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Enjoy our speciality coffee beans in Sheffield. They are guaranteed to boost your energy and make you more productive during the day. These Sheffield coffee beans are rich in antioxidants and vitamin B3 thus helping to fight diseases.

+ ZERO mould, pesticides and mycotoxins
+ Enhanced productivity
+ Improves mental clarity


*60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Hear from our delighted customers at Balance Coffee. Check out their opinions right below:

Alex E.


"Delicious coffee and really given me more energy and focus throughout the day. Thank you Balance Coffee!"

Jorge T.


Amazing bean for espresso. Balanced with some dark chocolatey notes and an incredible body and mouth feel.

Susan W.


Lovely, tasty coffee and a wonderful boost in energy afterwards!

Lara C.


I am loving level up by balance coffee. So far I have not made a bad cup, where as with other brands if you change your brewing method ever so slightly the outcome can be really bitter. I have not found this with balance coffee. Level up is great for that first coffee of the day. Looking forward to trying the other blends too.

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Freshly Roasted


Speciality Coffee

Powerful Adaptogens

100% Organic

No Pesticides

Mould Free

Ethically Sourced

Freshly Roasted


Speciality Coffee

Powerful Adaptogens

100% Organic

No Pesticides

Mould Free

Ethically Sourced

Best Sellers

Balance Starter Pack (x3 bags)

Discover three antioxidant-rich coffees, crafted for your well-being. Packed with 45,000+ beneficial compounds boosting your energy, mood, and overall health.

Experience vitality at just 65p per cup.

Featured Coffees:
Stability Blend - Milk chocolate, nut, fig notes 
Rotate Espresso - Chocolate, cranberry sweetness
Darkfire Energy - Dark cocoa, caramel and nutty tones


Lion's Mane Coffee

Unlock your full potential with our science-backed blend of freshly roasted ground coffee and Lion's Mane mushrooms for next-level performance. 

Medium roast with milk chocolate notes & zero mushroom taste. Order now and feel the difference from just £1.20 per cup or your money-back.

🎯 Boost Focus & Productivity 
🧘 Calm Mind & Body
🧠 Improve Brain Health 



    "Health-boosting mushroom mix for coffee lovers"


    "Best healthy coffee brand in the UK 2023"


    “Balance are having a positive impact on wellness”

Coffee Beans Sheffield Benefits

Mental Power

Each coffee whether single origin or blend has the power to skyrocket your mental power. This is good for how your brain functions. Thus increasing your thinking speed to solve problems.

Morning Boost

Boost your morning with an extra energy jolt in Sheffield; it keeps you alert and helps you function at maximum capacity while breezing through the day.

Gut Friendly

Improve your gut health when you sip on any of our blends and single-origin beans. It improves the digestive system which helps to contribute to a smooth day.

Revitalizing Elixir

If you love to exercise, Balance Coffee is what will do the magic. It is a great pre-work and post-workout energy booster for keeping the blood flowing properly.

Toxin Free

Bad fungi like mycotoxins, mould and pesticides are available in commodity coffee. With Balance Coffee, you are sure to drink very clean coffee free from toxins.

Sheffield Coffee Beans (Flavourful Daily Cup)

So, you have scoured the web for coffee beans near me - now what? Well, that's where Balance Coffee comes in. Our Sheffield coffee beans 100% guarantee you'll enjoy special cups.

Each bag of whole or ground coffee beans is wrapped neatly to preserve its flavour. It's truly the cleanest healthy coffee in Sheffield. But wait, there is more!

Our founder, James Bellis, has a goal and dream: to ensure the availability of healthy coffee across UK cities.

This dream stems from a desire to solve the commodity coffee crisis ravaging the UK.

The reason? Commodity coffees are not good for your health; they are sprayed with pesticides and contain mould.

When you consume these types of coffee, you put your health at risk in the long term. But we are currently addressing this issue with our coffee options.

It is due to our founder's dream that we pay an extra 25% when sourcing our speciality coffee beans across the world.

The good news? Each of these beans is rich in 1000+ antioxidants and vitamin B3 which helps to fight diseases in the body.

So it does not matter where you live, so long it is in the United Kingdom, we deliver nationwide.

If by chance you have families in Liverpool or Oxford, make sure to refer them to our coffee beans Liverpool and coffee beans Oxford collection.

With over 20,000 customers in the UK, our dream is gradually becoming a reality.

We are inviting you, an inhabitant of Sheffield, to try out our coffee beans.

Join the family, so you too can enjoy a clean cup every morning without compromising your health.

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