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Our speciality coffee beans Birmingham deliver FAST to your doorstep. It's full of highly rich disease-fighting nutrients like antioxidants and vitamin B3. Besides, it is FREE from mould, pesticides, and mycotoxins, hence clean brews.

+ Improves your health & wellbeing.
+ 100% Mycotoxins, Pesticides and mould-free?
+ Packed full of 1000+ Antioxidants


*60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Over 20,000 Super Happy Customers.

Birmingham is a beauty, and Balance Coffee beans are the morning rituals. And our customers can't contain the joy of drinking fresh coffee. See their reviews below!

Jonathan L.


"Without doubt the best Coffee beans on the market. My go-to choice all the time. Simply delicious."

Joe E.

9/28/2023's in the name! Subtle caramel dark roast that hits on flavour without the bitterness. The most impressive thing, however, was the lack of jitters as it was my second coffee of the day.

Matthew H.


“Making coffee for 2 is so simple - 30g coffee into the cafetière, 500g water and leave for 10 mins. Drinking this coffee every day has definitely improved my concentration. It’s not the strongest coffee but great for a lunch time pick-me-up and, I promise, absolutely no mushroom flavour.”

Lewis T.


Great delivery service! Mostly loving the flavour and extra health benefits it gives me - decent price point and a cup in the morning helps to turbo my day!

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Freshly Roasted


Speciality Coffee

Powerful Adaptogens

100% Organic

No Pesticides

Mould Free

Ethically Sourced

Freshly Roasted


Speciality Coffee

Powerful Adaptogens

100% Organic

No Pesticides

Mould Free

Ethically Sourced

Best Sellers

Balance Starter Pack (x3 bags)

Discover three antioxidant-rich coffees, crafted for your well-being. Packed with 45,000+ beneficial compounds boosting your energy, mood, and overall health.

Experience vitality at just 65p per cup.

Featured Coffees:
Stability Blend - Milk chocolate, nut, fig notes 
Rotate Espresso - Chocolate, cranberry sweetness
Darkfire Energy - Dark cocoa, caramel and nutty tones


Lion's Mane Coffee

Unlock your full potential with our science-backed blend of freshly roasted ground coffee and Lion's Mane mushrooms for next-level performance. 

Medium roast with milk chocolate notes & zero mushroom taste. Order now and feel the difference from just £1.20 per cup or your money-back.

🎯 Boost Focus & Productivity 
🧘 Calm Mind & Body
🧠 Improve Brain Health 



    "Health-boosting mushroom mix for coffee lovers"


    "Best healthy coffee brand in the UK 2023"


    “Balance are having a positive impact on wellness”

Coffee Beans Birmingham Benefits

Sharper Mind

Nurture your brain in Birmingham with our specially crafted blends. Optimized to improve your focus and cognitive functioning, it's suited for students and professionals alike.

Energy Boost

Kick off your day with a burst of energy from our coffee. Feel more alert and invigorated, ready to tackle your daily tasks with increased productivity and vitality.

Healthy Gut

Our coffee is more than a drink; it's a commitment to your gut health. Enjoy the satisfaction of a well-supported digestive system and feel amazing daily.

Longevity Elixir

Join us in Birmingham for a coffee that does more. It's crafted to nurture your health, promoting longevity and wellness with every sip.

Clean Coffee

Experience the bliss of toxin-free coffee. Our beans are rigorously purified, ensuring a coffee experience that's not only enjoyable but also safe for your health.

Birmingham Coffee Beans (Health & Wellness In Your Cup)

There's a special coffee for you in Birmingham. This isn't just any coffee; it's a journey into amazing tastes, and it's really good for you! Side note: If you have a family in Glasgow, our "Coffee Beans Near Me" and Glasgow coffee beans guide brings this delicious coffee right to their door.

Balance Coffee is all about Healthy Coffee. We gift you a flavourful cup that's good for your body. It's not just a drink; it's like a health adventure in every mug, perfect for people who love being healthy and enjoying coffee.

The idea for Balance Coffee came from our founder, James Bellis, who loves coffee a lot. He wanted to make a coffee that's great for health-conscious people. That's how Balance Coffee was born.

It's awesome for families in Birmingham who want to stay healthy and love coffee. Drinking this coffee is more than just enjoying the taste. Being part of Balance Coffee means liking really good and healthy things.

We roast our beans in a special way to keep lots of health helpers called antioxidants. These antioxidants help you stay healthy, so every sip is good for you.

People in Birmingham say we're the "Best Coffee Roasters in Birmingham." Our coffee has a fun smell and a taste of adventure. It reminds you of happy times and feels fresh, like a new morning.

The deep but smooth taste shows we care about making great coffee. Over 20,000 happy customers enjoy Balance Coffee every day.

Our coffee is more than a drink; it's like Birmingham's fun spirit in a cup. It's about a healthy, tasty, and friendly life. Whether you like strong or gentle coffee, we have something for everyone.

Our "Coffee Beans Leeds" guide also offers a great coffee experience for families in Leeds.

It's about choosing a healthy, flavourful life. Join us on this fun journey.

Choose Balance Coffee and be part of a community that loves health, great taste, and Birmingham's stories.

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20,000+ Healthy Coffee Lovers Reviews

Our customers are elated, read their testimonials below:

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