Speciality Coffee

Looking for the best speciality coffee online? Choose from our coffee blends and single-origin coffees, carefully sourced with your health and our planet in mind. Rated 4.9 stars on Google. Save 15% when you TRY our coffee subscription packed with 8 benefits and YES, it’s delivered straight to your doorstep.

Our World of Speciality Coffee Awaits You.

Choose from our carefully selected range of unique origins to find your new favourite coffee.

You’ll taste rare, unique flavours from across the world which have one thing in common: quality.

Carefully selected by our founder James, who meticulously curated a range of speciality coffees for you, with an incredible batch of flavours in mind.

If you’re looking for a guide on what makes speciality coffee so special, then you’ve come to the right place.

Specialty Coffee

You must have overheard someone in the queue at your local coffee house using the word ‘’specialty coffee’’.

But what is specialty grade coffee and what makes it so special, you ask?

Specialty coffee is the term used to describe the highest grade of coffee available; exceptionally brewed and farmed for modern-day consumption!

You’d be happy to know that coffee too, is subjected to a rigorous quality assurance process to check its texture, flavour, and aroma.

This quality grading method is also known as the ‘’Brazilian Cupping Method’’. Coffee is graded on a scale of 0-100, 100 being the highest.

And guess where specialty coffee lies on the scale? Any coffee scoring a whopping point of 80 or above is officially, ladies and gentlemen, specialty coffee!

Getting your hands on specialty coffee is no joke. Coffee farmers invest in the best farming methodology, to pick coffee during its peak ripeness.

All the stakeholders in the consequent supply chain put in blood and sweat to maintain or enhance the quality of coffee…getting a cup of specialty coffee UK is not as easy as you’d think.

If you don’t know already speciality coffee beans are the way to go. Ground coffee works well, but you’ll really taste the difference with wholebean coffee.

And if you’re into a milder taste of coffee or have a caffeine intolerance you’d be happy to know there are many options available including specialty decaf coffee. 

You might be looking for speciality coffee near me, which is perfect since we deliver via fast UK wide shipping.

We were even awarded ‘best speciality coffee company’ by SME London in 2021.

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