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Start your day with love and care using our Glasgow Coffee Beans. They're pure and FREE from mould and pesticides. Also, it's brimming with nourishing antioxidants and vitamin B3 to energize and uplift your mornings.

+ Significantly elevate your health & wellbeing.
+ Enjoy over 1000 Antioxidants per cup
+ Mould, Mycotoxins, Pesticides? (ZERO)


*60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Join 20,000+ Cheerful Consumers.

Experience the allure of Balance Coffee beans, a top pick for the health-aware in Glasgow. Browse through the upbeat reviews from our cheerful customers!

Hing Ming.


"Good quality as always. love the fruity note that is so refreshing"

Jorge T.


Amazing bean for espresso. Balanced with some dark chocolatey notes and an incredible body and mouth feel.

Marcus J.


Couldn't be happier with my new machine. Great value, alongside my balance subscription each month which is healthier and mould free.

Nic K.


My first cup of Balance coffee on this cold Monday morning and boy did it hit the spot! I have been looking for a long time for a healthy coffee without mould or any nasties in it

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Freshly Roasted


Speciality Coffee

Powerful Adaptogens

100% Organic

No Pesticides

Mould Free

Ethically Sourced

Freshly Roasted


Speciality Coffee

Powerful Adaptogens

100% Organic

No Pesticides

Mould Free

Ethically Sourced

Best Sellers

Balance Starter Pack (x3 bags)

Discover three antioxidant-rich coffees, crafted for your well-being. Packed with 45,000+ beneficial compounds boosting your energy, mood, and overall health.

Experience vitality at just 65p per cup.

Featured Coffees:
Stability Blend - Milk chocolate, nut, fig notes 
Rotate Espresso - Chocolate, cranberry sweetness
Darkfire Energy - Dark cocoa, caramel and nutty tones


Lion's Mane Coffee

Unlock your full potential with our science-backed blend of freshly roasted ground coffee and Lion's Mane mushrooms for next-level performance. 

Medium roast with milk chocolate notes & zero mushroom taste. Order now and feel the difference from just £1.20 per cup or your money-back.

🎯 Boost Focus & Productivity 
🧘 Calm Mind & Body
🧠 Improve Brain Health 



    "Health-boosting mushroom mix for coffee lovers"


    "Best healthy coffee brand in the UK 2023"


    “Balance are having a positive impact on wellness”

Coffee Beans Glasgow Benefits

Brain Health

Amplify your mental clarity in Glasgow with our unique coffee blend. It's designed to boost your focus and improve cognitive function, perfect for studying or tackling work tasks.

Better Energy

Jumpstart your day with our coffee and feel instantly more awake and full of energy. It's designed to keep you active and productive every day.

Gut Health

Our coffee brings harmony to your digestive system. It supports a healthy and satisfied stomach, so you feel amazing every day.

Support Longevity

Embrace a longer, healthier life in Glasgow with our coffee. It nurtures your body, aiding in strength and wellness for years to come.

Toxin Free

Drink to your health with our toxin-free coffee. Our beans are purified from harmful substances, offering you a safe and enjoyable coffee experience.

Glasgow Coffee Beans: Where Every Sip is a Mystical Journey!

Right in the middle of Glasgow, a city full of exciting stories and colourful life, there's a special treat for people who love coffee - Balance Coffee. This coffee is more than just a yummy drink; it's a trip into wonderful tastes and is really good for you. If you're in Glasgow and want the best coffee, our "Coffee Beans Near Me" brings it right to your house.

Balance Coffee is special because it's Healthy Coffee. We know being healthy is important, so we made a coffee that tastes great and is good for your body. It's not just something you drink; it's like a health adventure in a cup for people who care about staying healthy and enjoying their coffee.

Our story started when the founder, who knows a lot about coffee, thought of something new. What was missing? A coffee that's perfect for people who think a lot about their health.

That's how Balance Coffee started. It's for families who want to stay healthy and love drinking coffee. And if your family lives in Bristol, our "Coffee Beans Bristol" is worth the suggestion. Sipping this coffee goes beyond just enjoying its flavour.

It's about joining a community that values high quality and a healthy lifestyle. We roast each coffee bean just right, keeping in over 1000 tiny health helpers called antioxidants that fight off sickness, so every sip is good for you.

What about how it tastes? In Glasgow, people say we're the "Best Coffee Roasters in Glasgow."

Each cup of our coffee is like a smell-and-taste adventure. It reminds you of good old times but also feels fresh, like a new morning.

The deep but smooth taste shows we care about making great coffee. Over 20,000 happy customers have made Balance Coffee part of their everyday routine.

Our coffee is more than just a drink; it's like a party of Glasgow's fun spirit in every cup. It's about living a life full of health, yummy tastes, and being with friends. Whether you like your coffee strong or gentle, we have something for everyone, making sure every cup is special just for you.

If your family is in Birmingham, our "Coffee Beans Birmingham" guide also gives them a great coffee experience.

It's not just about the coffee beans; it's about choosing a way of life that's healthy and full of good flavours.

Come with us on this amazing adventure. Pick Balance Coffee and join a group that loves health, great taste, and Glasgow's wonderful stories.

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