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While we make life easy for our customers, we don’t cut any ethical corners. Our goal will always be to reduce our negative impact on the planet.

We feel sustainability is vital for the world’s development and we stay on top of our game when it comes to cutting emissions and being as eco-friendly as possible. Here are the steps we take to help protect our sacred planet.

  • Our packaging is carbon neutral.
  • We recycle everything that can be, in our roastery.
  • We carry out deliveries with our electric van where possible.
  • We have reduced our own water use by 33% in our roastery.
  • Our coffee is fairer than fair, it is sourced from direct trade or cooperatives. In turn, this ensures money from us is put back into the local communities that grow and supply coffee that we can all enjoy!
  • If you choose the DPD option to deliver your coffee then the Co2 emissions of the delivery will have been offset by DPD. You can learn more here.
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