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Cater to your taste buds with our speciality coffee beans in Oxford. These Oxford coffee beans are packed full of vitamin B3 and rich in antioxidants. It's also mycotoxins, mould and pesticides FREE. Enjoy a new cup every morning.

+ ZERO pesticides, mycotoxins and mould
+ Dailly dose of productivity
+ A faster thinking brain


*60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Still on the fence? Below is what Balance Coffee's satisfied family of customers say:

Nicola L.


"As a repeat customer of Balance and in particular their amazing and substantially superior mushroom coffee I can honestly say this coffee is by far and above not only the nicest tasting coffee"

Lewis T.


Great delivery service! Mostly loving the flavour and extra health benefits it gives me - decent price point and a cup in the morning helps to turbo my day!

Nic K.


My first cup of Balance coffee on this cold Monday morning and boy did it hit the spot! I have been looking for a long time for a healthy coffee without mould or any nasties in it and have certainly found it in my Balance.

Pippa C.


As a functional medicine nutritionist my main reason for purchase was that it is mould and toxin free but its a truly great tasting coffee!

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Freshly Roasted


Speciality Coffee

Powerful Adaptogens

100% Organic

No Pesticides

Mould Free

Ethically Sourced

Freshly Roasted


Speciality Coffee

Powerful Adaptogens

100% Organic

No Pesticides

Mould Free

Ethically Sourced

Best Sellers

Balance Starter Bundle

Explore our three best-selling coffees, each featuring exquisite chocolatey undertones, and abundant in antioxidants for a health boost. 

With over 1,000+ beneficial compounds in every cup, you'll enjoy a health-fuelled brew without the coffee jitters. 

Featured Blends:
Darkfire Energy 
Stability Blend 
Rotate Espresso 


Lion's Mane Coffee

Unlock your full potential with our science-backed blend of freshly roasted ground coffee and Lion's Mane mushrooms for next-level performance. 

Medium roast with milk chocolate notes & zero mushroom taste. Order now and feel the difference from just £1.20 per cup or your money-back.

🎯 Boost Focus & Productivity 
🧘 Calm Mind & Body
🧠 Improve Brain Health 



    "Health-boosting mushroom mix for coffee lovers"


    "Best healthy coffee brand in the UK 2023"


    “Balance are having a positive impact on wellness”

Coffee Beans Oxford Benefits

Cognitive Enhancer

Start your day with a special coffee from Oxford. We have many kinds, from special single types to mixed ones. They help make your brain work faster and better.

Morning Energizer

Make your mornings in Oxford exciting with our great coffee beans. They give you the energy you need to start the day. Our coffee helps you stay awake and do your best all day.

Digestive Comfort

Enjoy our coffee that's good for your stomach and tastes great too. Our mixed and single-type beans help your digestion, making every day better and more comfy.

Fitness Fuel

Boost your exercise routine with Balance Coffee. It helps you get ready for a workout and recover after. Our coffee gives you energy and helps your blood flow, so you can do your best.

Health in a Cup

Try our safe and clean Balance Coffee. We check carefully to make sure every bean is free from bad stuff like mycotoxins, mould, and bug spray. You get a really pure and great coffee experience.

Flavorful Mornings with Oxford Coffee Beans

So have you been looking for the right coffee beans near me brand to deliver your beans fast? Well, Balance Coffee is at your service.

Our blends and single-origin beans are delivered nationwide. This means wherever you are in the UK, we can reach you fast and easily when you order our healthy coffee beans.

Our leader, James Bellis, is working hard to change how people in the UK enjoy coffee.

We use the best coffee beans in Oxford to make this happen. We're fighting the health problems that come with regular coffee.

Our way is straight and strong. We focus on giving you coffee that's clean, safe, and really good.

The goal is to make sure every cup made with our beans is not just tasty but also a healthier option for UK coffee lovers.

Our founder's big dream leads us to spend 25% more on higher grade beans across the globe. This contributes to why we are one of the best coffee roasters in Oxford.

They're full of healthy antioxidants and vitamin B3. We're all about great quality and make sure these top beans are easy to get all over the UK.

We even delivered right to your door. In addition, if you have family in Sheffield or Cambridge, tell them about our coffee beans Sheffield and coffee beans Cambridge collections.

They're a mix of great health benefits and amazing taste, showing our commitment to quality.

We've reached 20,000 happy customers in the UK! Now, we're inviting Oxford to try our premium coffee beans.

Joining us means you value not just amazing taste, but also a healthy way to start your day.

Be part of our community that enjoys great coffee and a health-conscious approach to mornings.

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