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Office Coffee: Why you need to Level Up your Workplace

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What are office coffee?

Everyone knows that coffee is great for waking you up in the morning. But it can do so much more than that!

Coffee can also improve focus and increase productivity, making it the ultimate office coffee drink.

Here are all our reasons why you need to drink great coffee in your new workplace, and why a coffee subscription might be the perfect option for you or your employees.

1. Improve Alertness & Happiness in your Office

The reason why coffee is so good at increasing productivity and alertness is all down to brain chemistry.

When you drink a cup of coffee, the caffeine latches onto a neurotransmitter in the brain called adenosine receptors.

These look after attention, sleepiness, and alertness. Usually, adenosine binds to this receptors, making you feel sleepy.

But when caffeine binds to the receptors, the nerve cells speed up, making you feel much more alert and focused.

(You can read more about this process here.) Coffee can also help with mood.

It is believed that moderate amounts of caffeine (around 1 cup of coffee every four hours) can improve a person's hedonic tone.

(This is a person's ability to experience pleasure and happiness.) As you could probably expect, this is usually the most effective in the morning!

Caffeine is also believed to sometimes reduce anxiety. Of course, this depends on your particular sensitivity to caffeine, as some people become jittery and anxious if they drink more than one cup of coffee.

But when you drink the perfect amount of coffee, you are more open to positive experiences, and can experience fewer symptoms of anxiety.

If you'd like to learn a bit more about coffee and mood, head here!

2. Office Coffee in the Workplace

It's therefore clear that coffee can positively impact an employee on an individual level.

But it can also make the workplace environment a happier place as a whole. Taking coffee breaks together can positively impact employee relationships, particularly if all levels of management take a break together.

Taking even just five minutes to mingle and chat shows that all employees are valued equally.

However, coffee doesn't just allow employees to socialise - a 2010 study at MIT showed that employees who take coffee breaks together demonstrate an overall improvement in productivity, too.

work from home coffee Coffee in the workplace


Furthermore, a coffee break also encourages employees to stretch and move. Even if they don't need to walk far, you can encourage employees to do light stretches as they wait for the coffee to brew.

Although the idea of 'deskercise' might sound a bit silly, this really will have a positive effect. Stretching reduces fatigue, improves posture, and generally gets your blood moving.

Combined with a cup of coffee, it really is the ultimate wake-up. Office perks such as coffee can also have an amazing impact on a company's ability to hire and retain employees, too.

According to a recent survey, 48% of Millennials said that if they were looking for a new job, they would weigh company perks (like coffee) in their decision.

Employee Satisfaction and Office Coffee Perks

And according to a 2008 McKinsey & Company study, 61% of employees feel their employer cares about their well-being if they provide hot beverages.

It's amazing what a simple perk like a cup of coffee can do for your business! At Balance Coffee we offer corporate rates on our coffee subscription service.

If you're interested in treating your team to coffee at home, get in touch and check out our coffee subscription options.

Finally, coffee can be another area for employers to show their contribution to sustainability and improving the planet.

By choosing sustainable coffee options (e.g. ground coffee rather than coffee pods), this demonstrates to employees that your company's environmental policies are legitimate. }

Much like providing coffee, the act of creating a sustainable workplace is believed to improve productivity, increase job satisfaction and help retain top employees.

According to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management, companies with sustainability programmes reported 55% better employee morale, 43% more efficient business processes and 38% improved employee loyalty.

You can read more about our own sustainability practices here!

3. Office Coffee Machines

If you're searching for the best office coffee machines for your office then you probably care about what quality of coffee you provide your team members?

It's a hugely important aspect to any positive working environment in 2022 and beyond. So why have office coffee machines been neglected until now?

The simply answer, is most people accepted poor quality coffee for many years. Thankfully that has changed.

Offices like yourselves began to realise that employees would leave the office and head to the local artisan coffee shops to collect top rated speciality coffee, to fuel their work days.

This meant offices in London for example, loosing out on an opportunity to provide better coffee solutions for their employees to boost morale, and overall wellbeing in the workplace.

Get in touch with our team at Balance to discuss your innovative, modern office coffee experience today :

4. Office Coffee and Covid-19

It's clear that coffee can make employees feel happier and more valued in the workplace.

But in 2020 it's a slightly different story, as Covid-19 has disrupted workplace habits such as a coffee break together or popping to a local cafe.

However, that doesn't mean that employers can't provide perks such as coffee. Merkle, a marketing agency in the US, is encouraging employees to have virtual coffee and happy hours, and other companies are providing coffee subscriptions.

We think that providing individual coffee subscriptions to remote teams is a fantastic way to continue to foster positive relationships during Covid-19. Create set times for coffee breaks, and hop on a Zoom call with everyone and drink coffee together.


Coffee At Home - coffee in the new workplace Coffee and Covid-19


This will help your employees continue to feel valued, and will go far in creating a team bond.

In some ways, providing individual coffee subscriptions is better than buying bulk coffee for the office - each employee can choose the coffee that they like best, making it a far more individual and special perk.

Buying a coffee subscription service is also a great option for freelancers.

A 2018 survey by Epson found that nearly half (48%) of self-employed people found their workplace lonely.

Setting up a coffee break on Zoom with other freelancers can help to reduce loneliness and improve creativity.

It's clear that coffee can not only help employees more productive, but it also increases happiness in the workplace as well - whether that's in the office or at home.

How are you doing to use the benefits of coffee at work?