in magazines such as Inc. Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Success. 

It's a compact coffee grinder built with over 18 different click grind settings. Make your choice: Aeropress, French press, or drip. 

Javapresse Manual Coffee Grinder Best Manual Coffee Grinders

You may grind coarse, medium coarse, medium, medium fine, or ultra-fine depending on the number of clicks you turn the knob.

The Javapresse is quite handy, as it is only 7 inches long and weighs less, making it simple to handle and pack for camping or travelling. In addition, the capacity is higher here, resulting in less coffee grinding and more sipping and savouring.

You will receive a superior flavour profile because it is a ceramic burr mill grinder. 

However, it will take longer. If you need to go out the door quickly, the Javapresse may not be the best option for espresso.

Considering the lightweight travel size, the various brews generated several grind settings, and the reasonably easy-to-grind features, it begins to stand out.

You can purchase this grinder and pair it with some of the best coffee storage containers in the UK for the perfect coffee experience at home. 


  • Multiple adjustable grind settings
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 15 grind setting option
  • Decent capacity and ergonomic handle
  • Budget-friendly unit


  • Changing grind size is a bit of a hassle

3.   1Zpresso JX Pro Manual Coffee Grinder

If you're looking for the best espresso manual coffee grinder in the UK, then the 1Zpresso JX Pro should be on your top bucket list. 

This is a remarkable manual grinder with the superb build quality and peak performance for its price range, which means it's excellent value for money.

1Zpresso JX Pro Manual Coffee Grinder Best Manual Coffee Grinders

It is also not a grinder that can only grind fine enough for filter baskets because it is also consistent for pour-over, French press, and Moka pot. The 1Zpresso JX Pro gives you plenty of room to fine-tune your shot. 

The grinder is constructed entirely of aluminium alloy. A slightly wider-than-usual hole at the top allows for easy pouring of the coffee beans. Meanwhile, the main body of the grinder incorporates an anti-slip rubber band.

The catch cup of the grinder has a capacity of about 40g of coffee, which is more than most options in the market. 


The 48mm conical steel burrs are a key feature contributing to the 1Zpresso JX Pro capabilities. This large stainless steel burr is uncommon in other manual grinders and sometimes in some electrical ones.

The grind adjustment on the 1Zpresso JX Pro is equally as outstanding as the other features mentioned thus far. It offers over 200 grind sizes, which is ample for manual brewing and enough to allow for delicate adjustments for espresso. 

Yeah, it's one of the best manual coffee grinders for espresso in the UK, which is why it makes sense to pair this unit with some of the best espresso coffee beans in the UK

If you clean your burr grinder regularly, it should last for years. A brush included with the JX Pro is adequate for cleaning the burr settings and grounds catcher.


  • High-quality build and grind uniformity
  • 48mm stainless steel conical burr makes grinding easy
  • It offers different grind settings
  • Fine adjustment for perfect espresso shots


  • More expensive than most manual grinders
  • A bit heavy and large

4.   Timemore Chestnut C2 Manual Coffee Grinder 

Do you find it difficult to believe that you can grind coffee grounds for your favourite French press or pour over while appearing beautiful even if you have weak little hands?

Then I'd want you to suspend your scepticism for a moment as I introduce you to the Timemore Chestnut manual coffee grinder. 

This device has been designed to be a powerful piece of equipment for your coffee grinding needs. How?

Timemore Chestnut C2 Manual Coffee Grinder Best Manual Coffee Grinders

The Timemore is constructed with high-quality materials, such as an aluminium case alongside a stainless steel conical burr. In addition, the milling blades have been sharpened with a greater hardness grade, allowing for quick grinding with little effort on your side.

I also admire how the handle is shaped to provide a secure grip. That, together with the two bearings integrated into the handle grinder mechanism, decreases friction.

The Timemore includes all the settings you need to make course grounds for French press or medium grounds for Aeropress. It also does it correctly.

At 1.5lb and 8 inches long, the Timemore makes coffee grinding at home, the workplace, or while camping a breeze. The size also makes it comfortable to handle.

Nevertheless, this manual grinder has its drawbacks. The Timemore coffee grinder has a restricted 25g capacity, making it unsuitable when you intend to make several cups.  

And, it's also more expensive than other models. But, the raving reviews on this manual coffee grinder from coffee lovers show it's worth the price.  


  • Excellent for french press
  • Offers Adjustable grind settings 
  •  easy to rotate and grind
  • high-quality material


  • Limited to 25g capacity
  • A little pricey 

5.   Zassenhaus Santiago Manual Coffee Mill

When grinding beans by hand, you need a sturdy manual grinder that won't break or become unsteady with regular use. 

The strong Beech wood structure, along with the steel mechanism and grinder, is designed to withstand the everyday ritual of grinding coffee.

The stunning mahogany hue and gold finishing touches are gorgeous. In addition, this robust grinder includes a fantastic small box for catching your grinds while you work and a lovely appearance.

Zassenhaus Santiago Manual Coffee Mill Best Manual Coffee Grinders

The drawer is well-built, so you won't have to worry about coffee splattering everywhere outside the unit. In addition, the range of grinds is quite remarkable. 

With this equipment, you may grind as fine or coarse as you prefer. On the unit is an adjustment knob beneath the handle.

This is separate from the nut that secures the handle. The fineness may be controlled by adjusting the nut. 

With prolonged usage, the burrs might become worn after a while. However, the interior of this machine is made of robust steel, so this shouldn't be an issue.

Overall, this Manual Coffee Mill is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a long-lasting grinder. It has certain drawbacks, but the benefits significantly exceed the drawbacks in this situation. 

This is a good pick if you want a long-lasting, manual coffee grinder machine for commercial use that produces outstanding output.


  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Adjustable grind settings 
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Ergonomically designed handle


  • Smaller hopper capacity
  • The burrs do dull over time, although that's expected with most grinders

6.   Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Grinder

Small manual coffee grinders are essential for regular travellers who like outstanding coffee. Fortunately, the Porlex Mini Hand Grinder has plenty to offer. 

If you're searching for a lightweight, robust burr grinder that you can carry everywhere, this may be the one.

The Porlex Mini's grind consistency is outstanding, especially given its ultra-compact form. Because the spring-loaded burrs almost eliminate wobbling in the ceramic grinding mechanism, fine grinds are as consistent as coarse grinds.

Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Grinder Best Manual coffee Grinders

Though the most expensive automated grinders usually include sharp, high-quality burrs, the little formidable Porlex Mini has a set of outstanding ceramic burrs.

The Mini is the smallest hand grinder on the market, being around 5 inches tall and about 2 inches in diameter, making it the size of a soda can. It boasts a sturdy stainless steel body with a rubber grip and a removable handle.

The Porlex Mini has a relatively limited grinding capacity, which should be no surprise. Depending on your preferences, you can only obtain 1-3 cups of coffee, each grind with about 20g at once.

Though some may anticipate a heavy grinder due to its stainless steel body, the Porlex Mini is light. It weighs less than the Hario Slim, which is entirely constructed of plastic, at roughly 224g.


  • Good grind consistency 
  • Portable and compact size
  • Excellent quality ceramic burrs


  • Limited to a 20g capacity 
  • Stainless steel body
  • Very light, ideal for travel

7.   Hario Skerton Pro Ceramic Coffee Mill 

This is an entry-level manual coffee grinder designed for speciality coffee lovers. It does not have a motor or any electronics and is entirely manual.

The Skerton Pro is the next generation of the traditional Hario icon, the Skerton. The build quality is the primary distinction between the original Hario Skerton and the Pro model, with the same grind capacity and ceramic burr set.

It is designed with quality plastics, an ergonomic handle, and long-lasting burrs to increase the grind uniformity. 

Hario Skerton Pro Ceramic Coffee Mill Best Manual Coffee Grinders

The Skerton Pro's hopper is made of heavy-duty plastic in typical Hario design, and the grind hopper is Hario's trademark heat-proof glass. The glass grind catcher also has an airtight lid for storing beans.

Hario has introduced a no-slip silicone grip to the grinder, making it easier to keep firm while you crank the handle. 

In addition, the Skerton Pro's 100g hopper makes it simple to grind up to 4+ cups of coffee or batch brews, which is why it's one of the best coffee makers for camping

This grinder is ideal for travel because it is simple to disassemble and pack. Its vast capacity makes it surprisingly lightweight, and the handle can be removed and stored separately.

Just because you're looking for a budget-friendly approach to great coffee doesn't mean you have to compromise quality.

While the Hario Skerton Pro needs a bit of elbow grease and has some irregularity in the coarser grinds, it still produces high-quality grinds for a wide range of brew options.


  • Well-built and sturdy
  • 100g hopper capacity 
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • High-quality ceramic burrs
  • Streamlined design


  • The grind size adjustment is a bit complex
  • Somewhat large

8.   Akirakoki Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

Not only are your coffee beans in your cup the best part of waking up, but so is the sensation of grinding them yourself.

And we enjoy the Akirakoki because it offers the pleasure of a visually appealing grinding experience. 

Thanks to its high-quality materials and well-thought-out design, it ranks as our finest antique coffee grinder for people wishing to immerse themselves fully.

Akirakoki Manual Coffee Bean Grinder Best Manual Coffee Grinders

The Akirakoki, carved from a single piece of wood, is designed for increased sturdiness and endurance and a pleasing aesthetic. The classic handle and slender body will undoubtedly put you in that clean mental state if you want to feel like you're living a simple life.

With all the buzz about ceramic and stainless steel burr grinders, the Akirakoki offers a cast iron burr. Because cast iron does not rust or heat up like steel and does not break easily as ceramic, this manual grinder is worth considering. 

Consider the maximum capacity of 35g of coffee beans while making your purchase decision. The Akirakoki allows you to alter your coffee ground setting, but this has a drawback because of the process involved.

You'll have to do guesswork to determine which setting gives you your desired work-from-home coffee brew. 

What the Akirakoki lacks in easily adjustable settings and an inconsistent coffee grinding profile, it attempts to compensate for with a pleasing aesthetic, a high-quality design, and smooth cast iron conical burs.


  • It features an aesthetic and quality word design 
  • Easy to use 
  • The compact design makes it travel friendly 
  • Made with conical ceramic burs


  • The adjustable setting is a bit complex
  • Inconsistent grinding profile

9.   VSSL JAVA Manual Coffee Grinder 

One of the advantages of manual grinders over electric grinders is their portability. But it doesn't mean that every hand grinder is up to the rigours of road life. If you want to improve your camp coffee experience, you'll need a grinder designed for the job.

Looking at it, you can tell that VSSL Java is intended for adventurers. The Clip and Flip crank fold in to form a carrying handle that can be fastened to your backpack when not in use. 

VSSL JAVA Manual Coffee Grinder

The outside shell is made of aluminium to reduce weight, but the inner core is made of stainless steel. It has 50 stepped settings and radial ball bearings for increased consistency.

Given that it is a manual grinder, this tool is straightforward. The cap detaches with a push of a button, and the grind catches and unscrews quickly.

Add fresh coffee beans to the top, adjust the grind dial, switch the handle over, and fix the ergonomic handle grip.

Nevertheless, the VSSL JAVA isn't dishwasher-safe, so you'll have to clean it by hand for a good wash. Fortunately, the grinder requires frequent cleaning only if you're working with oily beans. 

The limited hopper capacity of this grinder, which holds only a single cup, is its main disadvantage. But this might not be a big deal if it's just you and an Aeropress on the road.


  • Nicely designed and well built
  • Built with high-quality stainless steel burrs
  • Sturdy aluminium body
  • Smooth, frictionless grinding
  • 50 stepped settings 


  • It is not dishwasher safe
  • Small grinding capacity

10.   Vevok Chef Manual Coffee Grinder

Suppose you want a coffee grinder to offer you a significant transition for the lowest price possible. I think you can look at the Vevok Chef coffee grinder.

This unit from Vevok is one of the best cheap manual coffee grinders you can get your hands on in the UK. 

When you realise that everything from the shaft, spring, grinder and even the bearings are constructed of high-grade stainless steel, the quality of this unit is more than impressive.

Vevok Chef Manual Coffee Grinder Best Manual Coffee Grinders

The leverage you get from this manual grinder is exceptionally smooth, thanks to its wooden handle for a comfortable grip, bearings, and 3-inch steel hand crank.

This Vevok's 5-axis stainless produces more heat than ceramic rivals, but you receive exceptional longevity and reliability in exchange. As a result, the Vevok is a terrific companion for on-the-go trips and camping at roughly 7 inches in length.

While I appreciate the ease of selecting the grind settings you want (twist from 1-6), it may be too basic for the coffee lover who prefers more flexibility in their coffee grounds.

Nevertheless, since this is one of the best budget manual coffee grinders in the UK that offers some unique features, there is no reason you shouldn't have one of these manual coffee grinder machines for your home.  


  • Quick and effortless grinding 
  • Compact and travel friendly 
  • Stainless steel conical burr grinder
  • Great value for money 


  • Limited adjustable settings 
  • Limited hopper capacity 

11.   The 1ZPresso Q2 manual coffee grinder

If you asked most people the best manual coffee grinder you can buy, they would say the 1Zpresso Q2.

This coffee grinder is known for its superb build and quality materials and offers fresh, rich-tasting results that transform non-coffee enthusiasts previously into raving zealots.

The 1ZPresso Q2 is small, portable, and measuring 6 inches long. This manual coffee grinder would make camping trips much more fun.

1ZPresso Q2 Manual Coffee Grinder Best Manual Coffee Grinders

The 1Zpresso Q2 is constructed of high-quality materials, featuring an easy-to-hold handle and double bearings that make grinding nearly effortless.

This stainless steel conical burr grinder has a sleek design and high-grade materials.

It has numerous adjustable grind settings, which makes it ideal for French press or Aeropress. In addition, it includes a dialer for adjusting the settings to your preference.

One of the few downsides is that the 1ZPresso has a low capacity. So, there are better options than this if you're planning to make coffee for a group. 


  • Built with high-quality material 
  • Features multiple grind settings 
  • The compact size makes it travel friendly
  • Double bearing makes grinding effortless


  • The 1ZPresso has a limited bean capacity 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Quite a countdown, yeah? Well, you probably have the best manual grinder figured out for your needs.

But if you've yet to make a choice and have a few questions, don't worry. 

In this section, we will try to answer some of those questions the best way we can. 

What is the best Manual coffee grinder for home use?

The Hario Skerton Pro Ceramic Coffee Mill is the best coffee grinder for home use for several reasons. First, unlike other models in its price point, this coffee grinder offers a 100g hopper capacity. It makes it easy to make coffee for the family at go. Secondly, it is easy to use and doesn't compromise on quality. 

What's the best hand grinder? 

The best manual grinder for home isn't necessarily the best hand grinder. That title goes to the Comandante C40 Nitro burr grinder. This coffee grinder is a dream. From its sleek design to its 40g capacity for at least two cups in a go and effortless grinding, what more could you possibly ask for?  

Is hand-grinding coffee better? 

Not necessarily. Manual coffee grinders are a good option for a low budget, low noise and portability. Due to their slower process, which produces less heat, they produce a richer-tasting brew that retains all its natural oils. But there are also drawbacks, like not being the best for espresso. So, it all boils down to personal preferences. 

What is the best manual burr coffee grinder?

The Comandante C40 Nitro coffee grinder is just such a coffee grinder. Not only is it capable of grinding more than enough coffee to brew two cups at once, but it's also both convenient and affordable. In addition, it's fitted with 40mm conical steel burrs that can shred your favourite roasts up to 20% faster than its competitors.

What should I look for in a hand coffee grinder?

When looking for a manual coffee grinder, consider whether you want to opt for a hand crank model or electrically powered one. 

It would help if you also considered how much capacity you want (the number of coffee beans it can grind at once), as well as ease of use and durability. 

And remember the price! The price range between manual coffee grinders can vary greatly, depending on capacity and features.


One of the best-tasting cups of coffee you'll ever drink will be brewed with your manual coffee grinder. It'll be like going from a tube tv (do you remember those?) to a 60-inch LCD flat screen.

You will need to decide whether to fall to your knees and kneel to the quality taste or to kick yourself mercilessly for not getting one of these manual grinders before now.


For the perfect coffee experience at home, you must have the right tools in your arsenal, including plugging into the best coffee subscription in the UK

When you're planning on purchasing a grinder, also take the opportunity to create your subscription with a vetted coffee brand in the UK. 

We hope you've enjoyed reading this detailed guide to the top 11 best manual coffee grinders in the UK, just as we've had a great time curating it. 

Enjoy your morning cup of joe!