Health Benefits To Coffee (2023 Research)

If you take your coffee seriously, you'll be pleased to know there is lots of new research on the topic of the health benefits to coffee. Thankfully, we've distilled it down for you in this article today. 

Everyone has a different attitude to coffee and its consumption. For some of us it’s a necessity to have a cup of fresh brew every morning, for others - it’s just an occasional drink or even something that will never become a complete part of their lifestyle.

Nevertheless, with tonnes of new research being carried out, let’s look at some of the health benefits to coffee when consumed on a daily basis.

If you are not so much into coffee yet, but able to tolerate caffeine, then it’s definitely time to learn more about the benefits that you might be able to get as a bi-product of drinking quality coffee.

You can progressively incorporate caffeine into your daily diet to increase your well-being and performance that will help you reach your full potential.

Top 5 Most Interesting Health Benefits to Coffee Drinkers

1. Enhance Brain Function

We bet you didn't know that a delicious cup of coffee has the potential to include disease fighting properties? Regular coffee consumption has a positive effect on both short-time memory and cognitive function, thus enhancing your brain function.

Did you know that coffee improves your mood and well-being helping to prevent depression? It's why we feel completely energised and motivated after our morning cup of coffee.

But choosing the right kind of coffee to buy and consume plays an important part, as well as the roasting and brewing methods you decide upon.

Let us break health benefits to coffee down for you:

Quality Coffee

Firstly, choosing to buy high grade, quality coffee that's healthy because it's been tested for mould, mycotoxins and pesticides is a really important factor.

Obviously, you want to ensure you're drinking a naturally clean cup with no nasties and a guarantee of no negative impact to your health.

We wrote an article you might like on Organic Coffee - Benefits for your health and the planet.

Roasted Coffee

Secondly, coffee after being roasted contains less Chlorogenic acids. This means that the lighter the coffee roast, the better retention of quality antioxidants in your body.

This is great news for coffee aficionados because in our opinion, light to medium roast coffees taste the best too!

At Balance Coffee we roast some amazing tasting coffees and our roasting style (medium-light) means the coffee you're drinking has 1000+ antioxidants.

That's a whopping amount, and more than green tea and cacao. Consuming these levels of antioxidants daily helps lower the risk of developing a number of diseases such as Cancer, Depression and Alzheimer's.

Drink Choice

Did you know, that the drink choice you make also has an impact on the absorption too. Whilst filter coffee is healthier because it has less “bad” cholesterol in it.

Espresso requires less water than other brewing methods, so it has a higher concentration of healthy nutrients and other compounds.

health-benefits-to-coffee2. Improve Your Workout Performance

Coffee is not going to make you healthy and fit in a direct way, but it’s an awesome way to keep you energised and motivated to enhance your workouts.

Everybody knows that caffeine boosts your mental and physical performance. But that shot of espresso, or creamy flat white, will also give you the boost you need to overcome tiredness and laziness, feelings that may well stop you from stepping foot in the the gym in the first place.

Quality coffee will help you experience a prolonged burst of energy enabling you to reach new performance levels.

However, it’s important to choose the right coffee maker and investigate how much caffeine you need to achieve your goals. Buying an Italian espresso machine will help you upgrade your coffee game at home.

For example, It’s better to drink 1 cup of espresso coffee 45-60 mins before the workout to get sufficient 100 mg of caffeine. That’s plenty to through a long and exhausting training session with your PT.

3. Quality Nutrients & Weight loss - The Health Benefits to Coffee

Coffee beans contain some useful vitamins and nutrients which can make you feel better too. Vitamins B2, B3 and B5, as well as such minerals like Manganese, Magnesium and Potassium which are essential for our body function.

Getting even a small dosage boost from drinking coffee is a good thing to consider when you look at it as part of your healthy balanced diet.

Thankfully, more and more research is being carried on the health benefits to coffee on the mind and body. Another benefit is the positive role that coffee plays on digestion. But how?

The calories inside your body will actually burn faster therefore, increasing your metabolism and helping you to maintain weight and increase weight loss. However, we certainly aren't advising anyone to drink coffee as a means to reduce weight loss.

We all know that a healthy, balanced diet, combined with exercise is the key to achieving the body you want.

4. Helps With Detoxification

Antioxidants in coffee help to remove harmful toxins from our bodies. Coffee is a source of nutrients and antioxidants that can benefit skin, scalp and hair.

There are a number of studies which demonstrate the benefits coffee has on exfoliation, acne treatment and increasing blood flow, Caffeic acid (an antioxidant) found in coffee may increase collagen levels helping to reduce the premature ageing of cells.

Further research is required to guarantee such results however, the benefits of high antioxidants cannot be ignored. The detoxification applies to other body organs as well.

coffee-scrub-health-benefits-to-coffee Use A Coffee Scrub On Your Skin

5. Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

A study led by researches of the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) reported, people who increased the amount of coffee they drank each day by more than one cup over a four-year period had a 11% lower risk for type 2 diabetes than those who made no changes to their coffee consumption.

The coffee compounds called Quinides and Chlorogenic acid are extremely powerful antioxidants. They help our bodies to leverage the blood sugar and to process the glucose more efficiently. Interestingly, the property of caffeine itself reduces the effect and has less impact.

To get the full effect of these compounds, drinking decaf coffee is your best option for maximum absorption.

We've loved pulling together our list of 5 of the health benefits to coffee. Hopefully now you have a good understanding of how drinking quality, healthy coffee can be a good thing when done in moderation.

At Balance Coffee, we believe that coffee can be great for your body, great for your mind and good for the planet too.

Oh, and of course amazing on your taste buds. Like this post? Share it with your friends, family or colleagues. We'd love to hear from you in the comments below and grab a bag of coffee if you want to enjoy some of the best beans in the UK.