Talking coffee and wine with Marlo

Talking Coffee and Wine with Marlo Wine

Today we are in conversation with Marlo Wine, an innovative company that delivers fine wine by the bottle! We're chatting about jargon, how wine is quite a lot like coffee, and how to sell unique products like coffee and wine online. Also, if you head to their website and use the code BALANCE 15, you can get 15% off your first order! Could you briefly introduce Marlo Wine and explain what your mission is? Of course! Marlo was born out of a vision to give access to serious wine by the bottle, all without any of the baffling wine chat. We curated a list of top wines ranging from £10 to £500 so there's a wine to fit every budget! Every bottle is wrapped and packaged using 100% sustainable materials. You can include a handwritten card so it's perfect for sending a gift, but just as good for stocking up for yourself! How do you choose which wines to stock on your website? Are there certain criteria that a wine must meet before you decide to add it to your stock? Having a strong balance of reds, whites and champagne is important to us, as is covering a broad range of price points. We look for three things in wine - it’s quality, it’s presentation and its price. If a wine tastes and looks the part whilst being competitively priced, then it’s in with a shout of being sold on Marlo. Wine can be full of jargon, just like coffee at home. Why do you tend to stay away from jargon? How do you explain the importance of the wine’s origin, growing conditions and other details to someone who might not know or fully understand the specific terms? It certainly can be. It's something we try and avoid on Marlo - jargon with wine tends to overcomplicate, when ultimately a wine's description can be made relatable to any level of drinker. Every wine on Marlo is accompanied by a short paragraph giving a background on the wine along with any other interesting details. We then list the region, the wine’s grapes, its score from critics where applicable and a delicious food pairing. It’s through more relatable, down to earth language like this that we feel we can connect with our customers more effectively. Other than not using jargon, how else do you make wine more accessible to everyone? We like to think every aspect of the Marlo experience makes wine more accessible! Marlo offers a broad enough selection for every taste, a description anyone can relate too, as much enticement for yourself or as a gift, and of course ease and efficiency with next day delivery!
We love how Marlo makes wine accessible to everyone - We love how Marlo makes wine accessible to everyone
When selling wine online, how do you fully describe the unique flavour notes, aromas and other elements to your customers? There are so many subtleties that will cause a customer to prefer one wine over another. This is a challenge that we’ve had with Balance, as coffee is very similar to wine in that way! As you say, like with coffee, this is always a challenge in wine. Part of this is down to the subjective nature of wine - one person’s favourite tipple may be another’s worst nightmare. We strive to make sure every wine on Marlo is of the highest quality and we implore customers to get in touch should they have any wine related questions we can help with - but ultimately, the final verdict will go down to the customers personal preference. Do you have any tips for people who are just starting to explore the world of wine? Is it all about the wine itself, or are there any other ways (ie certain glasses or techniques) to make it taste even better? There are a few easy ways of maximising the quality of your wine - always look to store it correctly, serve at the correct temperature, decant if necessary and use the right glassware. Also, if paired with food it's essential the wine isn't overwhelmed, so it's important to find a pairing that will complement one another. If someone wanted a wine that had some of the elements of their favourite coffee (e.g. citrus-y or floral), what would you recommend? Interesting question! I would suggest the '2019 Sauvignon Blanc, Tinpot Hut' may have some interesting overlaps - it's brimming with herbaceous notes along with subtle hints of tropical fruits. Alternatively, the '2018 La Cinso, Gros & Tollot' has vibrant notes of plum and spice - perhaps not dissimilar to Balance's Rotate Blend.
2019 Sauvignon Blanc by Tinpot Hut - coffee and wine 2019 Sauvignon Blanc by Tinpot Hut
If you want to learn more about Marlo Wine, head to their website or their Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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