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Our speciality coffee beans in Liverpool are a true energy boost in your daily cup. It is mould, pesticide, and mycotoxin FREE. Each brew with our Liverpool coffee beans has over 1000 antioxidants and vitamin B3, perfect for high performers.

+ Skyrocket mental clarity & productivity
+ Super energy boost
+ 100% toxin-free


*60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Our satisfied customers at Balance Coffee are thrilled. See what they think below:

Laura J.


"I’m new to mushroom coffee but feeling the great effects already. Perfect calm energy and kick start to my day. Recommended to me by a friend at work who raves about it. Very impressed with flavour and sustainable ethics."

Valerii B.


Nice coffee, better than the others I've tried so far. It's less oily and less oxidised, to my taste. What I'd realy love is to have variations with some flavours, like hazelnut or vanilla!

Ross O.


Great tasting coffee, good value and keeps me alert and without the dreaded coffee lull!

Alexandru G.


I try so many decaf coffee this one is one of the best like espresso or v60 I enjoy this one

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Freshly Roasted


Speciality Coffee

Powerful Adaptogens

100% Organic

No Pesticides

Mould Free

Ethically Sourced

Freshly Roasted


Speciality Coffee

Powerful Adaptogens

100% Organic

No Pesticides

Mould Free

Ethically Sourced

Best Sellers

Balance Starter Pack (x3 bags)

Discover three antioxidant-rich coffees, crafted for your well-being. Packed with 45,000+ beneficial compounds boosting your energy, mood, and overall health.

Experience vitality at just 65p per cup.

Featured Coffees:
Stability Blend - Milk chocolate, nut, fig notes 
Rotate Espresso - Chocolate, cranberry sweetness
Darkfire Energy - Dark cocoa, caramel and nutty tones


Lion's Mane Coffee

Unlock your full potential with our science-backed blend of freshly roasted ground coffee and Lion's Mane mushrooms for next-level performance. 

Medium roast with milk chocolate notes & zero mushroom taste. Order now and feel the difference from just £1.20 per cup or your money-back.

🎯 Boost Focus & Productivity 
🧘 Calm Mind & Body
🧠 Improve Brain Health 



    "Health-boosting mushroom mix for coffee lovers"


    "Best healthy coffee brand in the UK 2023"


    “Balance are having a positive impact on wellness”

Coffee Beans Liverpool Benefits

Mental Power

Improve the ability of your brain to make instant decisions with our mind-boosting coffee blends. It supercharges brain function and is a great sidekick for getting work done.

Morning Boost

Begin your day in Liverpool with a coffee blend that's full of energy. It's great for staying alert, and hopeful and increases your daily performance by 100%.

Gut Friendly

Give your digestive system something friendly and empowering. Let our coffee assist your daily digestive system in a healthy way. It's guaranteed to result in a positive mood throughout the day.

Revitalizing Elixir

Enjoy a revitalizing elixir with the capability of longevity in health. Our coffee is a true companion for a daily morning exercise routine that keeps you young. A great pre-workout and post-workout juicer.

Safe Sipping

Each bag of coffee beans, ground or whole is strictly tested for mould. mycotoxin and pesticide. The goal is to ensure you drink clean coffee free from any kind of harmful fungi.

Liverpool Coffee Beans (Your Golden Morning Friend)

Our Liverpool coffee beans are all about enjoying tasty coffee and staying healthy. Our coffee beans near me guide helps you find quality coffee beans in Liverpool and even in other parts of the UK.

Liverpool is full of rich history, and here at Balance, our goal is to explore all that riches using healthy coffee as a tool.

We source each bean with care and roast it to perfection. This makes the coffee taste good, like the feeling of living in Liverpool.

Balance Coffee is among the best coffee roasters In Liverpool because we offer delicious and healthy coffee beans.

James Bellis, our founder's dream, is to make the highest-grade coffee beans available for people in Liverpool.

This dream and the brand's goal is why we focus only on premium speciality coffee rich in antioxidants and vitamin B3.

Antioxidants are great for your health in fighting off diseases. So whether you live in crowded or sparse areas in Liverpool, we got you.

If you have family members in Leeds or Sheffield, suggest our coffee beans Leeds and coffee beans Sheffield collections.

Joining Balance means enjoying a coffee that captures the special feel of Liverpool.

We focus on health, great taste, and high-quality coffee so coffee lovers like you can have your caffeine fix.

With us, your day starts with more than a cup of coffee. It is Liverpool's exciting life in a cup.

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