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Founder Story

Balance Coffee was launched during the pandemic in April 2020 by founder and coffee expert James Bellis.

Prior to that, James had decided to leave the coffee industry to start a business in the restaurant sector, which sadly never opened as a result of the UK closures. 

Covid-19 had other plans for James’ start-up journey.

After a momentary blip in his plans and a few  bottles of wine later, James realised the UK home coffee market needed his help.

This sparked an idea to launch a coffee roastery on a mission to bring healthier coffee products to a growing health conscious market. 

Like so many others, James noticed he was changing his own personal food and drink habits. With the health and fitness industry at a peak, James felt coffee was behind the curve.

Why aren’t consumers educated about healthy coffee, the benefits, how to choose the right coffee and ensure you’re putting the right ingredients into your body.

Enter Balance Coffee.

Naturally Clean, Speciality Grade and free from nasties like Mould, Mycotoxins and Pesticides.

So what’s the problem with the majority of coffee across the globe? 

Well did you know? That over 95% of the world’s coffee is considered “commercial grade coffee”, grown for mass production, sprayed with pesticides, and stored in a way that encourages mould growth.

All factors that can lead to health issues and an average cup of joe. 

You deserve better than that. 

And if you care about what ingredients you put into your body, then coffee quality matters.

So Why Choose Balance?

  • Balance source from the top 5% of coffee farms worldwide. Paying 25% more for more rigorous testing at farm level. Free from Mould, Mycotoxins & Pesticides
  • No Nasties or Bitterness. Just a naturally delicious, clean, healthy cup.
  • Sustainable Coffee. Offsetting carbon by planting trees & donating 1% to charity.

You can read Balance coffee’s impact and how they’re contributing to being a sustainable business.

Grab a bag of coffee and leave some honest feedback.

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We take our coffee seriously, which is why our beans are ethically sourced from some of the highest quality coffee farmers from around the world.

Each coffee we select goes through a rigorous process of selection, roasting and taste testing to ensure we provide quality and consistency in every cup you drink.

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