Niche Zero Coffee Grinder Review by balance coffee

Niche Zero Coffee Grinder Review 2024

In Today post, I will walk you through the niche zero coffee grinder review to give you my honest, expert opinion.

If you seek top notch quality coffee at home, this is absolutely for you.

I'm sure you'll agree that anyone looking to produce excellent coffee at home, must be prepared to invest in a coffee grinder that'll turn our freshly roasted, speciality coffee beans into the perfect tasty cup.

While you might be able to get by with pre-ground coffee for the occasional cup, upgrading your grinder from a low quality one, and using high grade whole beans will ensure that you always have the best tasting cup possible.

This can be especially important when brewing the perfect espresso or latte, but it ultimately applies to all coffee drinks.


I've used many different coffee grinders over the 10+ years that i've been working in the coffee industry!

I'm really excited that I've finally found one that does everything I want a grinder to deliver, without breaking my budget – meet the
Niche Zero Coffee Grinder!

This modern electric coffee grinder allows you to tailor your brew method and grind type with an easy to use, stepless adjustment and provides a consistent grind that many other home grinders is unable to offer. How can you trust us?

Our founder, James Bellis is coffee crazy, so we decided to put together the niche zero coffee grinder review to help you make a quick and easy decision by first rolling in the dirt (testing the grinder ourselves).

Here’s James’ in-depth Niche Zero Coffee Grinder review to walk you through the product's features, its pros, and cons, and why this beautiful piece of kit is worth a space in your kitchen for that perfect brew every morning. Let's get right to it, shall we?

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With that out of the way, let's dive deeper into the niche zero coffee grinder review UK.

Niche Zero Coffee Grinder Review

Features of the Niche Zero Grinder

1. Modern Design

Let's start with Niche Zero’s fantastic style. It’s sleek and modern and will blend nicely with your kitchen's aesthetic.

You may choose between a black and white metallic body with a very high-end elegant appearance that fits in all types of environments.
The Niche Zero Grinder has an aluminium casting and wooden touches.

You can tell from the design you're in for one of the most exceptional cups of coffee even before brewing your first cup with the Niche Zero.

2. Size – No Hopper

The Niche Zero Grinder is smaller and lighter than most electric grinders because it is not built with a hopper, making it ideal for small spaces. The grinder stands 31cm tall. So, it won't take a lot of space and will sit nicely in your kitchen.

niche grinder no hopper

3. Infinite Grind Adjustment

Because the Niche Zero Grinder has step-less infinite grind adjustment, you don't need to click whenever you want to change the setting. One of the most impressive benefits of this grinder is the incredible range of grind sizes.

Whether you’re looking to get fine enough for espresso, or whether you’re looking to go course for your coffee for cafetiere or filter, you’ve got the full range of motion at your fingertips.

What’s even better? It’s instantaneous too and includes a dial showcasing various popular brew methods so you can quickly manoeuvre the collar to its correct position. niche-zero-grind-sizing

4. Consistency of the Niche Coffee Grinder

So consistency in coffee is a commonly talked about subject matter, but why? Well, it’s about enjoying a quality cup every time you make your coffee. Traditional household coffee grinders are typically composed of flimsy materials and aren't very durable. niche grinder

This is fine if you’re not so fussed about coffee, but taking consistency seriously when you care about the coffee you’re drinking is essential. You’ll have to settle for uneven grind sizes and clumping with cheaper coffee bean grinders.

Thankfully, The Niche Zero grinder produces far more consistent coffee grounds each time without irregularities in coffee dose, particle sizes or static clumping - winner!

Ultimately, regardless of the consistency you choose, it's critical that your beans are hand-picked and completely fresh. Great espresso coffee beans can be found in the top 11 best espresso coffee beans in the uk 2022.

5. Noise Reduction

One of the biggest complaints about electric grinders in general is the noise. Particularly in a home environment! Sneaking out the house at 6 am and waking everyone up for your cup of coffee?

Fear not - the Niche Zero Grinder team have effectively addressed this issue with its contemporary burrs, which can provide the finest grinds at only 72db.

Furthermore, the Niche Zero Grinder's DC motor runs slowly to reduce noise while simultaneously helping the grinder operate to its fullest potential.

6. Magnet DC Motor

Let's look at how the Niche Zero Grinder is powered, shall we? A built-in magnet DC motor aids a slower grinding time than other electric grinders.

For some people, grind time is an issue; however, in our opinion, this strategy is a winning formula since the delayed motor's objective is to limit the noise to a minimum.

On the other hand, the DC motor generates torque, which is the rotational counterpart of linear force and contributes to increased grinding power. Better coffee? Less Noise? We’ll leave that decision to you.

7. Niche Zero Conical Steel Burrs

So what else about The Niche Zero Grinder makes it great to have a piece of coffee gear? Perhaps the hardened steel 63mm conical burrs separate it from other home grinders on the market.

For example, in just 15 seconds, the burrs ground 25 grams of coffee beans. Similarly, you need to wait around 30 seconds for 50 grams.
Another advantage of these high-end conical burrs is that they perform nicely under 72db.

8. Grind Cup

Niche Zero Grinder provides a high-quality metal grinding cup which is three-fold functional. You weigh out your coffee beans on a scale. Next, you use it to catch the ground coffee as it neatly shoots out of the burr chute.

Finally, if you’re brewing from an espresso machine (Smeg Espresso Machine might be your finest pick if you're looking for the greatest, cheap beginner espresso machines), you swiftly empty the grind cup into the portafilter basket, and it sits snugly inside the 58mm basket.

Though it doesn't come with a hopper (because it’s unnecessary), it has a lid to ensure beans don’t fly out.

niche grinder lid cup

9. Safety Interlocking Lid.

The installation of a safety interlocking cover has solved all of the problems associated with coffee beans ‘popcorning’ or popping and jumping around.

The safety interlocking lid replaces a hopper when the Niche Zero is turned on.

10. Durability

Natural wood and other top-notch materials are used in the Niche Zero Grinder's creation, which results in a product of exceptional quality. So it won't come apart as quickly and will last you for years if used properly.

The machine's components, such as the grinding cup, conical burrs, motor, and funnel, are all well-made. As a result, you may confidently ground all types of coffee beans with the Niche Zero Grinder.

On a side note, if you're a fan of arabica or Robusta coffee, you may also be interested in our comprehensive guide to deciding between the two. Check out our Robusta vs Arabica Coffee: The Ultimate Expert Guide.

Niche-Zero-Grinder durability

11. Niche Zero Wastage

Wastage is a huge problem in the coffee industry, with Global coffee production creating more than 23 million tons of waste per year, according to sustainability researcher Gunter Pauli.

From the pulp of fresh coffee cherries through the packaging that brings the roasted beans to your favourite barista, The Niche coffee grinder tackles this problem unintentionally or not.

With its miniature-sized hopper, you can only brew one or two coffees at a time, enabling ultimate coffee freshness since you have to dose precisely for every brew.
If you're concerned about the environment, check out our five creative tips on how to recycle coffee grounds at home.

Does This Grinder Provide Value for Money?

Individuals use manual grinders at home and are less expensive than the Niche Zero Grinder. Even though this grinder is a bit pricey, you should invest in one if you want to continue having a fantastic coffee experience for years.

Yes, espresso grinders are relatively costly, so if you want to enjoy the flavour of espresso without driving to a café and paying additional money, it's safe to say the Niche Zero Grinder is a steal value.

This grinder wastes no coffee grounds and is one of the most straightforward coffee appliances to operate.
On the other hand, in the absence of a coffee grinder, you may still have a delicious cup of coffee by following our tips on how to grind coffee beans without a grinder.

niche grinder with balance pack


  • Grinds coffee for both coarse and finer grind settings
  • Produces very minimal noise during operation
  • 63mm conical steel burrs make the grind particle sizes consistent
  • It comes with an easy-to-use step-less grind adjustment
  • Inbuilt calibration system
  • Single Dose for maximum freshness and minimal wastage


  • Like other electric grinders, it needs a power source to operate, so it’s not portable.
  • The price is a little bit on the higher end for the home coffee market at £500.


Nothing beats the scent of freshly ground coffee, and the best electric grinder, the Niche Zero Grinder, brings that perfect taste to your cup.

The Niche coffee grinder is excellent for those looking for a quality grinder to grind their coffee beans quickly and evenly. The Niche grinder also has a sleek and modern design that will look great on any countertop.

The only downside to this grinder is its price tag, which is a step higher than other home grinder alternatives. However, the Niche Zero is worth considering if you are willing to pay more for a quality grinder. So there you have it, an in-depth niche zero coffee grinder review for you to make a better decision.

Mind you a good grinder could mean the difference between a better-tasting coffee and a poor-tasting coffee. So ever wanted to really ‘up your coffee game? Check out our 10 tips to transform your coffee at home.