How To Brew Lion's Mane Coffee

How To Brew Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee (Easy Guide)

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So you bought our next-generation healthy Lion’s Mane coffee; what next? Learn how to brew Lion’s Mane coffee to get the best of out the taste. If you've not quite got the flavour where you want it, then fear not. 

Coffee brewing is an art that needs a few tweaks to get it perfect to your individual taste needs. 

So in today’s post, I will walk you through the step by step of how to brew Lion’s Mane coffee to perfection.

How To Make Lion's Mane Coffee

I will also share with you the benefits it has on your health so you can be confident it’s the right product to support your overall health and wellbeing. 


Because I want you to get a lot of value from it. The same amount of value I’ve personally been getting from it for the last 12 months of consuming Lion’s mane mushroom coffee.

Our latest innovation is designed to uplift your mood, energy and overall performance. 

Let me take you step by step on the journey that teaches you how to brew Lion’s Mane coffee. Including, a short story about how this blend was formulated.

What Equipment & Ingredients Do I Need To Brew Lion’s Mane Coffee

What equipment do I need to brew Lion’s Mane mushroom coffee? The equipment you need to brew 1 cup of Lion’s Mane mushroom coffee:

  • A cafetiere or French Press (Get it here)
  • Kettle (hot water) 
  • Digital Scales (preferably)
  • Timer (phone is fine)
  • Spoon
  • Cup
What Equipment Do I Need To Brew Lion’s Mane Coffee

Note: You can use several other methods to brew Lion’s Mane, but The French Press or Cafetiere had the best results for health and flavour during my test. 

Here’s why: 

It’s all to do with extraction time otherwise known as BREWING TIME, something that the cafetière provides in full force. 

And I wrote about why that is important  in my article how to brew mushroom coffee. If you are curious, it makes for an interesting read.

Moving on!

What ingredients do I need to brew Lion’s Mane coffee? The ingredients required for brewing a tasty cup of Lion’s Mane coffee are:

Cafetiere for brewing Lion's Mane

While there are many water filters I can vouch for, I prefer using Peak Water because it is one of the most sustainable.

So you have the equipment and ingredients, now what you may ask, right?

In the next section, I will walk you through the Lion’s Mane mushroom coffee recipe.

Hang in there for me!

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Recipe

What is the best Lion’s Mane coffee recipe online? The best Lion’s Mane Coffee recipe for 1 cup is:

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Recipe
  • 15g of Balance coffee (2 Scoops) 
  • 250g of hot water
  • 6-12 minute brew time (based on taste preference). The longer, the stronger it gets plus more healthy compounds extracted. 
  • Coffee or kitchen scales to weigh the recipe out. 
  • Spoon to stir

PRO TIP 1: If you bought Lion’s Mane coffee elsewhere, ensure it is a speciality coffee. Why?

Because this grade of coffee ensures quality standards are of the highest possible grade. Our coffee is free from mould, mycotoxins and pesticides which is hugely important for your long-term health and wellbeing to protect against diseases. 

PRO TIP 2: With our Lion’s Mane coffee, you can brew much longer than most because it's a medium roast coffee. As suggested, up to 9-10 minutes if you can handle the strength and kick. 

P.S: Read my article on the best mushroom coffee, if you want a bit of flexible options.

But what is next?

Well, if you said the step-by-step brewing process in action, then you are correct.

Let’s dive into the step-by-step process of how to brew Lion’s Mane mushroom coffee, shall we?

A Step-By-Step Lion’s Mane Coffee Brewing Process

Whilst this is not an official step, one preparation step I love to organise is my brewing environment.

It gives me a sense of neatness and calm, and you know what they say; cleanliness is next to Godliness.

s Mane brew guide infographics

I may have butchered that quote, but you get the gist.

Step 1: Get Ready

To make 1 cup of mushroom coffee, you'll need around 1 cup of hot water and 2 scoops of our freshly ground mushroom coffee. 

Step 2: Warm Up the Coffee Maker

Use regular tap water to pre-heat the cafetiere coffee maker. Then discard away in the sink. 

Step 3: Add the Freshly Roasted Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee

Put the healthy mushroom coffee powder into your coffee maker.

Step 4: Add Hot Water

Pour the hot water (250g) into the coffee maker with the 15g of mushroom coffee.

Step 5: Mix

Stir the coffee and mushroom powder together using a spoon.

Step 6: Let It Sit 

Put the top part of the coffee maker on, but don't push it down. Wait for about 6-12 minutes. This helps the coffee and mushroom flavours mix for optimal taste whilst extracting the beneficial healthy compounds 

Step 7: Push Down a Bit

Slowly push the top part of the coffee maker down, but only halfway. This way, the coffee grounds at the bottom won't mix. This is a good thing because it reduces sediment (coffee grounds) falling into your cup when you pour - resulting in a cleaner cup. 

Step 8: Pour and Enjoy

Carefully pour the yummy mushroom coffee into your favourite cup. (Don’t worry, there’s no mushroom taste with Balance).

Step 9: Clean Up

After you're done, clean the coffee maker well. Make sure to get rid of all the leftover coffee and powder. Some coffee makers can go in the dishwasher, but read the instructions to be sure.

The Coffee Flavour is still not quite right!

So what happens if you've followed these steps above carefully?

There are two options here, you can either use more coffee to get a stronger coffee taste OR you can reduce the amount of water you pour into the cafetiere. Both will help you to get a more potent brew. 

Benefits Of Drinking Lion's Mane Coffee

At the beginning of the post, I promised to share the benefits of our Lion’s Mane mushroom coffee.

So I have simplified what it does so even a toddler can wrap their head around these key benefits.

Benefits Of Drinking Lion's Mane Coffee

But for more comprehensive benefits, I wrote about Lion’s Mane mushroom coffee benefits. It’s a must-read.

Check it out:

  • It Boosts Your Brain Power
  • It Helps You De-stress
  • Reduces Anxiety 
  • Increase mental clarity and thinking 
  • It Strengthens The Immune System
  • It Boosts Heart Health
  • It Has Cancer-Fighting Properties
  • It Supports Healthy Digestion
  • It Assists in More Effective Management of Diabetes
  • It May Repair Damaged Nerves Faster

The Story Behind The Lion’s Mane Coffee

At the very beginning of this post, I promised you a BONUS back story of how this blend was created.

Are you Fed up of the dreaded caffeine crash from drinking regular coffee?

Lion's Mane coffee made with cafetiere
That delicious first sip and caffeine high, followed by an almighty crash an hour later! 

Jitters when you're up and a dip in focus when you're down. All leading to brain fog affecting your daily productivity levels.

It’s frustrating - especially when you’re trying to work…

As specialist roasters, we knew there had to be a solution.

Something that provided the drive and mental clarity coffee-drinkers crave, without the comedown experience.

And we never thought that we’d find the answer in…mushrooms.

Hear us out…

Nicknamed the ‘smart mushroom’, Lion’s Mane mushrooms are clinically proven to improve brain function, relieve symptoms of anxiety, boost the immune system, and much more.

How To Brew Lion's Mane Coffee
Once we learned this, we went all-in.

We partnered with one of the UK’s leading adaptogenic supplement specialists, and devised an innovative new product that will change the game for years to come.

Hundreds of hours of blending and taste testing to achieve a truly superior product, fresher and tastier than anything available on the market.


At the heart of the innovation was an ultra-high quality dual Lions Mane extract.

It was expensive to source, but was it worth it?

Well, turns out that it increased potency by X2 for maximum absorption. In other words, you benefit from greater cognitive performance and higher antioxidant levels.

The result? A game-changing performance enhancing mushroom coffee with all of the flavour, and none of the crashes.

Tasting great ground coffee beans

But don’t just take our word for it…

Featured by the Evening Standard as the best mushroom coffee in the UK for coffee connoisseurs.

Start your new routine today from just £1.20 per cup and join our happy customers who’ve transformed their productivity levels. 


So there you have it, how to make Lion's Mane mushroom coffee step by step.

I also took the time to walk you through all the benefits. And then, as promised gave you the back story of how it was created.

So did you learn how to brew Lion's Mane coffee?

Connect with me on social media and share how your brewing process went.

While at it, you can also read this article on brands with good mushroom coffees.