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How To Choose The Best Home Espresso Coffee Machine

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Currently stuck on choosing the best home espresso coffee machine? Well, this in depth guide will do it for you. All you have to do is follow our recommended steps - we got you covered! 

You're probably considering a home kitchen upgrade in the immediate or near future, and since Covid-19 helped shape the work-from-home culture, investing in quality espresso machines for home use has been on the rise. Why?

It's a great investment, cost effective in the long run and you'll enjoy incredible flat whites and lattes on tap - what could be worse? 

However, take our advice, there are so many things that you'll need to think about. From budget, to size, to what coffee grinder to choose and of course, how it can fit into your lifestyle!

So we've created an in-depth blog post to explain how to choose the best home espresso coffee machine.


First of all, you need to think about your budget. How much are you looking to spend on your new espresso coffee machine?

This goes beyond the price of the espresso machine itself, as it also includes anything you may need to buy on top.

For example, if your new espresso machine does not come with a built-in grinder, and you don't already have a good one, you will also need to add the cost of a grinder to your budget.

For example, the Sage Espresso Machine - Smart Grinder Pro from Sage is an incredible grinder with over 60 settings, and costs £199.95.

There are also smaller purchases to keep in mind, such as the appropriate cleaning tablets, microfibre cloths, coffee accessories such as scales and of course, great tasting coffee.

There's no point in investing in a top-notch espresso machine without getting these things, after all! Why not join the club and sign up to our uk coffee subscription?


Another incredibly important aspect to buying an espresso machine for your home is ensuring that the quality is top-notch.

For that reason, we recommend the range of Sage home espresso machines. Not only are these espresso machines beloved by home baristas, they also come with a two-year warranty.

They're made from extremely high-quality stainless steel, which makes them even better!

Espresso coffee machine made from metal are more durable so last longer, and retain heat much more efficiently which is important for making great coffee time after time.

We'd recommend looking at customer reviews of the brand and the specific espresso machine that you're thinking of purchasing.

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That will give you a clear picture about the pros and cons of the machine that you're looking at.

Reading blog posts about the espresso machines will also be helpful. For example, we've got one that answers all of your questions about Sage home espresso machines.


If you have a rough idea of your budget and the brand you want to purchase, you should next think about the space available to you in your kitchen or coffee-brewing space.

Espresso machines can be pretty large and heavy, even ones made for home baristas! Measure out the space available to you, including height, width, and depth.

You don't want to invest in a gorgeous espresso coffee machine only to find that it doesn't fit into your kitchen appliance!

Also, make sure that you have enough space in your kitchen for a grinder (if you need one) and some space to work.

The smallest Sage espresso machine that we have available is the Bambino Plus, which is D 32 x H 31 x W 20cm.

how to choose espresso machine
The Sage Bambino Plus is the smallest espresso machine we have in stock

Your lifestyle

Finally, it's important to be honest about your lifestyle. Do you want to take the time every morning to froth your own milk, or even try your hand at latte art?

Or would you rather have the convenience of a latte at the push of a button? Don't just think about the coffee-making, but also how easy the machine will be to clean as well.

(To learn more about espresso machine maintenance, head to our blog about it!)

If you know that you're not going to put in the time (and money) to properly clean a high-end espresso machine, then it's probably best that you get something a bit simpler.

On the coffee side, you may want to look at a variety of options such as if the espresso machine comes with a coffee grinder.

If you can adjust the coffees grind and temperature, and if it has extra controls such as pre-infusion, volumetrics and various recipe options.

Also think about what sort of coffees do you tend (or want) to make for yourself, and what equipment you need to do it.

If you prefer large milk drinks or accuracy is really important toy you then you will most likely need a dual boiler or heat exchanger machine, unless you are only making one drink at a time.

If you like straight espressos or Americanos, a single boiler machine will do the trick.

Sage Barista Pro - Black

Furthermore, ask yourself if you plan to make single cups of coffee for yourself, or if you envision yourself often making multiple cups for guests.

If you think that you're going to be making many cups at a time, or that you're going to use it quite often, it's a good idea to invest in an espresso machine with a large water capacity (over 1 litre) so you don't have to refill the water tank every other time you make an espresso.

By following these tips for how to choose the best home espresso coffee machine, you're sure to purchase a fabulous machine that will last you for years.

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