Eagle One Prima Review

Eagle One Prima Review 2024 (After Two Months of Use)

Today, I will share my Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima review with you. The reason is simple; I don't want you making poor coffee machine choices.

My worst nightmare came true. My espresso machine made gurgling noises as if it was taking its last few breaths. A few minutes later, a watery brown liquid came out that did NOT look like my usual daily cuppa. 

For me, this was a complete horror story. It was a hectic Tuesday morning, and I couldn’t tick off any items on my to-do list without a beautifully crafted coffee. I knew my machine had declined for a few months now, but I did the cliche thing and delayed the inevitable outcome; the sad death of my long-standing coffee machine. 

Coffee machine breakups are hard, and trust me, because I’ve had a few. But there’s one huge upside, of course. With technological advancements, a shiny new espresso machine improves the quality of coffee, and they tend to get even sexier on your kitchen counter.

What made the decision even easier was that since I’ve worked at Sanremo and tested espresso machines from time to time for Balance Coffee, I knew which one was I investing in; the Eagle One Prima. It had been on my radar for a while, to be honest.

Although I refuse to be swayed by external appearances, the machine is gorgeous with its shiny metal exterior. And I’d already read up on its powerful features, seen it in action at a friend’s place, and was finally ready to take the plunge. 

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I’d made up my mind; I was going to buy it. And after using it for two months, I’m finally ready to share my complete and honest VA Eagle One Prima review with you guys. 

Who is The Eagle One Prima for (Intermediate or Experienced Home Coffee Lovers)?

You do know that you don’t have to visit a coffee shop for cafe-quality coffee every time, right? Get yourself a powerful coffee machine plus some of the best coffee beans in the UK; you’ve already won half the battle. 

But if you’re wondering if you can handle Eagle One Prima without too much experience, the answer is yes. After using the machine for two weeks, I believe that the Eagle One Prima can be handled by intermediate and experienced coffee lovers alike.

Let me quickly break down the factors that make the beautiful Eagle One Prima a great fit for intermediate and experienced at-home baristas. 

Factors How It Works For Intermediate Users How it Works For Experienced User
Precision and Control High precision and control over the brewing process make achieving consistent and high-quality results easy. Lets experienced users experiment with different variables, such as grind size, dose, and temperature, to achieve specific flavour profiles.
User-Friendly Interface and Intuitive Control User-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it easy to use and adjust settings. Advanced features, such as the PID temperature control and pressure profiling, create complex and nuanced flavours.
Automated Features Volumetric dosing system and the pre-infusion system make it easy for intermediate users to produce consistent espresso shots. Experienced users can manually adjust the settings to achieve specific flavour profiles by using the machine's automated features.
Durability and Build Quality Built to last with powerful features and high-quality materials. Experienced users who use the machine frequently and for long periods will enjoy its durability and build quality.
Costmisation and Flexibility Offers a high degree of customisation and flexibility, allowing intermediate users to experiment with different brewing techniques. Its flexibility and customisation let experienced users create signature drinks and push the boundaries of espresso brewing.

Victoria Arduino E1 Prima Important Features Discussed

Do you know what’s truly incredible about the Eagle One Prima machine? Its quality easily rivals that of commercial espresso machines! Just plug it in, fill it with water, and you’ll pull shots and steaming milk with the same or above quality. 

And as a coffee enthusiast, the machine has quickly grown on me. But I understand this might be a huge decision for you, so it’s time to get into the science-y details!

Eagle One Prima Specs At A Glance - Because Size & Space Matter, Right? 

Specification Type Specification
Height 379mm
Width 411mm
Depth 510mm
Group Height 153mm
Weight 37KG
Power Min 1600 / max 2600 W

1. T3 System: Saves You Time

Running a healthy coffee business and consulting for some of the brightest minds in the UK keeps me on my toes all the time. So honestly, I don’t have much time to spare, and I love coffee machines that can save me even a few seconds. 

Hence, I thought I’d start with one of my favourite Eagle One Prima qualities; its T3 system. The T3 system lets you brew and steam simultaneously, saving precious minutes. This is even more helpful if you choose this machine for your office. 

Eagle One Prima Review

And in case you’re wondering what the T3 system is, a group of boilers, the steam and brew boiler, works together to help you power through all the coffee-making steps. Awesome, right?

2. New Engine Optimisation (NEO): Saves Energy and Cost In The Long Run

If you know me even a little, you’d know I’m a coffee enthusiast with a strong conscience. I grab every opportunity to make the coffee industry and the world more sustainable and ethical. 

So imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon new engine optimisation; I’d already read up on the machine before buying, and the feature crossed my mind as I set my eyes on Eagle One Prima in the shop

.  Eagle One Prima Review 3

If you’re wondering what I’m on about, this feature reduces waste and energy consumption. The engine is newly optimised so its runs as efficiently as possible. 

In fact, the LCA* (Life Cycle Assessment) demonstrated how the Eagle One had 23% less environmental impact than the same category machine.

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Because of this, the cost of using Eagle One Prima is lower in the long run. I know this is a welcome relief because the machine is expensive!

3. Thermal Energy Recovery System (TERS): Reduces Time Wastage, is Eco-friendly and Gives Better Quality Coffee.

Before I bought the machine (I didn’t buy it on a whim, even if it may seem that way), I went through a comprehensive Eagle One Prima espresso review

I had numerous conversations with fellow industry professionals.

 Eagle One Prima Review 4

We discussed how the Thermal Energy Recovery System (TERS) is one of the neatest features of the machine. 

So I was pretty hyped about checking it out in the first week of my usage. The Thermal Energy Recovery System (TERS) recycles wasted water while brewing an espresso. 

If you’ve used Espresso machines before, you’d know they waste more water than needed. Ultimately, the water gets tossed away, which benefits no one, let alone the environment. 

Hence, I was delighted to see the TERS in action and not have to throw away water unnecessarily. So I took out the best coffee beans for espresso and started brewing them without fearing wasting water. 

This means that the machine saves time, is eco-friendly, and gives you better-quality coffee. 

But in case you’re wondering which beans are the best for espresso, I feel that’s always up for debate and for good reasons. So feel free to dive into my guide on the best coffee beans for espresso. 

4. Cool Touch Steam Wand: Keeps Your Hands Safe From Burns

You haven’t made enough cups of espresso coffee if you haven’t burned your hand at least once on the steam wand. Whether it’s an accidental brush, or just you cleaning the crusty end, even a slight touch on the steam wand can be painful. 

But this Eagle One Prima Review UK will save you from that!

 Eagle One Prima Review 13

This beast comes with a cool touch steam wand, which, as the name suggests, doesn’t lose its cool even while you’re pulling steaming hot espresso shots. 

It doesn’t matter how intensely you use the machine, you can touch the cool steam wand any time, and it won’t hurt even the slightest bit.

So if you’re frustrated with your current machine steam wand occasionally biting at your fingers, you’re in luck - no more scars, instead a happy set of hands. 

5. Ghost Display: Aesthetically Pleasing and Programs Three Espresso Doses

Ah, talking about the ghost display takes me back to when I first saw the Eagle One Prima and fell in love. In addition to the sleek design and shiny exterior, I have to say it was the ghost display that sealed the deal for me. 

The futuristic ghost display has a cutting-edge feel and is nestled softly on the top of each group head. It’s very minimalistic, so it's called the ghost display. 

 Eagle One Prima Review 7

This is one of the reasons why I’ve moved this beauty to my office; it just jazzed up the place with its sleek presence! 

The ghost display can program up to three different espresso doses. If you run your cafe or plan to open one, your baristas will be grateful if you get these machines. 

They’ll have to choose the correct dose, and the Eagle One Prima machine will do the rest!

6. Auto Purge: Makes Maintenance A Breeze

Purging your group heads after pulling shots is critical; every half-decent barista knows it. I know I do it regularly, and it keeps my flavoursome espresso shots coming by reducing coffee oil build-up.

If you forget to purge (which sometimes we do, am I right?), the portafilter doesn’t get cleaned, causing the oils and coffee grounds to get accumulated inside. I learned this the hard way with my previous espresso machine. 

Eagle One Prima Review 8

But this genius invention has an auto-purge function right here, so it doesn’t matter if you or your personal barista at the office forgets to flush out the buildup. It does this, saving you time and the pain of forgetting to do so. 

This is one of the features that made my first week of using the Eagle One Prima such a breeze. 

7. Soft Infusion System: Makes Delicious and Premium Quality Coffee Each Time

What if I told you that with your Eagle One Prima, you could enjoy evenly extracted coffee with complex flavours each time? Well, it is true, and it took me two weeks to test it out for myself. 

The Eagle One Prima has a soft infusion system that increases extraction and flavour following any puck preparation and reduces errors you or anyone else makes while packing the portafilter. 

Eagle One Prima Review 9

For example, improper particle distribution and tamping lead to cracks or irregularities that can throw the extraction off balance, causing bitterness

But here’s where the soft infusion system kicks in; it will use a lower pressure flow at a timed setting before the main espresso curve kicks in at full extraction pressure. 

And that results in a perfectly balanced and flavoursome shot of espresso each time!

8. PID Temperature Control: Maintains Consistent Brew Temperature For Incredible Coffee

I’m at that point of my coffee journey where I like nothing less than the best. And I’m not being cocky here; with the right tips and tricks up your sleeves, you can easily brew an incredible shot of espresso that outshines your local barista coffee shop. So, why not? 

Another feature of the Eagle One Prima that helped me achieve perfection in my first few days of use is its PID temperature control. The PID control ensured that the brew temperature remained consistent. 

9. Volumetric Dosing: Gives You Complete Control Over Your Espresso 

Like other spectacular coffee machines, the Eagle One Prima also offers volumetric dosing. This feature lets you measure the precise amount of speciality coffee you need for each shot. 

This might sound simple but can be powerful in the long run. You must save the amount you dialled in for your espresso shot and replicate it for best results. 

I did this all through the two weeks of using this machine, and it worked like a charm!

10. Victoria Arduino App: Lets You Control Your Brewing Process

I’ve saved one of the best ones for the last; the high-tech application that Eagle One Prima comes with! Honestly, this Eagle One Prima coffee machine review would not be complete without getting into its high-tech application. 

I’m a tech-savvy guy who loves to save time, so I instantly fell in love with the application and its technology. It felt like a lifesaver to me! So, what does the app do? 

Eagle One Prima Review 10

Simply put, the app doubles as a display and a gateway into programming. With the application, you can control everything from your phone. I loved to set the temperature and see the extraction while working on my desk in my bedroom. 

Eagle one Prima Pros and Cons

To give you a better perspective on the machine, I will also go over the pros and cons in this Eagle One Prima review UK. Although the two weeks of using this coffee machine were nothing less than pure bliss for a coffee lover like me, it has advantages and disadvantages. 

But worry not; I am sure my pro and con analysis will make you a well-informed decision. So let’s get into it!

Pros of Getting the Eagle One Prima 

I know that Eagle One Prima comes with a hefty price tag, but my two weeks of experience showed me that it does give you incredible value for money. 

Whether you get the machine for your home, office or even a small coffee business, you will enjoy using it. Now, I will review the pros of making this hefty investment. 

1. It Makes You A High-Quality Espresso Each Time 

We have a saying in my house that my feet don’t hit the ground unless I get my shot of Espresso (which I think is untrue because I do get up to make it myself). I experienced two weeks of pure bliss with the Eagle One Prima. 

Every day, in the quiet hours of dawn, the sleek Eagle One Prima hummed to life and produced complex and nuanced Espresso shots for me. But I should add that the Espresso Taster Pack also played a role in producing delectable coffee.

Eagle One Prima Review 12

If I had to pick a winner from our three best sellers? It’s the Stability Blend, but that’s just my preference and a bunch of customers, as seen through the reviews. 

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and its taste gave me a burst of energy to power through the day. 

2. It Has An Amazing Ergonomic Feel To It

The Eagle One Prima is designed ergonomically, which means its workflows are designed for efficiency and comfort. It saves you time, doesn’t waste water and maintains quality levels. 

For example, the dual boiling system allowed for simultaneous brewing and steaming, which saved me time and effort. The optimised design also saves energy, which is another incredible feature. 

This was a significant plus point for me as someone who devours coffee twice daily. 

3. It Lets You Customise Your Coffee 

Are you even a true coffee nerd if you don’t experiment to achieve the perfect shot of Espresso? I think not!

This coffee machine was like a dream come true because it is versatile and helped me customise my coffee till I got it ‘right’ with its programmable pressure profiles and volumetric dosing features. 

Eagle One Prima Review 14

Moreover, it has advanced technology, like an application that gives you more power over the brewing process (more on later). 

4. Auto Purging Makes Maintenance a Breeze

One of the most cumbersome tasks about getting a commercial-grade Espresso machine is maintenance. It can require time, effort and money. 

But thanks to auto purging, you won’t run into too many Eagle One Prima problems for maintenance. I didn’t have to clean it once in my two-weeks testing period. 

And here’s the real good news for you; at Balance Coffee, we’ve partnered with Victoria Arduino to ensure you get comprehensive service coverage, so rest assured, we’ve got your back. 

5. It is Built To Last 

The E1 Prima is built to last, with high-quality materials and advanced engineering that ensure durability and longevity. And that, in my opinion, is one of the most critical factors you need to look at to do the math and see if this machine is worth the investment. 

6. It is User-Friendly 

The E1 Prima has a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, which makes it easy to use and adjust settings. For this reason, it can easily be used by both intermediate and experienced users. So, I appreciate its versatility. 

7. Its Aesthetics Are Incredible.

I kid you not; the machine is beautiful. We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, especially not a coffee machine, but its sleek and modern design adds an oomph factor to your countertop. 

And in case you’re wondering if it will take up too much space on your counter, its compact and sleek design does not! It doesn’t take up too much space and will mesh well with your surroundings. 

Cons of Getting the Eagle One Prima

In the two weeks I used the machine, it was smooth sailing. But this machine has two obvious cons, which I’ll cover below.

1. It is Expensive. 

Let’s start with the most obvious one; its price tag can initially make you feel a little dizzy. Every Eagle 1 Prima review will tell you that. 

The Eagle One Prima price is higher and is certainly not built for people who don’t realise the value of a high-quality espresso machine coupled with speciality coffee. 

2. It is A Little Noisy.

Although I love the machine and how it handles the brewing process, I have to say it is a little noisy because of its powerful heating elements and pumps. But it’s probably because I was trying out the Linea Mini shortly before, and its operations are pretty silent. 

Also, it makes slightly more noise compared to a few other models in the same price range. But that’s certainly not enough to stop us from choosing it because it is, hands down, one of the best espresso machines on the market for home. 

Eagle One Prima Review 15

And if you’re interested to know how that experience went, dive into my guide on Eagle One Prima vs Linea Mini vs GS3

Eagle One Prima App Pros & Cons (My Thoughts After Use)

Sure, tracking your coffee machine and the brewing process from your phone feels amazing. But the Eagle One Prima App does not come without its own pros and cons.  

I know the app plays an essential role in the purchase process for many coffee lovers. So to make things easier for you, here’s my pros and cons list after using the Eagle One Prima app for two weeks. 

Pros of Using The Eagle One Prima App: 

Before buying the machine, I read one VA Eagle One Prima review about how the app was a little buggy. But I’d also read reviews about how the application makes the coffee process much more manageable. 

So I was pretty curious about how the app would fare for me. And below, you can find my verdict. 

1. It Gives You More Power Over The Brewing Process 

The app lets you control various aspects of the brewing process with its Bluetooth connectivity.

 And that’s it. I couldn’t find any more pros of using the VA Eagle One Prima APP.

Cons of Using The Eagle One Prima App 

Okay, this list will be slightly longer, but bare with me. Let’s get into it. 

1. It Had Poor Quality Design and Interface.

When I downloaded the application on my iPhone, I instantly noticed a disconnect between the app’s interface and the coffee machine. The app’s interface is basic, dated and doesn’t have the same aesthetic quality as Eagle One Prima. 

However, it is user-friendly and easy to navigate around. So, probably my aesthetic standards are too high, especially after gazing at the Eagle One Prima for too long. 

2. The Bluetooth Connectivity is Poor 

When I downloaded the app, I had difficulty connecting it to the machine. Its Bluetooth connectivity is intermittently slow. Sometimes, I had to uninstall and reinstall the app to connect. 

However, I am not sure if other users experience the same issue or if it was a one-off problem. 

3. The App is Buggy

The app has quite a few bugs. Occasionally the settings will not save correctly, parts of the registration process are broken, and the reset password option doesn’t work in IOS 15. 

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Have some quick questions? I will do my best to answer them below.

Let's dive into it, shall we?

Which is better, Eagle One or Eagle One Prima?

Eagle One Prima is considered to be better than Eagle One because it can produce more shots of Espresso. The reason the Eagle one has higher capacity than the edge one prima is that it has more group heads there, naturally doubling the output of coffee. 

How long does it take for Eagle One Prima to heat up?

The Eagle One Prima uses technology to heat up in less than eight minutes, allowing you to enjoy delicious coffee quickly. Also, the machine's electrical technology maintains a constant temperature throughout dispensing.

How do I set up Eagle One Prima?

To set up the Eagle One Prima, start by unboxing the machine and removing all the packaging materials. Connect the machine to a stable power source, fill the water tank, and turn on the machine. Once the machine has warmed up, adjust the settings to your liking, and you're ready to start brewing.

What colours do E1 prima come in?

The E1 Prima also comes in custom colours. In addition to steel, black, and white, the E1 Prima can be ordered in Red, Light Blue, or Green; however, delivery times will be prolonged for custom colours. We also offer custom RAL colours should the user want full customisation.

The Final Verdict

After using the machine for two weeks, I can confidently say that the E1 Prima is an ideal espresso machine that offers a range of benefits for both intermediate and experienced users. 

Its T3 Technology and dual boiler system ensured consistent water temperature throughout brewing. At the same time, its programmable pressure profile and volumetric dosing allowed me to customise my brewing experience to my liking. 

This gorgeous machine is also incredibly user-friendly, with intuitive controls and an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use and adjust settings.

But the machine has a hefty price tag, so you must ensure it’s worth the investment. However, if you ask me, I’d say the machine is worth every penny!

And if you want to get the best out of your E1 Prima, pair it up with the freshest coffee beans. If you’re unsure which ones those are, jump into my guide on the best coffee beans UK. 

Lastly, if you’ve decided, you can now get your hands on the Eagle One Prima coffee machine here.